Now 11/22/19 Welcome on this love day Dear Ones 2 Our Quantum home 444 )

Welcome Home All angels, and Gods and Goddesses  So glad Ya's all made it,  Hallelujah <3 ) ) )

Now 11/18/18

 Greetings angels of God and Gods and Goddesses of The Infinite.  We welcome you to this global 'Heaven on Earth,' online site.  My name is Leonard Cohen, and God gifted me with the honour and privilege of being the 'Official Greeter' and (Welcomer) to this blessed, happy and holy site.

Hey, guys, the following is copied from a sharing we did on FB yesterday.  Yeah, we had to create a whole new page for this 'new news' material spilling out, overflowing and blossoming like roses in God's victory garden.  It will only get better, as God said to us thru Jesus. ' God Is Love and Love Is God, Love God and Love One another.'

All we gotta do, my dear friends, is put God first and foremost in everything we think, say and do.  To love God is to truly love ourselves as we are the version of God that is walking around as 'Us.' See HimHer in  Everything in and outside us, our families, our homes, neighborhoods, towns, states, countries, oceans, planets, galaxies to the Infinite far reaches of the omniverse, and then some. Let's teach our kids, our pets. 

Say it out loud and in whispers and thoughts and prayers.  'God I love You, I love You God.  Make it a mantra and see the magnificent changes it can bring about in our quantumly changing world.  We can steer humanity in the direction it needs to go, if we all work together as a team  We are Team Oneness, and we've already won the walk back to God.  Thank You Jesus.  Praise God. And So It Is.  <3  )


😌Guys, if int, I'll be back with a link for the 'share of the day and forever,' But, let me give ya's a piece of advice. that can save you some grief, I should have known, I did, actually. but it didn't occur to me. If you're on the computer, on same site working on content for hours at a time. and after like 2:49 minutes, you have everything absolutely perfect.
A masterpiece, if you do say so yerself; so, you hit 'save'... and guess what, you're back at the log in page. OMG, and all that slaved over content is lost. You know what you should have done, right? Exactly, before you hit that 'save' button, you Copy and Paste that masterpiece.
Don't trust that by hitting 'save' it will actually do its job after almost 3 hours. Some good news is that it, and everything we've done in our lives can be reviewed in the Akashic records aka the 'Akosh' when we pass 'upstairs.'
There, we can review our lives and see everything, good, bad or ugly, we've done in our 'motion picture scripts' aka our lives, this time. If not familiar w Akosh, and want to learn more. I recommend searching 'Kryon' on You Tube. So, clearly, this is a case of God sending us lemons and we make lemonade out of it.
You see, my dear friends, how God works. By simply paying attention to what's happening at any given moment of our lives, and perhaps sharing a little of the wisdom we've gained along the way, if it, in our quantum discernment, will serve their best interest.
If our intervention can help even 1 soul, esp, e.g. if it diverts one of our sisters or brothers from making the ultimate, unnecessary decision, God knows, we have done the right thing, and is abundantly worth it, even if we had to go out on a limb, so to speak, out of our own comfort zone.
And the ripples, ahh the ripples, my dear friends, as my # 3 best friend, after God and Jesus (Mother Mary and our parents and siblings aren't counted in this.) Bro Jerry Garcia, now of 'The Grateful Living.
Indeed, a heavenly band of angels and Gods and Goddesses, among a plethora of bands doing what they do on the other side. I think we may have gotten a song suggestion for when we get back to the site. So, You and you and you and, oh heck Everyone, Guess what?
+That's correct, Shine, You are humbly invited to HISHEROUR INFINITE, i.e. Quantum Starsite We'll start you off with your choice of going to any of these humble sites. The one that's been around the longest is... 
The original jubilee site Don't fret about any missing content there. Upstairs, it is perfect as God's Will will have it.
The other one is the follow up jubilee site and that's our current go to place for ongoing sharings, while the man who stewards the site does his best to contend with the 'jack in the box' behavior of that Google site.
So, here's the entry page for the 2nd jubilee site... Ultra Good Stuff <3 
Disregard the top sentence of this post. We now invite everyone to this page we are working on. Here's direct link...
If you go after you see this page pop up, you'll be able to witness what we share.
You should see pictures come up but don't let us distract you from your own good work.
Very importantly, if you or someone you know is struggling with depression, in a bad patch or at their wits end, do them and you a favor and tell them about this site and then to the 'A place of hope' off the menu. There are 2 follow me pages after that. 'Further Hope Shared' and the 'Hope Springs Eternal.' page.
In closing, Thank you all for reading this. If you want to find a place to do your own sharings, where you can have all your good stuff to share with your family, close friends, or the world... we do recommend, w/o any financial reward,* This site. It's unbelievably easy and Fun.
* Those of you, like Paul, struggling, suffering in this obsolete fiscal system based on greed, we are inviting you to read the
'Urgent Message' from 'Divine Ultimate' Creator here.
We invite you to see 'The Infinite's' practical solution, That is to be paid like Michael, half the brain and will power writing this thru the HP 17 miracle machine, 'Vivienne,' w 2 v's and 2 n's. )
Tell us Michael, won't you please. how good it is to be paid like God wants us to be paid? Yes, Paul, of course, btw, guys paul promised, to change the capital A in the above reference w the Gods and Goddesses on final proofreading as you'll see that and know our friend made that change, not correction.
Indeed, my dear friends, we talk like you and can act like you but we are created angels . We have been angels forever and we will happily remain angels thru all eternity, willing and very able to do God's will and nothing but God's will, forsaking anything else.
Now, always, as mighty as we angels are, we're very modest. and humble. We, w infinite gratitude, give all the Glory to God, and the happiness and joy we feel after serving God's will is the only pay' we would ever expect, or even want. Love, indeed, is the eternal 'currency' This is the same currency that a few visionaries like your Paul, here, is fighting to bring to the globe.
He has been aware for decades that his ideas and possible solutions for humanity are like he's been up against a brick wall, almost literally, for 40 years, since he marched into City Hall, Coral Gables, Fl. on 'Miracle Mile.'
Being a intuitive who has the ability to figure things out, he has correctly discerned that there must be 'industrial strength' angels following God's orders to keep him and his compassionate, empathic mission, unnoticed, 'under the radar,' 'not ready for prime time,' so to speak.
Well, obviously, my dear friends, moments and time march on and the stars have finally, w 70 revolutions around the sun, reached the tipping point, and like the song goes. 'the levee, can't take any more of the God Love Tsunami. built up behind the God designated cosmic leaders such a Jesus, Sananda, Yeshua, Esu. Yes, folks, at least 4 names for Jesus, Sananda, being his cosmic name.
He Is The One and Only needed true leader, asked and given the privilege and pleasure of following God's perfect, infinite, and Now Quantum plan. There is no other plan that will take ALL THAT IS where it is destined to go. Infinity has no levels at quantum understanding .
We have arrived and God's 'no fail' perfect plan has delivered, with infinite love, joy, mercy, harmony, compassion, empathy, health, happiness, truthfulness, and quantum love to Divine Ultimate status, All and Everything in perfect alignment with The Infinite's simple, perfect, divine, loving plan. Rise (your new name, old soul youngsters, has even triumphed 'shine' as the galaxies, dimensions and cosmos' fly by in 'blink of an eye' Godspeed.
God's perfection is Our perfection, Big Boys and Girls. Their is only perfection in and around God, and now that humanity is waking up to our forever, eternal homes, in God's heart. we are 'golden,' forever, as 'Birdsong' by you know who, plays in the background on one of our home made cassettes.
To wrap this, dear brothers and sisters, fellow Gods and Goddesses, in the quantum infinite, endless field of Christ love consciousness which starts in our perfectly customized God given hearts. We, co creators w God, that we are, can have it All. All we have to do is Wake up and live God's dream for us. So, dear ones, can we try to do our best to live and let live, with heart, humility, harmony, happiness and above all, G R A T I T U D E? We, Hope so. Hope to see Ya's over at the Forever Freedom page where this will be shared.

Now 11/18/18 & forever... <3 ) ) )

Thank You God Leonard Cohen and Company of angels and Gods & Goddesses <3 )

Leonard Cohen - Anthem (w/lyrics) London 2008

Thank You Mr Leonard Cohen and Company. Your grateful audience of Everyone loves you... <3 )

Thank You AA Michael for the kind assist yesterday. You are always welcome and warmly invited to love, aid and assist all and any one of God's Team Oneness players. Michael's message to humanity at this moment, dear ones, is "Go W God, There is no other place to go." Thank You dear bro Micheal. God bless you and keep you, my dear friend, and all your friends, i.e. Everyone's friends, We Gods and Goddesses, gifted w free will to go our own way, totally appreciate and do love you all and, esp your 'whatever it takes' and no option other than victorious service to do God's will. We admire your modesty, humility, humbleness, and desire only to do God's will. And So It Is. <3 )

We Live 4 Love. What else is there? Class? 'nothing teacher.' Indeed... A+ Class dismissed. )

Thank You God, Thank You 1st lady and 1st couple of Rock n Roll. And killer band. We're all killed in team oneness Rock & Roll. ) Rock on everyone... )

Pat Benatar - Invincible

Same as above... <3 )

Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows (Live in Dublin - edited)

Thank You Mr Leonard Cohen and Company same as B4 <3 )

Pat Benatar - We Belong

Same as above... <3 )

To be continued   ZZZZZZZZZ  )

Grateful Dead - Ripple - 10/31/80 - Radio City Music Hall (OFFICIAL)

Thank You The Grateful Dead. <3 ) ) ) We Love you guys. Play with ya, ) Deal? Oh Good... )

Now 11/20/19 YOU ARE THE ONES NOW - Blossom Goodchild & the Federation of Light - November 18, 2019

Thank You Blossom, Joe and The Federation of Light. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/22/19 A gift from the angels on lthe love day of the manifesting month of November. <3 ) lol )

Thank You Source God Infinite Father Mother Creator ALL THAT IS Great I AM THAT I AM 4 the Gateway of Jesus & sleeeep zzzzzz <3 )

Now 11/23/19 Happy Cosmic Trigger Day in the neighborhood angels... )

Thank You God & The Allman Brothers Band. What better song to kick off humanity's Infinite future of Love Light adventure & harmony in eternal Grateful Gratitude 2 God 4 creating us in Your perfect image God w freedom 2 be our unique selves. We remember and Thank God 4 the night in 1969 when Nanci & P and housemates piled into a van and caught these guys at a gig in a N Miami club. They always kicked it off w this awesome song. It was magic then and still now w this pristine recording. Here's to an eternity of creating lasting memories that matter. )

The Bonny Swans Loreena McKennitt

Thank You God & Lorena McKennitt & Company. 4 the angelic mystical music. <4443 )

Now 11/23/19 Neil Young Harvest

Thank You Neil. esp 4 'being'' Your part V Marie (Mom) & co of heaven say 'Boston is lovely this time of year. )' All times of year, actually. ) ) )

Yes Archangel Michael. ) 'And the road goes on 4 ever...' Midnight Rider, Allman Brothers Band. <83 ) ) )

Have you heard the good new now news 2 day, Guys? L@@K...

Nov. 24, 2019

Paradise Now 4 Awl God's kids. Rejoice! We got know choice

Paul F Brown As shared from Fb 11/23/19 Timestamped below.
Hey Guys, Parrotheads, Good Clean Funheads etc It's Saturday night on the cosmic trigger day of the month. Everyone is invited to experience 'the Grateful jubilee' Hope 2 see ya's there, if led... ���� ����<3 ) ) ) And Happy Birthday Bruce! ���� ���� Laughing is allowed now & 4 ever. lol ) ��������������������������������‍⚕️����������������������������������������������������������������������������️‍♂️��������‍♀️����‍✈️����‍✈️����������������������������️‍♂️����������������⛸����������������☕️ Rec & post 11:44 p.m by Paul Friday ) & the angels. <3 ) ) ) ) Any questions? Good. ) lol

Now 11/24/19 A Song of Hope 4 all us Whistleblowers Scorpions - Wind Of Change

Thank You Scorpions and all the other 11 Tribes of God. We Have The Power In Christ 2 turn this world rightsy rightsy. Topsy turvy has gone to eternal oblivion. Thank God. IJN. And So It Is. Now Timestamped 2:45 a.m. ) God's Got this & all other things, Dear Ones. No worries no more. Correct God, Sananda/Jesus/Yeshua? ) Thank You 4 a wonderful answer Father Mother & Son & Holy Spirit. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) )


Thank You God. Just Thank You God. In Jesus Name. And So It Is What It Is. Now & 4 ever. Rock on in purrfect V of mind, graduates. <93 ) ) ) ) ) #InfiniteAdventuresRHear (well) ; )