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 To The Light...  ❤  😎


Now.  October, 2018

So, dear friends, who has a clue of where we, aka the family termed 'Humanity', are at, right about now in these halcyon days of Triumph for our troubled human evolution?  Ok, yes, you there, standing and knocking, in front of that particular door w yer buddy, Tom, now an 'insider.'  Sing it sons. Ty.  )

Now. Update 10//10/18

To whom it may interest,

This page and the previous 'Hope' page is dedicated to those among us who, having maybe bitten off more than they can chew, so to speak, may be dealing with life from a termed 'upside down' status.  You may be 'dying' for  change in your life but don't put that in your hands, don't do that literally,  Please, know this too will pass, life gets better.  Each day brings a new sunrise, a new horizon, where incredible things could happen. 

A S K  God for the Very best to manifest in your life and just be Grateful, no matter what comes.  We  rec just trying it and hang on to see what happens.  The following videos w peeps whao have experienced termed NDE's Near Death Experiences are here to inform, enlighten and hopefully  steer one from taking that sad final step.  Most likely you will regret that action the second you pass over, esp for what it would do to your loved ones.  Please do see these on YT where you can see many heartfelt comments and many stories from others who have died and come back.

September was 'Suicide Prevention Month.'  So, here in October, what?  We slack off?  No way, dear friends.  In fact, as someone accustomed to taking the bull by the horns and not waiting on anyone else except God, we hereby declare, decree and invoke that, on bewhole of the sovereign, volunteer spirits ~ souls acting our parts in the material, illusionistic world we call planet Earth, aka Mother Earth, Terra, Christa Gaia, and as a sovereign son of God and founder of Sons and Daughters of Light Inc. we declare that Every month is Suicide Prevention Month. 

If you are in a dire situation, Think about how your untimely departure would affect your family and friends.  Get help.  Pick up the phone and call your local help place for this.  Ask the operator or google it.  There are people willing and able to help and many have been where you may be now. There Is help.  Our goal here is, if we and this tool of a helping place, can dissuede just one person from making a free will choice, that one is almost certain to regret immediately, except in certain contract situations, then we, and this site, have done our job.

Life is Good, dear friends.  Our advice, if anyone should ask, is:  Live, Love, Laugh, Smile and Be Grateful for everything, while having Fun.  No matter how good, bad or ugly things seem on the surface, God's Divine plan includes all of that and when we return 'upstairs' we will understand all the why's and wherefore's  of everything.  Any questions?  awesome.  See ya's around the schoolhouse.  <3  )

Sincerely and Thank You and Richest Blessings One and All 

Paul & Company                                                         

p.s.  Contact info and lots of good stuff is here: 


Thank You Bob Dylan We're right behind you. )

10/7/18 Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan & Tom Petty

Thank You Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Heartbreakers, Guests, Audience ~ Everyone. <3 )

What is the meaning of life? - Near Death Experience - of Wayne Morrison...

Thank you Bro Wayne for sharing. ) and Thank you NDEaccounts.

The near-death experience of Barbara Bartolome...

Thank you Barbara Bartalone. <3 ) and Thank you Anthony Chene production.

Terry Yoder : From the other side

Thank you Terry Yoder for sharing the good news... ) also Neale Donald Walsch and Thank you Anthony Chene production.

The near-death experience of Peter Anthony

Thank you Peter Anthony... ) and Thank you Anthony Chene production.

The near-death experience of Heidi Craig...

Thank you Heidi Craig... ) and Thank you Anthony Chene Production.

Near-Death Experience, Knows God & Heaven Exist

Thank you Pat and billsvideos123 foe sharing what is for some people - life saving information. Hope y'all are watching these on YT bc the comments are pretty amazing with many peeps sharing their own NDE's. Let's carry on folks and always look to the light. <3 )

Beyond Our Sight (Documentary)

Thank you Anthony Chene production and all who contributed their stories for this great documentary.

10/8/18 Now ~ Have You Heard HD - The Moody Blues

Thank You The Moody Blues for sharing the word with such brilliant elegance, and
illuminatedEntity for the awesome graphics. <3 )

Now 10/8/18 The Purpose of this page is to Not give up on Hope. Right, Erik? )

Alright dear brothers and sisters, the moment has come - as we logged in to do this sharing on the subject of suicide,  the  taking of one's own precious life.  This moment is further bolstered with us checking an email from the 'Channeling Eric' group and Elisa's sharing of her son, Erik, who did just that, but on a contract basis, so that Erik and Elisa can do God's work in enlightening the masses. Please read Elisa's intro and the timely topic re the #MeToo movement.  Here's the link. 

Hope all will read it in your own divine timing and, if led, share w others, hopefully with this whole page and the previous 'A Place for Hope' page. Here's direct links...  This page link:     'A Place of Hope'  link:   

Of course, all pages are on the menu at top under the main  site. Spirit also says 'put this here Paul where it all started...'  Some content may be missing due to Google not up to the task of keeping pictures intact or vids being taken down.  It is what it is, at this point. 

Erik has a page here , if int...   

Thank you Bro Erik for being around us and your multitude of friends, simply for the asking.  <3  )

So, yes, this and the previous page have emerged as places for any person who is experiencing trouble in the form of depression, heartache, loss, separation, hopelessness, disappointment, just can't do this anymoreness, etc Please, take some minutes and listen to the stories of the courageous people, many of whom were struggling with symptoms like these that you may be suffering with riight now.

We simply cannot recomend enough to take their stories to heart.  Everything happens for a  reason.  It's no accident that you are here.  Creator's love for  us is Infinite.  Creator Is infinite and we, sparks of God are invited to go along for the ride. We are all friends on the other side.  Spirit has a few songs lined up for us so let's listen to the music and maybe a few more NDE's.  Ok, dear friends?  Awesome.  )

Btw The term NDE for Near Death Experiences is really, ioho, a misnomer.  These people who have experienced what is termed NDE's number now, in this age of modern technology, in the hundreds of  thousands, if not  millions.  We think they should  be termed something like IDE's for 'Interrupted Death Experiences,' or simply 'Short Death Experiences ' or SDE's 

I mean these people have  flatlined, they've, in many cases, gone thru a tunnell, looked  down on their body from the ceiling, witnessed what's going on w loved one's elsewhere, seen and felt the profound love in re-connecting w family and friends, not to menntion Jesus, Mary and  God HimHer Self.  Others have gone to a limbo like place and some a not pleasant place at all.

Every soul has a unique experience custom made for each of us.  Many get to see their life review and when they come back they make changes to be much kinder, compassionate and above all - more loving humans.  Many write books and make amazing hospice volunteers and thrive in many giving capacities.

Paul, you had a NDE, didn't you?  ) yes, spirit, you know that at @ age 7 I almost drowned in Cunningham pool at Cunningham Park in beautiful Milton, Ma where we grew up.  Mine was a true NDE Near Death Experience bc I did not leave my body, death  was near.  I was in the fetal position at the bottom of the pool. 

Angels were gathering to take me and then at the last second, it seemed,  I heard a 'Shwoosh' and felt myself pulled up strongly by my elboows.  It was 2 angels disguised as 12 year old  boys, one on each elbow, and  they carried be to safety with my legs folded under me.  There's no doubt they saved my life that day.

Thank You Angels!  As we chilled on the shore, no one seemed to notice.  And life went on.  If you remember being there and doing this Good deed, contact me and let's go for a beer.)  I shudder to think how familly and Mom, esp, would have coped with the loss, as  tears come.   

P.s.  As we type this we are watching our favourite TV show:  Long Island Medium.  Theresa Is  truly amazing, (The client in this split second said Theresa is 'amazing'  )  a synchronicity affirming that we are exactly  where we are supposed to be - doing EXACTLY *  what we are supposed to be doing, and guess what folks?  So Are We All.  All God's children are created Awesomely amazing.  We're all amazing, dear brothers and sisters.  

*This word is unedited and is kept exactly as it came out when we typed it  and looked up.  We  question when these things happen and we usually don't edit to what we 'thought' we were typing, as the universe  knows best.  (same goes for the italics.)

PP.s.  So  Dear Friends, can we (speaking as a multidimensional being, like you) call you a friend?  We hope so bc we think it's time for all of us, God's lovingly created immortal spiritual beings, born to be 'companion'  Creator Gods and Goddesses to The One, to unite and come together as One Team ~ Now and forever and ever and ever.  And So It Is.

PPP.s Now playing on the TLC channel... 'Long Lost Family.'   You can't make this stuff up.  Right, Theresa?  lol  

Alright, guys, we all need  some TLC with what the world has become these days. Creator has  a song in the queu and it seems custom made for we rolling stones, and what we are doing for each other now.  Let's greet each other, after the wait, and see  nothing else other than a fellow immortal spiritual being that we've been friends with forever and rejoice in the divine love and music that will nurture us thru all eternity.

Eternity is our friend and we are at the shore of that infinity.  Good bye politics, religion, nationalism, delusions of superiority and anything else that divides.  We are 'Team Oneness' and we are all going to have a nice forever.  )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

The Rolling Stones - Waiting On A Friend - OFFICIAL.

Thank You The Rolling Stones and Yer Friends ~ Everyone... <3 )

10/9/18 It occurs, dear friends, haven't we all done this a few times before? You're all so very familiar... Steely Dan 《Do It Again》

Thank You Steely Dan. We thinks we got it right this time. <3 )

Hey Guys, God's sending another train around // The Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line.

Thank You The Traveling Wilburys. Your passengers all <3 You Guys. ) ) ) #Nooneleftbehind.

To be continued...

10/9/18 A friend chimes in on his special day... )


Now. 10/9/18

Happy Birthday John!   )
John speaks from the other side, if int...
From July 2013
---With large Thank you to Intuitive Consultant James Law we have Dr Peebles as 'gatekeeper' we hear from, Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon  and Jesus, stepping forward. We are truly humbled and sharing bc we know all can benefit from this 'good stuff,'  even just feeling the love... TY to All and Everyone as One.  <3  )
(John starts at 32:05, right after Jerry testifies that we all go back to God.)
A word from John on everyone finding themselves on this particular track...

John Lennon - Imagine

Thank You John and Yoko, May we all dream on as one family forever... <3 )

Now 10/10/18 Imagine, while waiting on a friend this morning, John checks in... )

Wow, Paul, another 'coincidence'  Ha Ha. Yep, another day for them to pile up - for me and you  gentle reader. Dr Peebles, One of our prime guides says, put the next song up, dude.  Hmmm, wasn't  this just mentioned by You, Good  Dr P? in that reading?  Indeed.  Actually Paul, there are no coincidences in our life movies, as you know.  They are termed 'synchronicities' and when they occur, know the universe is giving a little wink or a sign that we're 'good.'  As John said above, in every moment we are where we are meant to be and there's a reason for it.  We'll do the best we can, spirit, that's all a loving Infinite Creator can or would ask of HisHer beloved ~ beyond any human comprehension, children. 

Have a nice day, keep smiling and collectively they will add up to a nice forever. immortal spiritual beings  who are meant to live on love, love, love and good music.  i.e. whatever floats your particular boat. 8 )  Never doubt my dear friends how much we are loved, 'Cheered on' and guided to the best outcome that we planned pre birth.  Yes, there are and wil be challenges and some have bit off more than we can chew, however God Is on our side (the only side, really) and with HimHer With us and In us... we got no chance of losing this time we got NO  chance of losing this time.  Carry on Winners.  Hi 5's to All the Grateful Llving in Team Oneness family.  Try to en-joy Your movie Shiny Star beings.  <3  )  )  )

Alright Guys the planned song has just now been bumped by this... )

Thank You The Grateful Dead <3 )

Well, again the song we had in mind that's waiting is bumped for this... Blue Oyster Cult-The Vigil- Live in Paris 06/09/2009 )

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. Dead~icated to all who came down here w 'more than we can chew.'
Welcome All to the club... <3 )

Ok, Guys here that song that came on right after John's Imagine this morning. Hope en-Joy. Then we're off to New Hampshire to transport another friend. Catch Ya's later. <3 )

Shiny Ones, Can you imagine... In Your Wildest Dreams? TYG <3 )


Here we go, with a nod ; to Dr Peebles, right  in synch and perfect placement as God Is doing the work here, we know that simple fact, right, friends?  God in Paul, God in all of us.  Your High self, all our high selves are blooming and blossoming now in the' eternal now'  moments that make up eternity.  It's a trend we can't buck, guys, no matter how hard we  try.  Best thing to do now?  Knowing it's the best we can do?  Surrender to The Light.  Good's Got This guys.  Rejoice, Celebrate and Be Grateful ~ Forever. )

 00000008  )  Join team Love in action and you'll be in excellent company. if we do say so ourselve.  As Neil Young's and  God, of course, Harvest Moon plays in the background on Yt. )


Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams

Thank You The Moody Blues Sharing a wonderful story <3 )

Can't help thinking of The Moodies as 'Heaven's House Band.' )

More Moodies: 

Back later with a wonderful song for a wonderful world. #Outthedoor

Now. 10/11/18 We're back with, as promised, a wonderful song for a wonderful world, sung by a wonderful man. Louis Armstrong: What a wonderful world

Thank You Mr Louis Armstrong for your, and your generation''s, contributions to the making of Heaven on Earth. And So It Is. <3 )

Now 10/11/18 Is it harvest time, Humanity? We Hope so... )


God 11 and the Angel number 44, seem to proclaim a harvest of some kind happening w this picture.  God knows Paul is ready to go home, but not until it's his time, cuz no way is he coming back.  Help me do Your work Dear God and when we're done, we're done.  And So It Is. )

10/11/18 Is it just me, guys, but when we go on this page, our vibrations seem to soar, and we get a (let song do the talking, after a Hi 5 from Glenn, Pres of Team Oneness.) TY Bro. <3 )


Glenn says 'Use this one bro' ) The Eagles Peaceful Easy Feeling Deacon Frey @Little Caesars Arena Detroit MI 10 27 2017

Thank You Now Eagles and Your Fans ~ Everyone, we hope ;- )

The Eagles Live At The Capital Centre, March 1977 Full Concert HD

Thank You Eagles... ~ ~ ~

Ok, back to work, guys...

Thank you Leroy Kattein. Don't do it unless you want to go thru what some of these examples, Leroy shares. of what some people have gone through. There Is a Very bright light at the end of the tunnel. Hope lives, fear dies. Always.

What Happens In The Afterlife To People Who Commit Suicide?

Thank you Mr Bob Olson for this wonderful, even handed, practical and informative presentation. Hope Everyone watches this. <3 ) #themoreyouknow...

And more...


Gotta run...Later, good stuff in the  queu

Now & forever (10/13/18) Saturday night ) Stand and be recognized Team Oneness. You Made It. )



Hello You, Yes, 'You.'  Congratulations! You're still here, in the game.  Welcome to The Club!  We're So proud of you.  God Knows how tough it was for you, dear soul.  Know, by your being here and  reading this, you are forever recognized as a 'soul survivor max.'  You've come thru many fights; you've loved, fought, won and lost and suffered and died, here and elsewhere, many times. 

The incredibly beautiful Planet Earth, known by many  as the 'insane asylum of the omniverse' is, indeed,  the hardest schoolhouse of all the countless learning places in God's infinite creation, hands down. 

Though, most of us here on this 'Plant it' have been 'thru the mill' in some ways  and 'been to hell and back' you know what, dear friends?  There was never even any shadow of a doubt of the final outcome in this earthly passion play.  When God chose 'we volunteers' to be the one's to come down here and 'Fix' this place, once and for all, over the countless other soul ~ spirits with heir hands raised, so to speak, and many stepping aside so we could be the ones here to do the work. 

These spirits who graciously stepped aside for us are our biggest cheerleaders, guys.  They put their 'money,' so to speak, on us, the strongest of the strong, bravest of the brave, and we of the core 144.000 took an abiding contractual, verbal oath that we would stay the course, no matter what, to do our part in the bringing forth of the light and the infinite love of God to the world.  We vowed to do what we had to do to the very best of our God given abilities.

No, we're not boasting or bragging or anything like that.  Spirit is moving these fingers and this is what is showing up on the screen and this information is not exclusive to this particular page/place.   

So, dear friends, think there are parties, shouts and celebrations going on up there in Heaven?  OMG  ) Could, at this late date, or early, depending on how one looks at it, there be any doubt, whatsoever, that   HESHE Infinite Source Creator God knew Exactly what HESHE was doing, from the beginning?  Of course, how could there be any other outcome bc God Is So Good and HisHer divine plan for humanity, is perfect.  

Allright, and Yes, everything Is alright when we trust God.                                                  Now, coming forward is a very, loving, empathic friend to all of us here and everywhere, and He's gonna share a song w us.  Let the scribe go and bring it back...  (Right Back guys, wait for me.  Ty.  )


In God we trust to send the Very Best to help us. TY God. <3 )


Yes, this 'lover of the world' also showed up this morning at 8:44 a.m  truly another one of God's Incredible (modest) angels.  Thank You George. We All <3 You!  )  And Leon, ok, and Everyone.  No one Is left out of The Infinite's Divine, Perfect, Life Essential Source Love.  And So It Is.  )

George Harrison & Leon Russell & Band - Beware Of Darkness - Live Madison Square Garden 1971

Thank You and God Bless You George and Leon and Band and Audience and Everyone and Everything Everywhere, IJN. And So It Is. Note esp, guys, what the Man, or was He an Angel? warns us of at 2:44 Nuff said.

What's that, Bro Paul?


Exactly, Our Dear Friend.  )

Blue Bird / Listen to What the Man Said - Paul McCartney & Wings Live '76 HQ

Awesome. Thank You Paul & Linda McCartney & Wings. <3 )

Didn't think we'd leave out Ringo, did Ya? No way. ) No Time (1992) Ringo Starr, Burton Cummings, Joe Walsh and Todd Rundgren at Montreux

Thank You Ringo Starr and Yer All Starr Band. <3 )

Grateful Dead - Sugaree - October 1974, Winterland, SF.

Thank You The Grateful Dead. Alright Guys, when we're all young again, let's meet at the eternal jubilee and have fun forever. Hey, maybe we can start now, if we're real good, who knows? Yeah, God knows. If we put Everything in God''s Hands, guys, we're sure to have a nice forever. ) Who wants to just try it and see what happens? Who's stepping forward? You? We sincerely hope so.

Thank You for stopping by, God Bless and See Ya's on the run... )

Ok,  looks like this page has done what it was created to do. We've shared some urgency re the suicide epidemic which is very hard to deal with, esp when so many of our military and first responders.  The out of control opioid catastrophe goes on, causing so much heartbreak and deaths., many that could be avoided with more empathic support.  We have shared here that their is really - so much good stuff to live on for and we're just getting started, old souls. 

We can bring on the Joy when we decide to let go of all the dark stuff bringing us down all the time. We can't enncourage peeps more to feed yourselves,  w  good, uplifting nourishment for the soul.  Ask oneself, is my video game addiction something I want to be doing when I'm 30, 40, or older.  Mother nature is right outside our doors, guys, saying, Hey, come out... you don't know what you're missing.  We got lots of love out here just waiting for Your footsteps.

So, this page has made its point. It's content will live here as long as this site stays up but is also in the books upstairs, and much better replica in the akosh of this venture. May it help everyone who sees it and is comforted in some small or large way.  We invite ya's to stay tuned for the next, new 'crazy' good' page as Creator has promised.*  If led, please share this site with all your friends ~ Everyone.  Remember please... Love Triumphs Everything that is not love.  We will not list negatives here, however know that the future is Now for all of us to pitch in and help make everything right, if not perfect.

Your input is very much appreciated.  None of us are shrinking violets or we wouldn't be here.  There's a  reason we are the ones here on the beautiful cosmic campus, Mother Earth ~ Terra Christa Gaia, a living sentient volunteer being hosting our madness, chaos and destruction.  This madness must stop, Now. As Jesus told us  and it still rings truer than true today... "God Is Love and Love Is God, Love God and Love one Another."  Take those words to <3 folks and let's bring on the dawn of eternal  and infinite possibilities.  Deal?  And May God Bless Us All, each and eery one.  And So It Is.  

* Now 10/19/18  ... and delivered.  )

Namaste.  )

Paul and Company, in humble service to ALL THAT IS.

Rec & fin... 10/14/18  3:33 a.m.

 p.s.  Rec next stop is here:  or 'Crazy People Unite'  from above menu. Either one works.  Keep smiling, God Loves us.  )


Now 10/19/18 Brother Gregg Allman steps forward- I'm No Angel. Really Gregg? )

Thank You Bro ~ Angel Gregg Allman & Crew. We All can't wait to catch up w You and Duane & Berry and Butch rt al the Fam of Brothers & Sisters on The Other Side... Soon, we Hope <3 )

Now 11/8/18 Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son...

Thank You Kansas. I do believe we're Not in Kansas anymore, folks. )

Now 11/8/18 These are The days... Oh my )



Alright, dear ones, we do have a 3rd place of hope.  Can you guess what it's titled?  You guessed it ~ 'Hope Springs Eternal'  Kind of a no brainer.  )  You can click on the menu above or click this link                                                                                                                                    Hope Springs Eternal  Hope to see Ya's there... <3  )

P.s.  Have we mentioned, friends,  what an absolute honour and privilege we feel, in our heart, to serve Creator and All of us peeps, i.e. we fellow humble ones, Gods and Goddesses, in our own right. My oh my, do we all have a fantastically amazing future of complete and total Awesomeness, never to end, dear ones. All we gotta do is get in the flow of God's good graces for us, dear brothers and sisters.  Dr Peebles says, 'hand them that memo again, Paul'   You must mean this one, my Very Dear Friend... )  

Read it and celebrate, guys...  

And what did Jesus, Yeshua, have to say? 

And here's another nice place to visit, if want, who wouldn't? We got a lot of good friends sharing Good stuff on Mother Mary's pages, guys.  Hope Ya's en-joy it.  It's all for us, all part of the divine flow from Source. 

Alright, see Ya's around.

Namaste.  11/8/18  5:44 a.m. )


Now 6/1/19 THE YOUNGBLOODS Let's get together 1967 Chet Powers´s song

Thank You God and Son Jesus Yeshua & Sananda ~ on be-whole of us Super Grateful Youngbloods Let's Try, Bro's and sisters, 'Let's do this.' Starting NOW <3 ) ) ) Guys, W Jesus & Janis And The Grateful Living Team w us on our team, we got no chance of losing at all. Now, don't just 'believe' ~ KNOW. Now. And never look back. Catch ya's at the cinema or the store weir ever the hip angelseverything is 88 cents The magic #. Look everything is only ,88 every one has that, if not we'll pay it 4 ward. Let's awl (well) be angels 2 one another, Deal? What's that Jerry? Jerry plays 4 free now and thru eternity. Smiles, hugs non physical no prob...Here Ya's go... { } Grateful Dead style. ) in flesh just do it on Your end, guys. Give you're loved departed ones a hug on this side, guys. The get it over there 4 sure. ) Typing this w Coming Up Close by Til Tuesday playing in background ({ }. <3 ( ) ) ) ) } To Victory. Light over light. TYJ !

Now 6/1/19 Neil Young - Harvest Moon Coming everyone? We Hope so. ) ) )

Thank You Neil ~ God and The Sweet Harvest Brothers and Sisters & esp the children and pets! C <3 ) ) )
Wow, are we lucky, guys, Neil's friend and ours, Ms Joni Mitchell steps 4 ward to share her vision in song.

Now... June 1, 2019 Joni Mitchell - Hejira (1976) Full Album

OMG Thank You God 4 Joni. Laying down the highway 2 7th Heaven for us all, God's infinitely Grateful kids. We'll see each other, hopefully real soon on the other side. It's all in God's hands. We could not be in better hands, guys. Celebrate. Want a place to see more of what God does 4 us? Mosey on over here, if led Cheers. )

Now 6/2/19 Joni Mitchell In London 1970 Chelsea Morning California Both Sides Now + more...

Thank You Joni Mitchell for sharing your beautiful gifts.  God willing, and She is, we'll all catch each other on the flip side.  Thank Everyone <3 4 being here and hearing, maybe 4 the 1st time, the power and grace and deliverance that music can do 4 the soul.  Souls can fly, in case ya didn't know.  More Joni here and All Invited.    <3  )