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Welcome Home weary travelers. Creator will help you find your perfect place in the realm where you belong. Kindly A.S.K. and be open to receive.the absolute best place for you and yours. And So It Is. )

Madonna - Holiday [Blonde Ambition Tour]

Thank You Blessed Madonna of Rock & Roll! Message received, heard & implemented. Everyone <3's You schweetheart <3 ) See Ya and all yer friends ~ Everyone, down eternity road... )

The 'good stuff' Migration has begun..

Alright, as rhe headline says, and as Kashmir just started playing on ZLX, the humble instrument, Paul, will commence with moving all the pages from the previous google site.  Not that we'd  ever take it down, but we will move all the good pages over here from there and hopefully, the pictures will not disappear on this simple site like they do over there.

Paul is a simple man of simple tastes, so this direction appears to be a match made in heaven.  Thank You God!  ) We're so happy to have found this place to serve Your kind wishes, Dear  God.  IJN

Alright   here we go, friends, Here's the  link. Ty... 

And we  do sincerely hope ya's en-joy what Creator has created there and all the sharings from that site.  Remember caring is sharing and  vice versa.  So, if led, share, share and, oh yes, share  )

Ed note:  2/17/18

This was written on Valentines Day / Ash Wednesday, a day that turned out to be a pivotal crossroads for humanity as we know it.  Let's just hope and pray that we will learn enough from what happened in Parkland, Fl so that we never have to have any more of these things occur in our destiny patterns as a collective.  When one or many hurt - we all hurt.  Now, let us return to the original sharing.

 Ok,  Greetings dear ones, beloved warriors of the light.  Dr Peebles here, one  of Paul's many spirit guides.   I want to invite all Paul's friends, i.e.Everyone, everywhere, to come over to the page Paul created to share some of my 'good stuff'  and esp to check out the six pack of essential revelatory sharings that basically 'blow the whistle' on this quiet, reserved, unassuming , modest fellow. To go straight to that area of the six pack, just scroll down to where you see a picture of Jerry that Paul snapped in 2016. 

Those essential things have now been loaed below.

You'll hear why Paul is uniquely qualified  for this mission he volunteered for and was chosen with total confidence of God Creator ALL THAT IS.  Above all Mr Paul is one serious dude, my dear friends.  Make no mistake about that, whiich we can't - even if we wanted to. I, Dr Peebles, told Paul, thru the wonderful intuitive consultant Mr Jim Law, in 20013, (That reading is one of the featured sharing of  the 6 pack.  It was life changing for Paul and for many people who have heard it.  We must say the highlight of it was  the spirit of Jesus coming thru.  Just ..there are no words, my dear friends.) that his site was a masterpiece then.  It's only grown better overthelastfew years, my dear friends as one can see.

God knows that at that time, we really hadn't seen anything yet, esp in comparison to now.  In fact, just over the last few days there has been a quantum jump in terms of quality sharing going down at the simple site beginning with Paul's new domain:

Now, esp with the  new site  extension Creator is taking this to  new levels of Infinity & Infinity  beyond.  There's No end, my dear friends, how could there ever be  in an infiniite mind w absolutely no boundariies, no barriers,  no thing to worry or fret about. #LoveInActionSupreme #ThankYouJesus~LordSananda.    Heart 

Now:  for One and for All '... GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!  Heart  Smile Cool Big Grin 

So, here''s  the link  (copy and paste if doesm't come up)

look for Jerry  here's a preview

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Waving right back at You, Jerry, our beautiful eternal & infinite friend.  <3  )

 See  You on The Other Side.  Cool


A divine couple ~ The young laughing lady & the luckiest guy on earth ))) <3

Still crazy after all these years... In a good way. ) <3 )

Nanci and Kimba ~ Super buddies forever <3 )

Mom & Jaws ~ Buddies for eternity w Team Oneness. <3 ) Update: it has been revealed, yesterday (cosmic trigger day in the neighborhood )) ) to Paul that Jaws and Tinker, a package deal, ) are Mom's pets. Ergo, all the love P has sent to them every minute, has, by reciprocity, gone to Mom. )

So we are blown away. We have a Niagara Falls and all the falls on earth as metaphor for Infinite God's pure and everlasting love pouring thru. There are no numbers, my dear friends, this is what the term infinite is really all about. God's love can not be held to any boundaries whatsoever. Hope Ya's understand. ) TY. ;o)

God's Rock Way Is The Right Way... )

Here we Go Class... on "Thank You Jesus" Click away...Well done, Beloveds. We are so proud of this Top of The Line ~ Class of 2018.  ) 

This one was missing a whole bunch of slides, now thwy are restored.  It's a Miracle.  Thank You God from All Your children.  We All <3 You God, Indeed. Now and forever and all eternity.          And So It Is. ) 

God, we need signs along the way.  Please God?  ThankYou God.  ) 

Wait, guys, there's yet more... 

 Thank You Gpd Who 'did' the above w Paul the button pusher.

For Full diisclosure, we might as well share this revealing reading with Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command thru Michael Ellegion, from 1993.  Thank You Ashtar and Michael.  ) 

 Here's the first reading Paul had with Intuitive Consultant extraordinaire Mr Jim Law...


Then from July, 2013

Please note that a companion page to this page 

is here with vital information. 

Such as this message.  

Jesus, did the deal go down?


 Alright, who's got an 'Allelujah?'  Oh, awesome, Mr Leonard Cohen and Company steps  forward.  God blessYa's.  Now ~ sing.  )


Leonard Cohen & Company - Hallelujah

Delivered. <3 Thank You Mr Leonard Cohen & Company )

The old laughing lady_Neil young Unplugged

Thank you Brother Old Soul Mr Neil Young...)
Encore... Hear the haunting recorded version... <3

neil young - "the old laughing lady"

Thank You Brother Neil Young Ka Jillian. <3 )

'Hope Y'all have a Grand, Grateful and nice forever... )
Oh, and don't forget to have F.U.N. Starting Yesterday. See this...

The Loner - Neil Young

Thank You God for allowing this loner (loaner ) to push the buttons and ol' Neil for channeling the Infinite. IJN. And So It Is. )

Now 2/16/18 We are serious about our fun, dear ones, see document below transcribed shortly after we woke up today. Date reflects 'our' time zone. lol )

It Is Written. Yes, folks we and the boys and girls mean business. We came down here w an agenda. 'Fun,' or else. Had enough of their ''or else' bullcrap. Join 'Team Oneness' The 'Fun' Team ~ The only one in town. 'One team for all and All team for One.' And So It Is. <3 ) Hey Paul, don't you have a 'Rock way' slide show 4 us? Thank you for asking, my dear friend. Here Ya's go..Simply click..(See above, next to Jesus.)

Metallica: Nothing Else Matters (Live - Global Citizen - New York, NY - 2016)

Thank You Metallica. <3 ) Team Oneness ~ The Ka Jillion Family Concurs. IJN <3 )

Scorpions - Humanity - live

Thank You Scorpions.... Rock On Forever...)

Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper (Live 2012) HD

God's Rock Solution delivered. Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. )

Who's ready to hit the infinite cosmic highway? The next song can be our vehicle. Let me take you there...

Blue Oyster Cult: Shooting Shark

The journey will go on forever Gods and Goddesses. You IN? Thank You BOC. )

John Lennon Channeled by Karl Mollison 16Jan2018

Thank You Karl, Denny and esp John for 'blowing the whistle' on Infinite Creator's divine plan for turning on and lighting up the world with the music, esp the 'Rock & Roll' solution. We're gathering and meeting up at the jubilee.where 'good stuff' like this is shared. Hope ok Denny this is shared here: click on Celebrate Forever 77 Also check blogs here. esp: All God's children welcome to the jubilee. Thank You guys, love your work. )

John Lennon Famous Words Of Wisdom

Thank You John & Yoko. Your words and actions certainly contributed largely for this world being a better place. ) This was shared earlier here:

Mom & Paul read each other's mind 345 ~ 777

Thank You God, Jesus, Mom. Everybody love everybody and we can make this place Heaven on Earth. And So It Is. )

You Are Loved

Remember those words,, dear ones, they are nothing but truth. And with this we move on to the next page. Have a nice night / day & forever dear amazing, awesome children of God. <3 always and forever. )