Now: Welcome to The Good Ship Hope Manifests for All God's Kids... )

Welcome friends arriving from the It's All God page... 

or anywhere you're coming from.  It's no accident you are here.  As john Lennon said...'There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.'  We're glad the universe has brought you here.  May you live long and prosper according to Creator's divine plan.  And So It Is.



Hope Floats the human condition. (Ret)

A song to get us winners in a good mood to receive infinite blessings... ) Grateful Dead - Loser 7-7-89

Thank You God Creator Source, Jesus and Mary and The Holy Spirit and The Grateful Dead for this song of hope and all songs rippling out to the infinite and coming back to make us ) ) ). Esp deadicated w much <3 and gratitude to Uncle Jerry and Brent RIP Rockin' In Paradise. ) ) )

Who Wants To Have A Great Life?

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Join us and have Fun!

The Joe is in the house to rave reviews. )

Massive Opportunity! You are invited to be a founder with

Paul Brown here with you.  here is your personalized invitation to a massive opportunity...

Ash Mufareh's long awaited labor of love is getting closer to launch every day.  This will be HUGE  Please do yourself the favor of checking this out.  See the presentation and then decide.  You do owe it to yourself and yours.  Founder positions are still available but you gotta move...




May 2019, Here's our menu of awesome turnkey opps. You got this, winners. )

Let jerry and Co welcome us over here as well... 

Multiple income streams... good. )



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Multiple Streams of Refreshment... Good. ) ) )

Alright Guys, Welcome to the new Starship Hope. AKA The Good Ship Bountiful for All. Good God willing, we will all find our perfect place already prepared. All good things spring from Source. Let's be eternally kind, happy and Grateful. Thank You God We <3 You. IJN, And So It Is.