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Welcome friends arriving from the It's All God page... 

or anywhere you're coming from.  It's no accident you are here.  As john Lennon said...'There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.'  We're glad the universe has brought you here.  May you live long and prosper according to Creator's divine plan.  And So It Is.



Hope Floats the human condition. (Ret)

Now, 9/23/19 Jesus The unreal is weakening in the Presence of Love, and it is dissolving

Thank You God Jesus Sananda Yeshua & John Smallman & Awakening Our Truth for sharing. <3 )

Now, 9/23/19 'I am that, I am' Wayne Dyer 🙏 <3 )

Thank You God & Wayne. IJN. Let's get our ears on, guys. Sound awesome? <3 ) Got a suggestion, Paul, who me? Hmm, ok, why not, 'I AM my perfect infinite divine Higher self in perfect alignment w the Will of Source 4 my life. How's that angels? <3 ) And 2 share what popped up just before we added this... Ty angels...

Thank You Wayne. See you in Paradise. Oh, we're already here. Mother Earth division. <3 ) Carry on ever y one... )

Now, 9/23/19 555Hz ♠Tree of Life Meditation ♠ Soul Reset ♠ Return to pure soul ♠ Healing Meditation

Thank You Source Creator God ~ the angels, & Meditative Mind 4 bringing this awesomeness into manifestation. )

A song to get us winners in a good mood to receive infinite blessings... ) Grateful Dead - Loser 7-7-89

Thank You God Creator Source, Jesus and Mary and The Holy Spirit and The Grateful Dead for this song of hope and all songs rippling out to the infinite and coming back to make us ) ) ). Esp deadicated w much <3 and gratitude to Uncle Jerry and Brent RIP Rockin' In Paradise. ) ) )

And after the Masters had spoken, the people were hungry and had nothing to eat bc they had not enough money.  So God said.  Here try one or more of these.  Hopefully, working as a team, all God's kids can get nutrition 4 their bodies as well  as the soul, mind & brain.  This has been a  test, only a test of the new now emergency compassion network.  Don't expect overnight.  Excellence takes a while, God knows.  And now we know. What could have been...  

With Jesus' response... 

Free would have been the best, however we stubborn humans like 2 do things the hard way.  So, we hang in there hoping 4 the best as we can see it,  only to the next bend.  Good news guys... the elevation of humanity is in full throttle mode and we are rising, rising Up like a cloud of God''s mercy & compassion.  Film below w one of our team leaders in the arena...wait 4 it... )

Now, 9/24/19 Here's to the end of hard times 4 All God's Children. 888 )

Check out this video from @PBS: Country Music, “Hard Times” (1933 – 1945) 

Massive Opportunity! You are invited to be a founder with

Paul Brown here with you.  here is your personalized invitation to a massive opportunity...

Ash Mufareh's long awaited labor of love is getting closer to launch every day.  This will be HUGE  Please do yourself the favor of checking this out.  See the presentation and then decide.  You do owe it to yourself and yours.  Founder positions are still available but you gotta move...




Now, 9/23/19 Here's our latest menu of awesome turn-key opps. You got this, winners. )

Let jerry and Co welcome us over here as well... 

Multiple income streams... good. )



Yahoo images
Multiple Streams of Refreshment... Good. ) ) )

Alright Guys, Welcome to the new Starship Hope. AKA The Good Ship Bountiful for All. Good God willing, we will all find our perfect place already prepared. All good things spring from Source. Let's be eternally kind, happy and Grateful. Thank You God We <3 You. IJN, And So It Is.

Now, 9/18/19 As shared on Fb & part on Twitter Bringing u all up 2 speed. )

Hey Facebookers: Tweet:      Hey Everyone, Did you know? Start spreading the news... #ABC #CBS #NBC #BBC #WCVB #WHDH #WBZ #WZLX #WRKO #WROR #RockIntervention #TheBeatles #JesusRocks #Whistleblowers #NewNews #Heavenonearth #TeamElvis #GodsGoodScript #PeaceLoveJoyBWusAll #ItIsDone #Filmat11 😎🤓😍😁😆😃 No more 😭 All God's Rockin' cChill-dren invited 2 B 'hear' Now 

We decree:  Jesus says...

Hear the 'Best New News Healing Now'  Big Nod & TY 2 the 2 James M's ) ) Our 1st reading w Jim..RIP.  w a Big Hug from Jesus 4 Everyone. (8) #Arewerhavingfunyet? #IAMTHATIAMIS #Smile #ItsAllright #GodIsGood #AndSoItIs 🦋breaths )~( #SeeYa'sontherockymountainway  God ~ Holy Spirit put this one here 4 us, hope you guys can swim. Lol ) 

Alright Ashtar, Hey Michael ) ) 
Alright, and finally, w a nice nod to a very talented soul of many talents, not the least of which is her drumming skills. Ty Leslee Jo, and Ty's 2 the Akashic Records Keepers. ) ) www.LovesLeaderNow777  So, in closing, we'll do the time honoured thing and leave Ya's w a song which can be found here... 

And then... the song. From Source w Love, guys...  Thank You Elton & Lesley who penned it. ) Alright, my dear friends. This is a wrap. We're stepping out 4 a earthing walk in the park, and Dunkin' across the street where they're nice enough to let us leave our 'Charged' lightning cards, if anyone wants one, free 4 the taking. Carry on & have a nice forever... starting Now. Time stamped 9/18/19 3:55 p.m. 😎

P.s. Almost forgot. Lest anyone think this is Paul's little ego trip, rest assured, in our complete & utter knowing, not 2 mention believing...  Peace. Thank You God. IJN. <3 )  

P.p.s.  On bewhole of the group ~ 'Team Oneness'  We Thank You God 4 the light between us, each & every one w no one left out. Cheers & Celebration, Now & 4 ever. 

And So It Is What It Is.  'Keep on laughing, everyone.  lol  )

Here's a place 2 laugh, cry, gain some hope 4 humannity, like all the other pages, branches, on these 2 God sites.  

Now, 9/22/19 4:22 p.m. You are entering yet another doorway 2 the jubilee ~ A place of & 4 Hope. ~ The entire site. <3 )

Announcimg This entire site Is now 2 be known as 'Guitars & harmonica's'  'the jubilee* ~ A place of Hope.  So it is now and 4 ever proclaimed, IJN.  You may now receive your cosmic hug and welcome 2 the doorway to infinite dimensions, dear ones.

* A modest , humble & simple site.  Want to make your own history?  Get your own site, if led.  no, we are not an affiliate.

And So It Is What It Is.*

*Yep, dear ones this is the updated version of And So It Is which was the updated versiion of Amen. Thank You 2 Ric Ocasek RIP 4 leaving that bit of inspiration, a little before Jesus came arounf in His car to pick up Rick.  )  Yes, 'Keep on laughing' was the other thing Ric wrote to his family.  That was shared here  if you missed it...   <3  )

So, as announced the other day on the front page and the  Hope Further page, (link just shared ) all the pages on this site & the original site:  are now all branches of God's sharing infinite heart & if you come away from any page w/o a increased sense of hope, then something's wrong.  If so, tell us about it.  Our contact info is here.  Oh, should we mention God, there's a moss covered 'Donate' button there, if anyone would want to try it out.  You would be richly rewarded . 

Paul, you've been doing this stuff online since 2012, how many donations have come in, Bro?  One, my friend.  But that's ok, we've always done this 4 love and the high vibrations that naturally come along w doing Gods work on bewhole  of our sisters & our brothers. money is going the way of the dinosaur anyway.  So, guys, like everyone else, yours truly has to eat, so we've come across the opportuniities on this page and you're all invited 2 check them out. 

They are all easy, and systematic, as in auto-pilot as much as possible.  We trust, tho, that like sharing a good movie that you enjoyed w a friend, you'd want to tell them about this or that opportunity here, not to mention the spiritual nourishment here.  So, one of these is being called 'The 5 dollar miracle'  We invite ya's to check it out. Coming right up... )

Carpe Diem.

Now, 9/24/19 Collective Soul - The World I Know (Official Video)

Thank You Collective Soul 4 this magical video that saves lives. Thank God. IJN. <3 #LifeIsWorthLiving. #JesusIsHope #GodsPlanIncludesAllofus. #Nocoincidences #OnlySynchronicities. #Work4GodandGodWillwork4U. #KeepLaughing Lol ) Tank You Ric & Company of Rock Heaven. )

Now, 9/24/19 We are only beginning the journey, dear friends of spirit, bc that is who we are. correct, Sting? )

Wow, Ok guys, wasn't that a short menu.  It's the darndest thing that the opp we tried to put under this $5. Miracle would not 'take' again, just like before when we tried to place it on another page. We'll try again on a fresh page as this one is pretty much in the books.

We share this video, friends, bc September is Suicide Prevention Month in mainstream media.  We say Every month Is Suicide Prevention Month.  The statistics of the people checking out of this very tough 'boot camp' schoolhouse is truly alarming as it is sad.  If only people could see around the next bend, who knows what may have been waiting there.  If we can't see it we don't know.

Only God knows; but guys, God Is Good.  So, why not hang on and see what HeShe has in store for us.  It could be good, bad or ugly but then we could make a choice, such as to plow on, turn around, or stay there 4 the time being.  Who knows, the cavalry could be on the way 2 save the day.  We might find a companion being in the same boat as us. 

In essence, what we're saying is, Please don't give up on God even if you''ve given up on yourself.  God still has stuff 4 you to do down here, otherwise you wouldn't be here.  Let God decide when it's time 2 go.  Learn from the many NDE videos on these pages. And then when our time comes, we'll truly have a nice forever,  ) Sting, Bro will you kindly bow us out of this 'finished' page?  Thank you Sonny.  )

And So It Is What It Is.  )

P.s.  See Sting & The Police & a whole lot more at Hope Springs Eternal page here..., if led.

Hope Springs Eternal  or to share w friends...  )

Now, 9/25/19 Grateful Dead - Ripple

Thank You The Grateful Dead now 1/2 Living in Higher D. Carrying on... ) ) )
Inviting us all 2 'the jubilee.' <3 )

Now, 10/3/19 Remember Guys Every month is suicide prevention month.

God said:
Of thee I sing. You are the song of My heart. You are the whisper of My soul. You are My entire Being flung to the world. You are the music of the Spheres.

As  God's perfect timing has it... this memory on our Fb.from this day, 2011. The Song of God's Heart | Heavenletters:  Have you heard? Shared now just below...Thank You Good* God<3  ) Shared here at the good ship Hope page 

Another shared memory same day 2017. 

Thank You Josh & Scout.  We Salute you both for your service.

* Once again, we typed (or thought we did) 'God' and reviewing `Good' is there. ) Fix it?  No, nothing to fix, we just add 'God.'  God Is simply 'Good' and this is HisHer show.  It Is What It Is.  )

--- And how is Your God given good day going so far?  Awesome, we hope.  )  


Now, 10/3/19 Have You Heard ~ The Moody Blues.

Thank You The Moody Blues.


Thank You Mother Father God. Jesus & Company of Heaven & Patricia & all Sons & Daughters of The One. Love Is All That Is. <3 )