Heaven on Earth Now...

A view of Heaven on Earth. They're Everywhere 'Team Ultimate' Just look around. God Must Really Love Us, Guys. 'And So HeShe Does' Jesus <3 ) P pic: Looking south at Nantasket Beach, Hull, Ma. March 2018. See Y'as in Heaven Dudes and Dudettes. Looks like we're already here. ) Thank You God. Indeed. )

How to manifest! (Law of Attraction 2017)

Thank You Dolores Cannon.

Dolores Cannon Presents A Master Class ~ Moving into the New Earth...

Thank You God for Dolores Cannon and TY Dolores for the enlightening messages. Also shared here... www.tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-18777

Love ~ The New Now Paradigm...

Now                                                                                                                                    3/25 & 26/18                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Remember, Dear Ones. Love, Divine Infinite Perfect Love Triumphs the money like infinity to a penny. money, fiat currency is on the path of the dinosaur. R.I.P. cash, money, btc. We liked you when you were in style, however, we, the Immortal Spiritual beings Are Now FREE as GOD Wants. Like the dinosaurs, money could never go on forever. Love? God says: NO EXPIRATION ON LOVE, EVER, EVER, EVER.

Do we have a viable platform?  Thank you for asking, Sonny & Daisy.  Y Yes we do, since 2002 and we haven't wavered one iota bc we know this came from God and this Is what God wants on His Her Planet NOW with the quickness. This VERY Month of March, 2018  It's time we 'Marched, as One ' right thru Heaven's portal gate and we can use Music, sweet music, to do just that.  Lookey here... www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777  complete w Jesus' response...


That  'Urgent Message' was channeled at that 1995 time from our future High self which is the self sharing this information with You, Humanity, right here, right now.  Can You dig it?  It's true, dear friends.  Open yer eyes humanity and see Who God Is.  *He's You, He's me He's yer next door neighbor and He's the sports stars you cheer on on Yer favorite team.

He's also the soul involved in the latest sex or other kind of scandal.  We're saints and sinners and in the long run, it doesn't matter.  We chose our roles, came down to this  physical 3-4D theater to play them out and reap the consequences.   When all is said and done we look  back and some will smile, others will give themselves a boot in the behind.  It's All God, people, It's all what we can term  "Rock & Roll." 

And Now it's Over. Done, Finished as Dr Peebles and Archangel Michael and Now Jesus Lord Sananda says unequivocally to One and All.  Come, Fill Thy Cup w God's kind, sweet, everlasting Grace as HEHE takes Full Resposibility for ALL That Has Gone Down on This schoolroom  volunteer Planet from the beginning of it's creation.  i.e. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 

Everyone gets a brand New slate.  No exceptions.  If you were Attila the Hun or Hitler (Who signed a binding contract) or Mother Teresa, Y'all get a shiny New slate and any and all past sins are forgiven.  We are all  equal in God''s eyes, to the scribe pecking these words to the littlest waif in some 9th world country.

So, Dear Ones, look in the mirror if you want to see God.  HeShe is You living as You.  This Is Fact.  This iis not fiction and it's time we all woke up and started acting like the Free Gods and Goddesses, Divine Infinite Source Creator Created  Us  to Be.  The time for hesitation and dilly dallying around w political, religious and all other forms of mucky pucky and mumbo jumbo is over, my dear friends.  


We, dear ones, are created F o r e v e r. We have and 'Are' Souls. As we listen to this vid what's being said 'rings' in synch. The comment about Earl Nightingale's 'pipes.' ) (Which we concur) We think Gordon Lightfoot. ) Ok, hope Y'all en-joy this Gift from God. Thank You God for the sweet synchronization of us coming upon this on Twitter just after coming online this morning. IJN. )   And So It Is.  )

Smile On ) (Could be a new name for all of us 'Team Yes'  'Team Oneness'  Kind, Grateful, ever loving Spirits in the material world, ~ Celebrating  The Victory of 'The Infinite' on 'schoolhouse Earth.   ~    ~     ~

See Y'as further on down the road... Smile & Rock on... )  )  )

As we're listening now (Moody Monday) to the Allman Brothers randomly picked by God w Dakarra as we Thank God for everything inc our eternal existence and we will take this moment to, on bewhole of  'Team God Is Love and Love Is God' "Thank You God" for our collective minds, hearts and souls.  And may we aways return Your Infinite Divine love in Infinite shares in return. Thank You Again, Dear God.  IJN  And So It Is.  )

 * He used for grammatic  economy.

Thank You God for The All-man Brothers Band rep All Men & Women and Brothers and Sisters. TY Allmans. Play All Night! )

God bless Us and Our Higher Vibrations 'Team Gods ~ Goddesses' <3
How high can we rise, fellow 'Infinites'? Jesus? There are No limits in God's Divine Love, Dear Ones. 'The Infinite' Is 'The Infinite.' Thank You Jesus. Jesus, got a song for this occasion where another Grand Team has just revealed itself? Hold on guys...) ok, looks like God has given us not just a song but a whole concert by one of, if not, The Best in The Business. Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr Gordon Lightfoot. )


Thank You Bro Gordon Lightfoot of 'Team Gods & Goddesses.' TY BBC. for sharing this masterpiece video.

Moments of Joy & Celebration on the 'Plant-it' have finally arrived 4 You and me and Most esp GOD! Rejoice Gods & Goddesses. )


To Be Continued as The Awesome Good God wills.  Scribe has to go for a  walk.  Maybe we'll see You around. and we could  walk together around the next bend... Like here: Rather Essential..)



Want another place to go?  Here, have you tried this place, yet?...)



We'll be back Awesome God willing...)


To Be Continued as The Awesome Good God wills.  Scribe has to go for a  walk.  Maybe we'll see You around. and we could  walk together around the next bend... Like here: Rather Essential..)



Want another place to go?  Here, have you tried this place, yet?...)



Look Where We All R Now Gods & Goddesses of The One...

Happy Easter & Spring Season Everyone!  This slide show is titled:  Look Where We Are Now 777 )

Here's Tiny link: Hope Y'all en-joy.  ) 



More slide shows, like this... www.tinyurl.com/ItsAllGod 

are here w other 'good stuff.



Need we say any contribution is welcome over there at  the Donate button and see the

offer there.  which we don't know how anyone could refuse.  Right Dr Peebles?  One ride for all of us,  here we go kids.  Don't worry, it's a 'Fun' ride.  Special Thank You's to the partiicipating spirits on or off planet.  )  

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Dr Peebles encourages the new technology.  Sure beats  what He describes what  He had to go thru to get the 'Word' out in His time...


Right, a little 'bread and egg' money til we go completely cashless and on to the Love standard. 

The future is bright as infinite suns, dear ones.  God looks out for HISHER Children.  Let's All ride the waves of Divine Love and experience the Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, Adventure w complete relaxation, Happiness  and  Gratitude.  Now and forever as One Family which is what we are  And  So It Is.

Rec & fin

Easter Sunday   4/1/18  11:33 a.m.

God has a song for Each of us, tell 'em Sir Elton...Elton John - Your Song (live)

Thank You God for Sir Elton John and Thank You Elton, friend to All, stranger to none; <3 )

Tis a season to smile on the 'Plan it.' of Rock & Roll. Dear Friends. )


March 26, 2018

Sir Elton plays a large part of Our God given mission. cosmic friends.  We do it in song.  Let the politicians give their speeches. That's fine, it's what they do.  Our Team 'God Is Love' Is inclusive however we do march better to a different drum.  God gave and gives us songs to fill the air.  And 'Ripple' they do to all infinity...

If led, please see Mission  Staement here... www.tinyurl.com/MissionStatement777 

For more 'Good stuff' inc Elton's masterpiece... 'Love Song' wriiten by Leslie Duncan.   )

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So many things to do before we can really rest.  Way to go Erik... )

Tweet will be done,  getting our 'ducks  in a row'  lol  Ashtar and Crew.

Btw, don't we al love  the embrouded shirt Gordon was wearing with  the big sun in  the back and the  2 golden yellow duckies on the front.  I bet He still has that shirt.  )  Btw Gordon, Please, if can, come to Boston - Cambridge area and play, if led.   TY!  )


Grateful Dead - Ripple - 10/31/80 - Radio City Music Hall (OFFICIAL)

Thank You God for Conceiving and Creating Uncle Jerry and His Friends ~ Everyone. We are All eternally Grateful for our kind, sweet, fun loving beings and the silence and music that is the soundtrack for our blessed lives Now and forever. And So It Is. <3 ) ) ) What's that Jesus? ) Indeed. )

Scorpions - Wind Of Change

God Is Not Fooling Around, again, Guys. Here we have The Most Powerful Group on The Planet to Show The Way. Lead if You Can, Follow if Led, or Please - just get the Heaven out of the Way. TY God & TY Scorpions.

Scorpions - Send Me An Angel

God Save The Scorpions and The Doves and The People Etc, Etc, Thank You God. <3 )

Scorpions - Humanity

Thank You Again God for Scorpions and Your Music thru Them. TY Scorpions on BeWhole of Humanity. Little boy at the end. We All concur. 'It's time.' 'It Is Done.' And So It Is.

On Bewhole of All The Teams esp Team 'God Is Love and Love Is God. Love God and Love One Another' We Thank You God for All Your kind mercies and All Your Infinite Love and Thank You God for our eternal Infinite Fun future with You, Dear God as our collective, Friend, mentor and lover, Now and forever. In Jesus Name. And So It Is. Indeed.

Infinite We Are and We Live In Infinity Now...

Now.  4/2/18 and going forever forward...

A little lesson in words and why we use the term 'infinite' over other terms for describing God. Infinite Triumphs other terms, plain and simple. Even the dictionary says it...



immeasurably great:
an infinite capacity for forgiveness.
indefinitely or exceedingly great:
infinite sums of money.
unlimited or unmeasurable in extent of space, duration of time, etc.:
the infinite nature of outer space.
unbounded or unlimited; boundless; endless:
God's infinite mercy.
not finite.
(of a set) having elements that can be put into one-to-one correspondence with a subset that is not the given set.
something that is infinite.
Mathematics. an infinite quantity or magnitude.
the boundless regions of space.
the Infinite (Being) God.

God even has a  designated driver to the infinite.  Who could it be?  Men at Work?

Look in this part of God's script, Guys, if led...Yeah, it's a good thing when a human being knows what his-her 'joy' is. It's really not a j o b if one en-joys what he-she does and GOD Knows Paul loves his joy.  Nothing beats working for God.  #Bornforthiswork #Bestattractsbest #LawofAttraction #Alwayshumble #AlwaysGrateful 

www.tinyurl.com/ItsAllGod    )

God's script Is perfect, like All of HISHER Gods & Goddess Beings, playing our parts.  Just as Dolores Cannon says in the above 'Master Class.'  

So, Dear Ones, the cosmic jig is up.  The reel is done and ended.  What's left to do?  Celebrate.  YES, Indeed Celebrate.  To God Be All Glory Forever and Ever.  And So It Is.

Rec & beginning 4/2/18  7:00 p.m.

 So, do we have a song to go exactly here for this moment?  Of course we do.  Your humble cosmic DJ looks left, right, up, down and zeroes in on one artist and one song.  The perfect song w/o a shadow of a doubt.  Mr Elvis, please step forward, Sir,  and share your God given gift w humanity, will You please, Bro? 

Thank You God and Thank You Elvis, The King of Rock & Roll. )

Elvis Presley Are You Lonesome Tonight Fantastic Video

Thank You God for Elvis and for All of us straight out of Your Great Central Casting Vault so Your perfect, infinitely perfect script, could play out. TY Elvis and we'll see you and all the other volunteer actors in the cosmic 'green room' soon. )


Thank You God for Patriciia Cota Robles and TY Patricia for All You do to facilitate humanity's ascension. ) Recent Vlogs have been shared here... www.tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-18777
Patricia's site: www.eraofpeace.org Remember - sharing is caring & God bless Ya's. )

A Tale of Two Earths.... and Two QHHT Sessions

Thank You God for creating Allison Coe and TY Allison for sharing Your gifts w Your Friends, All of Us. <3 )

Now 4/4/18 An Angel # Fun Day. All Day's Are Fun Days. So we, God Willing, will soon commence Heaven on Earth II page. Meanwhile check the new news over here at the 'Homestead' site where our friend here disappeared but now is back. Reminds us of 'The Prodigal Son' story from The Bible. Ioho the most joyful story in The Bible. http://EarthPartyForever.com Maybe see You there. Keep smiling, people will think you're up to something, and they'll be right. )

Now 8/14/18 An agenda gift if we want it. Say ahhh )

Tweet & FB:  Pictured ~ A suggested agenda to a crazy world in need of peace love and rock & roll intervention. A gift to One and all on a chill cosmic Tuesday afternoon, Ty #TheMoodyBlues for the soundtrack (Video below) More here if int: www.paulfb.com Warning: This is a Fun Zone, so bring yer smiles, right Jerry? ) ) )  

For forever afternoons... <3

Thank You The Moody Blues.