Jesus Welcomes Us <3 )

Going Towards The Infinite Light ~ as One Team Are You In?

Terms and conditions of Paradise... )

Greetings All Who Want to  Fly on their own terms within agreed Company of One policy

So, here's the link... see ya's  there...) 

Here's the lowdown.  There's the link, dear ones -to get over there...  Weir* mass  healing can occur, if we allow it.  Treat each song as a healing balm to our souls.  This is God produced, directed, and given to a, in many ways, lost, incomplete, tragically deprived of enlightened leadership humanity. Know, don't just believe, my dear friends, that the music here is healthy, healing and in many cases, can bring happiness, starting by putting a smile on our faces.  )

So, we do appreciate your giving us a chance to serve ya's all.  Indeed, we are all in this thing we  call 'life' together; so might as  well  dance, sing, skip, jump, work and play nice together.  When we all lend a hand to a common cause, such as creating Heaven on Earth ~ miracles can and will happen.  Let's try something completely different on this 'plan it,' my dear friends, at this moment and going forward. 

'We can do it if we  really try.'  Jimmy Cliff sang that inspiring, uplifting song. Creator has given us so many 'tools a plenty' for our upliftment, guys.  Let's be smart and not stupid anymore.  We have the Master example in how to live in Jesus. Jesus The One, The Only, Light - Love - Truth - High way to Divine Harmonious, Wealth, Happiness and Adventure for All eternity.

Jesus really laid out the framework or path of how we, as aspirants to our full divine potential as sons and daughters, brothers and sisters in league with The Infinite; can solve our petty differences. The Golden rule applies here, dear ones.   Can we get an "AND SO IT IS! ? 

Awesome... 'Team Oneness,'.. We just became The Cosmic "A" Team!  We Are 'Team Awesome.'  as  well  as the names of our other teams.  And, of course, their is no 'I' in team, however, we are responsible for our upholding our individual "I' for the Team.. We are each and every one ~ our own God  gifted  'I AM THAT I AM'  We are each, powerful beyond belief into the 'Knowing' that God created us to be God's and Goddesses.  We are Now Companions with God. 

We all can talk to God ~ that still, quiet voice deep inside us.  Talk to God and Jesus ~ our departed loved ones and pets.  They hear us,  they are with us- cheering us on. And OMG are they proud of us my dear friends, right Dr Peebles?  GOD BLESS EACH & EVERY  ONE OF YOU Graduates of the hardest school in the cosmic ocean.  We bow down to Ya's as we are shedding many tears of joy here on this side of the ever thinning veil. 

Carry on, Champions,  hold your heads high.  Jesus is in each one of us, as is God ~ HerHis Self.  It's time my fellow infinite, immortal spiritual beings of light, love, mercy, compassion, harmony, happiness and Fun. for rest, relaxation, retirement with nothing but Free time to play with our kids and loved ones.  So, guys we rec rip up your bills.  If you have a valid driver's license,  park that old clunker and go get a new land merkabah, aka a car, or scooter, bike, skateboard.  etc  Just go get it, God says "Here." 

As far as that long drawn out complicated RV with thosands of people, supposedly working on it and resistance and time lines and  physical banks and bankers, excuse us but wtf; God and scribe can only look, shake our heads and say HERE. Done, Over.  We're all Millionaires 11 times over. to keep things modest.  It's so simple, want something?  Go into a store, pick it out w a smile and a 'Please'. 

Say Thank you.  Go on with your life in peace love joy of The Creator. We don't do red tape.  We don't need to stock gold to back up the new currency of love, pure and simple.  Ok, enough of that, fellow Gods and  Goddesses.  Get used to that fact, Jack & Jills, Creator's dear fellow prime creator companions of infinite love, power and grace.  

Now, who wants to meet Your twin flame? Not to mention Ka Jinsky's or in Paul's case and others ~ infinite loves or choose any one or 2 loves, our choice. God knows one cinnamon girl can make one happy and fulfilled for eternity.  However, there's a lot of peaches in the peach orchards of the world and other far flung worlds.  Like the Moodies song... 'So many friends to meet...' Everyone Is Everyone's good friend in Heaven, my dear friends. Getting it?  Awesome.  )

Dear ones, we can't even imagine what awaits us once we allow the infinite frontier of our awesome divine destinies to unfold according to God's best, loving intentions for us. HisHer plan iis far better than our plan could be with our limited human faculties. So, who's ready to meet Your cosmic twin flame?  Just ASK, politely and sincerely with God and Cosmic agent extraordinaire Erik.  Check out our Super friend's place here. 

You're Welcome.  Now, back to our agenda, oh, Yes - Fun.  Jerry got  a song you can play for us,  Bro.  Here, take yer pick everyone 

Namaste for now.   )


Now... Secrets of an Ascension Room... ) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank You Dear God ~ Who conceived, produced, engineered, and did the voice for this Far Flung Production Ltd. Now in Grateful Association with Grateful Living Productions UnLtd. TYG, IJN <3

Styx ~ Grand Illusion (Live)

Thank You Styx and Fans & Friends i.e. Everyone. ) ) ) <3

Boston - peace/piece of mind (WITH LYRICS)

Thank You Boston. We had to choose this one bc of peace/piece ) Perfect studio recording, Funny comments - people nor recognizing guitar ufo's when they see them? lol ) R.I.P. Brad ~ Rockin' In Paradise.

May 28, 2019 A forever Tuesday afternoon now playing... <3 )

Thank You Hearts of Space. w Stephen Hill. <3 )