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From 'Beginnings' Album The Allman Brothers Band - Revival

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band of Gods for All The Gods & Goddesses. Hey, that's Us, Folks! )

Allman Brothers: Dreams (lyrics)

TY ABB. Guys, is it an accident they have the name All - Man Brothers Band? Heaven no, dear friends,, names matter Ask God.

Welcome to 'Team Yes' Everyone. <3 )

So,  Thank You's All, The Sons and Daughters of God.  Everyone's High Self has been called in here and the question is asked, on bewhole of each and every one's entire entity...Who's ready for a free cosmic tune up, or 'make over' of our minds, bodies and spirit?  Wow.  Ok, who Doesn't want a free tune up of our minds, bodies and spirit?

If you Do want that say, and w a Smile say "YES." and knowing, as well, btw - that You Will be joining the cosmic 'Team Yes'  - with that affirmation. Ok - Go.  OMG God, it's unanimous.  Everyone is Now in 'Team Yes.'  'Congratulations Everyone!' 

Y'all have been accepted into the Team which lives and breathes and has its collective being under the infinite wings of God. So ~ Fly humanity and 'Carry On' as The incarnate Gods and Goddesses that We All Are. Indeed.  Want proof you're in Team Yes?  Are You breathing right  now?  Ok, there's yer proof; no if's and's or however's about it.  And So It Is.

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In Memory of Elizabeth Reed - Allman Brothers Band & Eric Clapton

Wow, Thank You Allman Brothers Band of Gods and God Eric Clap-ton ) Everyone <3's You Guys...)

Moonlight Feels Right Starbuck HQ Audio

Thank You Starbuck for a perfect Co - theme song for the 'Team Yes' Twin flames a plenty dance party. We went out on this beautiful St Paddy Day and this song came on 'The Bridge' Sirius radio station. Oh, the other song is 'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin which was playing on ZLX while we were listening to this video. Yep, we're multi taskers. Our script is in perfect stereo synch in one for all, all for one wellusion. Cheers... )

Led Zeppelin - KASHMIR

Thank You Led Zeppelin for, along with God, creating the ultimate cosmic song for us cosmic beings walking around the cosmic classroom 'plant it' earth. Who wants to come weir the Els are going? Quit following the babies and join the senior class. We're Free in 'Team Yes' Y'all can be as well Now. Carpe diem.

Call to 'Love In Action' for the 'whistle-blower' light workers. Spread the good word. Carpe Diem... )

Hello gentle readers.  We're sharing this bc we do have this situation but also to direct eyeballs to this site and this page. Any donation is appreciated.  Donation button and other good stuff here...

An open letter...

If you can help please email or  inbox me.
Paul F Brown <>                                                      

to Sam (not his real name)
Hi Sam
How's it going?
I need to ask you if I could possibly send you @ $180. in Payza and if you could send me $175 to my Paypal? There's $5 there for your trouble. 

Thank You Sam if can do, if not Thx anyway

2:40 PM (6 hours ago)

to me

I would if I could I am tapped out right now in both accounts.
Paul F Brown <>
2:53 PM (6 hours ago)

to Sam
No problem, Sam. If God has His way real soon we won't have to worry about the money game anymore. And it Is a game.lookey here, if led.. 

working on this page ...

I'm feeling lucky these days. With grace of God I won a trip to Ireland yesterday via local Classic Rock station WZLX.

7:17 PM (2 hours ago)

to me 
True Buddy 


Boz Scaggs & Duane Allman ~ Loan Me A Dime

Thank You Boz and Sky Dog. You Guys are The Best. Signed, The Best of The Best aka Humanity. )

Cosmic 'New news' for anyone open to 'FUN.'

Mar. 19, 2018

Hey Humanity, Your New Name is 'Sam.'


Hey Sam, Did you see? We made an appeal on the' In God's Hands' w our conversation using another name, 'Sam'. It's Over! Celebrate, Buddy! )

Applause to everyone for efforts to introduce an RV. However the ez, ultimate solution is with God's divine, perfect plan i.e. The Rock & Roll divine intervention plan of common sense. In other words - put Everything in God's Hands. AA Michael says unequivocally: "IT IS DONE." Along W Dr Peebles; "IT IS DONE." All shared here: All God's Children Welcome to the jubilee... See Ya's in 7th Heaven. Oh, we're already here. Cheers. ) Eddie Love, got a song for us Bro? ����️‍♂️��������Oh, and one other thing... TYG TYJ TYM

Attachments area
Preview YouTube video Eddie Money - Two Tickets To Paradise • TopPop

Preview YouTube video May You Be Blessed by Kate Nowak.

to me
That's Great Paul
Thank You Sam. It's All God, my dear friend. )

Lest anyone think we made that song selection up. )

#NEWNEWSFLASH Folks. The world doesn't run on money. It runs on LOVE Get the Real DEAL here: esp here: God Says "EVERYTHING IS FREE!" #WAKEUP PEEPS HE AIN'T JOKING AROUND!! #ArchangelMichael #DrPeebles #Jesusandthemoneychangers

Good 'New News' if anyone wants it...

Yes.                                                                                                                                 3/18/18

Happy Sun-Day Gods & Goddesses of 'The Infinite,'

This is the day God has created for us, HisHer amazingly awesome children to live in and have our being in; as Free Human Beings, unfettered by made up by man religious, political or esp financial folderol in this new, 'Now' time of human evolution.   Scribe notes that, you know what folks.  It's 2018.  We are Highly intelligent crystaline beings leaving the carbon based mode of the human  behind.  We were created  spiritual.  No one was created religious. Sorry.

With humanity waking up in massive numbers every time we wake up from our God given rejuvinating gift of sleep, we are ever closer to finding ourselves fully in the light. What good news this is.  Pretty soon, we'll all be in the 5th and some even in higher dimensions. There is absolutely no possibility of anyone being left behind.

Don't worry about losing yer pets, they're part of our famiies forever.  Infinite Creator has a perfect place already prepared for everyone.  Saints or sinners, God knows and  understands the most minute details of our lives even vastly better than we do.   And ya's can take that to the bank.  Rather quickly, friends, bc the word on the cosmic street we walk on is that banks are history, like insurance companies. 

So, take that to Dunkin Donuts bc  they will be, hopefuly, around longer than the banks.  The RV?  Please, forget about it.  There's Way too many chefs in the cosmic kitchen for that.  And  what are spirits  going to do with cash when God says EVERYTHING IS FREE.

The matter on the table right now, this minute is this  built in inequality of an obsolete financial system.  It's just 'Got To Go',  dear ones.  Take  us, Paul, for example.  He's down here doing his God appointed job he volunteered for.  The benefits of doing God's work is 'out of this world.'  However, it doesn't pay the bills.  It shouldn't be this way, folks.  Most of our friends are also struggling, you know, one or two paychecks from disaster. 

So many of us know what a hamster feels like going around and around the treadmill because that's all he can do.  And for what?  Because that's the system we find ourselves in.  Hello, again, it's 2018.  We are Immortal Spiritual Beings as Stephen Hawking just found out.  We're not rocks, although rocks are part of 'The Infinite' as is Everything we see and don't see in and all around  us, my dear friends.

So, back to our immediate situation.  Heck, if everyone reading this gave, like 5 bucks, Paul could pay his bills easily and we'd also set up a cache to redistribute funds to the poor, the  homeless, and the lost as best we can.  Give $5 - the adventure #.  What about $7.? - God's #  Or $11. God's # also and it's the 'gateway' #  If you've seen 11-11 a lot it's no accident, there are no accidents anyway. it's the universe saying, you know what?  There's more than meets the eye going on down here. 

Indeed 3D is some kind of 'schoolhouse' isn't it?    It gives us clues, like names, being most prominent and how words are formed.  So, back to the numbers.  How about $22. that being  the love #.  Double that to $44. and that, many know is the Angel #.  You see that a lot, the Angels are  saying 'Hello.'  ) 

So, anyway, we're not asking anyone to send along anything you're not comfortable with but we are asking you, if led, to step up to the plate and help weir help is needed and not be stingy bc of fear of lack.  When people 'Wake up' and stop giving away their power by  electing ______ fill in your own word there as to what you think certain elected officials are acting like. We all will live better when we can have everything we need w no red tape, the way God wants it.

Let Christ be our leader and  we will all be on God's best track to the Infinite. from weir we came. What's that Bobby?  Yeah, Jerry's right here and He, if want, gives Everyone a Big  )  and  a  Big hug  (  ~ Jerry's Big Hug ~  )  Thank You Bro  Evveryone <3's You Jerry!  )

In conclusion,  dear fellow Immortal Spiritual (Not religious. religion divides, Spiritual unites) Beings of infinite love  and light, here on earth as a volunteer, under contract or handshake and hug. to  uplift humanity, the game IS over.  As Dr Peebles said in our sharing on Twitter and FB (the only ones we do,)  yesterday.  'IT's OVER.'  'IT IS DONE.'

Today, Archangel Michael will be  spreading the  same message to You, Humanity, and just maybe, someone will take some kind of action to help get the word out re the Good 'New News' that scribe has been trying to reveal  to the public since @ 1985 when he sent a big package of 'Goods' to Rev Al in California.  That included a book called 'The Hidden God.'

So, time may have come today for all good (God's people- Spirits in the material world) people to wake up, look around, think Hmmm - you know what?  Maybe there is more to life than the next paycheck, that new dinette set, or how the Red Sox are doing. We hope they do Good.  ) 


Paul & Dakarra & Co.

Collective Soul - Shine (Official Video)

Thank You Collective Soul <3 ) Now. 11/16/18 2:53 a.m. Healing News Flash: Humanity and Terra Christa Gaia Mother Earth. Our new, now collective name is, ready? 'Shine.' Own it and let's sing it, as above. <3 )

Shine on twinny flames, Stars gotta shine, no other option )

Sugarloaf - Green-Eyed Lady (Original Song HQ) 1970

Thank You Sugarloaf, w a 'shout out' to all the green, blue, hazel, and brown eyed ladies everyweir ; <3 )


Thank You Divine Ms Patricia Cota Robles. On bewhole of All Divine, loving Grateful Spirits on Earth and off the earth. Sharing is caring & God bless Ya's. )

Current: Accelerated Akashic Clearings & DNA Re-writes, Immune/Defense/Nervous Systems, Narcissism.

Thank You Lisa Transcendence Brown for information that everyone on the 'plant it' may benefit with. God bless and 'carry on...' <3 )

Led Zeppelin - Thank You

THANK YOU LED ZEPPELIN.* On be whole of 'Team Yes' of 'Team Oneness' of 'Team Human Race.'
What more can we say 'cept maybe come on by Paul & Dakarra's divine love, 'Fun' happy ascension room for tea. All Yer infinite friends, inc 'Bonzo,' will be here, as well, as they are now. Deal? We sincerely hope so. <3 ) Catch Ya's, Sons & Daughters, Boys & Girls - on the way out... )

* p.s. This is actually Page & Plant & Co so this just gives us a chance to say 'Thank You' again. With Jimmy, Robert, John Paul and 'Led" If you ask which one's Led'? it was definiteley 'Bonzo.' aka John Bonham. RIP Rockin' In Paradise. See Ya soon, Bro John. ) Give Jesus a High 5 4 us. TY Man. )

Led Zeppelin Thank You & More...(Watch on YT)

Thank You Led Zeppelin and Thank You Everyone who Loves Led Zeppelin. Who does that leave out? No one.

Can we be friends? Just ask ing. Hey, we both love those Led Zep cats. right? )

Time to Celebrate on Plant it Earth, Friends. Btw, we're All 'Friends' on 'the other side,' aka 'Upstairs' so we might as well start getting re-acquainted now, while we're in 4D. Yeah, 3D went out yesterday, guys. Thank God.

Celebrate today 3/20//18 the first day of spring, however you like. We rec getting out and smiling at somebody ) Paul & Dakarra are on our way to 22D. If anyone wants to get on that plane i.e. the love # plane with us, we rec start the cosmic party and take heed of the God given lyrics in God Lionel Richie's 'All Night Long,' song. Hear it here...       

Cheers & Cheerio fellow volunteer Gods & Goddesses of The One.-  incarnated to help uplift humanity - 'with the quickness,' Ciao for now...)

p.s.  Btw, if anyone is interested in this Twin Flame stuff, here's a good place to start...   TY Bro Fred & Lucina.  )

 And or talk to Brother Erik...    )

Speaking of Fun, what's more fun than celebrating a Boston sports legend's 70th Birthday? Not much. ) Happy Birthday Mr Bobby Orr. A hockey God as well as an innate God, like all of us. )

Proving Man can fly... not just Bobby...

Here's a little tribute to Mr Orr  

And from that page, we celebrate a few other Boston sports Legends...

Where to from here?  Have you heard?  Havlicek stole the ball & Flutie Did It w a Hail Mary!   )
And Larry Bird did it with plain old hard work...
We Salute these Good people not just for their inspiring  athletic acuity but also for being just good people. 
Namaste, Espavo, & Happy Trails everyone, and let's let The Allman Brothers Band of Angels ~ Gods escort us home where we all came  from...  Deal?  We hope so.

March 21, 2018 ~ It Is Written. )

In  Reply to a Memory sharing on Facebook...
March 21, 2016 · 
Who wants a cashless society? God wants Us to have it. Don't believe it can happen? With God anything can & will happen. And we got a lawyer, peeps, the Best in the business. See here... & at
Cheers. Tell everyone We are Free as God Himself The Infinite I AM THAT I AM wants and decrees it #ABC #CBS #NBC #BBC #FOX #WZLX #Boston #BostonGlobe #BostonHerald #NYDailyNew #GordonLightfoot #CSNY #NeilYoung #JoanBaez #JudyCollins #JoniMitchell #JimiHendrix #DrPeebles #AAMichael #TheDoors  #CassElliot #JanisJoplin #NeiDiamond  #Cher #BlueOysterCult  #Eagles #Boston  #MoodyBlues #LedZeppelin  #NewNews

 Now (As shared on FB)


Paul, why in tarnation, man, ' are you the only one promulgating a cashless society?'

We may not be my friend, but we do know that one united platform is the best way to unite those of us who don't 'believe' there's a better way for us all to be living down here, now in 4D
We 'Know' beyond a shadow of doubt, that this is what we're on the Plant it for at these moments i.e. To raise awareness of a living, breathing, as the whole entire omniverse is alive, living as One sentient creation. If people - human beings, created Gods and Goddesses - knew how kindly, loving God, the original, divine Source God - wants things done down here like it is in Heaven,..
OMG they'd jump for joy when they 'wake up' and realize, in the final analysis, Gods and Goddesses that we all are; don't need the legal tender. The 'Love contenders' never left the building in some quarters, such as ours, i.e. Your humble servant scribe serving 'The Infinite,' folks.
We never yielded to the earthly 'game' where money rules everything.  Oh we did our best, holding down jobs and drawing our pay in the old paradigm, until we heeded the call to go to work for God full time, and joined the legions trying to earn a buck onine.  But, Now.  It's Over, Again, fellow peeps, It Is Done.  Money?, It's just paper, isn't it?  Indeed. let the Wall St titans play their game and get their 'ducks in a row' (Ashtar loves that one. ) We stay strong in the firm knowledge that, in the long and short run, it's Love and only Love that lasts - forever.
Listen to the songs, dear ones. Rush, Pink Floyd many others sing about the money monster - Now permenently gone into submission by the rising tide of Infinite Divine indestructable tsunami Force of LOVE On The planet and all over it.  Amd We, the Sons and Daughters, Boys and Girls of Love are here to ride the waves of Love.  We could take this wave to the 22nd  dimension if we wanted to, dear ones.  Paul & Dakarra even have a page ready for Ya's to bring Your shining multi-dimensional selves to. 
Reveal it here, now God?  Might as well, Sonny, it is on the menu. Ok, Guys, however it does  require a little 'fixing up.'  but here's the link... 
Indeed, folks, the musicians have been telling us for eons what life is all about as they channel the songs many cop to when they say 'The song wrote itself,'  They do.  We are all conduits to our High self, after all.  Find something of a creative nature to do and get the ego out of  the way, and let the magic pour out.  That's what's going on right here, right now w the dude sitting at the magic device, the computer.  Just think, people  in India, Australia, California and wherever are seeing this within moments as it is written.  
You think Jesus woudn't use this Heaven sent technology to share 'Good New News' w the masses?  Of course He would and guess what?  He is thru Paul's fingers and Spirit. They're Not 'just songs' my dear friends. Ask God, HeShe aka simply as 'Spirit' wrote them all, All the great and un-great novels, plays, symphonies, songs... masterpieces and non of same. All thru we Gods and Goddesses, on earth disguised as human beings - playing out our High self w Spirit planned God assigned roles in a Grand cosmic play.
So, where are we now, Mr God assigned volunteer scribe to 'The Infinite'? If a book, we are writing the epilogue, dear ones. If a play the play has played and the curtain is about to come down
To be 'clear.'
Definition of epilogue - Merriam-Webster
1 : a concluding section that rounds out the design of a literary work
2 a : a speech often in verse addressed to the audience by an actor at the end of a play; also : the actor speaking such an epilogue
b : the final scene of a play that comments on or summarizes the main action
3 : the concluding section of a musical composition : coda
Advice? Have Fun, as God wants. Put Everything in HisHer Hands. Relax, and enjoy the divine infinite gifts Spirit has for Humanity in the wings, so to speak. If You concur - You can join 'Team Yes' here... 
If not, sigh, then good luck living in a precarious man manufactured dysfunctional nightmare reality held together with duct tape and glue which is the political, religious, nationalistic divisive mucky pucky trap humanity has fallen into.See more of that thought here, if led...
and Jesus response...
You want a solution, humanity?  Go with God. That's 'The Way.' God sent us Jesus Christ, dear ones, to do just that. Jesus IS 'The Way, The Truth, The Light and The Divine Love' to pull us through Any challenge, any disaster, any trial or tribulation.
The wise will take this to heart and act on it; best by sharing this. Tell the world, you are a 'Team Yes'er' That puts you on firm ground. You are steadfast, not in Your 'beliefs' - but in Your "KNOWING" that, Indeed, A 'Higher Power' Is at work in our lives and daily existence.
This obvious fact is so apparent when we do something good or kind to help someone and the, like 'instant karma,' good karma comes right back, the universe rewards us someway somehow. That's the way the universe was - is designed. God asks. 'So, who doesn't want good things coming into Yer lives?'
Yeah, like that silly commercial on TV, there's always a few, however most people, we trust, would just rather go out into God's field and receive what they need freely, rather than have to slave away for 40 + hours a week to get the sufficient pieces of paper that allow them to purchase the 'goods' that they need.
Infinite Creator says we're done with that, folks. God has 'the goods' in HisHer infinite bounty and is only willing to Give HerHis Children same. After all, my dear friends, is not God the source of everything?  So, these end days on the 'schoolhouse' platform Mother Earth, Now, no one has to be a wage slave++ any longer. It Is Written.
We can and must emerge from that old, obsolete stage in our lives and be 'volunteer' workers, if led to do that at all.  For most of us, our 'work' is done,  Right AA Michael and DR Peebles?  EXACTLY.  Continuing to 'serve' is fine if we work in, like, a Stop & Shop' or your local coffee shop or some other serving place such as that. If you're a shoe maker or candlestick maker... no need to keep working, producing them. Unless that's your joy and passion in life.  )
We have enough, same, of course, for auto workers. And, obviously industries like that are no longer viable in any way, shape or form. Are you a mechanic w too many people coming to you to patch together their old clunkers?  Tell 'em to get hip and go down to the dealer who has acres of cars sitting there and pick out the one that has Their name on it.  They Will find it.  God says so. 
Special Announcement: If you work in a bank or insurance company, you are hereby relieved of duty. Not to even mention if You work for the irs.  It's particularly gone into the cosmic poop shute.
Signed: God. IJN. And So It Is. 3/21/18.
As Dr Peebles and Archangel Michael and infinite more spirits inc Jesus - Sananda who are beside the scribe here sitting in front of the miracle gateway computer machine ~ technology brought down from Heaven. Witness - in the Love, Fun, ascension room as scribe types this.
++ We were never created to be that. We were created to be kind, sweet, *loving, 'Companion Gods & Goddesses to 'The Infinite.'
* at this moment of sharing this we asked Dakarra to put in a cassette of our home-made Grateful Dead music. Placed tape in the machine where it was and first word we heard was 'Magnolias' TY God and Dakarra and thank You Jerry as we now listen to 'Stella Blue.' and (after editing previous paragraphs) now Uncle John's Band is playing.
Indeed 'He's come to take His children home' in cosmic synch. ) You can't make this stuff up, folks. ) So, in conclusion, as we listen to 'Simple Twist of Fate' let us All Give "Thank <3 You's" to
to God - Infinite Father Mother Source God Creator 'ALL THAT IS' Infinite "I AM THAT I AM" Divine Ultimate ULTIMATE DIVINE and other names God may answer to, even "Hey You"   )
Yes, my fellow 'Magnolias'  God's sense of humor is 'Out of this world.'  Talk to HimHer every day.  Since God lives in all of us as us, it's easy, peeps.  That's the truth. There's no separation.  They didn't teach this in the schools we attended as kids, nor in high school or university. This is new stuff, guys.  learning how awesomely amazing we all are these halcyon days as our DNA w the innate 'God self' blossoms and  we bloom into the infinite Companion 'Flowers' God created us to eventually be.
So, let's PRAISE God, in everlasting Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, Adventure, Happiness and esp GRATITUDE. Indeed.  Yes, my fellow 'magnolias' You know what -Humanity at large? Ya's smell like flowers. Hmmm go figure 8..Alright,
The tape stopped.. We have now shared this here on this 'In God's Hands' page of the umbrella site: ** as well as FB, and Twitter and we'l see what happens this time.
As 'another day at the office' goes along, we, as usual, invite Y'all to the jubilee  and remember, if anyone feels led to make a contribution to this unpaid in the earthly sense but infinitely rewarded 'Upstairs' you can go over to...
Catch all the 'good stuff' there, not to mention the 'good stuff' hanging out on all the other tabs on this site. (God's site )
If led to donate anything, while we transition, we will joyously send you 2 'supercharged' tickets to paradise. If you can send $100 or more we will include a 'Far Flung Productions Ltd' card for you. These are from our original purchase of these. There are @ 900 available. When they're gone they're gone.
Thank Y'all Very Much and Carry on'  )
p.s.  Note:  This sharing has been edited as led. It did not come linear as it reads.  TY.  )
CSNY - You Guys got a song?  We thought so... )
** In store is a new page coming w 'Cosmic Fun' in mind.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Carry On (No Question.)

Thank You Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young for this 3:30 of perfection. May it help, as someone said in the comments 'this song could cure the word.' Indeed, Bro Jack. Hey Everyone... Think it & it will be. And So It Is. )

Happy <3 Day All 3/22/18

Mar. 22, 2018

Bc Sharing Is caring & God cares...

Paul F Brown
1 hr ·
Just further sharing. Sharing is caring, it''s been said.
Paul F Brown Thank You Ayce but comparing all this to God's simple Divine Rock & Roll Intervention plan as shared here. There's No comparison, is there? Love Carries on forever, anything else is destined for disappointment. The US is founded on 'In God WE Trust' Isn't it time to put that to the test, everyone? ��������️‍♂️���� #Trump #Oprah, #Boston#NewYork #LA #Obama #CSNY #CarryOn #WZLX #WCVB #WBZ #WHDH#NECN #Whistleblowers #Zorra #WAAF #WROR

AMAZING !! The Allman Brothers Band - One Way Out , Germany 1991

On bewhole of Duane, Berry, Gregg, Butch et al Thank You The All man Brothers Band rep The All person kind Human Race going back to God's infinite perfection in ''take no prisoners' Rock & Roll. The Ultimate vehicle to God Goddess consciousness, it has been written. And So It Is. <3 )

Good things come in three's...

Happy Sunday Starbeings of Infinity... )


Alright, so we have our two awesome theme songs for 'Team  Yes,'  We need another one to make it three.

So, we suggest fellow teammates that the 3rd song be 'Your Song'  Yep, 'Your song ' as in what would You like the third song to be?  The Elton John song of that name would be wonderful, however You,fellow God ~ Goddess get to choose.

So, we will choose ours and You think Yours, for you and that's it, ok?  Good.  )

So we think back to the first time we heard this song.  What a memory it is, still, to this day. ''69, 'back in the  day.'  Paul was going to The U of Miami in Florida and living in a funky house w a couple of hippy roommates on Aviation Ave in Coconut Grove.  One beautiful sunny afternoon we were in the overgrown, lush back yard when all of a  sudden, out of the open windows of a neighbors house this song started  BLASTING!...)

We'd never heard anything quite like this before and it was totally mind shifting.  The sounds blended with the smell of jasmine that filled the air.  It was love at first hear, for sure.  We'll put the song up, the perfect studio version that the guys, esp Stephen, worked on so hard to get it perfect. And, Man, did they succeed.  

This song is only part of the album that became The soundtrack to a generation.

Here's a clue.  It has the line...'And laughter the key to your heart'  <3 )

Ha Ha, did that give it away?  lol ) 

Okay, let ya's humble servant go to YT and be back w the quickness.  )

Obtw, this song was inspired by  Ms Judy Collins who is touring with Mr Stephen Stills these Days.  We hope we can get a ticket when they come around here.  )

Catch Ya''s on the flip side... )

CSN - Crosby, Stills, Nash - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Thank You Crosby, Stills and Nash for The soundtrack for our lives ~ Still. Everyone <3's You Guys )

Archangel Michael... "IT IS DONE." PRAISE GOD ~ THANK YOU JESUS. AND SO IT IS. <3 ) God bless you beloved Archangel of Infinity. And thank you for arranging our transportation home to dimension infinite. <3 )

Thank You God 4 Quicksilver II . Who wants to come to the homecoming? <3 ) Soundtrack 4 this sharing... God Gordon Lightfoot. Thank You Gordon. Everyone loves You, our dear friend. <3 )

Songs of love, joy, adventure and gratitude from God Gordon. En - joy 777 <3 )

Gordon Lightfoot in concert 1972

Thank You God Gordon Lightfoot. <3 )

Chicago on Lightship Infinity friend~ship 2 4 ever... 777 <3 )))

Thank You God for creating all Far Flung productions, limitless. <3 )

3:56 / 1:16:20 Joni Mitchell Both Sides Now Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970

Thank You Goddess Joni and Company of Heaven on Earth. <3 )m) m) )

'I've got a driver and that's a start... 

Check out lyrics, if led...                            

'Image may contain: one or more people, eyeglasses and beard

PPhoto:  WZLX

Paul, dear friends, is one serious dude.  So are God and Archangel Michael, Dr Peebles, John Lennon and George Harrison, still the quiet one, but shines infinite love, talent and Hope for humanity. Did we mention Jerry Garcia?  And So these are our cabinet members and infinite more bc all Gods & Goddesses are respected and have an equal share in simply spreading the light of God Everywhere..  

Who wants to come ride in God's Triumph?  He's an excellent driver.  )

God'a off the hook, why are we still slaving for wages in an unjust, obsolete, system that makes slaves of us just to live decently down here.  We can do better, sons and daughter's of The Infinite.  He's 'off the hook' free  beings, we can Go with God or keep stinking up the cosmic neighborhood we're in. 

Here's God's memo Again,  When are you guys gonna start listening to God?  Did you get it hereall over this site? 


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School's out, works's out, Money is down the toilet  leave it alone, it's dead'  Love Is In, it's Hot, It's alive as we are in higher and higfher vibrational frequencies on the 'plant-it.'  Folks, it's a rock & roll universe and love and only love is all that matters.  Love is the new currency in the new time of now.  Hope Ya's got the memo...

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 Paul's first car 1960 Triumph TR3

Seriously, friends.  Come w God and the angels, we're asking you's nicely. to check out the light and start living in abundance.  Deal?

Later doves...  zzzzzzzz

Now 1/1/19 Dan Fogelberg - Same Old Lang Syne (from Live: Greetings from the West)

Thank You God, by Your eternal and infinite Grace we make it to 2019 A Year for new beginnings. Thank You Dan Fogelberg for Your Light and Love in song, May Your Vast appreciative audience of friends and lovers, All of us, catch and in turn, radiate your soul's deep beauty and humble majesty throughout infinity. And So It Is. <3 )

Now 1/1/19 Look is that a time or a gateway? It's what we take it to be. )

Alright, Family, we are all invited to move it on over to the 'Cosmic Fun Now 4 All' page

As Timothy Leary by The Moodies plays on another page.  So let's bookmark this page and hope to

see ya's over here... Cosmic Fun Now 4 All  Url if sharing  

As 'Voices in the sky' plays.  Thank you Moody Blues for fantastic sound tracks to higher vibes.  )