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A Hope Bridge. Caddy Memorial Park, Quincy, Ma.

Now 10/30/18 Styx - Come Sail Away

Thank You Styx for a song of Hope. indeed.

Hope is not something to give up on, take it from Nick...

I Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge

Thank you Bro Kevin for sharing your story. Our goal is to stop at least one person from making that final, sad decision. If led, please share this material and know you've played an important part in this movement. Thank You.

The Kevin Hines Story

Thank You Kevin Hines.

Near Death Experience - Proof of 7 layers of Heaven

Thank You Kelly Walsh and Amit Kainth <3 )

Edgar Cayce Visions on Reincarnation and Karma...

Thank you John Van Auken and The Edgar Cayce Foundation for helping we 'immortals' to understand ourselves better. <3 )

Now 10/31/18 Who wants to move on w our friends and have Fun?

 Hey Team Oneness, as our 'One for all and all for one' team motto implies; what's ours is yours, so, on that note... meet 'Vivienne,' our shiny new HP laptop which arrived Monday replacing our trusty Gateway which expired shortly after completing the 'Further Hope Shared' page.  

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What a grand now and future we are looking at, folks.  OMG  We get to hang out forever w God and God's friends like oh, Jesus, Mother Mary, Mom, Stevie, Tom and their friends ~ Everyone, inc our beloved pets. So, living loving, survivor friends, can we all call each other 'friend'?

Hope so, let's rejoice, let's celebrate and be eternally glad and Grateful that God, The One Infinite Creator Source ALL THAT IS GOD Loves us So Very much and HeShe proved it when SheHe sent Jesus to get us. Will we take His holy authorized hand, as one?  Here's  hoping, dear ones. And So It Is.  <3

                                                                                                                                                              Thank you Mr Gateway, you served us well.  See ya in paradise... oh, we're already here.  )

 The hammock, essential equipment for God's and our, well earned eternal recreation.  <3  )

                                                                                                                                                              Kryon is here, Please, Kryon, lay some cosmic wisdom on us... However, first, for Mom, our song, a little God's recreation to move forward with...  )

Cat Stevens - Morning has broken 1976

Thank You Mr Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf and Company and fellow pilgrims, All of us. <3 )

Kryon - Learn How You Can Fly ANCIENT WISDOM

Thank You Kryon and Lee Carroll <3 )

George Harrison - The Last Performance (John Fugelsang)

Thank You Spirit which popped this up for placement here w/o a shadow of doubt. ) Thank You George, Ravi and wife. John F and Crew. Hope All en~joy this... <3 )

Who or what could follow this? Spirit delivers the following which we are seeing for the first time, along w many of you's )


Wow 22'02 of pure love. Thank You Sir Paul McCartney and Company of Heaven. All of us (humbly) ; - )

Paul McCartney "Hello Goodbye/All My Loving/We Can Work It Out" Live

Yes God 7:55 of Your perfect plan for us, Your adventurous, humble and Grateful sons and daughter companions to You. Thank You again Bro Paul & Band. Indeed, guys, w God on our side, we can work anything out, can't we? Hope Ya's All Know it. Peace, love, joy, health, youth, harmony, happiness and GRATITUDE! TYG IJN. And So It Is. )

Now 10/31/18 Red Sox fans know all about hope... )



Thank You David Price & Company.  See Ya's next year Red Sox!  )

Special Kudos to Sox ownership, support staff, managers and coaches, ball boys etc and Special Kudos and 'Congrats' to Alex Cora, a manager's manager. Well done Skipper!  #PuertoRicoStrong 


Freddy , tell us the good news, Bro///Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Official Video)

Thank You Freddy and Queen. Most of All TY God who created us each and every one to be the totally unique loving beings we are. <3 ) What's that Freddy? Indeed, my dear friend... )

To All God's children...Queen - We Are the Champions (Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, 1985)

Thank You Queen. <3 )

Hey Kids, it's Halloween, Alice Cooper - School's Out (1972)

Thank You Alice Cooper and Band. We appreciate your announcement. See Ya's somewhere on the infinite highway... <3 )

Now 11/2/18 "Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd

Thank You Pink Floyd. Such amazing lyrics here, and music. 44:16 of sweet R n R angelic music. C'mon Guys, Spirit's Gravy Train is here. Who's getting on with 'The One's' team? Plenty of room for Every~one, right Bro's Jesus and Jerry & Company?... <3 )

Now 11/3/18 Getting ever closer to God, our 'Ultimate friend,' if we 'let' HimHer in...<3 )


Alright Guys, who wants to see a little of where we're coming from?  You, over there?  Oh, it's our close Brother, The Grand Spirit Himself, Dr Peebles.  Lovely to see you again, my Friend.  Yesterday feels so long ago in this linear time paradigm we're living in down here.  Ok, good, here we go... )  www.tinyurl.com/You-me25thdimension   Yeah, my dear friends, here's what we're talking about... www.tinyurl.com/TheInfiniteFrontier777 

And awesome things come in 3's so who wants to catch a wave?www.tinyurl.com/Happinessforever777    Thank you for sharing, if led to do that action.  )

 Anything good on TV, Bro?  Why, yes, look,  It's John, Jesus Jerry, Johnny Cash, The Police  and a pic of the bottom of the Grand Canyon from 'back in the day.'  See 4 yourself, guys... complete w the adventure and love #.  )

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Dr Peebles says "GOD BLESS YOU!"  Each and Every One!  And if you have yet to give this reading a listen, featuring the pictured above, Jesus, John and Jerry (Everyone's) friends, well what better moment than now.  <3 felt Thank You's to Mom,  Dr Peebles, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon and Jesus.  Special 'Thank you' to Intuitive Consultant extraordinaire James Law.


Dr Peebles' place...                                                                     www.tinyurl.com/DrPeebles777  

And we've only just begun, my dear friends.  We have forever just waiting for us to get our act together and wondrous, glorious, joyful reunions just on the other side of this,so called, 'reality' here in 3 and 4 D. 

Ok,  we got a memory to share w Ya's...


Paul F Brown shared a memory.

3 years ago.  (FB)

 Hey Peeps. has the time finally come to get closer to Heaven?

Check the #LedZeppelin #MoodyBlues #GratefulDead & #PatBenatar Love tsunami page at the jubilee:
Don't miss God's party in these early stages. peeps. This is the ride you were born for, indeed.
The new paradigm is here now. Carpe diem.

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Led Zep's page...



And remember fellow Gods and Goddesses...<3 )

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Thank You Dr Wayne.  <3  )

 Alright 'Knowers'  Who's ready for the Grand Merger?  If so, here's a sort of bridge...


Now 11/3/18 November is a Manifestation month...

Coming out of a very deep nap, this was dynamically imprinted in our brain.  This is not a new revelation for us, more of a Hopeful confirmation, again.  Thank You God.  <3  )

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Alright, When only one song can close this thread, there is no question, it Has to be this... Nether Lands ~ Dan Fogelberg...

Thank You Bro Dan Fogelberg, just bringing down The Infinite's caring and goodness in song. And Thank you JM Eagle for the stunning artwork. Check out the comments people have shared about this song, some life changing even life saving, only validating what this masterpiece means to people, and thus, it's placement here. Check Dan's God inspired lyrics... Dan Fogelberg Lyrics
"Nether Lands"

High on this mountain
The clouds down below
I'm feeling so strong and alive
From this rocky perch
I'll continue to search
For the wind
And the snow
And the sky
I want a lover
I want some friends
And I want to live in the sun
And I want to do all the things that I
never have done.

Sunny bright mornings
And pale moonlit nights
Keep me from feeling alone
Now, I'm learning to fly
And this freedom is like
Nothing that I've ever known
I've seen the bottom
And I've been on top
But mostly I've lived in between
And where do you go
When you get to the end of
your dream?

Off in the nether lands
I heard a sound
Like the beating of heavenly wings
And deep in my brain
I can hear a refrain
Of my soul as she rises and sings
Anthems to glory and
Anthems to love and
Hymns filled with earthly delight
Like the songs that the darkness
Composes to worship the light.

Once in a vision
I came on some woods
And stood at a fork in the road
My choices were clear
Yet I froze with the fear
Of not knowing which way to go
One road was simple
Acceptance of life
The other road offered sweet peace
When I made my decision
My vision became my release.

Add Headline: hmm... Ok EXTRA: God's Plan Is Triumphantly Manifesting Now In HisHer House.


Thank You Dan for this heavenly bridge in song...We're flying here... )

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And we know whatever path we take, we can not go wrong.  

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When we shot this the moment was 22:22 on our phone camera.  Thank You kind, loving, empathic Universe for just another loving 'nod' we are doing what we are here to do, no matter what some people may think.  This concludes the 'Hope' trilogy. We sincerely hope it is and will continue to do it's job, simply, giving hope.  Hope can move mountains, it's been said.      Namaste Friends.  )

P.s.  Get yerself some 'Essential' Dan Fogelberg here, if led...


P.p.s  Not so fast Paul, God has more good stuff well worth waiting for, right Jerry?  )

Now 11/5/18 Patiently God ) ~ Waiting For A Miracle - Jerry Garcia Band - 11-9-1991 Hampton, Va.

Thank You Jerry Garcia Band. <3 )

Who wants to keep on the bright side? Wow, alright. )

Thank You Jerry Garcia Band. <3 )

So, you know we gotta have a third, so... Grateful Dead - Deal (SMOKIN HOT)

Thank You The Grateful Dead. See Ya's all on that bright side... <3 ) ) )