Now 12/5/18 Updated 12/10/18 The Big Gulp...Can U handle the truth? Far Flung (Hammer) video sharing is being delayed out of respect for our country's observance and days of mourning for our beloved 41st President, George H. W. Bush. The video that ioho everyone should see will be announced in a few short days and will be on this page at a day to be announced and will show up, hopefully, shortly after 11:11 a.m. Until then we will be adding good stuff as spirit moves and announced on Twitter and FB. Thank you.

This is not the 'hammer' video.

Don't worry guys, no one's coming to eat us.  )

Love has no fear and is indestructable.  We don't believe it, my dear friends, we Know it.  

What can U contribute? The cash has left the building. We want to hear Your story.

Now 11/26/18 Welcome to u. )



No one left out, right, God? <3 )

Now 11/21/18 An Open Letter... <3 )

Greetings Bob, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. God has blessed us both with beautiful missions in this final life for you and me and everyone. The game has run it's course.finally. I invite you to visit God's site here...  and 

Definitely check out the 'Miracles' page there and 'In God's hands.'  Speaking of miracles, I need a miracle right now so I'm about to start a new crowdfunding page. I and my car were involved in an 'accident' over 30 days ago and my car 'Quicksilver III' has been in the shop since. I got the call a couple of hours ago that it's finally ready. The bill for me is $7,563. Looks like a 'lucky' # to me. )

I'm not a formal numerologist but I know what numbers mean to me on a high self spiritual level bc I am my high self. The saga with the car is chronicled at * a page to be listed later, no time to search 4 it now.) So, my dear friend, Oh, here's what I wanted to mention. I would love to sit down and chat w you, if you'd like. I have asked my friend, (we are everyone's friend,) Dan Rather, if he'd like to have an intimate conversation w me like he did with Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo. Search that on You Tube, it's awesome.

After Dan, if he accepts my invitation, it's first come first served. Kids are welcome to interview me rep their newsletter or whatever. and they go b4 the pro media interviewers. I can promise everyone 33 or more of our moments.of God's time. Note: P typed, or so he thought, 22 '' , then looked up to see it was 33. ) Love it God. )

Alright, Bob, my dear new friend, have your people call my people and, if led 2 do this, let's do it. We can do lunch first and work out any details but it has 2 be done here in the love and only love, ascension room. Our studio apt in beautiful, Quincy, Ma, city of presidents. Ok, hope to hear from you soon, Bob. Here's my details.
Love ya,
Paul Brown
Cell: 781-267-4282 

Place with donate button:  You'll see soon over there how we can move mountains with the click of a key.  Stay tuned...

Now 11/23/18 Update... Tuesday afternoon @ 2 the <3 # starts paradise 8, Hope en ~ joy. )

Greetings One and All, our esteemed brothers and sisters in Christ.  Congratulations Team Oneness!  Ya's have all 'Made it' W no one and no thing left out. Guess what?  God id Incredibly Proud of each and every one of Ya's and that of course, includes the very humble dude pecking these words out on Evelyn, the name the HP laptop chose 4 herself after Paul named her 'Vivienne.'  )

So,  the time and date 4 the event is set  inally kicked in, dear ones.  as per that memo.    This needs 2 be shared at least 3 times says, God. 

This, it may take a few times b4 you believe it but 'Know' it Is real bc God Is Real and God runs the 'plant it' and no one else.  Sorry, non knowers.

Alright, as we shared at the front page, we got some music to share here, so let's mellow out and thank our lucky stars that God loves us so much that HeShe sent the Very best to aid our desperate plight down here.  See picture.  Paul is off now to bring back the music. (sidetracked) Now many hours later )  but first things first as paul's twin steps up and says...

Seriously folks.  we can spend some time together but we gotta help God out here.  So drop some dough in that donate box, then we can have some fun forever.  All heaven up here is cheering you guys on.  You wouldn't believe the party.  So c'mon now, just do it.  I got a whole lot of new songs to share w ya's.  Wow,  Paul here,  I could barely keep up, Jerry talks so fast.) 

But, yeah, guys.  This page is the money page.  You want a deal you gotta pay until we're really free. correct Jeshua?  Peace be with all who contibute to the cause, then we can see the big shows down on Cause way st, like the bands that are on this side of the veil and those on the other side of the veil.  Indeed, Dear ones, the merger is on, Jerry, himself is chomping at the bit to get back but certain conditions have to be met until that can be possible. 

One is you people have to choose a new leader to sit in that White House Oval office.  There's no doubt Mr Trump has had his his time in there.  Paul, is watching what is coming down from above, guys and he can hardly believe what he's reading that his fingers are typing. Oh my goodness God, Me, Me? Oh come on,P is stunned right now,  folks.

yeah, though we have had experience in that office.  But it would be a swift transition, my fellow patriots, Americans and Global residents.  After all, we are here for only a short time, aren't we?  Yes, Mr Brown.  What we need is someone who has experience in washing tons of muck and mire.  Oh yes I know a guy like thaT. HERE, i'LL  GET THE DUDE'S PICTURE. The caps weir unintentional, but edit them?  We know how God works fellow Dudes and Dudettes.

  Btw, Nanci, do you remember the last time we ate at Mt Vernon Restaurant in Charlestown section of Boston?  I referred to you as Martha.  We had az good laugh over it.  )

Image may contain: Paul F Brown,

 P selfie.

Interesting, Thank You God.  Thank You President Trump for arriving here b4 Tuesday afternoon, and we invite you and your staggeringly beautiful wife, Melania, to lunch somewhere in or around Boston.  And to have a limo in the Victory parade to Heaven* and back.  

*Hull Officials, it's, obviously, your choice, however we will consider your town 'Heaven' for a day.  Your choice, of course, to keep it that, or change it back. Either way it's paradise to the grateful peeps who visit. ) Oh, and don't worry, although our drivers license has expired, we do have a new temporary one.  Ty... )

No automatic alt text available.

                                                                                                                                          Blue Oyster Cult, we'd Love to see and hear you there.  You up 4 it?  The angels sure are.  Ok, guys, here again is the official song of the Team Whatever it takes Croudfunding.  God doesn't care if you give $1, or One million.  The thing is You will know what you gave.  In life reviews we are the hardest judges, while God is not judgemental at all. 

Bands send us email if you'd like to be placed on the list of band's to be considered for a gig opening we may be offered to broker.    And we are taking applications from peeps who would like to work with us in various capacities.  God knows, Paul could use help with fixing lost content and editing.  Apply now, yesterday looks like it's going to next 2 never time.  Keep smiling whatever comes down, folks.  I think we're in 4 the times of our lives.  

George and Martha these days.  The love still remains... <3  )

Image may contain: 2 people, including Paul F Brown, people smiling, indoor

Photo by Harry Agritha, Ruby Rogers Center staff. Ty Harry.  A pro photographer, folks.

Then again, guys, as we go over and edit this stuff.  Really, the busy time is over, it's just time 4 everyone to en joy the cosmic hammock that God has set out 4 His children ~ companions.  If this is bait 4 Heaven, then, I don't know about anyone else 9Really Paul  ) (well) but I'm taking it.  lol

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

God manifests a cloud to say 'Hey George and Martha'  Ya can't make this stuff up, guys.  Can you?  )




Now 11/22/18 Help Rescue Quicksilver III Please? Ty... <3 )

 Guys, can we talk?

Image may contain: Paul F Brown

Photo by Cheri Tangherlini. 

Our FB sharing... If like, pass it on please.  Thank you very much, and have a nice forever... )

New News flash, Who wants a debt free life and a debt free existence forever? It's God's plan but we have 2 say YES!  Details...  forever.   Check HERHISOUR Miracle page... here   Also, we are setting up a crowdfunding page at that site to get Quicksilver III , Martha ~ Nanci's car, out of the shop.  There were many witnesses at Ruby Rogers Center when Paul tossed Nanci the device that unlocks and starts the vehicle..She still has that device somewhere.

So, Paul, yes indeed, folks, the same maniac for Christ as @ 2000 years ago, back again to do God's Will. is Hoping, that w the implementation of the God decreed and signed into law by our 46th president (who's cosmic name is Farili Triumphio, out of the shop. We told them we' be moving it out by 2 p.m Tuesday afternoon.

We need $ 7,563. We have 4k of that. If you can help out w any comfortable amount of that, it is most appreciated.  Our donate, contribute link to Paypal is on this page...                     

 Our Info page is here at Paradise   Thank You Very Much...) Donor's will receive at least 2 tickets 2 paradise. if ask. )

Now Update 11/23/18  We are led to Welcome to the table the millionaires club w Mr Rob Grokowski, Mr Tom Brady, Mr Robert Kraft, Mr John Henry 4 starters.  This may be the last time any of us have to spend what is termed money, bc the new, 'now' currency, my dear friends, is, simply Love.  It's all we need in a free, liberated world under a campassionate, empathic loving and generous Creator. Thank Ya's all.

Suggested amounts are $5. the adventure #, 10. the perfect #  11. God's #, 16. the sweet #, 22 the

All spirits can ride shotgun, even tho, we expect for Ccarol 2 B w us. As 'Carry on' plays on one of our home made cassettes.  All the spirits will B there, or their square, no spirits are square, dear ones.  They're hip 30 year old versions of themselves, forever. No spirit member of 'team oneness' wants 2 miss this Victory ride, I promise you peeps. P does not lie.

So we humbly thank ya's all in advance. We love each and every one of ya's. See ya's, hopefully, frey day and the above info site is now and 8 open 4 business. paradise now site is open 4 business, as, of course, are the others. Thank Ya's Very Much 4 yer generosity.

Hope ya's totally en joy the new Love now and forever paradigm of forgiveness, inclusiveness, freedom, and one 4 all and all 4 one spirit which we are entering in dimension 22, the dimension of love, love and, yes, love.  Any questions?  Yes, JJesus, over there in the corner?  Can we change our names? 

Ty 4 asking dear brother Lord Sananda, Saviour of the human race and all creation as all would have been affected by the cancer of darkness and infection heading to chaos and imbalance of all systems in creation.  Thank You to divine intervention by God, HisHerOur collective 'Love in action' brigade of 144,000 lightworkers w not one faltering or failing in their God trusted missions.  So, yes, indeed, Jesus is now and forever Sananda, guys, ok?  Sweet. 

Alright, friends,   God, Thank You very much. can we see some kind of sign?  Sure, daisy and lucky, here ya's go..  Jerry, my dear husband (platonic) in spirit, take it away, Bro ) ) ) 

Image may contain: 1 person


Image may contain: Paul F Brown, eyeglasses, beard and indoor

 Hmm, when Did you become Jerry's twin, Paul?  )

 Image may contain: Paul F Brown

 Here, humanity, have our card... after this,,,

Image may contain: Paul F Brown, smiling, indoor


No automatic alt text available.


Image may contain: 4 people, including Paul F Brown

Alright guys, Everyone have a absolutely beautiful, wondrous, glorious, adventurous, sweet, loving, kind Thanksgiving.  Oh, almost forgot, Thank you to all our friends who wished us a Happy Birthday. on or around the 19th.  God Bless Ya's  Yeah my 30th birthday was pretty, pretty awesome.  30, Paul, wtf?  Oh, daisy and lucky, you haven't heard? 

30 is the new 70.  Yep, that's right, we have a couple of secrets to help reverse the aging process.  We will share that soon. we've been so busy w God's agenda of peace, love, harmony, service to HisHerOur cause and, oh, did we mention love?  Yes, love, love and, oh yes, love, for ourselves, our families, our towns, cities, states, countries, continents, planets, universes, dimensions and whatnot.  

Alright guys, we're done 4 this moment in time and space, God bless and love us all bc that is what God does. Thank You God.  And to use the new Amen, we'll say... And So It Is.

Rec & fin 11/22/18  6:37 a.m.

 Back at 7:33 w a go...

Image may contain: Paul F Brown

 Photo by Dakarra, aka Carol  Yep, just revealed to us last night (11/25/18 )  Farili Triumphio's infinite, cosmic and totally loving mind is officially blown, in a awesome way, Ladies and Gentlemen.  All invited to a forever Tuesday Afternoon & forever... )  All spirits feel free to celebrate now, today., if led.  ) 


Hey guys, say Hello 2 Quicksilver II. (Replica ) 

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

 Catch Ya's later... Update 12/3/18.  Never mind, people.  Kids welcome.  Adults, you''re on your own.  See ya, esp all you who don't look up bc you're on Big Shit Mountain w yer money and yer power, oh and yer empty money oriented lost lives.  Heaven pities you.  FOR REAL. 

Now Update 12/16/18

We have voluntarally repossessed the leased vehicle.   The bank has it now and we wish it and the bank well.  However we see huge changes coming down with fiat currency imminently.  Bitcoin i.e. crypto?  Nice try humanity.  Love, Love and only love, again, is the only currency that will last as long as we do, dear ones, and that is forever.  We are the eternal ones and it's time to wake up and start acting and living with this knowledge innate in our DNA. 

So, we have a new page for Ruby Rogers and this is our focus to raise the 'green energy' so the massively missed by the clients services provided by RRC is restored with the quickness.

Here's the link to get there...  Ruby Rogers Center  or   

Thank you all very much.  )


Now 11/22/18 Bob Marley Three little birds HD (Original)

Thank You Great lion of God Mr Bob Marley ..and shiny star of this, the happy dancing girl. <3 )

Now 11/24/18 Fyi...

Thank You God for this Far Flung Production from yesterdays. Guys watch this on YT, then click on our name and watch our vids 2 your hearts content. We see no point in making any new ones, but we also say...never say never. )

Now 11/26/18 Joan Baez - House of The Rising Sun, 1960

Thank you Ms Joan Baez and Company of heaven on earth. <3 )

If led, catch the warrier leader of the female persuasion here, we Know you'll have a real good time.  Right, Bobby Dylan?  ) 

Now 11/27/18 KRYON 2018 - Upcoming Year Miracles

Thank You God. Thank You All That Is, Who wants a hammock? Ok, who does not want a hammock from GOD/\ hmm alright, let me blink and there ya's go. Ok, y'all be good now Quantum breaths. See ya's on the diamond play field. Thank You Kryon and Lee Carroll. <3 )

Now 12/3/18 6:35 Introducing Heaven ~ Earth merger page August 2, 2017

Thank You God Thank you Triumphio Farili aka Paul 4 not giving in to the boring, mundane, green slime purveyors who look and judge others while happy to make a paycheck while missing the point of what Jimi Hendrixx and others brought to the world. Songs of freedom, breaking thru the muck and mire and boldly forging on 2 new frontiers and vistas, previously unseen and unimagined by a world full of small minds, small political leadership full of the f word yeah lend-me-your 'ears' that 'f' word. It's time, immortal spiritual being that U are, 2 rise above the obsolete, unfair, economic systems under FAILED World So called Leaders who ... further content pulled back. Period. (

Now 12/3/18 We say 'Thank You' to The Great Insurance Company Amica, for their nice donation to the Free Quicksilver III fund and to help bring back The Ruby Rogers Center. What about You &/or Your Company?


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Keep up The Good work, Amica.  Thank You Again... )


Now 12/3/18 'The Ruby Rogers Center Needs to come back.' God.

Thank You God for the Worldwide Global cashless Society. Wake Up Humanity. It's past time.

Now 12/3/18 See people have moved mountains here...

Give and be blessed here.     Thank you Very much... )   

Our back is up against it Peeps.  Did we mention we will also fund other causes with spillover funds.  Can we start a waterfall of blessings?  Remember the cashless is in. so who else is steppinhg up and affirming w us in 'Team Oneness' saying...                                 

You know what, God?   A good idea is a good idea and priceless.  Worldly goods and paychecks drown in God's Infinite generosity dear ones.   Let's live like theangelic God's and Goddesses we are.  And So It Is.

Now 12/3/18 July 27, 2017

Thank You God. The Real 'doer' of all things. In eternal gratitude for all our blessings. And So It Is. Hey Mom... <3 )

Now 12/3/18

So, fellow pilgrims, what a long strange trip it's been, but you know what?  Like the song says, we've only just begun.  Here's a slide show God made w us.  Hope en- joy.. <3  ) 


12/4/18 Re-member Guys, Every Day is 'Happy Spirits Day...<3 )

Thank You God. <3 )

Now 12/4/18 'It's like I was telling God, the other day, Jesus. I mean, seriously, people...'

Thank You God for creating us infinite Happy Spirits. May we always be Grateful and humble Dear God and live as You would have us live... i.e. Free, wild (in a good way.) unfettered by outdated, dark, Xo socio political religioso mucky muck, mumbo jumbo and non sensical policy as life constricted strangulation of the innate good, adventurous spirit largely lost in a world full of scars, welts, bruises but with the everlasting promise of 'better days' which are here NOW, but we gotta WAKE UP Humanity. Rub the slime from our eyes and say, You Know what? Jesus was and Is right. I'm gonna Try to love my neighbor.

Hey Neighbor, have a drink on me... )

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

I know, he's gotta put his pants on just like me and I just might buy him a brew next time I see him at the local Bistro. Heck, even though we've gone thru some rough patches, living so close to one another, right now I feel like calling him up and inviting him to our local chapter's infinite love jubilee. Yeah, that's it, I won't even sleep on it, like that John Prine song where he mentions, 'some day I'll go and call up Rudy; we worked together at the factory. We won't have much to say but at least he'll know I'm thinking about him.. So, guys, what's on Your plate today?

Congrats if it involves helping another child of God get thru another day. Remember, as God Has it on HISHER 'Plant It' it's a Jesus, Rock & Roll come lately omniverse of God's Infinite Love.  Love, as many songs say, is all that is and the only thing that matters.  Everything else falls away in time and space. however love still remains, forever, unto eternity ~ living in the eternal and infinite 'Now.'  Guys, we're 'soaking' in it as we peck these words straight and P does mean s t r a i g h t from Creator. 

No drugs,  no smokeable pot, definitly no sugar, even ice cream has hit the road, Jack.  No marshmellow on our 'telephone wire' to 'The Infinite.' You can sleep on this fellow sons and daughters of God if you like, no prob at all.  After all, you're not the pilot of this particular ship, are you?  Here, Jesus, our co-pilot, please take over a while, my dear friend, I got some tickets to sell, and God only knows how hard it is to get people's attention, esp when they're all doing their own super important thing to save the world or aid humanity in some far flung way. 

So, in closing and gettimg back to the thread of the original start of this, dear ones,  why not let all the current folderol of all stripes in this 'work in progress' world led by 'work in progress' leaders, some of whom have their heads up their arse, quite frankly.  From that vantage point, one just can not see the big picture.  

'Ok, to wrap this. This, world, it's obvious to a 11 year old school- child who looks around and sees the bloody, messy world, wse adults have turned it into.  What we need, my dear friends, is to let go of the past.  What's done is done, as my cousin Ned says. Let's let the water under the bridge go andstart to focus on what we can do now, today to make our world better and brighter.  On bewhole of Team Oneness, Humanity, are you on- board w us or are you gonna sit and do nothing. Hello, we can't hear you!  )

Image may contain: 2 people, including Paul F Brown

Thank you Martin at T Mobile Quincy Hancock St store for taking these 1st pictures on our new Galaxy A6 'genius 'phone.  lol )


This is not Rome, guys.  It's for starters, The United States of America. and the real power centers are New York, LA and Boston, New Orleans, Chicago, Cleveland, your home town and wherever people stand up and claim their God given right to Freedom, unfettered by political jargon or religious dogma or any cult mumbo jumbo. There's only one good cult out there, guys, and I'll blow their cover.  It's Blue Oyster Cult.  Soo, we hope, to play the TD Garden in Boston.

So, as this information is 'conduited' to you guys, (we don't resonate to the term 'channeling' in our particular case.  It's more like actually just opening up to our limitless ultra natural higher self state which is in oneness with Source ~ God  ~ Creator ~  I AM THAT I AM ~ ALL THAT IS ~ Higher Power ~ Divine Ultimate. Ultimate Divine and So On And So On and...88888888888. 

 We'll close this w saying, the video that, 'God willing and the creek don;t rise' will be release down here does have some powerful passion of the moment parts.  It's Ok, it's All good, No reptilian hearts in the making were hurt or even felt.  Let's facefacts, peeps, 99/9 % of us down here ion schoolroom earth arfe 'Works In Progress' including and maybe esp the humble dude pecking this on Ralgh, his brand new HP laptop delivere in 2 days from HSN, w easy financing.  Just a fecommendation.

So, Yes, finally to wrap.  We are going on a little trip to Graceland when we get all our lions and tigers and bears in a row.  We're gonna fly down the highway in Paul's new 2019 Malibu, just like the other one that we gave to Nanci.  We'll set the GPS and let the God given ttechnology get us there, exactly when God's perfect script will have us arriving at the gates, right Ellvis?  We sincerely 'Hope'  so.  Cheers everyone and God Bless ~ as Jesus, Mother Mary, My Mom and Dad & Diane et al W the Awesomely Awesome Dr Peebles echoing throught oall Infinity and cosmos' w/o limit Echo... GOD BLESS YOUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuu..... ~




Now 12/4/18 On The Bright Side of The Road (2 cam) - Jerry Garcia Band - 11-9-1991 Hampton, Va. set2-01

Thank You God. Thank You Mr Jerry Garcia and The Jerry Garcia Band. Thank you Appreciative aufience of , we hope, EVERYONE. And So It Is. <3 0 )

Now 12/4/18 In answer to Sure, Jesus could turn water into wine, but Jerry could turn a sports arena nto a spaceship. in

Paul F Brown Jerry learned everything he knew from God and Jesus and Yes, Our beloved Bro, Is at the top of the class. Want proof? Go to this particular starsite, and, if led, Help 2 get the good word out. And let's ALL tell That egotistical ahole in the orange house... YOU'RE FIRED!!!. 

Yeah, guys. God and scribe are now and forerver 'over it'
, at this editingover itPissed. Signed, Farili Triumphio, aka Farili Jagio, aka Paul. Yes, dear ones, the same human being who roamed the ancient world to spread the 'Good News' of Christ 2 humanity, after being knocked off his arse by the spirit of divine love and obedience to serve a greater cause than his own selfish agendaCool

So, did the human beings listen to the urgent messages he relayed then? A few did. Are they listening now? Heaven No, they're not bc they think of themselves as elephants and donkeys, or whatever religious affiliations they subscribe to.. Eagles R better. Who wants to fly w the eagles? 

Here, All now invited 2 join Our party. The one that respects all people as beloved children of God, with no one left out. People will work as one to get God's Will Done on the 'Plant it.' It's a Rock & Roll Omniverse, guys, just ask Jerry, now, leader of 'The Grateful Living.'. That's our group, dear beloved ones. 

That's the front, back and side doors, my dear friends. Come 2 the jubilee esp see ya's at 'Paradise Now' however, maybe after going thru this Jesus turnstyle. of 'Celebrate forever'
--- And we're only getting started.  So, we're taking a vote, in the time honoured fashion.  Are You In or are you out.  However, first let us introduce our humble Ultimate leader of ALL THAT IS.  Jesus, can Team Oneness, have a moment of Your moment?  Thank You Dear Brother in Creator's Infinite Love and Light.
Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor
What's that humanity?  Alright, we do take 'speechless' as a ''Yes.'  Film at 11, guys.  )

Now 12/10/18 Hammer video is released. Strong language is used here, if offended all we can say ix. That's the way it came down, and have a nice day ~forever....

Now 12/6/2018 Year of the Grateful Parrotheads merger of light <3'd Fun and 'No looking back, unless U want to... )


Now and 'Come Monday;'  12/6/18  Update:  The Big Gulp...Can U handle the truth?  Far Flung video sharing is being delayed out of respect for our country's observance and days of mourning for our beloved 41st President, George H. W. Bush. The video that ioho everyone should see will be announced in a few short days and will be on this page at a day to be announced and will show up,  hopefully, shortly after 11:11 a.m.  
Until then we will be adding good stuff as spirit moves and announced on Twitter and FB.  Thank you.  Now 12/6/18  Now, w 41's blessings and urgency, as there is no time to waste.  God, It's all in Your Mighty Hands.  We, the incarnate Creator beings hereby release All Action to  spirit.  Doesn't matter if it be ugly, bad or good.  All goes down the black hole of forgiveness and forgetfulness. 
Episodes of L o v e are all that anyone wants to see, anyway, not when we chopped someone's head off or hurt an animal.  All that matters, w our God given 'Clean Slate' is that we learn and have learned from our mis-takes (as like an actor).Dr Eben clarified that for us if anyone would actually take  the time to investigate this FDE and NDE subject. 
 It's all on  the university of You Tube, Folks.  The inter-net is ours, guys.  No government is in any power to control or say what we can think, say, or most esp - Do.  Not on 46's watch and not on 47's either.  And ya's can take that to Dunkin DD's cuz banks and insurance companies, DO Not exist any more.  This is Very good news, my dear friends.
What's that Bro Elvis?  The Welcome Mat is out at Graceland for All 'Knowers'  Believers also, welcome but you go in the side entrance.  Atheists, you're not invited.  Stay away.  We have no more time or patience to try to educate the deliberate laggards  
There is so much info and people's testimonies on YT and books, not even mentioning shows on TV like Long Island Medium (paul's favourite show) and Thomas John, etc etc that it blows our mind when people still., at this very late hour in human evolution don't have a * clue.  *(adjective deleted in final edit.  (starts w F but is not fun.)  
 Hey scientists, how the heaven were you created?  Who or what did that?  Who poured all those 'smart cells' into yer thick skulls, huh?  Steven Hawking sure found out w the quickness, that's 4 sure.
 So, indeed, no more Mr Nice guy and putting up with people's ignorance and fear.  Trump., consider yourself FIRED. U R DONE.  By authority of God ALL THAT IS.  Go play golf and whatever else you can think to do. You've more than earned your retirement from the real, no holds barred,  'no quarter' game going down on the 'Plant it'  
 Know what we're saying here, guys?  Yeah, Pluto is the great and ultimate 'revelater', like That 'Kashmir' song by Led Zeppelin reveals, truthfully. Indeed.. .
Secret Service, you guys are now retired.  Thank You 4 yer service and you're all invited to come up to Boston and have a brew with us.  i.e. our happy team of warriors in Grateful Sservice to The Will, and nothing but The Will of The Creator.  
We got a tip 4 everyone re a great vacation destination,  Cape Cod.  Don't fret about traffic, as soon as God blinks for the roof to be lifted of this beautiful planet, Gais we'll each one of us be welcomed 33 doors down to the higher realms where all the Grateful living are all joyfully doing their individual things for God.
Indeed, my dear friends, just as suddenly and abrupt as Paul's 'accident' when Quicksilver 3 stopped on a dime when Paul over corrected on the turn coming after turning too far right and went into 2 parked cars.  Our fault but we knew in the half blink of an eye that this would be The pivotal Ggamechanger Event, going forward that would shake a lot of things up, and it's so apparent at this juncture that God' infinitely perfect, divine script is playing out exactly as it should.  
Paul expects a non quirky 2019 or 20 ;'boo;'  to show up any moment now and all you good people with valid licenses, which will be verified, can finally, finally go pick out the vehicle that has Your name on it.  And like the song by Styx 'The Grand Illusion'  We are all, collectively, living and (as Bro Jimmy Buffett would have it, } dying in 3 quarter time.... zzzz
---Yes, dozed off a little there.  We are the  zombie apocalypse, guys, we are sooo tired'  The blue flames coming out of Paul's fingers as he pecks these words out are literally being forced out by his will to finish like a marathon runner w no gas left in the tank as an alliteration. Like a song that will not finish or end bc it's just tasting so sweet.creating the dream of oneness as we move along.  
Yep, just like the music of The Grateful Dead, making it up as they go along.  Weir Done, guys, not wasting any more time w small, closed minds, and it's okay to go jump in the lake til you almost drown and, if you're lucky and God loves you,(which HeShe does endlessly and limitlessly) An angel and company  of mercy and compassion will come and lift you up to safety.  
This is exactly what happened to Paul when he was 7 years old and was in over his head at Cunningham Park, Milton, Ma.  The young fella couldn't swim yet.  After struggling to stay afloat he was in the fetal position at the bottom and felt the angels approaching.  
Then, suddenly, the angels drawing near to take him home.when 2 angels disguised as 2 12 year old boys, one on each elbow lifted him up with a 'schooshing sound, and when he broke thru to take a gasping big gulp of sweet life giving and sustaining air it was so ... the only word, dear ones, is awesome.'  If you boysn ow men remember this incident and you performed this heroic action, Please contact us.  How can we, Mom, Dad and fam thank you enough, however, we will try. Of course we Thank Archangel Michael who just does God's will and nothing but God's will. Pat on the right shoulderfor AA Michael...
Alright, Friends, who's ready for a song?  We have a request for some Jimmy Buffett, so lettuce listen.] and be glad  Here we go.  

THIS SHALL BE ACCOMPLISHED - Blossom Goodchild & the Federation of Light - December 02, 2018

Praise and Thank You God. <3 ) Thank you Blessed beloved Blossom Goodchild One 4 All. <3 0 ) & Thank you Mr Joe Pena 4 your kind, sweet service. <3 ) All Is, Indeed, as it should be. And So It Is. Thank You Jesus. Thank you, each and every one experiencing this truth and all the truths shared on this, Heaven's simple, dynamic 'Bridge~ site to Infinity.' Thank You to All who came, showed up and sang and danced and did yer jobs, esp. Your special volunteer work that you and only You can do. Congrats and we'll see you at Disney World. The one on Saturn. Cheers. <3 )

Now 12/13/18 Announcing a brand new page

Hey guys, of course, we do realize ther's a lot of stuff on this site, however what would you expect from a bountiful tor?  So, scribe will do his best to keep you all informed of what and where thelatest good stuff is coming dowm.  There, of course, may be new content added tlo any page here and Twitter andFb are where those alerts or announcements will be made, God willing and the creek don't rise as 'they' say..

So a new page has sprung up and it's quite the reveal if we do say so ourselves.  If ready to check it iut click here... U Leaving, with Us?   And the url is  See Ya's there and keep smiling, even if it's a rainy day.  You'll feel better w it - guaranteed.  <3  )

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Namaste for now..