Now 1/1/19 Welcome Fellow Beginners ~ One & All to 'It's All God' page

Now 1/1/19 Our friend Kryon lays down our platform Kryon Lists 5 Important Things You Must Practice in Order to Advance Spiritually

Thank You God and Thank You Kryon and Lee Carroll and ModernGalaxy for sharing these truths on Yt. We are in love with you as well, Kryon. And So It Is.

Now 1/1/19 Good bye any remnants of fear, Hello the infinite fearless Now.

Nice lighthouse picture, Paul, may we ask where it came from?  Of course, old soul, but you gotta be patient as it came from this slide did this.  We start at leaving the fear behind, in the rear view mirror, so to speak.

God, Paul, weir can we start to get the word out on blowing the whistle on Ourselves, Who knew, I Am God.  OMG?  Me,  OMG OMG  Precisely, my dear friends.  Now, weir starting to get it.  We are the top banana, no one is second banana to anyone.  No one has a boss, in reality, unless we willinly subjugate ourselves to that role.  If we do that's fine.  Just realize that's your choice for the moment.  All Is Good, All Is God, bc God Is Good.  And So It Is. 


Now 1/3/19 Compelling NDE Story (Includes Encounter With Jesus)

Thank You God and all the parties who brought this wonderful video to light and all who read it, we hope... everyone. Blessings for new now beginnings. And So It Is. <3 )

Now 1/7/19 Disclosure is Us, Folks. See Ya's at the cantina... )

Now 1/7/19 Hallelujah! We're in it now, guys. Just according to Creator's Plan...

Alright, here we all are, over the threshold and into the high water year 2019.  It's time for joyous celebration on the planet for the awakened tribes who have a clue.  Yes, we're All different.  We all came from many far flung places in the galaxies.  We don't look like what we may have looked like when we were on our home planets.  See here, as Dr Peebles said... In our wildest dreams...   One more time, we are to put all the codes together, make it so easy even a billionnaire may see the forest for the trees about this stage/ platform earth, Gaia to Her friends.  We do let the music do the talking as much as we can,  So see and hear a certain song for this day there, if led, of course.   )


So, once again, we are led to put the whole main menu here of germane material.  We don't know of anyone else on the planet doing exactly what we are doing here, friends.  The thing is, it's not every day that this happens but we do like to keep our menu's handy, so there's no looking all around for them. 

So at that 'disclosure' page is some links one may be led to check out, but back here, we will list the following, we think, life changing readings.

First, taken from www.siteessentials777  page is this reading from 1993 where your humble host is, among other crazy things, revealed to have been around @ 500 million years ago, doing whatever it is he does.  )   

Thank You Lord Ashtar of The Ashtar Command and Michael Ellegion.

Then, we had these 2 readings with Intuitive Consultant Extraordinaire James Law

September, 2012:   Get a hug from Jesus.  (  )

Then from July, 2013  

Thank You (In order of appearance) James Law ~ Dr Peebles, Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon, and Jesus.  <3  )

So, if these weren't rather mind blowing enough, how about a reading that mentions the humble scribe as being around for @ 14 Billion years.  

Thank You God and Leslee Jo Klinsky and The Akashic Record Keepers for this awesome reading.

from January 7, 2009.  Yep, 10 years gone. 


Alright, and one last time for bringing it home, this essential, fundamental message from God, peeps. 

Jesus, did the deal go down? 

God Bless You and all who listen to these. And so it is, indeed. )  And Yes, we got a song for ya's...

 p.s.  We do hope the above material hasn't tipped your particular 'apple cart' too much, dear ones, or caused you upset bc, let's face it folks, life as a passenger on spaceship Gaia can be turbulent at times, Lord knows.  Good thing God is in control and He knows what He knows. Everything.  And So It Is.  


Now 1/7/19 Led Zeppelin / Ten Years Gone / Live / High Quality

Thank You God and Thank You Led Zeppelin.

Now 1/7/19 Kryon Explains How to Give Spirit Permission to Make Their Presence Known

Thank You God and Kryon and Lee Carroll and ModernGalaxy for sharing this sublime message. Blessings one and all. <3 )

Now 1/13/19 Secret Space Program Whistleblowers Claim We Have Technology 1000 Years Ahead of Anything You See

Thank You God. Thank you presenter Frank Chille and Secret Space Program Whistleblowers.

Now 1/13/19 Little Feat "Rock and Roll Doctor" 1977 Sound Check

Thank You God, Lowell George and Little Feat. And WestLAGuy for sharing on Yt. We patients Are Cured. Praise God from Whom all richest blessings flowwwwwwwwwwwww...... )

Now 1/14/19 The NASA Conspiracy

Thank You brave, kind and compassionate spirit Donna Hare.

Now 1/14/19 Speaking of Good Doctors...

We think of good doctor's we don't have to look or think far bc Dr Peebles is just a notion of a thought away and He inspires the 'Rock & Roll Dr' song to be shared over here...   

The healing power of music therapy can not be denied, my dear friends.  Between the music and other good stuff shared here...we know, we don't have to 'hope' this site is serving Creator's intentions for the upliftment of humanity.  Personal and planetary liberation is ours for the creation, fellow immortal spiritual creator beings of infinite love and light.  May we All be Free to be who and what we may be, Now and forever. with no qualifiers.  If we exist it's bc God created us and loves us, endlessly, just the way we are.  

So, this is our 'good news' to share for now and forever, do You have any good news to share to Your world, universe, dimension?  Who knows?  God knows, my dear friends.  Your particular, unique light and love Is just what the Dr ordered.  We All NEED  Your 'good news' unique to you that could light up the world.  God knows, everyon'es light and love is sorely needed. 

Don't think for a moment that each and every one of us is not a vital, essential most significant part and parcel of the perfect tapestry of souls created by God to Shine.  In shadow or sunlight, we are all light and love incorporated. The uni-verse is all ears and like a canvas for Creator to shine thru us... )  Let's lose the fear and the hesitation that being stuck in an old, tired worn out paradigm seems to have on us.  

2019 is a year of quantum change if we want change, dear ones. Best advice, we echo Jesus'   'God Is Love and Love Is God.  Love God and Love One another.' And So It Is.                                      To New beginnings...  <3  ) 


Now 1/14/19 Dr. Jeffrey Long - Near Death Experiences...

Thank You God. Thank you Dr Jeffrey Long, The NDE'ers and seektruthandwisdom for sharing on YT. <3 )

Now 1/14/19 Dr Penny Sartori: Near Death Experiences...

Thank You God. Thank you Dr Penny Sartori and watkinsbooks for sharing on Yt. <3 )