Now, 6/17/19 God says... It's over. That's All Folks. Good luck w/o God. Yer gonna need it. (

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Everyone could have had one of these years ago.  You chose money instead of Infinite Love.  See ya @ the campus, maybe.  Weir DONE.  Bye; what could have been.   smh. 4 lack of donations this site will disappear in a few days.  Since 2013, Paul received one donation.  Thank You Fred Greaves.  Recent fundraiser posted on FB & twitter where we have a total of 3,265 'friends' resulted in 0.00  Thank u a lot guys.  No, we  didnt post it on your wall, we don't beg.                                                                                                                                                             Hasta la vista.  Signed, GOD. 2nd ed  Sananda. 3D Jerry offers a little hope here 4 a deal or at least a listen...   #Hopin4amiracle  #wakeuporperish  #Nomoremrniceguy #monopolymoneyfailsinlongrun #Loveisallthereis  #Schoolsout4summer #LoseWtrump.  Could have #TriumphedWGod  Nice work 'news' media zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

To whom it may interest...  Hope ya all have a good summer.   Could be a summer of hope, if you choose.  choose wisely w/o hesitation or lose esp if u follow trump.  Don't be a chump, people.  Choose the One who has the Trumpets playing 4 Him.  Later.  Rec & fin   6/17/19  11:11 p.m.  #Lifeisnotajoke 

Now, 6/18/19 Everyone needs to hear this! ) Fun... Anyone? Just asking...

Reality Is Now. 

Thank You Jesus Sananda and John Smallman... <83 )  (our new eternal signature )

So Paul, I hear you did your thing today, of blindly picking some music out of yer vast collection.  Would you like to share w us what today's selection was 2 share, dude?  I would be absolutely delighted 2 share that w you, as well as yer friends ~ everyone, my sweet, loving, sexy, divine friend, 'Daisy,'  and Ty 4 asking, schweetheart. 

Btw what are you doing Saturday night?  I really want 2 see that new Elton John movie, I hear it's awesome, like you. If yea, have  your peeps call my peeps, ok?  lol  ) let me know.  Ciao 4 now.  I miss you already.<8)  )

Ok, Gise, the music, God picked 4 us today is... Drumroll Bonzo and Karen Carpenter & TYVM  ))) ((((((((()))))))))))))  This is IT!  Indeed, dear magic ones... Love ya's one and all and see ya's around the campus.  

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You can not make this stuff up, right Theresa Caputo?  You can tell Paul in person, if want.  )


Blue Oyster Cult - Take Me Away... Now. not zen. <8) ( 777 )

Thank You God 4 Blue Oyster Cult. Hope 2 see you guys at Gillette, soon, or, better yet and God willing, 'Upstairs' No hassle, no stress, no traffic. Deal, or no deal? Let us know. Thank Ya's Very Much. <8) )n )

Blue Oyster Cult - The Vigil (1979) [720p HD]

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. Love 2 go on a cruise 2 nowhere w you guys & yer friend, i.e. every~one.~ IJN. And So It Is. <888) ) ) )

Rush - Subdivisions - Snake and Arrows Tour

Thank You Rush. En joy yer retirement, guys, Dakarra and Paul saw ya's in Boston, a few years ago... Totally awesome show Thank Y'as... <88877) 333 ~ ~ ~

Rush - Subdivisions (Official Music Video)

Thank You Rush. Alex, Geddy and Neil. <7773 ) ) )

The Jubilee Is Jesus <3 <3 <3 ) ) )

Now  6/13/19  6:44 p.m.  As we begin this trans~mission...

Greetings Dear Blessed Children of God. Peace Be With You. I Am the Friend You knew, or thought you knew as Jesus ~ Yeshua among other names, beginning with  Immanuel or Emmanuel (meaning "God with us"), over 2,000 years ago,  My ascended name is Sananda.  I Am to be known as that name beginning Now.  We have entered the Now age in the Now moments unto  forever or eternity, same destiny whichever term one prefers.

So, in this Greeting, I do invite U all to scroll  down til you see my portrait and see the messages there.  ESP The Urgent Message memo that God, Our Father and Mother, so want the world to see.  It's Cosmic Wake Up moments, Now, Dear Souls in transition to the higher spiritual realms where God will take care of all our needs one can think of.  Think it ~ it's there.  That is the power each of us, fellow Gods and Goddesses have 'Upstairs.' 

Like an old builing that has served its time and has practically no more life in it to serve God's purposes.  The divine plan is to move ourselves and Gaia up as far as we are able and relax.  There's no reason to stress about this activity, termed 'ascension'.  It is All Good BC God Is Good, and you can take that to Dunkins'  bc the banks and government agencies, like the IRS, are gone already, with the wind. God Has Blinked, my dear friends, we just have to see the memo and take it to heart.Actually do what it says there to do. The good news there is better than any news we've seen on tv or the papers in aeons.

One last thing, I, Sananda will also refer to you fellow children of God, as 'guys' for that is a term that just  has so much love attached to it. Parents call their kids 'guys'  It's just beautiful.   'Gals' is kind of old hat ioho, just know it's inc and 'Gise'  That's another one we can use, it just comes out, in a funny way. )  In closing, I, Sananda, as Jesus, Yeshua. did not and do not want to be worshipped in any way, shape or form and same 4  (using his  shorthand) scribe, Paul.  Yes, indeed, the same scribe from over 2,000 years ago and if God tells us to "Go Get 'em" we don't ask God why.  We're already gone w no hesitation, not even a split second.

Things happen in split seconds. God knows this is true.  We have never, ever, let God down, my  friends.  Guess we just don't know howe (well) and 'Yes' we are not the only 2 that God can count on absolutely, with complete confidence come Heaven or (high water.)  Yes, we can swim.  Thank God however B4 Paul learned how to swim, the 7 year old had a near death experience. Which, unbeknownst to him  set him on a course that may not have happened except for his incident, almost seeing and feeling the angels surrounding him, ready to take him home.

Almost drowning in Cunningham Park's Caldwell  pool in his home town of Milton, Ma.  He went out too far and was in over his head, flailing and going down. Next thing he knew he was at the bottom of the pool and in the fetal position  (scribe sobs)  just about to be escorted home by the angels who had gathered when, at the last second, two 12 year old boys, grabbed him, one on each elbow, and carried him to the beach, his legs curled under.

Paul still can remember the "Shwooshe" sound and felt the STRENGTH of those Hands and Arms. God Bless U2 angels 4 Paul that day.  To save someone's life, guys OMG, what a thing to do.  They just deposited me to safety - and that was it.  No big deal.  Paul didn't even get a chance to thank them, they were gone. 

Once on the sandy area @ the pool he quickly recovered, and hardly anyone, if at all, noticed or realized what this child of God had just gone through. If you are reading this and you recall that incident, that you were actually one of  those boys, you are heroes and should be duly recognized as such. Please, fellas,  come forward so we can Thank You Very Much.  Let's go have a beer. ) ) and we'd very much like to hear Your stories, humanity. Those 2 heroes and everyone's amazing stories. 

The brave Veterans of WW II, like Dad, Alva William, survivor of the Battle of the Bulge and, Paul's peers who served in the military. Paul's 2 brothers served, Richard, who served in Germany, and Bob, who went to Viet Nam.  Paul got a high lottery # and went to school at the U of Miami. hitchhiking down there, his buddies seeing him off, the same weekend when Woodstock happened. where he met Nanci, the old laughing lady, herself, who did go to Woodstock ) and the rest is history. 

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

Paul must mention his best buddy Kevin Spellane, his childhood friend, tough as nails, my protector against bullies, one of whom broke Paul's nose,  linebacker on Milton High's football team, volunteered for Viet Nam.  Fought and triumphed at Hamburger Hill.  Came home and raised a loving family.  Passed over a couple of decades ago. Paul stll remembers the good times we had tooling down the cape in Paul's little red 1960 Triumph TR3. Looking 4 adventure, drinking beers, just having fun, the 11th commandment.  Ahh, memories, right, guys?  <3  )

Image may contain: car, tree and outdoor

So,  we all salute our brave men and women who served and are serving to protect the freedoms that so many of us just take for granted.  Thank God that He cares enough 4 HisHer living, loving, and improving children down here on earth to have sent His Her beloved son, Jesus, down here to help us climb out of the depths of darkness and hopelessness that humanity had sunk to, to rise above the muck and maya of illusion.

Wars, as a way of building a stronger economy can not be sustained in any way bc the earth's atmosphere, now bathed in the higher frequencies of love, divine infinite perfect love coming out from the center of the Great Central Sun, can not, in any scenario, be sustained, esp since money, is just monopoly money now.  It has absolutelly NO value.  News Flash World News outlets. The fiat currency, not 2 mention crypto, has had the plug pulled on it by Love. another name 4 God. 4 God's angelic children... 'All we need is love.' 

The Beatles weren't lying, my dear friends. They were, and are musical prophets sent by God to lift up the depression of the world, esp the United States, after JFK's assassination.  They were just what the cosmic Doctor ordered.  You can't listen to Beatles music w/o smiling, you just can't. Can we get an 'And So It Is' w that my dear friends?  Kryon just gave the loudest "And So It Is"  Shout Out.  We Aul Love U Kryon.  And, of course Mr Lee Carroll.  So  R you guys thinking about what to name your hammock?  Weir hearing a lot of Fred's.  )  Freddy Universal should inspire a lot of folks to name their hammock, Freddy, after what He gave the world.

It's like "Your money's no good here, Mr Trump."   Well, now, folks, Thank You 2 God, we awl have that equal status. There's no reason  to go to war to try to bring up an economy that is out of business, Kaput, " IT IS DONE."  as Archangel Michael Exhorts for the truly stubborn out there. Done IS DONE, Dear Ones of THE ONE. As scribe wraps this up bc his head has to meet the sandman  We say from the Heavenly realms, as ONE.  Led by DR Peebles. 2 Awl of us, God's loving, humble, happy, harmonious, sexy, adventurous, and, most of all 'Grateful'  children.

In closing we wish to pay homage and Salute the awesome, amazing and the unselfish first responders, and the survivors of some soul searing incident or situation.  We've all been through some trauma or some learning experience down here. After all, that's what life, esp in the physical, is all about, my dear friends, i.e. growing.

God Is here, hear us my dear friends, (Sananda & Paul talking) Paul is hereby inviting awl angels to come and meet us 4 a quiet, sane and simple supper.  Sananda, we will bring the wine. Alright, Sananda, is there anything else *you would like 2 say?  We see you wouldn't let scribe use a Y, U said this way  y , like we refer to ourself w lower case and so do the angels.  We are all eternally humble, happy and yes ~ holy children of God. Grateful and happy, (speaking as a collective) 4 our upraised  hand 2 be chosen many times 2 volunteer to serve HimHer God w humility, passion and determination, come what may. "Peace" Sananda says..."God Is Love and Love Is God, Love God and Love One another." ' Peace be with you all.'

Rec & fin  6/13/19  9:11 p.m.v                  Now and forever.

 Addendums, Edits:  6/14/19  1:22 p.m.

Note the next song at Infinity's Doorway is about 2 be added.  Right under Al Stewart's 'On The border'  Hope 2 see yas there.  <2  ) 

 Who wants a ride over there.  Are U an excellent driver?  Cool U can drive and I''ll ride 'shotgun'

 and we can visit Nanci's place... 

Image may contain: car and outdoor

 Nanci's holding the door 4 us, guys.  <3  )

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, car and outdoor

God Bless and Love Embrace us awl now and 4 ever. In Jesus Name.  THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU JESUS.  God, the rest is up 2 U. Btw guys, if ya's didn't know God's hammock, humanity's gift 2 God is named 'Jack,'  God, in turn has one 4 each and every one of us, which we can name ourselves..  Paul, what's Your hammock's name Bro?  Kim, my dear friend, Paul's hammock is named Kim.   <3 ) 

 Blessings 888 one and Awl Now & 4 ever.  <3  )


Rec & fin  6/17/19  8:44 a.m. 

Welcome bright, shiny Star Beings of infinite Love and Light to 'the jubilee.' So glad you have found this humble shore of love, light, harmony, music, fun, sharing and caring. If led, be sure to share. Thank you very much. <3 )

First, there must be light, right God? )

One God, One World to 'get it right,' One clear and final destiny outcome. No fiat income needed anymore God has us covered. See the signs, beloveds. No hurry, no worry, God Is In His House and All Is Well. And So It Is.

Now, 6/12/19 Home... anyone?

Hey Guys, Did you know we are now, in the 5th dimension? Part of Infinite dimensions.. Money as a form of payment for goods and services has been replaced by Love on this, Our Father's planet W a new name. Hint: it begins w L and ends w E. This day 6/12/19, marks this new name, along with "Joy" Film here... showing its shape, also  & in accord here...    All Announcements & germane material are at those sites w lots more to come down
We have a major Co-Conspirator on the other side. His name is Erik and here's where Ya's can see His 'Stuff;'' Awesome work, Erik. We i.e. Everyone, are So Proud of You and Erik's Mom, Elisa, your Very Proud Mom. God bless You both and God Bless Everyone. We angels disguised as human beings are about to be lifted into The Good Ship Infinity weir cheeseburgers are on the menu. ) 

Indeed, Humanity, as someone who joyously works with his Mom on this side of the veil, we co- conspirators w God are 'letting the cat out of the proverbial bag', so to speak (Ashtar, You like that one? lol ) as best we can, but it's been a struggle in a world so addicted to money being the constant thing on everyone's mind. e.g how am I gonna come up with next month's rent or house payment, put food on the table, pay back my debts etc etc. ad nauseum.. The constand treadmill struggle Has to end, guys.

Those bills sitting on the dining room table and no money in the bank to pay them, people being 'downsized' out of their j o b' s Really and truly, friends, isn't it time for a change? And we are talking "QUANTUM" change, my dear friends . So, yes, please, humanity, in the name of God and all that's holy, Please check out the above sites and what's on them, let's work this out, Deal? ) Here's a sound track from Mom 4 us all to get hip with, hope Ya's enjoy. Ty Mr Al Stewart and Co.) .   🐎 👩‍❤️‍👩 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 😕 😎

No photo description available.

Now, 6/7/19 7:33 p.m. The Infinite Love Jubilee Starts Now Celebrate responsibly, Dear Ones. Thank Ya's very much. ( <3 ) ) ) IJN ) <3 )

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Congrats Team Oneness, Faith and Gratitude. We have all quietly done it together, each one of us doing our due diligence in order to bring 4th a more perfect union. We have climbed Mt Ever rest w our resolve to do God's will. We all came down to this theatre w only God knowing the real script.

No matter what our particular situation in life, take e.g. sports. You may be a fan exhorting the players on giving them wind in their sails. Because of Your support and passion, your team may have put in the tiny little extra effort to go beyond what even they thought they could accomplisht, e.g. when Bobby Orr went flying to score the winning goal 4 the championship, or when Johnny Havlicek stole the ball.

It only takes the one designated player in the arena or playing field, and the whole team and city it is with God's passion play, weir all playing in doown here in 3 & 4 D Well, my Dear Friends, look over these 2 sites, that Everyone's friend, Paul has finished and offered up to God W Jesus help and wind in our sails0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

9well) --- that just came on the script here by itself and the 9 there Hey John Lennon ) Oh, we All win when the designated player ands up in the end zone with the ball. That scores the points, right team?  )

It really is perfect 4 everyone, no matter what we did.* *past tense bc It's Over. God's higher plan 4 All HisHer kids is now kicking in. Doesn''t matter if you were a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or if you were forced by circumstances to hold up a sign at a traffic light for any cash, just to survive day to day. this one  and over at  or  both take us 2 the same place.

We invite Ya's to experience Journey's end and new beginning page here.  
Jesus holds and IS the key to the Kingdom. Welcome 2 Dimension 22, Everyone and You and Your Fam help Yerselves 2 a Nice 4 ever. God Bless Us Every Child of God. In Jesus Name. And So It Is.

P.s. We do believe God has a page all ready 4 us here if anyone would care to get a peek.

As with all these pages, It can be a challenge to keep up with disappearing content. There is a replica 'upstairs' that is perfect, however, now that the maintenance man, Paul, has returned from his nde, he does have the strength and stamina to spend 17 hours, or whatever it takes, at a time ...............................w Vivienne. just doing God's work w His (God's) HP laptop computer, a miracle machine from God to humanity.

Think what Jesus and higher beings could do with a device like this, They are my dear friends, anytime they want to come thru the humble scribe. mostly they just hover and watch over his shoulder w maybe gentle nudges and flashes of ideas and inspiration, e.g. like just being completely open and allowing whatever 'Good stuff' shows up on the screen that says 'I go here' letting things flow and watch as one entry sharing leads to another, totally on the fly.

Seems 2 work quite excellently that way if we do say so, ourself. Spirit friends and guides are always around like God and Jesus Sananda,  Dr Peebles or Yes, 'Uncle' Jerry Garcia, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, and, of course, Mom,   <3  ) Just think, one click can get one's thoughts, insights and sharings out to the world instantly, reaching the far flung corners of the world w a simple click on the keypad. Talk about relieving us from the 'heavy lifting.' Thank You God! Indeed, folks, this is other worldly technology brought down to us and delivered by God. Thank You God. IJN.

So, btw, it looks like God has already gone ahead and prepared a page 4 our arrival at what we could term ~ the 22nd dimension, 22, of course being the love #. however, as we undersand one dimension is not hard and fast, there has to be, we think melding fom one to the other. It doesn't matter, Once we graduate out of the physical 3D and lower 4D and transition up 2 5D D.aka 'Upstairs' then we are good to go. We have angels, spirit guides, our departed loved one, inc our beloved pets, who live in our hearts forever.

So, we'll share w you guys a few links. We got the Bobby Orr # 4 page 4 Ya's if int... 

Here' s John 'Hondo' Havlicek's page w a Huge assist from Johnny The  Most.  ) 

On way 2 Dimension 22 page we came on this.  Check this out, guys, if led, of course. 

 Alright Freebirds of interstellar space.  We have arrived to a place prepared 4 us by God.  Thank You God.  We All love You God, Don't We Jesus?  Jesus says, want to see God as Love incarnate?  Got a mirror?  Indeed, loves  )



Now, 6/8/19 June 11, 2017 Harmony Day for the human caretakers of Gaia

Thank You God Who conceived, produced, arranged and acted in this Far Flung Production. And we do look 4ward 2 a nice Cape Cod excursion soon. )

Who's on the cosmic bus to Cape Cod W God, Jesus Sananda, Uncle Jerry, Ashtar and the ET's, Led Zeppelin and the rythm angels & The Grateful Living 4 God. It's Free like Everythink on God's world Rejoice Rejoice we have no choice. #NowisNow4ever #JesusIsTheUltimatePeaceTrain #AllAboard

Now new news 6/7/19 6:07 p.m. Adventure awaits... )

From our house of friends to Your houses of friends.  See Ya' later at the purrfect time...



The Jubilee Is Now... )

Now 6/6 19  Hey Uncle Jerry... is Jesus coming to the jubilee, Bro?

Jerry concurs w scribe... Jesus IS the jubilee, our dear friends.  Celebrate Love's

eternal Infinite Victory  Divine one's  w/o looking back. Now and 4 ever.  And So It Is.  Heart

Now, 6/6/19 W Sincere Salute 2 God's Awesome Veterans on Anniv. of 'D' Day ~ 'Done' Day. 'Forever starts 2 Day, Dear Friends of God.. Let's Celebrate Love is the 1 and only true 'reality' . AWL Worship & Praise 2 God & "Thank You Jesus!" ( <3 ) )

Thank You God ~ Saul and John Smallman.  You just made everyone's Day shine so much brighter.  )

When there is celebration conflict is impossible!
06/05/2019 by John Smallman 

Weir Celebrating, Everyone.  Join us and Have Fun.  That btw Is the 11 th Commandment now, fellow Grateful peeps.  Weir In Paradise, Guys- 7 th Heaven.  God has prepared places for HisHer chill dren to celebrate.  Here''s looking at you, kids... )  Let the eternal 'fun' jubilee begin. To get there, kindly click on this link and see our Master of Ceremonies.  Thank Ya's Very Much, Indeed. Cool 

No photo description available.

It's God Who delivers all miracles, my dear friends.  Thank You God, on be~whole 4 All, Dear God, In Jesus Name.  Now let the music play, we pray. *  This Good News of the highest, is also shared over here...   The 'Joy' matt is always out, 4 God's Friends ~ Everyone.  <3  )

Now 5/26/19 Simple New Now News of the Good sort..)

Greetings Humanity.  Guess what?  The humble, hard working guy who thinks and refers to himself as a humble servant of God and All That God Is, which, btw, Is, simply, Everything... has an announcement to make....

Paul, bro, what's the announcement?  Thank you for asking kind human(s).  The announcement is that... If we want it, and if we can grasp what the universe is wanting to share with us, like in the form of low hanging fruit... we, simply, brothers and sisters, can 'have it all.'  Free.  No strings, no attatchments, no gotcha's.  

God is willing to give us, His Her Beloved children, the kingdom.  We're talking paradise right here on earth fellow immortal spiritual beings of infinite light and love.  We sprang from Creator and Creator is now, more than ever, offering to take us home, as one loving, adventurous cosmic family as a team with certain teams within the overall team which God has termed  'Team Oneness and 'with the quickness.'

ie. with no dilly dally, waiting forever for some crazy situation with 10 million hands in the pot to make things come together and not dealing with governments or institutions like banks being involved at all.  We mean really, when was the last time a spiriit had to run to the bank and make a deposit or do an exchange or make an appointment w a bank official so you can get a trillion dollars or whatever, ok fine and dandy you want to help everyone. You are to be  commended.

However, others, in fact everyone should be receiving same, so what, my dear friends, is the point?  And yet, we have so called 'enlightened' people leaders of the now age movement and new technollogy and product purveyors that are quite on the cutting edge but they still don't fully grasp that it doesn't have to be so complicated. Anyway, folks, weir just saying be careful who's team you follow. 

They, for one group, say Elvis is still alive, yeah, he lost the weight and he's in San Diego. And their peeps don't even raise an eyebrow, Ok, out of respect for the other reallly good work they do we won't laugh. Here's wei we must use discernment.  In our happy trails 4 ever group slice of 'team oneness' all we do is laugh and we cry, we have fun, we totally love our friends and we 'do' life as it comes at us.  We can communicate with a smile and a nod and sharing something like a Mercedes Benz or, back in the day, a joint.  These days it's about sharing the best we know about for the benefit of our friends, everyone we meet, see on the street or Tv or in history books

Forget all that fellow spirits in 4D,  the angel dimension.  4 ~ the angel #.  They're everyweir, folks.  Some flock to their concerts, others give out cookies to the hungry and homeless.  Anyone of us can be an angel to our brothers and sisters, my dear friends.  Doing good deeds, unselfishly, going out of our way to help someone in need is a way to sainthood.ery breath we take to the cosmic ethers and gradually becoming our crystalline shimmering light body, correct Brother Lord Sananda?

Paul, weir can we find out about all this, sounds like good stuff?  You have no idea how good it is, my dear friend.  We have a place, actually 2 platforms, where 'the goods' are all there, on display.  One is this site and company of pages.  Some don't even show up on the menu at the top.  We'll work on that and place a menu or fix it. The other one is

Now Continuing June 1, 2019

Good news love's Not only are we Earth Party Now, we just got our  domain back.  We had to let it slip when we didn't have the money to pay Go Daddy 4 it in April and we had other bills and we didn't have the energy to even come on this site and post or really try to do anything.  This is a very high vibration site and if we don't have any strength to feed it we just leave it alone 4 a while, which we did.

We actually could have been looking into hospice care and Paul is not a liar..  However, now, we are 'Back  in brown'  Reborn, re birthed at age 70.  We officially feel 34 in eternal youngness.feeling amazing, can sit at the miracle device we affectionately have termed 'Vivienne <3 " for  17 hours which we did the last few days,   Sleep?  Weir good til the sandman shows up.  We learned the hard way not to put him off b4 a critical point. 

Dr Peebles gave us a red alert warning a while back and our physical body survived.  We woke up, a new Paul. And since then, we;ve had a couple of other visits to the  cosmic ER on the other side..  By now we well know and embrace the drill, we gladly come back w our own custom made come back shute.  As 'Crazy Train' plays in the background by Ozzy O on Boston's Classic Rock WZLX. --now playing Led Zeppelin Houses of the holy.  Perfect song 2 be playing at this precise moment. )4:28 a.m. Now Tears 4 fears SHOUT, Come On  laugh. chuckle.  

Just like BB King named his guitar, Lucille, (My mom's middle name btw,  First name Marie.))  )Mom, we'll share here is our #3 Official 'partner in the beautiful crazy crime of crazy love divine in action.  It begins W God #1, Jesus , and the Mom.  W Jaws and Tinker and The Jerry Jerome and The Grateful Living.  WE highly rec All Gods Children due (well)  the same.  

Everyone is hereby invited to get the absolute latest, updated to 'whenever'  ago - sharing at this link.  The heading above is the name of the completed 4 now page and the link to arrive there is here...   

We hope to see Ya's  over there.  We guarantee a fun time.  Fun, what a concept. )

Go there now b4 anything.  we rec, if int.  Cheers.  Cool

AllGlory and Max Gratitude 2 God, our 'Do it by the numbers, inspiration, along w Jesus and Company inc Mom and Dad and Fam & Friends and special friends, our loving and max loved pets.  All pets go to Heaven.  Talk 2 them and departed loved ones dear ones.  We are the ones lost.  They are home w God.  We'll be All home together soon.  God's timing 'soon'  guys.  Get ready to rock 4 eternity?  See Ya's @ the canpus. graduates. )  As Back in Black by AC-DC ROCKS on ZLX.  You can't make this stuff up, folks, corredt Theresa Caputo?    

Alright, as Guns and Roses beg 'Take Me Home.  We go on to other places on the sites.  The Maintenance man is working overtime but the music is feeding him so, he's good 4 now.  Later, guys  Joy moment is 5:00 a.m. 

Now 12/28/18 You Are the Light|Messages from God

Thank You God for this awesome incubated message for humanity at these threshold moments of now. Thank You Yael and Doug Powell and YT Channel 'Receiving love' for sharing 'The Goods.' <3 )

Now 12/28/18 Prepare For Change|Mira From The Pleiadian High Council

Thank You God and Thank you to the beloved messengers who brought these messages thru ~ feeding a hungry 'ground crew' earth population w divine truths and high vibrations. Remember spirits, Spirit Has our back, as one. If feel need to make that a mantra, So it Is. The all powerful mind of our subconscious is listening. So we know you're having great days and nights and finding full-fill- ment around every bend on the path to full 'lights on' enlightenment on Your magnificent, eternal ever lasting, grateful soul's journey back to The Infinite Father and Mother and ALL THAT IS.
And So It Is.

May a moody blue far flung from God ~ star see us home. Thank You God. <3 )

Thank You Creator God. We the children of the Great Central Sun are most humbly Grateful and Appreciative to You our Father as we slowly awake from our long slumber in the heavy, maya (see def - noun:  (Hinduism) Hinduism illusion, esp the material world of the senses regarded as illusory  [C19: from Sanskrit]   (Hinduism) the Hindu goddess of illusion, the personification of the idea that the material world is illusory )     matrix that is rapidly dissipating with the higher energies coming over the planet at this time.

All Is Well, volunteer ground crew spirits living, breathing and experiencing duality in the physical, material but Not un-spiritual world.  The scales have been tipped, there's no going back to the old stodgy, mired in corruption, greed, unfairness and just plain ugliness.  Excuse us while we almost physically get sick while typing this.  Thank you for reading and maybe even having the same affects.  Things can only get better, Trust God ~ They will, esp following HIS Will.

Namaste for now...

p.s.  Scribe is compelled to say here, in writing, dear ones, that when he arose today, he was not feeling particularly inspired esp with his pressing financial obligations.  None the less we got on the computer, while it's still active until shut bc we haven't had funds to pay the $200. bill we owe Comcast.' and other invoices.   However, once online, we're connected to this vast, worldwide pool of information and energies, and were immediately re - enegized by a email message from God thru great conduits to HimHer.   

This message will be shared at this leg from this main page.  The above posted sharings came from the natural flow of spirit doing what spirit does on this God given and inspired High vibrational site. (we do hope ya's can feel it when you come on here.)  i.e. Scribe gives it to God and God, in turn directs content and gives it to be uploaded and shared and on and on and it's quite the lovely arrangement. 

So, my dear friends, if int in seeing the message the universe provided us today to put Much needed wind in our sails  (sails need wind.  where do we go w no wind in our sails, if on a ship? (Ed note;  guys, we know how to spell sails and the difference between 'sails' and 'sales'  In fact we thought we paid particular attention to the correct spelling when we first shared this. 

Come to see today now 1/30/19 that we had it spelled 'sales in these 3 instances and even on 'fixing it' we still screwed it up.  This is the universe 'messing' with us. we are convinced.  Be it known, my dear friends, yer humble scribe here is human as well as, like all of us - divine.  God Does indeed, have a sense of humor and we do come across it quite frequently. Often in the editing process which we're sure occurs to other writers, bloggers, sharers.  So, among Paul's distortions around this site, know that and just maybe smile when you may see something not quite right or eyebrow raising. Thank you.  Ok, back to the original thread... ))   

No weir, my fellow Liveheads. So, if led, just click here and then in a blink of an eye, you'll be over there at the 'U leaving with us?' page.  U Leaving, with Us?  Url to share is: 

Hope to see Ya's there.  

p.s.  Not done there yet, will update when done but if scoring at home, you can see us at work.  )  A few hours later...

Update, It's done guys.  All set, 'Fresh garbage,' Spirit whispers in our ear.  Indeed.

We will not say 'pearls before swine,' we know you guys aren't that, though look what they did to Christ, just over 2000 years or so ago, when all He was preaching was love.  Yeah, guess that can get one into serious trouble, however fear can destroy us, if we let it.  We have leaders, so called who want to build walls.  OMG, is there ever in the history of mankind, a more appropriate metaphor for fear than to build walls against our fellow God's children.  

Alright, we're done.  Paul can get really fired up, guys, so let us just, back away from the computer, maybe grab a bite, and say to you all.. Happy Trails ~ God Bless (W Dr Peebles Amplifying that to Infinity weir He lives and All of Us will, if we accept Creator's <3 felt invite.

We can start this, my dear friends, as the bell tolls at midnight on moody Monday night, and enters 2019, the 'Now' Year for All God's Chill-dren w no one left behind.  That simply will not be allowed, the guides say.  The guides also say, Paul you're to get off the computer now and go for a walk in the cold night air, and so we will follow our heart and 'do' just that. (And Yes, we did.)

Anyone reading this, spirit encourages you to do what you are 'able' to to get the word of this starsite and it's vital messages to humanity 'out there.'  Let's make this place so viral that even sleeping nations, (not one is awake, dear ones, tho individuals are in vast #'s now.) will begin to 'awake' and rise and SHINE according to our particular alignment with the Will of God.  

Anything else, God?  We'll let you know, later dove breath.  )  Thank you God, can't wait to be flying around Heaven again real soon, and not alone...  )  ~      ~       ~

Now.  12/29/18  We remember...  

Insert song  Done, God  12/30/18

 Now.  1/7/19  There is now a new kind of 'threshold' page here.  All welcome to visit...

It's All God  Url is...   

Shine on Shiny ones.  )

Now. 12/30/18 12:07 a.m. Fred Neil - Faretheewell. Wait, Fred, weir not done with you yet, Bro... <3 )

Thank You God and Thank you Mr Fred Neil. May we all say 'Hello?' 'Hello' on bewhole of the group. We're at a whole new starting point, team. We got the green light from Spirit, we got the coffee and God Knows we got the Love, i.e. for our own children, for the music, and Most of All For YOU GOD. without which we'd not even exist. So we, the in body consciousness cadets who came down here thru many fights and flights thru time and space, to show up now In HIS Glory in the rapidly dissipating physical plane.

It's 'Graduation time' Dear ones. Grab your stuff bc Spirit Is taking us to Heaven, oh look, guys, weir already here. Thank You God! Love God and Love each other, my dear friends in the infinite field of Christ. Rejoice Rejoice God made the choice for us all. Nothing left to do but cash in our 'chips.' and go weir the 4 winds will take us, Free birds ~ of the eagle and dove variety. Thank You Jesus, our Ultimate, liberator, Lord and Saviour. And So It Is. <3 )

Now 12/26/18 What, fellow global citizens of a small beautiful plan-net, could be more of an indication of Fear than to build a wall, of all things, to keep other immortal spiritual beings, our brothers and sisters from across a man made border, out of a perhaps, better place for them than what they've suffered under.. Who but a sleeping fear based, tyrannical, egomaniacal actor named Trump, an angel in disguise, people, make no mistake, as if we could.

Those billions in Monopoly money, for that's all it is now, in a cashless society, as conceived and certified by God w Jesus and Company of Heaven inc Universal Mother Mary's blessings, is simply how to do business on earth like it is on all other planets. God provides, my dear fellow Earth citizens. Therefore we need not worry. In fact, it's time to Celebrate. The bad illusion is over, let's change the guard. Have enlightened, no fear leaders and say Thank You Jesus and Thank YOU GOD> Deal? People of schoolhouse plan it Earth?

Remember old souls, weir we're coming from. It's not a doom and gloom place at all, smile and sunshine breaths. And God is taking us Home there, as we type this to the whole world. Isn't technology awesome, folks? It is in the right hands, for sure. <3 ) #HeavenonEarthNow. #WeAllhaveSoundMinds #GratitudeIsKeytoGodsVaultofblessings #ShineonuscrazyHearts <3 's #WeareSpiritsinflesh #AllIsGoodbcGodIsGood #TurnItUp! #SailonsweetSailors #Homesweethome @ThankYouGod #ThankYouJesus #ThankYouMary #ThankYousweetBrothersandSisters #Thank you theangels #HappyeternallyjustdoingtheirjobservingGod'swill #AndSoItIs. <3 )


Welcome to the Debt jubilee folks. Is this weir we really want to be? Is this what we wanted when we volunteered to come to this beautiful schoolhouse? Read on, if want.

Now, 6/7/19. This classic by Al Stewart replaces the above vid that the owner pulled from his channel,) Al Stewart - The Year Of The Cat (HD) (1976) (Original) MUSIC LEGENDS.

Thank You God and Mr Al Stewart and Company 4 providing a mellow soundtrack 2 our lives. This is 4 You, Mom <3 <3 ) (<3 )

Now 12/24/25 Who wants The Christmas gift of Freedom?

Thank You God for showing us that You, Father of 'ALL THAT IS'  Is really 'The One'  in control of Your Far Flung Children's near and far destiny.  HeShe i.e. Father Mother God has no intention of seeing us, HisHer beloved children go down into some no man's land place of lack, want, poverty and the despair and depression that could foster.  No, No No, dear ones.  Look, here's the plan once again,   w Jesus' response:   

We can't share this with you enough, humanity.  See it, read it til you wake up and 'Get it' people and while we're still young - Act on it. God knows it's hard to let go of a paradigm that's been ingrained in us for so long, however when that system literally runs out of gas, it's only in our collective best interest to make the switch to what the elders have been advocating, with Paul as proxy, officially since the date of that proclamation in 2002. 

The incubation time for this God inspired solution is done, my dear friends. Let's let God show us the way.  Surely HeShe has a better future for us than the political, economic, non spiritual mumbo jumbo that's all we seem to see out there on the streets, the Tv, papers, internet google ga ga w all due respect for everyone's niche.  We're made, in His image for much bigger, better, indeed to the infinite better, dear ones. 

So can we try?  Gee, now, if only we could find someone to lead us.  Hey Jesus, do You, kind and loving Son of God, Brother to All, want the job again?  )  Where to find Jesus?  Like God, He's in our <3's  Just 'ask' to get to know him, and listen, He will guide you like He and the angels guide scribe. Humbleness is a prerequisite, and it helps not to be proud, loud, arrogant, bodacious or an egomaniac. However, we're all 'works in progress' so if we just described you, don't worry, God loves You too.  And So It Is.

Now  Further Updated 12/26/18 With Mother Mary and 'team oneness' praying for God's Will, and only God's perfect, infinitely perfect, divine will Is done, Now and forever.  And So It Is.   


Greetings Dear divine children of God, Created Co- Creators, and Gods and Goddesses in our own right, along with the angels,  A Big Welcome to The God Jesus and Mary and You and me Infinite love and light 'Uncle Jerry' Jubilee II site.  aka God's 'A -Z 'Team Oneness' place 4 all HisHer Chill-dren to 'get it together'  Once and for ever.  ) 

Yes, seekers of the unfindable unless He allows, and He has, from time immemorial wanted us, His beloved far flung children to come home to him from our adventures and misadventures following the termed, 'questionable' ones, indeed.  Y'all have found a simple, humble, happy site that Glorifies, Praises, and assists God in explaining what the heck is going on down here in this crazy, topsy turvy, low density but rising fast, place known as planet earth, w many other names not the least of which is 'Paradise restored.' or 'found again' now.  And So It Is. 

Rejoice, God's pups and kitties.  Innocense is a place that can be re-stored with each rising out of a bad or good dream or just a good night's sleep.  Sleep, we get to leave our physical bodies each night or when we lie down for it.  We're escorted by angels to weir we should be and glean any lessons to be absorbed in our volunteered life to live, for the betterment of all the other lives living down here.on the 'plant it', as we live our 'gifted' lives.

And like the music of the Grateful Dead, we come out on the other side ready to Carry on, and it's all love, dear grateful friends, (as 'drool' spills out of scribe's mouth.) we know at this point. Weir all friends, if not lovers, on the other side, so why in heaven should it be otherwise down here, now in 4 and 5 D?

This is a place custom made for Creator's  loving, learning, companion light beings to come, learn, play, pray, sing, dance, rise and Shine and graduate in divine Oneness w ALL THAT IS... As U.S. Blues plays in background and Now Uncle John's Band. 

So, Children... You gonna let Your Father and Mother take you home?  And like the song says, your are kind, right?  Good, Father Mother God, i.e. The infinite Father Mother God hope so.  We're ready when you are, guys.  Get back, if want it all.  We're waiting.   That song over and Now... (On 'Essential Grateful Dead' home made tape w God and Paul)  Black Peter. 

A song about a person ready to cross the threshold to eternity and meet his maker. A truly awesome song that only Jerry could really do justice to. ioho.  Want to hear it?  If so here's link...   Touches the soul in a very deep place, doesn't it... ;

Yahoo images.

Jerry Garcia.

Meanwhile, we have updates on what's happening around this site and the first site. The big new news there is that Aerosmith, according to the updates spirit made over there, is going to heaven, and on the first train which includes Jerry's 'Dead and live heads' and Jimmy Buffet's  'Parrotheads' and with Aerosmith (Film way down below ) rocking the house w all the 'domino's' that would file, fall, flow or fly in are doing so. 

Nice work Aerosmith.  Yep, it's a far flung free fall over there and looks like ZZ Top is in line to help wrap it up.  The A - Z Team, of course, is part and parcel of 'Team Oneness.'  So we're All Good, if not absolutely golden, dear ones. Details here, if led...Thank Ya's Very Much... )

Aerosmith at work.

In other news, Paul has been working on restoring the hopes and dreams of many people that were shattered when the administrative 'bean counters' of a certain organization we will not name, forced the shut down of the Ruby Rogers Center which served the greater Somerville community for 33 years.  This was due to budget cuts in a tight economy and new parameters for funding, thus eliminating this jewel of a community resource.

The Ruby Rogers Center was 'there' for people inc homeless veterans. (see story of John, one of them at the 'Happily ever after page)  The Center only did good things such as let people going thru hard times come in out of the cold, get some nourishing food in them, provide a place to relax, hang out with friends, watch Tv and attend classes and groups for their enrichment.  The center also treated its clients to many outings, like picnics, movies, plays, in other words... 'good stuff.'

This was and remains a travesty and a shame on the people and elected bodies that could have stopped it.  Nanci and others worked their hearts out to save it.  Budget minded pols, even Trump couldn't be bothered to answer. 'nuff said, water under the bridge is just that.  So info on Ruby Rogers and how anyone can help, while the banks are still doing their thing is here...  

If link doesn't click thru try copy and paste.  Ty.

Ruby Rogers Center  Url to share is: and at

Ruby's site on original site   is... 

(Repairs there are being done when the man can get to it.) 

Please do Your considerable part by making a contribution of a few bucks or whatever is comfortable for you here. Scroll down and maybe check out some good stuff on your way.   Our contact info is there as well.  )

Oh, and more info & good stuff is here...   

P pic.

Another page we're working w spirit is here, if int.   U Leaving, with Us?  or 

And did we mention?  Coming Home to God.  or

One more, old souls, while we're at it, All Welcome to a New beginnings page w Led Zeppelin.   

What's that Moody Blues?  You're right, here we go, guys... Heaven's House band.

And So Much More, and God Did It All.  So, Thank You God, and may we all simply 'Carry on'   <3  )  Deal?  guys?  Hope so... )

Y'all have a nice forever, now, hear?  Awesome.  ).

Now 12/27/18

While we're giving out Url's here, if led The Course in Miracles is ready when you are, dear spirit, here's url to click... A Course in Miracles  and if share:  


Who would like to see a slide show, God did w Paul?  Here's link, if so...                             Others at the site essential page.  (link above)

                                                                                                                                           And we, on bewhole of the group, sincerely hope that Everyone had a Most Merry Christmas W Joy and Happiness Overflowing! And now, let's all look forward to a fantastic 2019 and beyond. 

Thank You God, Jesus and Jerry Claus for all the immense blessings God & Company of Heaven and Heaven on Earth are about to bestow on All of us, but we must be open to it, Dear Ones, and A S K for the Best of God's blessings, correct, President of 'Team Oneness,  Mr Glenn?  )  A smile is how the spirits say 'yes'  my dear friends, Right Jesus and God?  ) 

Uncle Jerry keeping the Christmas spirit alive, no matter what calendar day it happens to be.  <3  )

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a musical instrument and beard

Yahoo images.

Thank You God and God bless All The Santa's and Mrs Claus' out there and esp the Kids.  Merry Christmas One and All!!  Ho Ho Ho  )  )  ) God says  'Make every day like Christmas, w/o the commercialism and treat each other to what Heaven's bounty can bring. - The Best of everything, under the sun.'  Universal Mother Mary has a word... 'And So, God's beloved children, one and all...  Let it be.'  

And So It Is.   

Mary has a message for us at this particular moment that we came across at this 22 D place.

Why limit ourselves to the 5th dimension, folks.  As Dr Peebles tells us, they're just numbers, we can go to infinite dimensions.  Spirit can not be limited.  Anyway, if led, check this 22D, The love #  sharing.   Hope to see Ya's there.  )

 A High Brifge to Heaven...

Now 12/27/18 The Holy Mother, Mary {Still} gives a very important message to Humanity 3.07.13

Thank You God and Divine Mother Mary ~ IJN ~ for Your perfect, loving message to All God's 'team oneness' children. May we All be blessed with these 'seeding and flowering' words - straight from The Most Holy, High Heart of God's infinitely loving, happy, harmonious Creation. And So It Is. <3 )

As 'Simple twist of fate' plays in the background... welcome gentle souls to our whole new brave world of love, abundance for all and a world and Omniverse at peace. w harmony, justice, light, love, adventure, and Rock & Roll 4 ever. The angels proclaim it so. The sailors come home and say 'You's should see what I've seen' Let me take you there...' a song can do it, if we allow it in our open <3 ' s Correct God?... )

'Divine Ultimate' God lending a Hand. Thank You God. <3 )

Now 12/18/18  Update: Welcome All God's Children to Mary's Place.  A place where everyone can en-joy good clean Fun for all eternity and infinity.  It is no accident you are here.  We all know there are no accidents.  Divine mandate has us all here, on time and w/o lost time as we think we know that concept. Time, like the money system has ceased to be.  It had it's run, for some it was fun, for others it was a struggle, always never enough, causing pain, hardship, lost relationships, marriages, and in too many cases, bodily harm, murder, and mayhem.  Enough, God Says.

All for the 'mighty green.' so they can buy things nice and legal and not have to worry about it's lack- until it runs out and they do something dark, despicable and soul wounding all over again in order to get more of it, and the cycle goes on and families get sucked in and where does it end?  It ends with God and HISHER Divine Intervention, my dear friends.  You're all witnesses to this 'Love In Action' display right here on this site and our previous, archived but still viable site 

No more, fellow immortal spiritual beings, Sons and  Daughters of God.  That hamster like run is over now and it's best left forgotten as God's kids are more than ready to start the eternal, infinite journey of seeking to get to 'know' God. Good luck.  )

We'll save Ya's all a lot of moments of angst, frustration and misplaced energy, guys, by simply letting you know... it will never happen.  There is no getting to 'know' God.  Just like there is no getting to know the Gods and Goddesses we are .  Our souls are way too deep and unfathomable at our deepest core.  Like the time honoured analogy of the onion, once you get one level peeled, lo and behold, there's another level to peel.and so on and so on.

Best thing to do is just pro-ceed or 'go with the flow' of creation's unfolding awesomeness as fellow 'Creator beings' that God created us to be and don't 'sweat' it, to use a technical term, isn't this correct, Mother Mary...?

You are correct Mr Paul.  Thank you dear 'P' for 'peepherding'  yer tight knit team here.  We, the Company of heaven can't help but notice, and Cheer you on. You guys, Jesus and Uncle Jerry, with the ' A' team all the way to the 'Z' team, left no-one behind. Quite the accomplishment, my dear love. 

Thank you dear Mother Divine, we are led to say this right off the cosmic bat, at least for the record, that, if You are trying to compliment us and our team, all well and good, however, we are not, as You well know, Dear Mother, 'pleased' with ourselves. 

No, uh uh, never.  Not one quark split second of a infinite factor of time will we, speaking for the entire totality of Team Oneness, Ever and under No circumstances wil even the newest one of us ever be satisfied or esp 'pleased' with ourselves.  That is one place and maybe one of the only places we will never go to, not on Paul Brown's Jesus and Jerry designer watch. No sirrePaul.  )

We say 'Thank You' to The Far Flung co-conspirator's of this 'Done deal' passion play 'Thank You'  One and All, Indeed. You Know who you are so we refrain from initiating a list that could never include everyone who lended and continues to lend the God hand HESHE gave us.  We are and will remain - eternally, humbly Grateful. And So It Is.

Alright, at this particular juncture, the only thing left to say is w deep meaning and on bewhole of the group, "We Love You God"  "God we Love You."  "I Love You God ~ God I Love You."  Let these words be a mantra for the family of light coming now - into it's own, not looking back at the mis0takes, (well) countless dead ends, box canyons  , having to start over again and again and... what's that chorus?  Indeed, 'again.'

So, we Salute 'the angels' who are so totally selfless, modest, faithful, trusting and above all loving ~ in God and God's One will for Hisher children, born Creators as well.  In Jesus Name we give a Big nod to 'The master educators out there like Abraham Hicks, Kryon, and esp the music, the heavenly sweet sounds that fill the air in place of the golden silence.  \\  We Now and forever simply say... "Turn or 'Toin' It UP!!!  ) <3  ) ) ) 

Anyone got a song to play for this?  Sure, there you go humanity... make it a no-brainer, it's ok.  )  ) Song will be found below, however first things first.  The world needs help and needed it many yesterday's ago. So, w/o further ado, Captain Jerry and Company of 'Doers.' please take out the trash, clean the tired swamp and dust off true compassion on the plant it with yer God given musical hearts, my dear friends. Rock On... And So It Is.  <3  )

Thank You God for supplying the love... The Wind in our sales... forever...)

Grateful Dead - Help On The Way / Slipknot / Franklin's Tower / The Music Never Stopped

Thank You God and Thank You The Grateful Dead. May the 4 winds guide us all safely home... )
As synchronicity would have it we were just searching yahoo 4 wind sailing ships and turns out it wasn't needed where we were going to put it, but it slips right in nicely here. Yeah, guys we can all have a nice 4 ever when we realize we're living forever now. It doesn't have to start when we die, it can start now, with this song, I thee wed... film at 11. )

Now 10/22/18 The Love day of the month ~ Thank You Bro Jerry for inviting a few of yer friends here...Let's get this cosmic party started. You in, humanity?


The smoking 'Deal' song is down below, but first, let's get to know each other a little dear brothers and sisters. First,  Thank you for showing up, A friend of Jerry's is certainly a friend of God.  Thank You Bro Jerry for inviting some of your close friends here. 

Image may contain: one or more people

Ed Note: 12/18/18  Obviously, my dear friends,  this Far Flung Production of a God starsite is in a state of flux these halcyon days of 'WAKING UP,'  Redemption, Ascension of our collective consciousness and just plain breaking on through to the other side' weir the infinite levels of divine mind, i.e. weir everything is 'exactly perfect,'  and no-thing is missing, nothing is out of place, everything is absolutely the way God has it for HisHer beloved Children, companion beings of the most valued kind. 

No automatic
 alt text available.

God created us kind, tho some have seemingly lost their way, we look ahead to when even the most stubborn, certified laggards caught up in their own large, all consuming dramas, situations, 'complications' and 'oscar' winning performances do, eventually, 'wake up' and finally claim their eternal right and privelege as Sons and Daughters, Daughters and Sons of GOD THE INFINITE, AMONG MANY NAMES God answers to, including, yes, 'Hey You.'  Nod to Pink Floyd.  )

Now Further Ed Note 12/18/18  5:33 p.m.

As a historical record, we will not make changes or updates to content beyond here as pertains to  the new info that has been brought down in the recent hours and days here.  What you read from here on is what transpired in the 'field of mind' of Mr Paul and what he was dealing with at the times/ moments of their appearing on these pages.  We now return Ya's to the thread as originally shared.  Btw, as of Now Contributions still welcome and needed.  )

Please, guys,  hustle over to The Paradise NOW page and find out about our Crowdfunding Event and THE EVENT.  Ideally happening Sunday but more likely Monday, yes Monday it Is.  We thought it would be better Sunday when people would be off from work.  but Quirk peeps will be doing their sunday thing so we DO Apologize to them, Sorry Guys.   Please, Fellow immortal spiritual beings, look at this Paradise Now page 4 details.  Thank You Very Much. 

Now 11/23/18 ANNOUNCING THE EVENT 777 On Cosmic Trigger Day >>>.;

Thank You God for conceiving, producing, directing and acting in this Far Flung Production, Limitless. IJN. And So It Is. <3 )

Now 11:11:18 Hey Guys, like... HAPPY COSMIC GATEWAY DAY!

And to help us cosmic cadets celebrate- look who showed up at our door today w impeccable timing, yep Ladies and Gentlemen  THE DOORS.  Folks, ya just can't make this stuff up.  )

We sincerely HOPE that this sharing will help to solidify in our collective consciousness, that Yes, indeed, we are living in an alive and thriving, breathing, conscious divine universe that is precisely calibrated to serve our individual and collective needs as Created Creator Beings, Gods and Goddesses, Sparks of God ~in our own right.

Not to unnecessarally 'spill anyone's beans' or disrupt anyone's 'apple cart', so to speak; we are simply doing our job which we contracted to do, pre-birth, with a hug and a handshake and a solemn vow, along with 144, 000 other determined souls with a 'whatever it takes' attitude, come heaven or high water, down here on this learning, soul growing schoolhouse earth   A place not for the faint of heart, that's for  sure, dear ones.

The angels, God's modest, divine messengers, tell us there's a rhyme and a reason for everything, nothing is out of place and everything is exactly and precisely the way God intends as HESHE is, ultimately, in charge of everything; including where this humble, grateful scribe's fingers go on the keyboard of his new HP laptop computer.  We named her 'Vivien' since we like the name.  We were actually looking to name something 'Vivien' and when we got this miracle machine last week, it was a no brainer.  )

Likewise, when we get our next Chevy Malibu, a 2019 or 2020, we have the name all picked out as well,  but we digress.  )   So, fellow volunteers, here we are on the planet - for a reason known  to God, if not even ourselves. Dear ones, know, no one has a free ride, no matter what that song says.  )  We are all on our custom designed path which we scripted pre- birth with our guides and in perfect accord with the overall God script, each of us playing our parts, as only we are born to play them.  In the long run, everything will turn out alright as God Knows the final outcome and has since beyond any manifestation of anything.

Now, of course, we all know, we hope,  that as part of the Grand Tapestry of Creator's human creation, we do fully understand that no one is more important or vital to the collective tapestry of humanity than anyone else. We just have different roles or jobs.  God only asks that we do our best, with whatever our job is and there is no one else on the planet that can do our job like we can.  As humans, we are created as HISHER children, in God's likeness ~ Companion beings of infinite light and love and capability, like God HimHer Self. And So It Is.  Like in a dream...share it bro... here Ya's go.

No automatic alt
 text available.

So, as Estimated Prophet by The Grateful Dead plays on one of our home made cassettes, in the background, lets say 'Hey' to  The Doors.  Hey, men, lovely to see you again... Obtw, The Doors have a 'gazing gig here, along with many friends inc Jesus, if anyone would like to partake... 

November 11, 2015 ·                                                                                                                             To whom it may interest... The Doors just showed up at His jubilee site, right on time. Check it out: at The best is always yet to come. Visit us and if like ~ tell everyone. Cheers, p & co. )

Hopefully, the waiting is over, my dear friends.  We are, as of this long awaited date and moment in cosmic evolution and time, now, in high angelic realm territory. (there are no angelic realms that are not limitlessly  high as one can imagine. )  A shift of the Great Central Sun which governs all Infinity, inc all universes, star systems, cosmos,' dimensions, galaxies and planets like ours, are now fully merged in the cosmic ethers that Terra Christa Gaia, our Beloved  Mother Earth volunteer host planet has now ascended into.  The good news, my Very Dear Friends, is that, we, You and me, in Team Oneness, are All along for the ride. How cool is that, my dear friends?  0 )  (we attempted like 6 times to delete that 0, however it did not w'ork, so we'll keep it as a symbol of 'Full Circle.'  )

Remember, fellow warriors of the light, we always have our God given free will; however, isn't it time we put our petty, so called, 'differences' aside and started seeing each other as just another version of ourselves?  Any enlightened human being will tell us that that is exactly the case.  So, what does that tell us, humanity, when we have governments and politicians pushing us into ridiculous wars?

Here's  The Doors sitting in w some pretty good company... )

Image may contain: 2 people

                                                                                                                                                               For what?  oil? nationalistic pride? or, God forbid, religion?  Dear ones, 'when,' not if,  we wake up and realize that we are all connected, on a soul level, and we start looking at each other as part of the family of One, with no outsiders, no strangers; different, sure, but we're all made from the same ONE Infinite Creator.   


In closing, my dear friends, fellow immortal spiritual beings disguised as our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of The Infinite.  Remember, as it has been written, The Infinite makes no mistakes, there are never any mistakes and we can't make one if we tried, just ask Dr Eben Alexander if you have a problem with that. 

Indeed, friends, the volunteer teachers are down here to help us volunteers.  All for the purpose of soul growth.  We grow our souls the most by helping our fellow God companions along the way.  So, many have had their NDE's  Near Death Experiences, or more accurately FDE's  Full Death Expderiences, until they were tapped on the shoulder by a light being, who could be a close relative,  and told ahh, Joe or Mary, you know what... it's not quite your time Bro or Sis. 

In most cases that goes over like a lead balloon bc the other side is our true home, living with God, and who would want to come back to this very tough bootcamp schoolhouse known as planet earth?  Some have referred to this place as 'the insane asylem of the universe,' and they may be right.  These souls who have come back to their bodies - usually go through a lot of pain in rejuvenating their physical bodies. 

However, if meant to be, they, like love, find a way.  Then,  they may write books, tell other peeps about what happened to them, while others keep it to themselves, mostly out of fear of what other people will think of them. 

Our advice, if asked, is don't be afraid, we're all absolutely fearless on the other side bc there's nothing to fear over there.  Hey, we're all relatively crazy on this bus anyway, so what's the diff?      (Rec see 'Crazy People Unite' page re this.)  but do this for sure... sit down, meditate, and then put pen to paper and let it all out, every detail you can remember.  And then keep it in a safe place and let the universe lead or not lead you where you're supposed to be.

You may be led to join or start a small group that meets over potluck and shares their experiences. Talking to like minded people can be very key and truly healing, plus you may meet some really good friends that way.  Just suggesting... )

Alright, so if it's your first time here at this humble but dynamic, revelatory starsite, we welcome you.  We hope you all have a real good time here and come back often, and, if led, share what you have found here.  God Bless Us All Indeed.  IJN  And So It Is. 

P.s  All invited to come visit the newest page custom fashioned and designed by Angels on our shoulder and You folks, our inspiration ~ with yer love, music, kindness and Hope for humanity.  The new page is Freedom Forever. However, we do rec visiting Simple New Now News first.  Click on the above menu or click here... Simple new now news.                                                       Freedom Forever... Freedom Forever page 

Oh, and don't miss the Hope pages starting here... A Place of Hope...

Hope Y'all have a nice, happy, fun, grateful, adventurous day and forever in your neighborhood... )

Rec & fin  11:11:18   2:00 p.m. 

Addendums 11:11:18   5:37 p.m.

 P.s. Friend us on Fb and Twitter, if led...(Only ones we do) 

Now 11/23/18

If the Paradise Now page does not show up on the menu, there's a reason for it  There's a reason 4 everything, my dear friends.  Paul is a f'n maniac when it comes to getting the word out about the light being known as Jesus Christ.  He's been institutionalized 6 times for reacting against opposition to his vision in trying to get his vision across to the people.  We're talking about a power here, folks, that would dwarf all of the earth and 7 galaxies out the cosmic shoot to boot.  Picture:  The bus 2 God... )

I mean we saw the vision, we were in it.  People were Free, they were laughing and dancing and singing the praises of an Incredibly Powerful God who's Ultra Strong will, will not and can not be denied, and our job is to make that happen by whatever means necessary.  What that means, my dear friends, now in infinite dimensions, after going thru the 11:11 passageway thru the Thankdgiving 11:22 passageway and today the 'Cosmic Trigger' passageway is that no authority can stop us, as a collective. except ourselves.  It's time 4 all of us to get on the bus and then the planet will Rock  The url to the platform 4 this activity is here...  or Paradise Now ) ) )TG 

When or if you mosey on over there or 'hustle like the wind,' you'll see the music we asked our twin flame, Dakarra, who lives in us, as us, fully ~ the female part. to pick out. All us Gods and Goddesses are, like God HerHim self, androgynous.  Btw, usually, in writings,  the masculine is first, however here now, we're showing it as it really is.  You ask ANY husband who the BOSS is in there marriage, and it's Her.   Husbands out there, am I right or wrong?  )  Also, btw, the first song you'll see there will not be the song/album she picked, it will be 2 or 3 'buffering' songs.

See Ya's over there.  Can You say' Hallelujah?'  Guys, we ain't seen 'Nuttin" yet.  TRUST ME.  Isn't that what this country is all about?  Prove me wrong, America. Obtw, Sir Pres Trump.  You, Sir are invited to come to Boston 4 'The Event.'  Our next president is in the wings, guys and ready to steer the ship w a steady hand into infinity.  8  )

Indeed, my dear friends, ultimately it is God who chooses to occupy that sacred office.  Bring the whole fam, this can be a joyous wondrous, global  occasion, guaranteed.  We'd dislike (the h word is not in our vocabulary )  to have to say 'You're Fired.'  lol                                                        So, we Hope you guys can swim and have yer seatbelts on bc we are all going off the deep end, W the collective quickness.  And that's a happy, joyful thing, as these words spill out of the high self scribe's fingers from God.  And So It Is.

For the record... Rec & fin

11/23 the cosmic trigger # ) year of our Lord 2018.  )  @ 10:50 a.m

Addendums  11:25  a.m.

P.s.  We are quite aware that this sudden shift of awareness and acceleration of energies can be somewhat confusing and upsetting to those who don't have a clue. Just ask God to guide you.  Our God is a 'Hands On' God who takes control when his children call on Him.  Just a.s.k.

And, last, if you think this is some kind of takeover, you're absolutely right.  File under' Divine Intervention.'  Are we a cult?  OMG, No, absolutely Not.  The Only Good cult out there is Blue Oyster Cult, who we, Carol and I, and friends, hope 2 see real soon. at TD Garden and other local venues.  Let the 'Show' begin ~Rockers.  And So It Is. )

Now 10/21/18 As Divine synchronicity has it, our Arcturian Friends check in w same message as above. Help Is Coming ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Thank You Daniel Scranton and the Arcturian Council... <3 )

Now 10/21/18 In FB group 'Awakening Together' a new member posted 'How do I become awake?'

Our response... Paul F BrownYou and 5,418 others joined AWAKENING TOGETHER within the last two weeks.   We literally heard the words 'Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world' when seeing your post. See & hear, if want. Try the music of the Grateful Living (Jerry's new group) We're all in it as beloved children of God. More info: Ty for posting and be blessed and Everyone reading this. There's a Party in Heaven and we here in 'Heaven on Earth' are now celebrating as well, since All Is well and getting weller. Cheers fellow 'ground crewers' 😎

Now 10/19/18 Stop. Heaven says. and listen to this reading B4 continuing. Ty. 

(If applicable, Click on red 'Download All' box, then at lower left corner, right Click & 'open file and play. )  Hope en=joy.  On completion, Y'all will be done w initial initiation and have a foothold to where this site will take us all, as One.   It is written.  

Note:  This lifechanging reading w Intuitive Consultant Extraordinaire, James Law, was recorded with a very tired Paul.  The night before we witnessed a Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters concert (which was Awesome) in Boston at Blue Hills Pavilion, on the waterfront. With very little sleep, we then worked a full day at our job, collecting donations for Police and Fire Dept's for client municipalities, in eastern Mass. - 

This contributed greatly, we know, to our responses, which, obviously, is not what one would have expected, esp in thanking the spirits who came thru which include,  Dr Peebles, Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon and Jesus. in order of appearance.  Thank You One & All for stepping forward ans sharing Your truths.  <3  )

At the end when Jim asked us if it was helpful, we should have said 'Yes, Indeed.!'  Instead, we were influenced by the  Dr Peebles assertion that it would be a good way to make donations and earn some 'egg and bread' money.'  We were so not into monetizing this venture. And we were waiting for something to come out of our mouth to answer Jim's question but nothing came out.  lol   So we're saying it here,again.  THANK YOU's God's & Goddess, Mom! (Better late than never. 

For o)her info and readings, you'll find that and more good stuff here at Dr Peebles' place.  and our contact place w lots of other good stuff.  and  

Oh, and Dr Peebles says the 'egg and bread' money is still on the table for anyone led to share until we fully go to a universal cashless society, like on other advanced planets.  Of course the Good Dr says "GOD BLESS YOU!"  One and all  weather you donate or not, either way.  <3  )

Another correction... thhs Is God's site not Paul's. we see ourself as simply a steward of this place in cyberspace, where anyone in the world. with the God given computer technology, can access this information.

We're still  homesick, but don't want to go home alone.  We want to take All our kind friends, like 'the lyrics in Uncle John's Band' by The Grateful Dead says in song.  If led, hear that song right now, here:   )

One last thing... we are All multi-dimensional beings, dear ones. We are immortal spiritual beings who have been around forever and will continue on as same when we leave this earthly classroon. as Divine Ultimate (yet another name for God.) shares here...  And Jesus/ Yeshua's response...  

When we begin to see Everyone we encounter on our same path or even on TV, as a fellow immortal spiritual being here on Earth, a fellow volunteer, here to learn lessons and, hopefully, helping to uplift the 'plant it' with our good vibrations of love, joy, compassion, harmony and gratitude, not to mention 'Fun.'  Does anyone remember Fun?    (Nod to Mr Plant; )  

Then, we know we've done 'Good' down here to learn about ourselves and God Who lives and breathes and dwells in us as us.  So, here we are, going thru the soul growth lessons we planned for ourselves, pre birth. Indeed, we are here to learn, grow and ultimately come to Know that love and only love  is all that matters, and all that will ever matter, in the long run, and the only thing that will ever give us true, lasting, eternal happiness.

So,  hey, who wants to see Mr Robert Plant and His Band; The Sensational Space Shifters do their  thing?  Here we go, if led.  Thank You Very Much.  <3  )  


Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters Live Full Concert 9.28.14

Thank You Mr Robert Plant & Sensational Space Shifters Everyone <3's Ya's )

Now... 10/20/18 (Slide show) Here's to an 'Untitled' future, Dear Friends of God, Each and Every One. <3 )

This just in.. 'Untitled' from Infinite Creator...

Hope En~joy... 

Thank You God, who did ALL the 'Heavy Lifting' on this and our other place to do HISHER Work...

 "Come To the jubilee'   <


No worries  about the missing content, guys. 'Upstairs it's pefect. Take  what you like, leave the rest, and 'Have a fantastic forever'   

Namaste.  Paul and Company, humbly in service to 'The ONE.'  IJN..  <3  )

Greetings on a Sunday afternoon. 10/14/18

Welcome God's Family of  Amazingly Awesome Children to a simple place to share the fruits of establishing and creating 'Heaven on Earth'  'For One, For All.'

Each of us doing a small part, which others may consider large.  It's all relative, right?    So, as we live our lives trying to do the right things, llke not killing anyone or robbing our neighbors or cheating someone out of their life savings, we're good, most of us.  This is, one by one, all of us pulling our weight and not hurting anyone, we can't help but create Heaven on Earth. 

It's sort of like the music of The Grateful Dead, joyously making it up as they go along with the musical flow.  Good deeds can flow like a river, and only boost one's status in the community of God's paradise, right here on Earth. Folks will know who to call when they need a helping hand.  It feels good if that friendly helping neighbor is you, my dear friend.

You know guys, we really are a tight knit group in the higher realms.  There are no strangers and we've known each other forever.  However, now, rather unfortunately, down here in this 3D illusory classroom we've undeniably stumbled, lost our way, and find ourselves in downright trouble.  There's chaos, violence, imbalance, evil and destruction all around.  Even the planet has had enough of us and our destructive ways..  Who can blame her for what we've done to Her.  It's a  sad, sad situation, my friends

We have so called 'leaders' who think they have power in their hands to blow up the planet. They don't. Thankfully, we have friends and allies who do look after us from higher realms who Do follow The Infinite Source Creator's Divine Will.  Humanity is at a crossroad Now, friends.  We can go one way or another way but as one we can not fail with the kind of leadership we were offered  2,000 years ago. 

We need leaders who would follow the Christ path of higher enlightenment and Not the way of fear, greed, pettiness, bullying and downrighht darkness.  The Good news is we have H O P E .Hope can get us through just about anything if we all pull together as a team.  We have Team Oneness.  If one bleeds, we all bleed, if one wins we all win, if one stumbles  we pick him up and if one needs intervention to save  their life, we do whatever it takes to prevent disaster from occurring..

Alright, we do let it out,sometimes.  We can't keep it in when spirit needs it out there. It's  OK  Here's a  link from below that should expound on what we're mentioning here, so far                              

We are glad you found your way here and sincerely hope you will benefit most abundantly from your visit, and more importantly, we hope you will be led to share the good stuff that Spirit has in this 'store' and will (we trust as long as it's needed) continue to share here.

This site is stewarded by Paul F Brown, the guy pecking at the computer here in beautiful Quincy, Ma. USA. on this beautiful Sunday afternoon in Paradise.  He was led to found Sons and Daughters of Light, Inc* in Florida, 1990  * this we consider to be a  Far Flung Production, Ltd.  which he founded on first legal day after Veteran's Day, 1978, in the beautiful 'miracle city' of Coral Gables, Fl. the Sunshine State.

However, make no mistake, (as if we could) It's Spirit in charge here and we make every effort when coming on here to invite and allow 'The Force' to come thru and do the work while we step aside. It seems to work quite nicely so far.  Our contact info is below, if int.  Thank You Very Much.  )


Now 10/13/18 A Urgent Update...


Greetings One and All, All part of the one family of humanity.  Just saying, if anyone is wondering...

Image may contain: night and outdoor


Towards this, we (speaking as a part of Infinite Creator's multi-dimensional wholeness which includes us All)  we hereby announce the 'A Place of Hope' page and the subsequent page, 'Further Hope Shared'  that follows. Starting Now and officially on Moody Monday 10/15/18 we invite EVERY~ONE to help share in the cause, if you resonate with it, i.e.  that every life is important and integrally vital to the fabriic of the whole tapestry of God's Infinite Creation. 

Losing one of us before our real time is up is one too many, and our goal here is; if we can save just one soul from going on that 'bridge too far'  that is reaching our goal. September was officially 'Suicide Prevention Month.'  That's not enough, my dear friends. We need Every month to be Suicide  Prevention Month.  We are asking, now, Everyone to join us, here at this simple site place, a ''Sons & Daughters of Light, Inc.'  sharing platform. 

Again, We, God created Sons & Daughters of Light, are, hereby,  asking that Every Day,  Month and Year is Now 'Suicide Prevention Moment time.'   Since all moments are just as relevant as September and therefore why not recognize this?  A single moment can make or break a whole lifetime.  We see this all the time, don't we?  So let's do the best we can and say 'Yes' to this simple but caring movement.  Part of the One for All, All for One motto of  Team Oneness.

We kindly and humbly ask, on bewhole of All that's Good.  In Jesus Name, All Individuals, Churches, Corporations, Media outlets, Townships, Cities, Counties, States, Countries, Continents, Planets, Galaxies, Universes, Cosmos' and Dimensions to kindly and humbly join us. 

Yes, we've gone on to the Heavenly realms as we created 'Immortal Spiritual Beings, are all destined to, as Jerry says, "We all go back to God."  (From 'Mr Toads Wild Ride' reading.) that Every life Is worth saving that is going thru serious mental, physical or emotional challenges.  Please, Don't. whatever you do, stand by and let someone, a family member, relative, neighbor or anyone on your particular path, take their own life if you can help it. 

Trust us Please, you do not want to go before yourself when it's time for your life review and see that you could  have saved, or done something, anything, to dissuede that brother or sister, all of us God's connected children in The Oneness family; from making that sad and final choice.  You will be so proud of yourself for the times you took a stand, went out on a limb or took the blows to protect another and esp stopped someone else,  (actualy annother part of oneself since we are all connected.) from making the ultimate bad choice.  

Contracts, like Erik and Adam came down here with, are another story.  They, communicating  thru mediums and  the NDE'ers who have come back and written books, do lectures, make compelling videos of their stories, not to mention  the natural mediums like Theresa C and Thomas J and others who have TV shows and events and are providing a tremendous service in enlightening the masses of humanity to the simple but profound fact that we All are truly, now and forever, Immortal Spiritual Beings.  < period. Indeed, each and every one of us created as equal, loving Gods and Goddess companion Gods to the One Infinite Creator God  ALL THAT IS.

Now, esp with the advent of social media, we don't have to be held down by some cabal or media corporation or any 'blg brother' goverment mandated political or religious dogma to form our ideas, guys.  Sorry if this sounds a little harsh.  However, not all of us are on board with the way things are currently 'run' on this planet.  We feel in our God given hearts, souls and minds, that the time and moment for Vast changes is here and Now upon us, and the multitude of corroborating people, groups, movements, celebrations and the planet Herself moving to the cosmic, universal beat of Divine expansion of Love and Light and compassion for all life is truly amazing and awesome and... words fail.

We the People, need to take the bull by the horns and say to our so called 'leaders' that, we have a better way and that way is to unite and do God's Will.  The above  mentioned Champions of  enlightenment and awakening are doing God's work.  They, in essence, are telling us that love is the only thing there is and the only thing that matters in Heaven and Earth and the reality that the soul survives death and that we are still 'Us' when we get over there and that we are now and forever 'Immortal Spiritual Beings, Gods and Goddesses in our own right.

Excuse me guys, but WOW.  What, my dear friends in the Infinite Body of Christ could be more exciting for humanity to try and grasp?

Seriouslly friends, and  we are All friends, esp on the other side where no one is a stranger, not to mention any mutant enemies over there. )  Our loved ones truly are chomping at the bit to see us again and can't wait to show us around their particular realm of Heaven. We know by our on-going education, research and testimonies  re what really happens when we pass at the demise of the physical body and we find ourselves, immediatelly, in our spirit~ light body, that there is only love; divine, infinite, perfect and eternal love on the other side, and the only judgemnt is our own 'woulda, coulda, shoulda' regrets.  

So, here, on this site, you'll see  the 'A Place of Hope' page, for all and esp those struggling, who have lost hope, who may  need their whole world turned 'upside down' to fix things.  Remember, fellow Pilgrims...  "With God All Things Are Possible." and for everyone dealing with this challenging thing called 'life.'  think on this:  We're all in this together, we all have our assigned parts to play that we volunteered for pre-birth. 

Everything is going to be alright.   We got Jesus and there are no sides, no divisions, no borders in Heaven and it's time we tried it on Earth.  Remeber Love Triumphs anything and everything.  We are All Winners and there are No losers.  

We do and have created our own reality, all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Sorry, but it's true. Indeed, my dear friend, you, (with all you've gone thru and more than likely still facing, since you're still here, obviously,)  very well may be a member, in good standing, of the BOMTWCC Club. (Details on that particular club is on the Further Hope Shared page. We are all colors of the rainbow and we shine on forever, guys.  No matter how bad our part was on earth, in the long run, all is understood, all is forgiven, all is as it should be, everywhere.

In closing, it is hoped that you will also check out the other pages listed on the above menu when you can. it's all good, bc like everything in the universe, it's God.  Nothing is Not of God, dear ones.  We know this, right?  We hope so, or that you'll 'get it' soon.  This Is a learning and growing  'schoolroom' down here for God's kids.  As Dr Peebles, The Grand Spirit and Awesome emmisary of Jesus Christ, reminds us all the time.  )

So, here's the link  when and if ready to check that out:  Hope en-Joy.  Dr Peebles Blesses Everyone that goes on that page w a Big... GOD BLESS YOU!!! <3  ) ) )

There will be links at the  bottom to go to the next recommended page. This and subsequent pages are what we're working on now.  Further Hope Shared)  See Ya's when you get there.  )

P.s. We are led to let the cat out of the bag that a page will be starting very soon that will not only be Good, bc God Is doing it, like this one, but 'Crazy' Good, in a 'Good' way, bc God IS Good.  Stay tuned Good Peeps.  We Love Ya's All.  )

P.p.s  Don't forget to Have Fun... Right Jerry?  <3  )  )  )


Now is the time for real Fun to begin. Who concurs? Awesome. ) ) 0

Greetings and Welcome Fellow Infinite Immortal Spiritual beings of love and light on the way up!  How are You all doing?  Wow, that (fill in your own status, hopefully 'good'... )

We Welcome Ya's to 'the expanded jubilee!'  We invite you to grab a cup, take yer shoes off, settle in and hope Everyone has a real good time here. You have landed here by no accident for we all know there are No accidents. This, as of 4/4/18  is now a 'Course In Fun forever' place as announced at HisHer ~ Our collective 'source' page, aka 'the jubilee.' A simple, humble, sweet place now retired and repairs to missing content may or may not be attended google is not up to the task of keeping content i.e. pictures, intact.  No prob, it's all good.  It's intact in the akosh (Akashic records) anyway 

Check out the menu and if like and led, share, share and, oh yes, share. You Will Reap the Rewards of a Loving, joyous, real Infinite Creator. Indeed. And So It Is. We Do hope Ya's have fun here and everywhere your life's journey may take you. Know, dear ones... No one walks alone. Never, ever. We have God's infinite love shared throughout Creation with us esp in Jesus, Mary, our Parents and Family, the Angels, Spirit guides, Fairies, Friends of all description and Mother Nature. Etc...

There is no reason to fear anything that's out there but we  must be vigilant and smart in our life choices.  A kind elder brother advises; Try to stay away from the drugs, esp nicotine, one of the absolute Worst. Also, try not to be enticed by weapons of any kind, and the violent crap like the video garbage that's out there. Trash  belongs in the trash my dear friends.  Let's focus on cleaning up our own acts and the planet.  Working together, hand  in hand, we can stand where we  are now; on the threshold of a dream.  (Nod to The Moody Blues.)

Take a break from social media and get out in nature and feel the wind and the sun and the rain.  It nourishes the soul.  Let's make it our mandate to keep our souls as nourished with the good stuff as we can.  God has no walls, no enemies, no worries..  God Is Good and So Are We.  HeShe did create us to be loving, compassionate companion beings for HimHer.  So let's try to measure up.  All Creator asks is for us to try to be our best and to Love God and each other.  So let's do it. Deal?  )

Namaste, Espavo, Happy Trails and Have a nice forever... ) ) )   (Edited 8/13/18)

p.s.  In a few other words, guys, it's like everyone's good buddy, Jerry, says here...  Take it away Bro...

A cosmic friend says it all in a nutshell... )

Thank You Bro Jerry. Everybody <3's you Bro. See you soon, we all hope. ) ) )
Taken from:

Now: 4/5/18 Welcome One and All, God's Children and Gods & Goddesses in Our Own Right We Are; to Your New Now and Forever 'Course In Fun Forever.' site. Hope Ya's en-joy the menu and, if led, come on back anytime and don't keep this place a secret. The <3 Light Is Always On...) Namaste.

Now 6/1/18 New News: God gives us The 11th Commandment!

God gives us The 11th  Commandment   "What I offer is like getting out of school for vacation – nothing restrictive whatsoever. If I upset the apple cart of the world, then so be it." 

Ready Team?... "Thou Shalt Have FUN!" 

Sing It, Shout It, Rejoice and Be Glad.  The Time for Joy, Joy and nothing But JOY has finally arrved on Planet Earth.  Right God?

Eleven: "Here are the two words I wish to lead you to: Have fun! I say them again: Have fun! You have three simple steps to travel in life.

These I ask of you: Be joy. Give joy. Welcome joy. I could go on and on."

And So It Is, Dear Ones.  

p.s.  Thank You God for leading us to this sharing and for guiding us to share it on this simple platform provided by You.  

p.p.s.  Thank You to  Heaven Letters and Gloria Wendroff.

Blessings to One and All, now and forever.


Alright Who Just Wants to Have Fun and hold the drama?  Yeah, Jerry's Crew, Who else?  Great!  )


And lookey here, my dear friends, at the perfect 'memory' picture from this day 4/5 in 2016 that just dropped into our FB timeline. Ya can't make this stuff up, guys. But EZ for God. ) Perfect synchronicity. The Universe smiles, not to mention the infinite spirits in the room watching us create this 'work' for God ~ Us... Big Sparks of God and getting Bigger all the time. ) ) )

So, let's take this picture w Uncle Jerry in the middle w the 'Fun' sweatshirt on and let's All Get in this picture. Say the magic word "Yes." And So It Will Be ~ And So It Is. ) And who does this leave out? No one, we hope. ) Catch Ya's later... )

Thank You God for creating the wondrous, glorious, loving, sweet, kind adventurous and Grateful soul we All know and love as Jerry Garcia.. TY Bro Jerry for accepting our humble invitation to be a 'Gatekeeper' of this site. <3 )

So, what do we do with ourselves for All eternity, dear ones? Jerry? FUN, Guys. It Never will get old. ) ) )

A Friend checks in with a Wave and a Smile... Hey Jerry <3 )


Jerry has Fun on the other side, and He Loves Everyone, endlessly, like Jesus et al.

Wave back and know our 'Good Buddy' Cares about us down here.  )       

Anyone who would like 2 or more of our tickets to paradise - go here for details.  TY.  ) 

 Thank You Jerry for Your Kind and ever present love, support and guidance.  <3  )


Sisters & Brothers - Jerry Garcia Band - 11-9-1991 (Vers3) Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Va. set1-07

Thank You Jerry Garcia Band. Meet Ya's in the promised land. We're ready when You are, Bro...<3 ) ) )

Always. We're all in this together, dear ones. Peace, love & joy 8 <3 )

Just a click away ~ Friends... Cool 

You got a strong platform to climb those stairs there, Mr 'Lover of the World' buddy?  We Do, Lucky and  Daisy, Thank You for asking.  As strong as the days are long and God's infinite <3 springs eternal.  Here, look for yerselves...  

 Complete w Jesus' response...  

 Some of you may be looking for a Big wave.  Hope Y'as catch it, however 'til then, You're invited to sample ours, right here and Now.... 

And funny how one wave seems to be followed by another...     

A place where friends can connect and 'gaze' w the likes of Jesus, Mother Teresa, Jerry, John, George, Karen, Janis, Jimi,  Richie, Phoebe, Jim and Ray, Chris, Dan, Kate, Erik, Fred, etc etc  and Glenn, President of Team Oneness. 

Hope Ya all en-joy this site - A Far Flung Production Ltd. i.e. All Conceived, Produced, Directed  and Acted by God.  

Here's our card...You could take it to be Your '2 tickets to paradise,'  if You wanted, plus gifts... a gold and red garnet pin, the perfect pyramidal pink quartz crystal of love, and 'the Nebula Stone, aka the 'Heaven on Earth' stone. Yours Free Humanity on bewhole of Yer loving Father Mother God Infinite Source Creator. ALL THAT IS  Great 'I AM THAT I AM'  Divine Ultimate  Ultimate Divine Higher Power. The Infinite Absolute. 'THE ONE.'  And So It Is.

On bewhole of God, dear ones, Your original 2 Tickets to paradise, Humanity + gifts... TYJ )

It's Time for Everyone to 'Get Lucky.' Right Lucky? U2 Daisy! )

These have Your name on it, Humanity, if  You say "Yes."  )  If you smile, we'll take that as a Yes as well.  ) + You get a Big Hug from all of the above..  ( You Are So Loved!  )  There, super deluxe  hope it was as good for you as it was for us.  )  

See Ya's maybe around the next bend... Cheers,  )

See here how this pic came to 

10/15/18  Update: Who doesn't need a hug, these days?

Speaking of hugs, guys, we have a friend who is a professional hugger. He steps aside and allows God energy to flow thru. He also does it with a proxy named Kevin, in a video. Try it, if led, we think you'll like it.  Click  here  and select 'The Other Side 77777' from the menu. Hugs and Blessings   ( <3  )   

P.s. It's a fun site and we're not kidding. )

Note: Please feel free to copy and paste and share the above if want to bless others.  Thank you.  )                                                                                                                                       

Bridge To Infinity...

Mark Farner on the 700 Club

Thank You Brother Mark Farner ~ Mr Scott Ross and the lady who wanted to be Ed McMahon ) (will update w name) and The 700 Club. )

Get Yer Ya Ya's Out Humanity... )

Alright Everyone, See Ya's at the jubilee.  God is making an offer we can't refuse, even if we tried. This tsunami of love divine on 'plant it' earth can not and will not be denied, dear ones, the divine cavalry has arrived and Rock & Roll is its name and it takes no prisoners. sorry.  )

 The party starts here for all who are led. 
All God's Partners in the crime of love in the 1st degree are, hereby, invited to be there.  We hope You will be there, esp since Jesus~Sananda IS The Jubilee for All God's kids. There is so much good stuff coming down on us humanity. Read and maybe - apply some things you may learn here. 

Along with the other tabs on this simple site, see the new born Heaven's blog:  where it  was just announced that the human race just got it's Ya Ya's out. Thank God, Universal Mother Mary, Lord Jesus Sananda, Uncle Jerry & The Grateful Living i.e. Everyone and Everything is alive.  It's just the way it is.

We got the light on 4 ya's everyone. God bless everyone and God bless the Now, New economic paradigm - where love and love only is the new currency for an enlightened society The future is Now star beings of know tomorrow.. The 'Disclosure' is on Us. Can you believe it...Jesus?  )

Rec & fin
5:44 a.m.

Addendums...                                                                                                                       6:53 a.m.

The Moody Blues - My Song We All want to hear Your song. )

Thank You The Moody Blues )

Al Stewart - On The Border - 11/12/1978 - Capitol Theatre (Official)

Thank You Mr Al Stewart and Band Yep, we're all on the border alright... )

Germane material...

God made this vid on Cosmic Trigger Day 2..23.18  

God made this yesterday 2.26.18  

Here's where Trumpets are played by Angels  for The Saviour.  Rejoice Rejoice  )   

For contact info  and place to donate, much needed & appreciated. if led... Thank You...)    We will send You Your blessed 2 tickets to paradise. ) 

 Here's a page to visit if want sage wisdom w Maya Angelou.  Also Rock w Alvin Lee & Ten Years after..   Get yer Ya Ya's out w The Rolling Stones, and Jerry and Crew take it all home w Uncle John's Band.  Still playng now w God designated Uncle Johnny Mayer taking over the Jerry role w God given talent, humor and the grace of God & All The Grateful Living.  And So It Is.  IJN  <3  ) ~

(Refresh if doesn't go there completely.)  

 And some may ask...  'Weir' do we go from here, and some may be hip enough to answer - wherever God wants us to go, Dude.  God  wants Ya's  to go to your local car dealership, if you have a license and aren't a menace to society, and pick out the one  that has Your name on it.  If need - SheHe wants Ya's to get proper housing for You and yours, immediately, if not sooner. 

If your home is currenty a box, go  get a nice place for yerself. Let's be appropriate here, dear ones, shall we?  And if you're hungry - everything at any store is now free, since the  money game is history. This is the will of an Infinitely kind, generous, empathetic  God Who only wants the best for His Far Flung Flock of Faithful Friends and Fun is # 1 on HisHer Fantastic Fun agenda moving  Forward as Fun frequencies can only take us Higher and Higher, right Sly?  )

So here's a place,  among  many on this humble platform.  Yes there are many 'pothole' sharings that are missing, however be satisfied in knowing that this same work is intact and even more 'filled out' upstars (well ) So, as we move forward into the higher vibrational dimensions, just know, dear friends, that  'All Is Well, All Is Good, All Is God and God Is Good.'  Indeed.                And So It Is.  )  ~  Here is a sweet place to go, esp for lovers,  and isn't that all of us, my dear friends?  We hope so.  So, if led we'll meet Ya's here... )  <3  ~     

And then,, maybe, a grand dovetailing page...  

Oh, you have visited this love tsunami page, right?  Good.  )  

Did we mention this...   

What about this, God...   

And so many more at the jubilee site...   Where the latest blog is  sharing 'good  stuff.' 

Cheerio,                                                                                                                                Yer humble hosts,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Paul & Dakarra,                                                                                                                      In perpetual service to 'The One.'                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Thank You 'Grand Spirit' of God. Our loving constant guide and Friend of the highest dimensions. <3 )

We concur Dr Peebles...



Yes Dear Dr Peebles - Doing it right this instant... Who wants to hear a life changing reading we had with Intuitive Consultant extraordinaire Mr Jim Law where Dr Peebles came thru and acted as a 'gateway' to facilitate what was revealed in this 2013 reading?  Warning:  There's no turning back if one is open to accept the veracity of this channeling, but it will be in a good way, gentle  reader(s).  Promise.  )

 Mom comes thru, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon and Jesus.  Jesus says our name- Paul,  the name.  As in Your name.  What's in a name, my dear friends?   Ponder this and think maybe how some people  got their names. We vibrate to our names.  We can change or adjust them as well to suit.  Look at the names of the groups... The Police, Moody Blues, Cream,  U2 Creedence, Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath, AC~DC, Rolling Stones, Eagles etc etc 

All perfect for them.  We won't go into the individual names as it would run this stream into a river.  Suffice to say Sting and the Beck's and the Claptons and the Angus's nothing can stop Rock & roll, right  Neil & Buck Dharma, Eric Bloom, John, Paul, George & Ringo, we're all from central cast-ing, dear ones.  Can't ya see?  Now, take Jesus, please take Jesus.  Designated by 'The Infinite' to be Lord and Saviour of the Human race. 

If anything in God's infinite creation needed a Saviour, it's the  human race..No if's and's or doubt about it. Consider a race  that destroys itself, tears down it's own habitat for some idealogical folderol.  We've made this beautiful exquisite jewel in the infinite  cosmiic sea a war zone where killing, maiming, inflicting mayhem are commonplace.  It's obvious to the sane among us that things need to change and we mean yesterday.  So, what's the best way?  How can we do this from where we are?

Simple, Find God's designated emmisary of light and love, mercy, kindness, wisdom, harmony and compassion.  Embrace Him and His Teachings which can be found on this site where 'A Course In Miracles' is offered. Jesus is the Real, Ultimate Way, Truth, Light and love.  A Gift from the very Heart of God which Is All <3.  We were created eternal, infinite and  absolute companion beings to God with free will, which, unfortunately, gave to some license to go their own way and forget about God.

God saw it coming so HESHE devised a plan and other Gods were moved to stand and do what was in their heart's to do to aid and  assist in aleviating the suffering that separation from God leads to.  After all - it is God that Is our hearts, minds and soul, dear ones. Without acknowledging this fact one is truly lost. The plan was -is for the restoration of what became humanity, indeed the  Gods & Goddesses who did not fathom the unfathonable in the beginning. 

So, here we are now, dear friends, and The name of our God given leader, Who's job it is to # 1 Get humanity's attention.  #  2 Inspire and guide w His God given leadership skills, i.e. mostly by example - capture, along w His team, lead God's  far ~ flung flock back to HIMHER, i.e. Father Mother God - Infinite Source Creator ALL THAT IS.  Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine. 

Indeed, His name is Jesus; -  Sananda in the higher realms.  The name - Jesus, -  a perfect, kind, sweet name to embody the being sent from God to lead the way homeward W the whole human race in tow - back to God i.e. The Infinite Divine Ultimate Source Creator ALL THAT IS. The God all other God's look up to.  That God.  Creator God of the Creator Gods, or simply 'The Infinite'.

This is the Eternal Source -'always was always will be' God.  The God Who sent Jesus Christ down here into the frey humanity created in this paradise turned learning center.  Yes, a soon to be fully restored to Her original pristine beauty paradise for God and All Gods and Goddesses created by 'The Infinite.' to love and en-joy now and forever and ever.  And So It Is. IJN.   <3  )

Alright fellow Gods and Goddesses.  Dr Peebles and Paul decided You  Guys need to have the opportunity to hear this on this new inviting platform.  Repeated listens do bring greater clarity, so w/o further's the 2013 reading.  Click download button, look to bottom left and right click and listen, if led. )  W Big Thank You to God Jim Law.  No human being on the planet is not a God or Goddess, dear friends.  This is 'Shirley MacLaine 101.'  ) 

Here's the 2012 reading featuring good health tips, Jerry Garcia and Jesus w a hug for everyone. 

We do like good stuff in 3's so here's the reading we had in 1993 with the great 'telephone line' Channel God Michael Ellegion channeling Ashtar of  The Ashtar Command. TY Ashtar & Michael. 

Thank Y'all for your kind participatiion in the ascension of humanity as one.  

"It's a Free World from now on'  ~  Nod  to Chip Monck at Woodstock.

"All Will Be Revealed."    Led Zeppelin from 'Kashmir.'

'Give me 5, I'm still alive, ain't no luck, I learned to duck.'  Hunter - Garcia  'U.S. Blues.'

Moody Blues - Land of Make-Believe

Thank You The Moody Blues from us all in our mass awakening from the default ill-usion to the one and only 'wellusion.' Here now by popular demand and the prayers Heard by 'Good.' yesterday, today and forever. God Is Good. HeShe gives us the best medicine ~ laughter, silence and music. And So It Is. )

Letter to humanity Seriously, Can we talk?

Yes, brothers and sisters, Sons and Daughters of God's infinite light and love. with the gift of absolute free will... it is time to bring back enlightened leadership to the beautiful blue pearl in the infinite cosmic sea known as Mother Earth.

This is, indeed, something that has been wanting on earth since time immemorial, my dear friends. Not since the days of Lemuria and early Atlantis. The populations of those ancient times knew that they did not want to be led in any way than what God wanted for them, which is always the best.
Fast forward with a blink of an eye to this moment, this day, and the song remains the same, dear ones. The beautiful blue pearl has been under attack from the dark, self agenda'd interlopers from God only knows where. Creator says - they've had their day and it's over. done with, never to return. They never had a chance. Against God? You're kidding me. right? SMH (scribe)
Indeed, it's time for the good times to roll. Divine Creator's intervention started with Jesus Christ and took another quantum leap up when a quiet, shy, serious and committed fella named Elvis walked into Sun Studios in beautiful Memphis Tn. USA
Alright, dear friends, and there is no one on the 'plant it' who is not friends with everyone else on the planet. We are, indeed, the planet of friends and lovers. We're all volunteers and some were esp invited to be here by Creator. His plan is 'fail safe' There can not and will not be any scenario where 2 or more cartoonish 'leaders' will blow up the planet.
(scribe's blood is starting to boil a little). We know why we got this job, folks, it's because we will FIGHT for your ~ our perfect planet to not only survive, but thrive for all eternity. Oh, the depravity of some, granted, controlled by reptilian demonic, mind controlled artificial intelligence entities w no soul.
God did grant us with our free will, our sovereignty, dear ones, He (for grammatic economy) gave us the word No' to use when appropriate. Not to use that and go along with a weak whatever, or ok, or yes out of fear just does not cut the mustard, my dear friends. Soul survival can be a real thing. This is the kind of sh*t that souls create their own hell's
Ok, 'nuff said. If soul~spirit leads you on to continue here then by all means kindly go here & hear for clues.. We were thinking overnight the parallel with the divided times of the civil war and the disparity between wethepeople. (sic)
Abraham Lincoln says it's time for a further freeing of our thinking. i.e. Respecting everyone's right to be who they are - as created by God. and who they want to be with. And the wage slaves. working their lives away; all suffering under a completely unfair, obsolete, hardship inducing, economic system that has run it's insane course.
We, The 'Team Oneness' 'Free and Easy party' aka 'The Eagle party' invite everyone to join us in accepting Heaven's invitation to drop the madness and come together finally embracing these documents and concepts..We can do no better. Thank You God for Love finding the way to fulfillment once and for all ~ All for one. And So It Is.

 If led, and can follow directions do this.

1. Go to top of page.

2  See Celebrate forever 77

3  Clck on that.

4  Look at everything and documents we're talking about are at...

   God's Rock Way Is The Right Way... )

 5  Read, weep, cry (for joy) sing ~ dance ~Jump ~ If led... Open yer doors or windows and shout  in Your own  words,  maybe something like... 'Excuse me, fellow immortal spiritual beings.  I'm not gonna take it anymore.  I don't need to be a wage slave anymore.   God thru the love of Jesus Christ has shown me a better way to live my one and only life at this time. 
--- I don't need to come back, (if it  was allowed ) bc I'm finishing up my baggage,  (and for some- light carry-ons )  I've found my Ultimate leader and He is The Way, The Truth, The Light and esp The Love of God Source, Creator ~ ALL THAT IS. His earthly name is Jesus and His cosmic name is Sananda. He also answers to Jeshua, Esu and 'Hey You'  lol   And So  It Is. 
Any questions, my dear friends?  Good, now it's time for music, silence, cake, pie and ice cream, if we want.  We'll never be here at this junction again.  Our advice is to 'go for it'  bc when we hop into our forever light bodies in spirit - we might not want to say to ourseves, gee, you know what?  I wish I had tasted life less austerely. I could have allowed myself more fun.
IOHO we think life should be about fun. e.g. Take my Mom, Mom had ice cream probably the day before she  went into the hospital.  This is just a little council for ya's folks.  Some may want to go on a fasting cleanse or some other thing.  Don't ever be afraiid to try something if it does not cause harm to the body, like heroin, meth,  or texting while driving.  Don't do it, not just for you but for your loved ones.  Not much is worse than watching a loved one fall into the abyss of addiction  or deadly carelessness.  Remember, help is available.  Probably as near as your local church, community center or simple  search online.
Alright,  God's lovelies, each and every one, all flowers, with not a stinker in  the flock. ) 
Lets try to have fun,more fun and dare we say it Extra fun starting yesterday and lasting through  all eternity.  God's love can not and will not ever end. It's like Rock & Roll, someone sang ~ you can't kill it.  It will never die, someone else sang that truth. TY Ozzy & Neil.  )
In closing, and, as Max Yasgur said so eloquently at Woodstock.  Paul is echoing that sentiment here saying thru his fingers here  at Foreverstock, bc forever is forever.  Let's make God proud, dear ones,  as we live and rock on forever, let's try  to have  fun, more fun, and nothing but Fun.  We close this little lecture with a song or 3 when it shows up.  Scribe has been on this computer since @  4 a..m. and the sandman is here.  So, catch ya's later.  <3 ya's  )
Rec & fin
11: 57  a.m.

Enter Sandman ~ A tribute to sleep. Metallica - Enter Sandman Live Moscow 1991 HD

Thank You Metallica and the people of Moscow and the world. IJJN (well ) Let's Rock 8. TY God. <3 ) ) )

Jackson Browne - Sing My Songs To Me / For Everyman (Everyman, 1973)

Thank You Mr Jackson Browne &8 esp Thank You Everyperson i.e. God ~ In All of Us. Where is SheHe? L@@k well ) in the mirror, dear ones. Keep smiling 8 <3 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Led Zeppelin Kashmir 5 24 1975

Thank You Led Zeppelin. Which one's Led? ) All of them and All of us graduates of the school of hard knock. ) Congratulations. All are Now invited to God's ascension room. Plenty of space for All the Grateful spirits. See Ya's here when ready, or led... <3 ) ) ) ) ) For Adventure... ) Shall we begin? Ready when U are Humanity.

Tick Tock tick... Suggestion humanity. Don't keep God waiting. This Is It The Time Is Now. Say 'Thank You' Mr Trump and all political leaders. Put Johnny Havlicek in the white house. He'd make an excellent museum curator. Indeed. Following page will reveal what we're talking about...hold on... )

Havlicek Saves the Day. Paul' s got a Hug 4 You John, and your friends. i.e. Everyone inc Johnny Most <3 ( ) How was that? Ultra deluxe special 4 Ya's all. ) ) ) Now, who wants to hear some R & R? Rec extra cowbell. )

Yes, Now 2.24.18  7:44 p.m.

We drop  this in here now  Yeah, Paul & Dakarra's Angels Win!  Rejoice Rejoice 4 the Home Town 'Team Oneness ' Won w no competition in sight at all.  The team with the biggest <3 always wins, hands doown, right God ~ Lord &8 ~ Lord above. 

Let's hear it humanity and boy do we  have a song to play for Ya's all now... Smile Scorpions.  )  After BOC.  )

Meanwhile Dr Peebles says This reading will change everone's life forever.  Indeed, we concur and Thank You Dr Peebles for guiding it to be hear, among other placements on God's site.

God Bless You Too Dr Peebles or as You do like to say it ~ like a Hurricane... GOD BLESS YOUU!!!!!!!!  ~ Everyone.  )

A reading w Intuitive Consultant extraordinaire Mr Jim Law with Dr Peebles. and 'om' and special guests Jimi Hendrix,  Jerry Garcia, John Lennon and last but far far from least Jesus Sananda with a Big Hug  (   ) ann Well ) and  blessing Your sweet name.  And So It Is.

 What;s that Mom?  You got the next  video>  No prob Mom.   Already here...  )

Mom & Paul read each other's mind 345 ~ 777

Thank You Mom, See You soon in Paradise which begins here and now... <3 )

Take a tour of the love ~ swoop room July 22, 2017

Than Ya's for visiting. Peace be with Ya's See Ya's at the next Rolling Stones concert or other show. Cheers. )

'Happy Spirit's Day'

Now 3/7/18 Hey fellow spirits did you know that today, not to mention yesterday and tomorrow and, in fact, all of our tomorrow's is 'Happy Spirit's Day?' So, we say to one and All Happy Spirits Day!' There's no such thing as an unhappy spirit so, while we are still here in the physical and knowing we are spirits why don't we just decide to be happy. Does that sound like a plan? Why don't we just try it out and see how it goes... Deal? See Ya's around. )Here's a hug for everyone.... ( ) From Jerry too and, of course, Jesus. & God as Well. ) ) ) <3 ~

Blue Öyster Cult - Veteran of the Psychic Wars (Live) 10/9/1981

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. You are hereby invited to A possible Kick off concert 4 the jubilee. 4 real. )

Scorpions - Wind Of Change

Thank You Scorpions. Paul is a scorpio fun guy too.. Like the names, we astrological signs gotta stick together. Celebrate Earth Party Forever's Far Flung Victory, Dear friends ~ Victory to The Light is now a ''Done Deal.' IJN. TYG. Friends, may we have a moment of silence. Now ~ Turn it Up... ) See Ya's around... )

Have You Heard HD - The Moody Blues

Thank You The Moody Blues ~ 'Heaven's House Band.' )

Continuing from above...

 Yes, All others e.g. Blue Oyster Cult, Grateful Dead, Dead and Company, Jimi Hendrix, Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo & Band, Crosby  Stills Nash & Young, Cat Stevens - Yusuf, Al Stewart Jackson Browne, Rod Stewart, Scorpions, Van Halen, ELO, Jethro Tull, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, Tommy Rush, Triumph, Rush,  Etc Etc It's a complete  Toss Up.  Ok?  God <3's Us all and our music ~ even the shower singers. Catch Ya's later ... ) p.s. OMG folks did we not mention Led Zeppelin?  Ok there is a  #2 and Oh heck Blue Oyster Cult  You're # 3 Grateful Dead and CSNY or CSN begins the Toss Up  ok, Guys? 

Thank Y'as very Much.  Salute to Elvis, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, B.B. King, et al.  I better go before we get in more trouble.  Off to Brother Dick's B'Day party.  Best brother on the 'Plant it'  Hope You're celebrating something today... God says Celebrate Independence forever responsibly.  Don't be a person who's never made a triumphant entrance or exit.  As an example, be like Jim Brown of the  Cleveland Browns.. When he made it into the end zone, with the ball; it was like what he expected.  That's just what he did.

We who follow Christ expect that sooner or later the quest for all HIS Leader followers would reach the Cosmic end zone that day is today, dear ones. And let it be the day you get to read this.  Team Oneness Whole Heartedly Salutes and Embraces Rev Billy Graham. Wecome Home Kind Warrior of The Light.  (  ) That's a hug 4 Billy andeveryone, Folks. So, Celebrate ~tell the  zzzzzzzz press, 'news media' what the real 'New News' Is.  The Rock & Roll divine intervention  Xpress is here to take us  home i.e. "Upstairs"  And Jesus Sananda is at the  wheel. Gotta move on now.. 

Obtw In special Class, all By His Lonesome... Mr Gordon Lightfoot.  We once told Mom, Mom, if God could sing ~ He'd sound like Gordon Lightfoot. )  Alright Gods & Goddesses.  Signing off.  Have an adventurous, loving, infinitely loviing, day in the Neighborhood.  Cheers... Oh, almost forgot <3 w Ann & Nancy.  See how easy to get in trouble?  We're out of here  Keep smiling 888  )  Peace out.  <3 Hold Yer Horses, Mr Paul. 

You didn't forget Aerosmith did you, Sir.  Nope we did remember them just now, and also now we download a whole group of others like Boston, The Police, Sting, U2, Billy Joel James Taylor Jimmy Buffett and a whole lot more.  Now, we really are out the door.  Ciao for now  oh The Story, Meg Christian, Ferren, Dolly, oh my goodness gracious.   So hard to pull away but weI really must be going Men At Work, Little River Band, Genesis.. Mike and The Mechanics, Peter Gabriel & etc etc later guys... )

Now:  the next day,

Joe Friday time                                                                                                                       2/26/18                                                                                                                              3:30 p.m.

Did we mention Eagles, Santana, The Allman Brothers Band, Jefferson Airplane ~ Starship, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels Band, Marshall Tucker Band, 38 Special, The Outlaws, Molly Hatchett, Chicago, Spanky & Our Gang, Young Rascals, Mamas & The Papas, Cream, Eric Clapton, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, The Cars, J Geils Band,  Bon Jovi, Dire Straights,  George Thorogood, Bread, Linda Rondstadt,Toto, and all the other groups and Solo artists who have and are contributing to the upliftment of Humanity. Here''s a line for your group.or we could just call them The Other Ones.) or... visualize them here_______'Thank You Very Much,' (Nod to Elvis. )

Alright Guys, we got room for a couple of more things here,  and we'll keep it going on another page Creator will create since SheHe is doing  Everything here thru the humble, committed servant instrument, Paul.  lest anyone think this guy pecking away at the keybooard is this supernaturally talented.  God IS supernatural and we, God's offspring are the ever grateful beneficiaries of HisHer divine ~ Infinite love that human brains are just not equipped to comprehend the full magnitude of it. 

When we ascend it wi be a whole 'nother story my dear friends.  When will that happen, Mr Paul?  My best intel on that is it wil happen when we get over our small, egotistcal one - upmanship, competitive small natures.  Like in that 'An Urgent Message' from the documents. So you don't have to go searching for it, here it is.  Just click, if led.

*   And what did Jesus say?   Oh, who wants to hear the reading mentioned on that bus card?  If 'Yes' here Ya's go...And Thank You's for saying "Yes." (The magic word )

Click 'Download' Right click bottom left click open when ready.  En-joy. 

*  This came down thru Chapel Tibet from the future Paul, yep this guy here.  His writing style is unmistakeable. wouldn't ya's agree?  None of  this 'stuff' is an accident, dear ones.  We are living in God's holy, happy and pretty much played out script.  We are, indeed, in epilogue phase.  Key to the next phase of our collective journey is to open our hearts and love one another unconditionally, no matter what our surface differences are, deep down we are One.

Think the puppet so called 'leaders' in elected office are gonna do that anytime soon?  lol. Some want to build walls - monuments to fear; others want to play with nucear missiles, and others are just too fearful or dumb that they just sit on the sidelines and do absolutely nothing.  SMH (scribe )  Anyway, Cheers Humanity, it's over, the Good Guys ~ Us, have Won!  Time to Celebrate. Indeed, All the script players, saints and sinners, our journey is over we're home in the firmament of God's Divine Infinite Perfect love.  )  And So It Is.

Max Yasgur speaks at Woodstock

Thank You Mr Max Yasgur, a natural speaker - straight from the heart. Hey Gods & Goddesses, We can All do this again, Now, Today, can't we? Absolutely, my dear friend! Some are now, the rest ~ here's Your Invite to gather 'round the cosmic campfire here at Forever~stock, Deal? Awesome...} Someone pass Uncle Jerry that ol' guitar... why Thank You Jesus! Ok, let's listen guys... And Thank You Jerry and Company. Everyone loves you guys... <3 ) ) )

Grateful Dead - Candyman - 10/29/80 - Radio City Music Hall

Thank You Jerry and The Grateful Dead. Chorus: Thank You God for Creating Jesus and Jerry &The Grateful Dead & Living. And So It Is. <3 ) ) )

Crosby, Stils & Nash ~ Lady of the Island

For Dakarra and All The Twin Flames & deep soul-mates. <3 From The Soundtrack of the 'Back in The Day' generation. It was good then, even better now. If concur ) ) ) <3

Awesome New News


Update on Twin Flames.

Now 11/16/18 Further update...(First paragraph.)

Yes, awesome news re twin flames.  We have a divine, perfect, God assigned twin flame and then, we may have, termed, 'candle' flames, if we desire.  Jealousy is an earthly dis-ease and has no place on the other side, my dear fellow multi-dimensional, immortal spiritual beings. 

Think about it, my dear friends, How many of us go thru life and we find more than one partner who we just love unconditionally and endlesslly beyond human capacity to comprehend..  Mom was an example of this.  She loved Alva, the luckiest man on earth ioho. ) They raised  a loving family and they were the total package.  I

It's been well documented in books and shows like 'Long Island Medium' that when  a soul passes they only want the best for their love they left on earth. So, along came George, the sweetest, kindest, gentlest man anyone would ever want to meet. And we have no doubt whatsoever that Dad was around nudging things along.  )  

There is no concept termed jeolousy on the other side or higher planes, dear ones.  That is stricty an earthbound reality in a 3D world.

God can't possibly limit HimHerself to only loving one peach on one tree in one orchard, in one country.  The Infinite Loves All and  each individually faceted aspect of each of HerHis creations. We know no 2 snowflakes are alike.  So, know and take it to heart, spirits i.e. lovers in the material world.  That's just the  way it is.

Trust, my dear friends, God  has a perfect  match for everyone and when a flame burns as one it may attract other spirits of like mind.  God knows Dakarra is a lover of ladies, of course, w the right chemistry.  Allow the 'law of attraction' to be our guide. and forget about trying to put a number on infinite love.  Infinite is infinite, my dear friends.

Upstairs, we wil have eternal fun. Fun is the final frontier and we have, "Thank You" To Jesus Christ ~ eternity to explore this thing called 'Fun.'   Btw peeps, don't say 'Thanks'  It just doesn't cut it. ' We Thank You Jesus.'  We don't have to scream it.  Ok?  Awesome  There's no star wars battles going on.  In God's infinite 'wellusion' there is love and only love and nothing else matters.

Alright, in closing, will someone, perhaps someone who has read and experienced this site and maybe, the site w the latest blog      Please tell the politicians what's going down on the 'Plant It' Earth where the housing is Now Free.  Need a land merkabah? aka a car?  Go get one. 

We know  of one family owned dealership that wants to sell a 'ka-jillion' cars.  We 'dare' ya's  to just 'give 'em away.'  Customers Must have a valid license.  No need for red tape.  Free Is Free.  Kids - want a toy, a skateboard. How 'bout food?  Family's should have all they need and no one should go hungry with all the abundance that exists in this world.

Okay,  ladies and gents, boys and girls.  This is a cosmic wrap.   We're Done. Finished, someone put up that cosmic hammock and  we can all use it.  Don't worry,  we got the guy on our team that already has it waiting.  See next photo.  ; )  Catch Ya's later and again as One: 

**********************************************"Thank You Jesus!" ))))))))))))))))((((((((((((((()))((((((((((((((

And  So It Is.

Rec & fin

3/7/18                                                                                                                                6:44 a.m.

L@@K Guys God's hammock ~ A Gift to Us. Just proves. 'With God All Things Are Possible.' The Heaven & Earth Merger Is HEAR (well ) )

Moody Blues-When You're A Free Man

Thank You The Moody Blues ~ Timothy Leary for the inspiration and Moody Jill for the fine work and sharing. ) ) ) <3

God has an agenda, my dear friends. Fun Anyone? Jesus is 'In.' You humanity? We're waiting on Ya's...) '

We are All Doorways. Who wants 4 tickets to paradise? Here ya's go, if want... )

In Conclusion...

 Alright humanity, here We go, yep, Team Oneness, the team that breaths the  same air we all do, has made a  difference.  We will see Ya's on the following pages, as spirit moves.  Hope Ya's have enjoyed this Intro and 'full circle' page and we'll  'Catch Ya's on The flip side.'  Let's have fun Real Fun like everyone has on the other side. BTW if anyone is wondering about existence 'upstairs...' 

They have no jobs to report to; they have no stress, no mean bosses or anything remotely close to that.  We, fellow spirits in the material world, Can have it like they  do.  In fact they are cheering us on like mad bc they can see and Hear the divine, miracle, plan weir we all let the music do the talking and  a smile can say the rest, right Uncle Jerry?  )  laughing.) )  

We're all telepathic on  the other side  There  are no jobs to go to but they do have 'work' that only uplifts their peer Gods  & Goddesses.  Look up, dear ones, there is no ceiling or limit to  what we can experience and we're just getting started.  However, make no mistake, as if you could, we are Well on our collective Way to the 'Fun' end zone.  And So  It Is. ) ) )  p.s.  Look for Doors. 

We are all 'doors' to our inner vast beautiful inner garden of a paradisial world. OMG spirits, think of ourselves as that and not human, in essence and   in our creation -  we Are spirit. We are here on this earth for a short while to clean up our past karmas and to move forward in Christ consciousness in league and companionship to Infinite Source Creator, Father Mother God Creator ALL THAT IS ULTIMATE DIVINE DIVINE ULTIMATE. We  each are given our Own infinite 'I AM THAT I AM' W complete freedom and Free Will to do what we will, unless we do harm to others or a dwelling place such as a planet.

So,  with that  this intro page is in the books, dear friends,. All are invited and Welcome to Heaven's Doors open and coming to this particular starsite as we are led. Coming up soon. See Ya's there... <3  ) 

 Rec & fin                                                                                                                                    3/8/18                                                                                                                                      10:55 p.m.


3/10/18                                                                                                                                    2/05/a.m.

Doors open over there, cosmic 'sooners.' Humanity.  Are You in  this picture?  The answer, dear humanity is "Yes" You Are.  Indeed.  Congratulations You amazing, awesome, Ultimate Friend of God.

As Archangel Michael Rep All The  Angels and in accord with The Infinite Christ Consciousness Dr Peebles Announces... "IT IS DONE!"  Here and Now and at the Open Doors page.  We'll see Ya's over there...with the quickness... )


Now 8/14/18 We're supposed to place this here. Indeed. )

Tweet & FB:  Was thinking about posting this picture yesterday while at that moment, on the tv, a commercial asked... "Are you in good hands?"  Oh yeah, I'm with The Big Guy and   Lol    w     )

Adam, One for All ~ And God ~ ALL THAT IS Make THE Divine Connection. And So It Is.
Rec not fin only beginning
3/10/18 2:37 a.m.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd. God bless You and All Yer Fans i.e. Everyone... <3 )

Update 4/29/18

Alright, It's been a while, unexpectedly, that we've been by here.  The power of that hammock is  proving itself, indeed.  Spirit has gotten the message and it's good.  We are led to share this little  synchronistic story.

Last night in the early hours we're listening to Coast to Coast AM and commercial comes on so we switch it to WZLX, while we're ruminating, thinking re a possible  course of action, like Peter Lorre contemplating a crime.  We conclude that action is just not in our heart to do, so we decide we will 'follow our heart.'  Not a half a second later we hear this phrase echo'd in the song playing on the radio.  Yep, Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Simple Man.'  Shared above.  

We thanked Mom immediatey since 99 1/2 % of our synchronicities seem to involve Mom, w Dad in the background.  Hey, we have the same DNA, remember.  And we all know there are no accidents.  So Thank You again, Mom and Dad and Your Amazing entourage witnessing this as we sit here at the computer, this beautiful Sunday afternoon. 

Ciao for now.

p.s.  This song ia also featured here... 

Namaste.  )


Now.                                                                                                                                  8/10/18.

23 years and a day after Uncle Jerry's departure, we all remember...

Jerry Garcia and Bob Dylan performing at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon.
Larry Hulst/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

So, dear friends, we carry on for the next 23 years and beyond. No one said it better than Dylan, esp the last 2 sentences. TY Bob. and, of course, Thank You Jerry. 😎

There’s no way to measure his greatness or magnitude as a person or as a player. I don’t think eulogizing will do him justice. He was that great – much more than a superb musician with an uncanny ear and dexterity. He is the very spirit personified of whatever is muddy river country at its core and screams up into the spheres. He really had no equal.

To me he wasn’t only a musician and friend, he was more like a big brother who taught and showed me more than he’ll ever know. There are a lot of spaces and advances between the Carter family, Buddy Holly and, say, Ornette Coleman, a lot of universes, but he filled them all without being a member of any school. His playing was moody, awesome, sophisticated, hypnotic and subtle. There’s no way to convey the loss. It just digs down really deep.

Here's to New & Infinite Frontiers... )

We were listening to this  while sharing the above.  Always good to hearJerry and friends inc Jesus, Jimi, John, Dr Peebles and of course, Mom thru Intuitive Consultant extraordinaire Mr James Law.  Large Thank You's to the forementioned and the new and former listeners of this 'good stuff.' (ioho)  

So, Mr Brown, You are going to leave us with a song, right?  Of course my dear friend.  And we'll catch Ya's on the beaches, the parks and dusty trails of God's Creation.  Deal?  Good.  )  Jerry ~

Happy Trails Folks!  

Team Oneness.  )

A Deal no one can refuse...)

Thank You The Grateful Dead and Admirers for a 'Deal' no one can refuse. ~ Joy, Love, laughter, singing, dancing, celebration, peace, intrigue, adventure, harmony and bliss with God ~ The ultimate Deadhead ~ forever. And So It Is. <3 ) ) )

Now 8/13/18 A moving day ~ See Ya's on the other side...

Greetings and Hello,  Any questions Dear Friends? You know, we're all learning and gathering wisdom as we move along on this tiny earth platform of a cosmic schoolhouse, a tiny blue dot in infinite space. The designated last roundup place of the players of the ok coral so to speak. We've come so far and we're told the road goes on forever, so, you know what, guys?  We might as well make it fun. Some enjoy being miserable. Fine, that's ok if that is how one chooses to use their God given free will. 

We light beings who have accepted the above reality so eloquently phrased by Dr Wayne Dyer embrace the truth of those words and it's not like looking through rose colored glasses, not that there's anything wrong with that. However, let us know at this threshhold time that the gig is played, the game is over.  The good guys won and the time is now for us all to come together and celebrate the only thing that matters and that is Love, love and more love for that is what nourishes us, feeds us and will keep us alive and thriving thru all eternity bc that is what we're made of.

We have our God given leader of forever in Jesus and there's no turning back esp when the music starts. God is calling us home fellow brothers and sisters. The signs and the songs are everywhere. The moment, the time, is Now.. No need to wait. We the people can decide our reality and our present situation and future living in peace love and harmony in the eternal vibrant 'now.' forever, like in that song above by The Jerry Garcia Band.  We made it to the promised land.  brothers and sisters.  It's ok to rejoice and celebrate, right God?   )

 Guys, let's get hip. Let's return to Love, which we know Is God ~ In HisHer Infiniteness that we are all part and parcel of. God created us to be companion Gods and Goddesses of The One. Isn't it time my dear friends to accept this simple truth and allow Creator's infinite ~ other worldly intentions and loving wishes for us to manifest?
Let's rise, team oneness, to our divinely appointed infinitely mandated, uncluuttered by any religious or political dogma meanderings. Those outdated paths had their day and time and now, today, Creator opens the doors, raises the windows, draws the curtains of our amazing, awesome, infinite new now thought awakening  minds to go forward into HisHer loving embrace.where everything else falls away.
Indeed, Welcome home weary travelers. I Am Your God, Your Only God. I AM The One . Your journey has ended. Be at Peace and Shine Your light, the light of Your infinite beingness. And so it is written and So it is. Indeed.  'Thank You Jesus.'
Alright, as it is done in Heaven, where we let the music do the talking, we are all invited to 'the other side' page of this 'Course in Fun' site. See Ya's there... Oh, and if you bring your ) ) )'s and Highest vibrations it Is so much appreciated. You know your stadiums full of spirit fans in that Big room are watching and cheering us all on.  Can you hear the music?  Ask Jerry and Company and your favorite band to turn it up for you. )  Ok guys, as Elvis, The King of Rock & Roll, says always and we echo... 
'Thank You Very Much.  )'
Peace, Love & Joy... ) (For starters...)

Thank You Brother Elvis for helping to start a movement that will live on and thrive forever. In eternal gratitude. Signed, Everyone <3 ) ) )

Now: 10/2/18 Elvis has some love and good advice to share...

Thank You Elvis and Gladys and Jesse and Cindy and Adam and Emma and All Elvis fans ~ Godspeed Everyone <3 )

What's that Bro? Elvis Presley - it's Now or Never (1960)

Thank You Elvis. The King of Rock n Roll. See You on the flip side... )

8/2/18 Who else wants to dance into a limitless fun forever future?

Thank you to the dancing gentleman and the ladies et al and band Hopping Mad Media for the awesome soundtrack.

The original ~ must see... )

Thanks to the band playing the Bill Haley & The Comets classics... )

One last thing b4 we go. Let's hear what the First lady of Rock & Roll has to say... <3

Thank You Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo & Band. Rock on... <3 8 ...) ) )
---To The Other Side...Where we got a whole lotta friends and music waitin' for us! )

Now 10/21/18 Another beautiful Sunday afternoon ) This marks our on~going adventure to the light, Captains...Grateful Dead Not fade Away Goin' Down the road feeling bad

Thank You The Grateful Dead for 'slaying' ~ hopefully, all of us w this musical incredibleness.

Now 10/21/18 Because we all need Hope

If led, God has provided 'A Place of Hope' here, dear ones'  Spirit has provided a large banquet of hope-full nourishment there.  Please, don't make any rash decision to check out Before your time.  You will most surely regret it the split second you  take that sad action. It's ramifications affect your family and friends way more than it may you.

Who knows, your personal Triumph could be right around the corner. and it wants you as much as you want or wanted it.  Don't give up on it.  We all go through rough patches in life.  We knew that when we signed up and volunteered to come down and experience this schoolroom.  We're begging you, if that's what it takes. Thank you in advance. Your sisters and brothers, many of whom have been thru challenges similar to what you may be going through, are pulling for you. Hang in there..

Help Is here.. .A Place of Hope 

And then... Further Hope Shared

And, did we  mention... Hope Springs Eternal

See Ya's there... )

 The flower of hope.


Now 11/10/18 No better time to get together than Now...Who concurs?

Now 11/11/18

Posted this in a few groups...

Wow, how was everyone's first 11:11:11 gateway day? Awesome, we hope. We've been on this computer, 'Vivien' all day, just about.
We're in it now, guys, the cosmic deep end. Hope Ya's can swim. There's no turning back now The angels are with us in Force as we, w our DNA, and the planet, Terra, Christa Gaia, Mother Earth, who deserves our complete and total love and Gratitude have shifted into the light, etheric realms now, right Mom? )
Come and witness some pretty pretty good stuff, if we do say so, ourselves, as we watched it flow out of our fingers and onto the modern day 'tablet' known as the computer. Space age technology, when used rightly, can bring us all together in light and love to do God's will for us, the only thing we should really be doing anyway, if we know what's best for us, my dear friends. Can we call you our friend, friends? Hope so. )
God, Universal Mother Mary, Jesus/Yeshua, Dr Peebles, Mom and many more spirits like Uncle Jerry and Co like Jimi H, John L who participated in that gamechanging reading with James Law are available there to aid and assist, esp if one 'asks.' Simply allow and watch the magic happen. Thank you very much. And Be Blessed! And So It Is.   😎
Alright, so the up to the minute page we're working on is this Freedom Forever page
However as stated above we hope ya's come by there after experiencing this page...
*Ed note:  Wow, guys, look how God made this come out.  We thought we put in only the link to this: Simple new now news.  God gives us the perfect moment and place to announce our brand new Crowdfunding platform opportunity.  We'll also share some other awesome things rhere that we have been 'incubating on,' so to speak.  So watch that A Course in miracles page  We can all prosper there with the quickness.  God knows Paul needs some quick dough ray me to get Quicksilver !!! out of the shop this week.  Thank You God for helping all of Team Oneness w a vehicle to make cash til we wake up and learn to pay ourselves the way the angels get paid. W even More <3  )  Hey, aren't we all angelsin the making?  Guys?  Smile if you concur.  We can't help smiling, sorry.  ) ) ) ) ) ) )
Hope you're enjoying this place and. if led, sharing it with yer friends ~ everyone.  After all, isn't everyone just a friend we may not have met yet?    Cheerio...  <3  )
P.s. Now 11/12/18  Because Everyone should be a deadhead, not that we'd be better off dead...)  however, my dear friends, the deadhead version is now here, check it out if led... Freedom Forever page  )

Now 12/18/18 ... Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama - 7/2/1977 - Oakland Coliseum Stadium (Official)

Now Tuesday 12/18/18 And how was 'Your' Forever Tuesday Afternoon? -The Moody Blues-(Long Extended Version)

Now 12/18/18 Excuse us, guys?... Blue Oyster Cult - Take Me Away

Now 12/18/18 ; Robert Plant - Big Log (Official Video)

Now 12/18/18 : David Bowie - Let's Dance (Official Video)

Now 12/18/18 ~ Witnessed In Heaven on Earth... Jimmy Buffett & Company "Volcano" Live

Thank You God for a Jimmy Buffett and his awesome 'Parrothead' Fam of Friends and Fans now in Heaven on Earth territory of higher consciousness. Congrats Everyone. <3 )

Now and forever 12/18/18 Jerry Garcia Band-And It Stoned Me (11-12-91)

Thank You God. Wish this can go on forever. Oh, yes, it will. This site and the original are merely previews of what we all have waiting for us on the other side of the ever thinning veil. Heaven and earth are One in divine, infinite cosmic love if we allow it, folks. The only thing causing the separation is the fear factor. Let's drop the fear and ask Creator for the Very best outcome to our present pitiful plight starting with changes at the highest levels of earth leadership. Together, 'We The People,' can do it. It's ez, when you have someone who knows the Real Boss on the 'Plan it' is God, not someone who Who's ready to boldly go weir no person has gone before? Make yerself heard. Stand up be counted and don't back down. Take care from God Who cares. And So It Is. <3 )

Now 12/23/18 Cosmic Trigger Day Aerosmith - Walk This Way to 'Heaven on Earth.' (from You Gotta Move)

Thank You God. Thank You Aerosmith and Rockin' Fam, Friends and Fans ~ Everyone <3 )