Greetings & Welcome home to this 'It's over' page. Long have we watched & waited 4 U humanity. Heaven hopes U stay 4 good, now. Deal? We hope so. (333) Hugs. ) ) )

Thank You Mary, Universal Divine Mother of us awl. <3 )

Now 1/7/20 Who doesn't like it when something really Heavy is Over, Done, Finished & Complete?

Who else thinks we need a Hug & a Hail Mary down here 2 pull us thru?

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There is more Mary here fyi: 

Now. 1/7/20  The immediate matter at hand...

In a world where survival depends on how much money we have, we are offering this.  We hope this can be one that sets us and our friends free once & for all, + it will help a very sad situation where children need money for food and medical care.  Please read on and if not int in the opportunity, that's ok, but how 'bout a contribution of whatever you're comfortable with?

If not, prayers are also welcome.  Thank you for taking action.  

BIGGOBTC Has Launched 
This is one you don't want to miss out on, folks.
The cost per position is only 0.003 BTC.  This is about $22 USD.   Members cycle and earn in a 3x2 Team Forced Matrix.  Your total earnings is 0.486 BTC ($3500).  You may purchase as many positions as you wish.

There are No Referring Qualifications to earn.   This is a True Team Forced Matrix.  Every position purchased follows members in Our Team.
Only Bitcoin is accepted.
This link, below, is for my friend and referral Emmanuel Jongo.  Emmanuel runs an orphanage in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  It's one of the poorest countries on earth.  There are over 500 children and they don't have enough food to feed them and it seems only yours truly is supporting them. However, we can't do it alone.  If half the people who read this help out w anything.  We'll be ok.  @ $144.. can feed the kids for a week.  
Many are literally starving to death and the hospital and Dr's there don't seem to care.  They want money and no money- no care. Govt there is MIA.
Check this chronicle of our recent correspondences if led. Links to help via paypal there too.  We know, it's long but scroll to the bottom for the latest. 
 Hopefully, we can save this little girl's life.  
So, you say you need a break yourself?  Get in line. This heaven sent opportunity can be win win.  Lives can be saved for only starting w $22. bucks.  Join us.  We are One team and working together can make the plan, not dream, work. (dreams can turn into nightmares.)  Amen... 
Please reply to this email if you have any questions.
For donations please use this PayPal, no donations is too small.  TYVM..
P.s. Just sharing...

to me  yesterday 1/5/20
The BIGGO BTC Team  

P.s.s.  All welcome to the Grateful jubilee.  )  It's Free.  Like a kind, loving compassionate God wants everything to be on HisHer 'Plant it.'  But we humans have our free will and we've been led astray by, shall we say, forces of the shadow, and here we are in the stubborn mucky pucky way of doing things down here.  God knows we can sure do better.  Why can't we do things and live our lives as Jesus taught.  Simple, sweet, kind and loving. 
Why all the drama and oneupmanship?  Y can't God send us a leader?  Well, my dear friends, all we can do is Hope, maybe pray, they say that works.  And throw in a little faith & trust and who knows?  Maybe a miracle can happe on the 'Plan it.'.  Hey Jerry, you got a song about miracles, right?  Indeed, he does,friends. Wedo believe it can now be found here, if led...     
Alright, weir  sending this out now, and if you concur w some or all of what's been shared here, be an angel &, pass it on.  You will be blessed.  Heaven takes care of its own & guarantees it.:  w Jesus' response::  #WhistleblowersWanted  #LoveInAction
P..s.s.s.  Don't know about Bitcoin?  Can find out here:  and tons of videos on it at  TYVM.
P.s.s.s.s.  While at Youtube, check our channel if want... 
Now  1/7/20  At least 500 people had to have seen the email w latest on the orphanage.  No donations  Talk about blessings gone by the wayside. ; 

Now 1/7/20 Thank You Mary 4 The Hail Mary... )

When it's flutes & trumpets & guitars & shouts of Joy on the Plant it, whattayagonnado?  Peeps,  Hello?  Anyone home?  Sorry God, we just can't get arrested down here.  All they think about is money, money, money and moiney.  Money Money Money Money people... Oh never mind....    

Now 1/7/20 Paul, feed them & U this Gordon song. is there anyone home.

Thank You Gordon 4 coming here & switching on the light, and 4 that very vivid dream of you showing us @ the universe holding onto your cape. 4 real, folks. <3 )

When its over its over, right Johnny (the) Most. Voice of the Celtics back in the day. )

Tribute to John Havlicek & the Boston Celtics of yore... )

Now 1/16/20 A sweet day to Come & see the wizard... )

Thank You God 4 yet another Far Flung Productions Limitless production. where You did it awl, God. TYVM. IJN. <3 )

Now 1/7/20 The Beatles - A Day In The Life

Thank You The Beatles. There are no words. <3 )

Now 1/7/20 Cream - Badge. Look out 4 that curtain, guys. )

Thank You Cream. )

Now 1/9/20 From FB share of 12/31/19 Thank You Mary. <3 )


Thank You God, Patricia & The Company of Heaven ~ on Earth. #Endofseparation #EternalFreedom @QuantumGratitude

Now 1/14/20 Remembering Neil Peart. Rush - Subdivisions (Official Music Video)

Thank You God for Neil. Talent on loan from You; like Alex & Geddy. Thank You Rush. <3 )

Now 1/16/20 Shared from FB share.

Cry 'No woman no cry' #BobMarley Awesome song. by #GodleyandCreme & TY StephenMighty 4 creating this treat.

Announcing: A frequent (not necessarily, daily) sharing on FB & Twitter i.e. starting now, 1/16/20 the sweetest day of the month... God volunteer humble, obedient servant 2 God's Will, Paul, if led, will be sharing random pages of the 2 God sites we are blessed 2 steward. We start now, here at the alpha, where it all began in 2012 .

It's time 2 celebrate Heaven on Earth, fellow Gods & Goddesses as we collectively regain our awesome spiritual powers w the ascension process in progress 4 every human being w no one left behind. Sorry if you had other plans. However, you, as a child creation of God, are part of God's plan 4 the resurrection from the deep, dark, darkness that some humans have fallen into. Our particular 'ground work' 4 God is Done, friends.

Know, dear ones; God Is Fun; Fun Is God. Have Fun w God and Love Everyone & Everything, In Jesus Name. Correct Ashtar? #Romanceoftheuniverse 36:39 The rest of the story: A page 4 closure: (not done yet) And Freedom 4 ever. Anyone want some of that? Hope so,,, : See Ya's on Friday w the omega page share. Who can guess which one it is? Hint: It's on this site: Rec & Fin above date 7:33 a.m. Thank You Father Mother God & Good Son Jesus Sananda Yeshua <3 ) ) ) 😎

Fun Fact  Paul was living for a season on South Beach, living and working as the night clerk at 'The Colony'  a classic art deco hotel while shooting was going on for Miami Vice.  You'd see the equipment trucks all over the neighborhood.  Bring back the eighties God, we're not done w them.  lol

Now 1/16/20 Cry Godley & Creme ( MV video by StevenMighty )

Thank You Godley & Creme & Stephen Mighty 4 the great video & Sonny & Tubbs we <3 you guys. You too Don & Phillip ) Who's got a time machine? Oh, God does. )

Now 1/24/20 Another page is complete & gone 2 heaven...

Here we are again Divine Moother w another page 4 You to recommend 2 God.  As if HeShe doesn't already know bc God Is responsible 4 the whole thing.  )  We give iit 2 You anyway, Mary.  Please Mary, we know You will find a way to get this out there 2 the masses, if God's will.  And So It Is.  <3  )

We do look 4 ward 2 new beginnings as we know, as eternal beings created by God 2 bbe loving companions 2 HimHer, we can never, ever die.  So, let's accept it team and Carry on as One.  Deal?  The peanut gallery screams in our ear... DEAL  DEAL.  We canm't hear you... DEAL X Infinity.  Oh, ok, now we're catching Ya's   God, our chips are cashed in, our Homes await us in whatever level of Heaven we have earned, and we can't wait anymore 4 the stubborn veil 2 be lifted to, as Dr Peebles says, whatever layer of the onion we happen 2 arrive at. 

So, what about Now, guys.  How ;bout another song from that page to place here next, guys?  Just 4 Fun, ok?  Go 4 it Paul.  Thank You Ashtar, we will.  Oh, and we do have the lasagna for tonight.  One of the last things we have in our cupboard.  And the fridge?  We have the obligatory mayonnaise jar.  Something the Van Halen Band of brothers can relate to.  )  

Lo and behold... another finished page  Infinity's doorway:  Thank You God who is completely responsible 4 this page & others    Hope see Ya's there.  )


Nnow 1/24/20 Van Halen - Right Now live (92)

Thank You Van Halen. A Band of Brothers if there ever was one, & Father & Son... Everybody loves you guys. Awl versions, so no more fighting. Deal? Fans... you gonna be good? That means respectful. Hope so. )