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Thank You God Creator Source, Jesus and Mary and The Holy Spirit and The Grateful Dead for this song of hope and all songs rippling out to the infinite and coming back to make us ) ) ). Esp deadicated w much <3 and gratitude to Uncle Jerry and Brent RIP Rockin' In Paradise. ) ) )

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NuYugen - Understanding CBD with NuYugen CEO Richard Sharp

Thank you NuYugen CEO Richard Sharp.

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Rain International  is simply a awesome company with amazing products. We love the Soul.  You will too.  ) 

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2-17-2019 Zorra Call - Brad Weeks, MD, Dr. Russell Johnson - My sponsor Jane/Zaraya. Rain Intl #1 Seed Nutrition"better understanding about your health needs" 

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Here is a recording of a recent Conference Call with our 
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The Matrix is like nothing I have ever seen. It's based on a 3 by
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SPILL-OVER - Normally,I don't like to talk about Spill-over, but this time I will put the word out there. There will be a LOT OF SPILL and you can take that to the bank. I've been privileged to hear what is going to be happening in the first 30 to 60 days and this program is set to EXPLODE. I've been sworn to secrecy, but I will tell you this....Things are happening that will make this company Blow-up, and especially OUR TEAM.

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p.s.  I will be adding this to our new place for sharing amazing opportunities here.  Check it out, if led...
Update from Team  

If for any reason you missed last night's call or want to listen to it again, here is the recording
You will hear that the Pre-enrollment web site:  will be coming down Friday at 6 PM MST and then this weekend we will be communicating up and down line to decide placement.  Placement will be based on how much work individuals have put in during this pre-launch period, as well as the recruiting strength of the person. I hope everyone here understand that it's to the benefit of the entire team to have the strongest recruiters toward the top of the matrix creating spill-over for the team. Some of you have been doing an outstanding job...Congratulations
SPILL-OVER - Normally,I don't like to talk about Spill-over, but this time I will put the word out there. There will be a LOT OF SPILL and you can take that to the bank. I've been privileged to here what is going to be happening in the first 30 to 60 day of VeriBella and this program is set to EXPLODE. I've been sworn to secrecy, but I will tell you this....Things are happening that will make this company Blow-up, and especially OUR TEAM. We are so Blessed to find VeriBella...Thank you Joe. and my sponsor John D.  (Copy and paste and tell Your world, guys.)
Teammate Eva Simone put together a short sizzle call that I really like and she offers it to the team. 1-646-653-1679    Thank you Eva.
Here is the PLAN - Call every Top Dog networker you have ever met and tell them to take a $49 spot in a soon to explode forced matrix and then sit back and they can decide down the road when they realize that it was the best $49 they ever spent.
Prosperous Regards,
VERIBELLA 2-26 Conference Call
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Preview YouTube video How To Help End Childhood Human Sex Trafficking with VeriBella
How To Help End Childhood Human Sex Trafficking with VeriBella
Preview YouTube video VERIBELLA 2-26 Conference Call
VERIBELLA 2-26 Conference Call
 Update 3/2/19
They just released this decision...100's of people on flooding into the Holding Tanks and corporate decided that they would be crazy to cut it off now.  
So the holding tank web site will be staying up until Midnight Sunday and I assume that is MTN    
Keep it up, but still start structuring your team is you have one...if you don't, that's OK, you are in great shape because you are here. 
Thursday Night recorded call  Joe edited it down to the 11 minutes with only Dr. K  
P.S.    I will tell you this...when they throw the switch on recruiting, everyone will be happy because of how early we have been introduced to this program.  
You are going to be amazed at what our team will look like in 6 months. I can NOT tell you anything right now, but Joe has his finger on the button that will Blow This Thing UP!  

Now 3/2/19 This Just In...

Veribella – Exciting News In The Battle To End Human Trafficking

The human trafficking problem is worse than ever before in our world., but there is hope.

A company is launching out of Colorado called Veribella that is completely focused on raising funds to rescue these precious human trafficking victims.

In most cases when you hear about an organization raising funds to support this or any cause it comes in the form of donations. That is not the case with Veribella. They are looking to change the way business operates in America today.

So many times you hear about companies donating to charity and you will see 2% or 5% or maybe 10% of their net profit is given to support the selected cause. That is an absolutely wonderful thing, but with the extent of the problem in today’s world, our current efforts have made almost zero impact.

Veribella is changing that by running a for-profit company that is giving 100% of the net profit to help rescue these poor victims trapped by Human Trafficking.

I understand at this point it might be a bit confusing. Someone is starting a company but they don’t want to make any profit. None at all? I get it, I was a bit confused at first as well.

Follow me for a minute, let’s say that you had worked very hard in life and had been blessed for that hard work. For years you had been giving to help end human trafficking but it seemed that no matter how much you have gave it was like a drop in the bucket.

Now let’s say you understood business, in fact, you had a Ph.D. in international economics.  You understood what makes a business successful and you owned several businesses that paid you very well, Those businesses also generated the funds that you have been donating to this cause.

Finally, you realized that what the fight against human trafficking needed was not more donations, but rather a profit generating business that could continually be giving funds to these organizations on the front lines, that way the bigger this business gets, the more help we are able to give.  With that, you decided that a lifetime of giving could be born and Veribella was started.

The beautiful part about this exciting new company is that it allows all of us, just regular every day Americans to become involved in helping to solve one of the worst tragedies of our generation.  Veribella is creating products for sale that all of us use every day, from skincare including instant wrinkle remover, face serum, and lash and brow growth serum. Also, products like energy drinks and coffee that releases endorphins to actually make you happier(and it actually tastes great) and many more. The goal of the products being offered by Veribella is simply that they want to give everyone in America the chance to change their brand and save a victim.

Veribella knew if they were going to do this the products had to be good, or dare I say great. They could not go to market with just an ordinary product, but customers had to have a reason to switch. For that reason, they are committed to only having all natural clean ingredients in all of their products and you can count on getting all of the results without the harsh ingredients and chemicals found in so many of today’s most popular products.

Veribella is using an affiliate business model

After weighing the options available Veribella has decided to go to market with an affiliate based business. They had the connections and could have taken the products directly to retail in stores like Walmart, or Walgreens, and other Wal based stores. Or maybe create infomercials to spread the word.

They decided on an affiliate model because who is better to share the heart of this mission than every day Americans that truly care about each other and care about these victims that are trapped in slavery.

On top of that, each affiliate can earn a great income being involved in this company. So many millions of Americans today are barely getting by and having an extra few hundred dollars per month, or maybe even more.

Now I am sure by now you are wondering what the catch is. Is this some crazy network marketing gimmick or am I going to have to recruit all my neighbors and coworkers to do this? NO, YOU DO NOT. While there is, of course, an affiliate side of this and you benefit from those you bring in to help with our cause, you are not required to recruit any affiliates in this compensation plan, it can just be 100% customer sales if you choose and you will be compensated and appreciated just like anyone else.

NOTICE: 3.4/19  Veribella had a leadership call last night and they have extended the pre-launch holding tank until Tuesday.

We will be able to see product selection on Tuesday evening and hope to wrap up placement of teams on Wednesday.

Keep adding people...Remember you only get a chance to be toward the top of a matrix once.


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