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Born in the moment of 'Now'  11/11/18  We are so glad you are here.  May we all find peace, love, joy, health, youth, harmony, happiness and eternal adventure in our eternal soul's journey home to the infinite <3   of God...)  And So It Is.  (We do rec flowing here after you've seen 'Simple New now news page.)  Simple new now news.  

Overflow of a God filled heart. Benny Hill Ministries (Yahoo Images.)

Lorna Byrne: The Lady Who Sees Angels Documentary Master

Thank you Angel Lorna Byrne and Mr Ted Yacucci. Lovely work, indeed. <3 )

Uncle John's Band ♫♪ Grateful Dead, 2/9/73

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

 Full disclosure on this selection... we had no idea what song spirit would place here other than it would be a song.  So we ask spirit and we go on YouTube and right there staring at us is this.  We click on it and as we listen we know this is it. again.  Just like at www.tinyurl.com/Gazers777 

this song knows where it belongs, and far from us to fight it.  Yep, friends, this is definitely the God, Jesus, Jerry and Paul show and the Company of wonderful angels on earth and in heaven.  Have we passed thru the portal = gate to the angelic realms, dear ones?  Let's look for clues, fellow detectives, ok?  ) i.e.  Later today, the sandman's here.  )

Rec & fin for now  11/11/18  3:44 a.m.

Later... Here's pic taken today at that 11:11:18 at 11:11 a.m.   W Mom and the witnesses... )

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As shared at the front page, The Doors showed up this morning...

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We're loving our new computer, no more third of the screen in dark.  Now full on w no restrictionns.  

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All the better to share fully going forward...Thank You God and Jesus and Everyone.  <3  )

Archangel Michael Testimony.!! Must watch.!!

Thank You Archangel Michael and Chris Riley. Powerful testimony. )( Stay Strong, Bro...)

Now 11/12/18 How is Your 11:11 Gateway journey so far?...

Hey Guys, Are you feeling it?  It's only going to get better and stronger as we allow ourselves to be led and guided to our full energetic potential as the divine, infinite cosmic beings we were created to be.  We know this can be rather mind blowing but take it from a dude who's had his mind blown before ~ we ain't seen nothing yet. Right Jerry?  )  Yeah, guys, that's our language, a smile says it all.  )  Let the blossoming begin fellow dear immortal spiritual beings.

We are led to share this dispatch that we shared in a few spiritual groups and 3 Deadhead groups.  Here we share the Deadhead version w the top paragraph bc we feel Everyone should be a deadhead.

Paul F Brown shared a link.

Hey Deadheads, Hope ya all know Jerry loves us All to the core, right? Like God and Jesus, anyone Really Can have a personal relationship with him like we do. Here's an excellent Fun, Hope and very musical site to hang out w The Man. Just ask and He will be there for His 'kids' ) Now, here's the post we shared in a few groups and will place in 'Freedom Forever' page at the below site. Hope en-joy. )

Wow, how was everyone's first 11:11:11 gateway day? Awesome, we hope.We've been on this computer, 'Vivien' all day, just about. 
We're in it now, guys, the cosmic deep end. Hope Ya's can swim. There's no turning back now The angels are with us in Force as we, w our DNA, and the planet, Terra, Christa Gaia, Mother Earth, who deserves our complete and total love and Gratitude have shifted into the light, etheric realms now, right Mom? )

Come and witness some pretty pretty good stuff, if we do say so, ourselves, as we watched it flow out of our fingers and onto the modern day 'tablet' known as the computer. Space age technology, when used rightly, can bring us all together in light and love to do God's will for us, the only thing we should really be doing anyway, if we know what's best for us, my dear friends. Can we call you our friend, friends? Hope so. )

God, Universal Mother Mary, Jesus/Yeshua, Dr Peebles, Mom and many more spirits like Uncle Jerry and Co like Jimi H, John L who participated in that gamechanging reading with James Law are available there to aid and assist, esp if one 'asks.' Simply allow and watch the magic happen. Thank you very much. And Be Blessed! And So It Is. www.paulfb.com 😎

Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower - Live Atlanta 7-4-70

Thank You Jimi Hendrix, one of Humanity's super shining stars for saying. 'Put me here, Bro'. ) "Done, Son." ) Creator says, not scribe. ) Jimi's page www.tinyurl.com/JimiHendrix777

Kryon Explains Why Its So Special to See 11:11 and Other Repeating Numbers

Thank You Kryon and Lee Carroll... 39:51 of good stuff. )

Now 11/12/18 Numbers, we got numbers, right, Mom? <3 )

Is this what you're talking about, Kryon?  )

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Now 11/12/18 Queen - Live AID 1985 Full Concert (Best Version) (HD)

Thank You Queen. Saw Bohemian Rhapsody today with Cousin Ned. 2 words to Everyone re this movie... SEE IT!!! <3 )

Queen BBC Documentary

Thank You Queen, BBC and Lady Taylor for sharing on YT. <3 )

Freddie Mercury | National Geographic

Thank You Freddie Jupiter and National Geographic. Yeah, God gave our lovely friend a BIG raise. ) Guys, obviously there's tons of stuff online re Freddy and Queen. If led, check it out, and other good stuff, like NDE's. Their all different, and they all prove One thing. GOD IS. 0 )

On way home from the movie we spotted a photo opp for the fam.  

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Complete with this destination sign.  )

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Good thing we all know the Dead aren't dead, they're more alive than we are, vibrating at much higher frequencies. So, this sign could translate to... 'life just beginning.'  )



There is much magic in 'Gratitude.' )

Now  11/13/18

So, after sharing the above we thought of a 'beginnings' song, however, Spirit has that taken care of right at the top of this page... In God's Hands.  Yeah, it's The Allman Brothers Band kicking off that page.  Now on the top intro we did change it from that to 'The Grateful Planet, In God's Hands...Now and Forever...<3 )  And just a little synchro validation... not 7 seconds after we placed 'Grateful' there. a commercial on TV - (watching our fave show 'Long Island Medium') mentioned that word.  There You go again, God.  )

 Who likes slide shows?  Check this and the following, if led... )


1Now. 11/15/18  Also shared here A Course in Miracles 


Now 11/17/18 I can't believe I did that...

Did what, Paul?  First, should have known better but it didn't occur to me. I'll tell you in pictures, Shine, since the text won't be down for breakfast.  Ok, we log in here, Joe Friday time, see?

Image may contain: water

We were on the computer for hours, downloading, editing, editing and downloading some more... capturing the moment in pictures, listening to music, which is always the pefect music, it seems, for that God given moment.  That, we know, is how God created this universe, to really be at our beck and call esp as we climb the ladder to higher vibrations and quantum  consciousness.  That's also known as Christ consciousness, Correct, Lord Sananda?  ) 

Our fingers seem to know when to simply place a smile  as we now see green flames all around our hands and fingers as we type this, not fast.  We do the 2 finger, looking at the keyboard, try to get it right the first time method. Paul is an excellent typist w his method, however to each his or her own. but we digress.  ) I appreciate that Michael, you're not too shabby yerself.  )

So, to make a long story short, here's a picture of some of that work.  See  those 2 blue gloves at  the bottom of the picture?  That, my dear friends, is proof positive that yer humble servant down here, in 5D now,  is not lying.  In fact, our dear Bro Paul, makes 'Honest Abe'  look like a piker, whatever a piker is. )  (Ashtar is rolling on the floor right now.  Ha ha.  lol  ) 

Yep, just solid evidence that, as Paul shared in the text he did, that he was writing with Archangel Michael, as one. ) (   Btw afre, like..?  .Ever come back to a thread, after editing a previous paragraph and forget where you were going with that?  That's weir  we are now, so lets just get on with the picture, as Jerry is on fire with a 'Fire on the mountain' solo on one of our  home made casserres.  We'll keep it in a safe place, if any friend wants to hear it.  Ok, pic

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Thank You Archangel Michael for your 'blue flame'  support of our mission. 



Now 11/25/18 Christmas comes early this year, guys... Celebrate <3 )

Alright, humanity God Knows, we all can use a break.  Please, let's all read this "Open Letter' New News together, ok?  Good.

So, in response to this from Martin Rudde...


We, { (Paul & Co )} replied...

Paul F Brown <paulfb777@gmail.com>
10:23 PM (31 minutes ago)
to Martin

Hi Martin,
Congrats on the start of your successful journey, my dear friend... It's time to take it to the next level. Have you heard of The Event? It's many things to many people. You can search it on You tube.
Our 'Team Oneness' are having our 'Event' this coming Tuesday afternoon starting at 2 on Field St w CARAVAN OF CARS (POSSIBLY DUCK BOAT. Looked up and saw the caps. That's ok,, we know how God works. Paul is hereby inviting you and all warriors of God to help get the good news of 'The Infinite's' Victory. We will have a real good time all over the plant it when our 46 th president is handed the torch of power from 45. All this is a 'done; deal, my dear friend, as God SheHe Self is in charge of this garden universe which contains the beautiful blue~ green pearl we all know as the jewel of God's Creation.

So, here we are..., literally, on the threshold of a dream. God's dream. It will not be denied, not on George Washing (the 'ton' just diappeared. lol, we're not going looking 4 it. happened when we went to put a space after washing~ Alright, George, yer new name is, simply, George Washing Done. ) Here's our pic.  That bill, btw, went thru the wash in our jeans pocket - intentional  ) and we have a valid 6 month estension to drive, as this espired on our birthday.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Paul F Brown

Alright, Mr Rutte, I am going, with or w/o your permission, to use this as 'An Open Letter.' on the page that God will place it. It's too good not to use. We most likely will start a new blog page, after we do an official 'Come to the Event' page.

Alright, we have 2 portals to the 2 starsites, Martin. This one is the original, after our first site (a ning page) disappeared, way back. Here ya go ~ for you and yer friends, i.e. Everyone...
 www.EarthPartyForever.com  Don't be concerned about any missing content, my dear friend, all here and everywhere is wonderfully 'In God's Hands.'. The 2nd portal is here: www.paulfb.com 

Mr Jerry Garcia, our partner, is one of the official gatekeepers there along w God Jimi Hendrix and God Dr Peebles. All God's children/ companions are Gods and Goddesses.as I 'hope' you know. ) The angels know. perpetually modest, and interested in only one thing and that is to do God's ultra kind will and only God's ultra kind will.
Gotta run, talk soon, I hope. Have your people call my people, ok Babe? Splendid. ) Obtw, have you seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet? You know the Oscar buzz movie about the life and times of Freddy Jjupiter. Oh, I mean Mmercury, the God of communication?. I do hear though, that Freddy got a Huge raise when he passed over, but within this solar system, the biggest planet he could be awarded is Jupiter, as a reference point only. So, we have 2 words 2 everyone re this awesome Far Flung Production of a movie, and if anyone wants 2 see those 2 words, simply click this link and take your time scrolling down 2 see it, if led, oh, and you can also learn more about the angels there and other good stuff, not to mention the place where this communique will be placed as 'An Open Letter' So please, my dear friend, if led, feel free to share this awesomeness which is ALL God's work, Enjoy, dear beloveds, in Christ. Ok, guys, now just take it easy and fly over hear (well) www.paulfb.com/441163632  same here: Freedom Forever page 

Alright, Mr Rudde, I think we're done 4 now. I'm inviting you to lunch asap, there's a cool little place, just down the street, who's new name is 'Happy White's' I hear the food there is really good.  So, as validated in a vivid vision, we had...the parade w the duck boats starts Tuesday. afternoon precisely @ 2. p.m . 2, of course, being the love #. We need @ 4k to get Martha Washing's car out of the Quirk Auto Body shop there. Who, you ask,  is Martha Washing?

It has been revealed 2 Paul, that he is, indeed, the reincarnation of the 'father of our country' - George Washington. Hmm, makes sense w all the dreams we've had of freezing our hearts out at Valley Forge. If everyone gave a buck or 2, we could more than easily accomplish our croudfunding goal.  However, understand, dear ones, the goal goes far far beyond raising money (an endangered species now)  we are using this 4 all peeps to fund whatever 'cause; you may have to raise funds, maybe it's a

to fund your local Ruby Rogers like place so people can have a place to come in out of the cold, grab some free food and hang out w friends, watch TV or take a course, not to mention get a free hug from paul, or one of his professional graduates.  Or, Rob G what's your cause of the week, or Tom, how's yer Best Buddies doing?  Mr Kraft, God knows you like to spread your money around, knowing guys, what we sow, we reap, right? 

So, can we begin?  It can start w one George Washington.  double that and you have the love # 2 2 give.  See how #'s add up?  Indeed, scatter good seed in the field, and guess what, your garden can grow to a plantation, and your home, a palace. However, we have started a millionaire's club w 3 prominent peeps we are trying 2 work with. Paul, here does need help, hes only one puppy w a whole lotta wood to cho. So, if anyone feels led 2 lend a hand - you can be an angel and step forward, confidently, that you are , indeed, doing God's work.  

Oh, Lucky and Daisy, you say you'd like to help but you gotta work all day at some boring, mundane job to make a paycheck so you can put bread on the table to feed your fam? We more than understand, that is why, my dear friends, Everyone needs to read this Urgent message www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777 and this comes in 2 part harmony w Jesus' response tinyurl.com/Jesusdealgoesdown777 which we asked 4... from yer new president. # 46.His high self name is Farili Triumphio, aka as Farili Jagio which translates to: 'the gifted one' as per relayed from 'The Infinite' by Dr Janet Townsend,

Of course, he does answer to Paul Francis Drown* (well) Brown. *Story to go w that when we sit down w Danny Rather, if he asks. ) Paul also does not have a problem answering to 'Hey you' ) High self i.e. God. We all have our own individual high self's that can put absolutely no limitations on love or who we can love. Gender doesn't matter re love, dear ones. Paul now has 2 husbands, Jerry Garcia and Dan Fogelberg. we are, though, for the record, straight sexually. We can make love w music but between the sheets... we agree, not 4 us, however if that's Your style, fine and dandy. God doesn't judge that. We are all our beautiful, God created infinite, immortal spiritual beings who have been around 4 ever and have 4 ever to look 4 ward to.Can we all say Thank You God! Thank You God! We all Love You God... 0 <3 ) Indeed, whole heartedly. )

That message, obviously, is a living breathing glimpse, in writing, back in 1995, a foretelling from his future self. We will take this opportunity to reach out to #45 Mr Trump and his beautiful wife, Malania, to slightly amend his plans for lunch or dinner w Paul and 2 of his lovely wives, Martha aka Nanci, and Dakarra, aka Carol. his beautiful wife, Melania, 2 include lunch at Mt Vernon Restaurant in beautiful Charlestown section of beautiful Boston. Just a suggestion.

And one more thing. Mr Donald we are Not asking 4 your resignation in any way way, shape or form. What we are asking 4 is your simply agreeing 2 follow God's perfect, infinitely perfect, divine plan just by peacefully and joyously pass the reigns of power to Paul F Brown, the new 46 th president of The United States, literally 4 'a cup of coffee, while signing the above material into law, and then proclaim the 47th president.who we have in mind.

At this point, it's in God's Hands and She He only knows what goes on and how, from here.We will be stepping aside. No worries, humanity. Our job, all of God's children / companions, is to Trust HimHer.. So, as we know around here, that's what we do.already, anyway. Right Coach Bill? Exactly, as Jay Leno would say. What;s that Johnny? 'I did not know that.' Alright, guys, let me mark the moment of this and push the send button from the double knees on the floor position and pray it hits its intended target, the heart and soul of everyone who reads this.

Not so fast, Mr Brown, right. as fans of the 2 sites know, we have started a 'Sharing of The Day' feature, which puts the page, spirit picks for more spotlight attention.'out there' So, along w all of the above and to 'feed 2 birds with one stone' How's that one, Ashtar? ) ' Awesome' he says. )
Here, along w all of the above is the sharing page for today, 11/25/18 Hope, all en JOY <3 ) ) )

Richest blessings everyone...we love you, and you can take that to Dunkin's or Starbucks bc the banks are now and forever Closed. God's Will,folks, not Paul's, though we Totally concur. Thank You God of 'ALL THAT IS ~ aka ;The Infinite.'.See You at breakfast and all the other sweet moments of eternal life, dear God. In Jesus Name. And So It Is..

Signed, Unsealed and delivered, on beWhole of the group 'team oneness.' '
In Co hoots amour w humble co servants, serving God's Will and Only God's Will. Officially since 1978.
And So It Is. Y ~ bc we love God and all of us as 1.

Richest blessings 4 ever one and all
Paul Jesus, Glenn Jerry, Dan, and You and You and You and, allriiggghhhtttt EVERYONE Thank YOU!!!! <3 <3 <3 ~ ~ ~~
Rec & fin
10:23 p.m.