Now 1/19/20 Keeping score of the page sharings.

We have started doing a 'Share of the Day' type  thing tho not necessarally every day.


So we have a easy record of this activity we will be logging it here.  It started on 

Thursday, 1/16/20  with this alpha share, where it all started:

Then, 1/17   the omega, dovetailing page was shared: 

Saturday 1/18   Promise of a man: 

Now Sunday,  1/19  this page is shared w special memory guests Mother & Jaws.  

Now 12/19/19 Greetings kids. You want links? We got links & letters 2 share...

This shared on FB  the above date...Part I

Greetings fellow Zookeepers. This may be the official breakout song of the Eagle Party, What do you think?
Shared at God's Grateful jubilee platform here:  Merry Christmas & Happy Joyous new year
4 clear cosmic vision 2020. It's no accident there are no accidents, everyone knows that, right? Hope so. )  Michael says the ship is ready when we are, starfleet cadets,= 
Latest working man as partners page...  All God's kids need Hope:  And good friends, who have their friends back; right John? Indeed, ) 

Who could use a bridge 2 a better life? God provides, Dear Ones.  4 God cares So much HeShe wants 2 gather us in to eternal safety. Our choice team oneness.
Awl your friends r here. No one is ridiculed or ostracized 4 being 'different.'  Problems R mere 'situations' which can be fixed w the right counselor. We rec Jesus. He'll have u laughing in no time. ya may even 4 get what the 'problem' was. )  This is a wrap for this share. We leaving, you coming with, Hugh? Manitees are & The dolphins whales and turtles frogs & all natures creatures in their habitat.  Look like a full circle jaunt @ the mind & <3 of God. In closing this little course, there R other pages of note so, in your travels we rec searching them out and we, God willing will have a new page w 'Open Letters' that like a snapshot can convey a lot of information w the original bare exchange.