We Have Liftoff...

Mar. 19, 2018

Who's ready to fly, as one?

Welcome 2 the future NOW U inter~ galactic beings of light & Love...)

Thank You Captain Picard, Star Trek Producers, Fans and all students on the way up. ^ )

Paul Brown <newfrontiers77@gmail.com>

7:55 PM (10 minutes ago)

An Open Letter... )
Hey, Paul  Brown here, yer friend from up north. Hope you're already feeling better and  sending good vibrations to you, my friend.
You know what, Sir?...
So much  good stuff came down in this letter which is a reply to your email to the group that you're not feeling well at the moment. God bless you, Bro.  What you are experiencing, we feel is ~  are 'ascension' symptoms. We  are aware that you are in an esp high vibrational zone area of the planet, as Paul knows.  Fort Lauderdale is his old 'stomping grounds' as we lived there for a year, and Tampa for the previous year, not to mention the Miami area i.e. Coconut Grove and Coral Gables while we  were going to school at the  U of M back in the day. 
Don't fret any more over trying to help people get on their financial feet, so to speak, my dear friend.  The Good News, I take that back.  The Fantastic, No only the most Awesome word will do, As Dr Peebles is typing now  )  The Most AWESOME news of this lovely, loving day on the beautiful planet known as Gaia is that it's inhabitants are NOW FREE To  Be Who and What they Really Are.  i.e. as the perfect creatures God made them to  be.  The Now New Paradigm of not just Heaven on Earth ~ Paradise on Earth But Eternal life on earth is now, this day anchored in the True measure  and Wishes of Divine One Source Creator ~ ALL  THAT IS.  And So It Is.  Indeed  )  .  Thank You beloved Grand Spirit Dr Peebles  We all <3 You.  )
(So back to original text)  We are, as of today; "Happy Harvest Day" on the 'Plant It.' The numbers of people having these and  other 'flew' (sic) like symptoms are legion.  Btw, the numbers tell the story numerologically speaking. for this 'Miracle' Day. We have the # 2 a love number rep the love month of February.  We celebrate that we've made it to~day 22 - the love # universally known as such; in the year of our Lord and God 2018.  Does it get sweeter than this?  Well, Sonny & Daisy, how can tomorrow which is the day after's yesterday be not ever sweeter, be not better, if not badder. in a good way.  ) Do you catch my drift, my dear friends? *    
So, we the spirits in the ascending vibrationally world the scribe likes to call the grand 'wellusion.'  He, being acutely aware of the power of words and their makeup...and what's in a name.  Our God given names are no accident, my dear friends.  They can be clues to what our life mission and purpose is. So, we officially, on this Love Day are, hereby in this 'open letter' to humanity officially 'launching' in our own unassuming, modest and humble way; The Jubilee Is Now & forever 'Open 4 Business!' Can we get an Allelujah?  Thank You Leonard and others who sing that song!  Thank Ya's, Indeed.  (
The love site has now 2 major points  of entry on the world wide inter-net. Please do yerself a major favour, my dear friend(s), and head east to http://EarthPartyForever.com   We recommend going or flowing to our very latest  Heaven's  blog here... tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-18777  

WEir (swell ) allso )  inviting the humans of all persuasions to visit here:  http://paulfb.com  See our 'We have Lift Off' button for max 'new news' info.  And 'weir' just getting started.  After all, we do have eternal hard fought and hard earned life ahead of us as one Big family W no worries, whatsoever; only Fun 4 everyone. TYJ.   So  Everyone, feel free to laugh, dance, sing, cry (for joy ) and Jump but mostly skip for joy ~ Straight to and all around God's infinite <3 of Love.  We will see Ya's @ the paradise campus of Love ~ Divine and Infinite.  This is Everyman speaking thru the heart & fingers of a simple, sweet loving dude sitting naked at his beat up Gateway computer in the cosmic infinite ascension room here in beautiful Wincy  (how that came out, exactly. ) lol 
 We Got the 'W' Match a choo setts> )  GOD BLESS YOU Paul!  'Y Thank You everyone! Naturally, we'll pass it on to all the the sneezers and the weazers, not to mention the dreamers and now - the out of business schemers.  We will let you guys give yourselves a good quick boot in the  behind for the hardship you've caused others.  Choices we made, action taken, stupid sh*t like texting while driving. OMG   Ya's should be  ashamed of yerselves, some of you. SMH.  Ok, with that in the rear view mirror, dear ones, let's  all  shake the dross of the past off like Bob Seger shaking off the cold in that great song...'Turn the page.'.
 Indeed, fellow sinners, moment has arrived, dear beloveds, for us all to forgive ourselves and all who have trespassed against us, whether willfully or by accident,  We do know, of course, there are no accidents.  Everything that occurs in life is by  the Creator's divine, perfect , designer script for our lives and we all agreed to ours, no matter how good, bad or ugly.  Yes, dear beloved Gods and Goddesses we chose the script that ultimately would benefit humanity best - before we came out of our Mother's womb.  So, whether we came in with a handshake and hug or with a contract, like the shooters and Attila the hun... we now may move on.  
The swamp is behind us, Champions, and move on we are doing with every breath we take knowing we All need to be forgiven for something or other., old souls.  God knows the guy now wearing jeans and his safari jacket punching the keys with his index fingers is more than ready and supremely Grateful to God for the job, opportunity  and mandate he came in with that had his name on it and no one else.  So, friends on and off the planet, may we ask... what's Your job?  No, not your earthly, mundane job you do to earn a paycheck. God doesn't care if weir a carpenter, a schoolteacher, a waitress, a baker or a candlestick maker ~even, God forbid,  a musician.) ) ) 
Listen, Guys, Paul here, layin' it on the line <3  God wants Us to be who HeShe created.  That's it.  SheHe made us Perfect in HisHer divine Perfect, Infinitely Perfect, Divine image.  Our 'job'  is to be who we are, 'no matter what' and to love ourselves as we were created to be loved in kind.~ in the long run. i.e. Perfect companions to The Infinite Us,  as we are, unconditionally.  If we allow that in our own God created multi - dimensional beings we have pleased and triumphed over any and all obstacles, barriers, what have you's.  Capiche?  Awesome.  )
So, There we have it, Goddesses and Gods on the way up ~ though, of course SheHe is pulling for us all to make a living. God cares that we and all team oneness members, not only survive but succeed and thrive in the biggest job we, as souls and spirits flung off from A Infinite Loving Cosmic Mind. We are created Divine, Infinite, Eternal and Absolute.
We  are larger than life, my dear friends.  Not one of us is small or undeseving of the Awesome, incredibly amazing future that awaits each and every one of us.  And ya's can take that to the bank. Oops, sorry, humanity.  Banks are closed.  Who needs them, or insurance companies when everything is Free, unfettered, no strings Free as a Freebird.   - like you and me.
Final thought...
"Just Be Ourselves." 
We have spoken.  And So It Is
Paul Brown
Proud and 'lucky' scribe to ~ for 'The Infinite'.  )
Rec & fin
2,22.18  (No more slashes for us, folks.  We'll let that new group in town have at that, if led.  Yeah, 'Roses & Cars'  (Just a suggestion )
3 Songs to be added here w this  paulfb.com  @ 'We have liftoff. button  )
7:44 p.m.

Further addendum                                                                                                             Same day                                                                                                                               9:22 p.m.


Joan Baez - The day after tomorrow

Thank You Warrior Princess of God ~ Ms Joan Baez. On behalf of the group... <3 ) ) )

Blue Öyster Cult - Burnin' for You (Live) 10/9/1981

C For the ladies on behalf of your attractants <3 Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. ) ) )

Grateful Dead - Playing In The Band - 06/19/76 - Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL)

Thank You The Grateful Dead ~ 'What a short strange trip it's been' Just beginning, guys. <3 ) ) ) ) ))))))))))))((((((((((((((((______________*******************((((((((((())))))))))))@@@@@@@@@) ) )



March 1, 2018/

An Open Letter

Greetings fellow Gods and Goddesses of The Infinite.

As promised it is after midnight and we are, despite some mugwup computer interference.  Read this and rejoice. 9Just a suggestion. )  )

Hello Elisa Re Erik's new gig...


Paul F Brown <paulfb777@gmail.com>

4:25 PM (7 hours ago)
to Elisa
Greetings Elisa,
Paul Brown here, 'the humble lover of the world'  That not dubbed by me  but by a very gifted Sabian Astrologer back in the mid 70's.
I was informed by spirit last night that God has a new gig for Erik and our boy is 'Rocking' it.  already. He's a natural.  )
We have placed this news here at Erik's place on God's starsite http://EarthPartyForever.com  At:  tinyurl.com/BrotherErik777
Elisa, I would really like to have your blessing to further share this with people.  These are the days when Twin Flames and deep soul mates are connecting as part of Creators divine plan and  ascension process.  Going forward through all eternity -Fun is all we need be concerned with.  Earthly care and drama is a thing of the past. 
--- Starting yesterday.
We invite you to visit the Earth Party Forever Ext here... paulfb.com  Check the buttons, if led, esp click on the 'Jesus Welcomes Us <3 button.;  We put this up about the same moments we were doing the Erik 'stuff.'  I would really love to share the 'new news' about Erik's new gig here at the latest blog... 
Hope to hear from you soon, Elisa.
Paul Brown
p.s.   Feel free to share this and can even share as 'An Open Letter'  I would love to do the same.  Take care and happy trails always, Eiisa.  )

Elisa Medhus

4:36 PM (7 hours ago)
to me
Exciting! Go for it. I’m on a plane about to depart back to Houston from Oslo. They’re making us go to flight mode on our phones

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Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son & Daughter... )

Thank You Kansas. Rep Victory to the light in the <3 land. ) <3

Santana - Soul Sacrifice 1969 "Woodstock" Live Video

Thank You Santana and All Your Fans & Friends, i.e. Everyone. ))) <3~

Styx ~ Grand Illusion (Live)

Thank You Styx. I got my awesome car. Got Yours yet, Humanity? God's Giving them away Free to Good people with a license. For Real. ) Carry On Styx... ( <3

Alice Cooper - School's Out (Featuring full band) May 14 2017 Nashville

Thank You Alice Cooper & Band. Yep, God's Rockers R now on Permanent Vacation. Rejoice! )

Led Zeppelin I 1969

Thank You Led Zeppelin and Thank You God for Rock & Roll. Jimmy Page ~ Robert Plant ~ John Paul Jones & John Bonham. Nailed a generation to the wall with this album back in the day. Those halcyon days are coming back Gods & Goddesses of The Infinite as "Your Time Is Gonna Come' plays and Typed in perfect synch. Moments Triumph time, Friends. Welcome to the eternal 'Now.' ) And So It Is. )

The Rain Song - Jimmy Page & Robert Plant HD [No Quarter 1994]

Thank You Jimmy Page ~ Robert Plant & Company Secret Elders of a Gentle Race. We know each other, dear friends. ;~ ) We are bringing The Infinite's perfect plan to Heaven on Earth ~ right here, right Now. Resistance, like chocolate, is futile. And So It Is. ) <3 ) ~ ~ ~

Loreena Mckennitt - The mummers dance LIVE (lyrics)

Thank You Loreena McKennitt And Company. There are no words... <3 ) On behalf of a grateful humanity. ) ( ; )

Janis Joplin - Ball And Chain (Amazing Performance at Monterey)

Thank You Janis. You're anything but a ball and chain. Everyone loves you. <3 ) ) )

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child, Live '69

Thank You Jimi Hendrix Experience And Audience of Everyone. We ALL Love Ya Jimi ~ Mitch & Noel. Carry On Guys... ) ) ) <3

The Doors Riders On The Storm

Thank You The Doors. Fitting today 3/2/18 as a Most Significant storm rages outside. Sunny days ahead for all if God has HisHer way. And God does, troubled humanity. Join the resistance seekers of the light and let the music and enlightened consciousness lead us away from the pitfalls of political leadership. Give The Peace Train a chance, folks. Deal? We hope so.

The Cars - Just What I Needed - The Midnight Special 1978

Thank You The Cars. You guys give us just what we need ~ Cars i.e. land merkabah's. Oh, and Great music! ) <3

the police - spirits in the material world (live)

Thank You The Police. This song says it all. Thank God for the Police, local and cosmic. Who ya gonna call? Call on God to fill our sails, in other words...ASK IJN. Have an awesome, adventurous and loving - beyond all earthly mind comprehension, dear ones. And So It Is. <3 )

Jackson Browne with Crosby, Stills and Nash - The Pretender - Madison Square Garden - 2009/10/29&30

Thank You David, Stephen, Graham, Jackson & Co and Audience for a real good time...) <3

Yes Roundabout with Geddy Lee on Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017

Thank You Yes and Geddy Lee. The song doesn't lie, does it folks. Infinite <3 to All IJN ) ) )

Yes - Yours Is No Disgrace (Live at Lugano Jazz Festival 2004)

Thank You YES. It's a Yes Universe Folks. Deal with it. And it Will be a Pleasure. ) ) )