Now New News 12/05/19 God's Got this W Us 888

God would <3 2 lend a Bigger Hand. Jesus said Ask, Seek, Knock. Let's ASK Shouldn't we Team Oneness. W God We Can Have Everything inc early retirement... Yes, Like NOW, Dear Ones. Deal? Smile, God Loves us. Each & Every one, right Theresa? Oh, yeah. ) ) ) Everyone Welcome 2 the physical Jubilee @ The Hub ~ Boston, Mass. USA. Planet 'Joy' (using Her new name ) Laughing Galaxie 777 888 999 1010 1111. Film at 111. )

Now Beginning The Infinite Adventure 12/05/19 Let's Be Safe Out There...

Thank U Collective Soul, part of GAWD & All That Is. Indeed. Now 1:25 p.m. Stepping out into space, no time 2 waste. Namaste. Film @ 111. Praise God Worship God. THANK YOU Jesus Sananda Yeshua & all other Names Inc Emmanuel, as in 'God Is Here - Hear. Now 'Carry on'; Nod 2 CSNY. ) ) <77773) ) 'Who was that masked man' Quinn, Ilona Quinn <3 ) See Ya's at the movies, the mall , the park, the beaches of the world, etc etc. Nod 2 'The King & I'

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Thank You God. Indeed You Have Proven... You Do In Deed - Have This. Now & $ Ever we R Free. Praise & AWWLLL Glory 2 God. In Jesus Name.

Now 12/5/19 This stays here. Sometimes it's hard being an empath. You feel sometimes more that those going thru the actual S as they don't know any difference. It's just their existence.

Great idea Ihert (w) radio 2 give away ! Million dollars away 2 the 10th caller multiple times a day on your stations while this is going on in our back yard, not just the human beings living in cardboard boxes in our midst. And these days the farthest reaches of the Globe ARE in our back yard. Help Emmanuel (means God is here)                                                                  
BOYCOT IHERT RADIO!!! TAKE YOUR F"N BRIBE & SHOVE IT _______  #Notthedjs doingtheir jobs. #Corporate_______ #STOOPID IS AS STooPID DOES. #RUNTHEMOUTFTOWN #SHOULDHAVEBEENDONELoNGAGO #NeilYoungMad, ☹️ Song to play 4 this situation and not just this company.  Film here.   Here's the one & only song, dear ones. Awl always welcome at the jubilee..)  #ForgivenessIsUs  

 ---We most likely, will be going grassroots.  We have experience in how 2 do this in a few states.  Film at 111.  If want 2 volunteer.   Call Paul 781-267- 4282 4 petition info, as Green colours the keyboard.  

Unbagged humanity? We know you're in there. )

Now 12/05/19 Ruby Rogers Center did it right. Bean counters and non givers dropped the ball. Big time. Sad, just sad.

Hope remains. All it takes is one football player or othher Multi million dollar earner. But too late Read the memo yet, guys?

Now 12/05/19 We Got A Miracle 'Be careful what you ask 4, Nanci. )

It Is Written... 

Jesus response... 

W a Big Thank U 2 People who can give even 1 or 2 bucks.  With 500 peeps, e.g.  responding we be good and gooder as kind people share.  However, guess it doesn't matter anymore as the cashless society is here, now & 4 ever.  Celebrate... responsibly.  Meet ya's at Canal Street 4 All those coming and going.  #WaitingonaFriend&aBrother )  


Now 12/05/19 Marie, Mother Marie wants 2 hear this, we 2, anyone else? Fine.

Thank You Cat ~ Yusuf 4 Your faith & trust in God 2 follow your own path. We invite you 2 come 2 Boston 2 sing this song. 'Book him Danno' ) Anyone else who is in the perfomance business, contact our lovely agents 4444'4's 4 a booking. ) Oh, Lightfoot, Gordon Lightfoot. We hope 2 see You & Crew at Sanders Theatre in Harvard Square 4 a night of magic, televised so everyone can en-joy. <3 )