Grand Tetons Mountain Range, Wy. (Yahoo images)

Greetings weary travelers. Welcome to the Highest ground on Earth. We Trust Y'Awl will en-Joy your sojourn from here on. Smile & join the Fun. Deal? Good <3 ) ) )

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This page is dedicated to help the starving children in Africa while money is still all the shit.  You got min $5. or can share the new Now Good news?  Contribute here or (edit:  you don't have to) leave this page NOW.  No exceptions & We  mean it.  God Is watching you & so are Your angels.  Don't make them cry.  Stand up & rise to the top w a giving heart. 

Or go to eternal oblivion on someone else's ice cream truck to nowher.  Yeah, that's it the moochman will get you there.  Guaranteed oblivion.  bye asshole.  Btw, guys if you r wondering.  This IS the Paul from 2000 years ago.  New name Now is Shane and as name means... God Is Gracious.  I AM Gracious.  I AM THAT I AM.  I can carry out Source's Word w deadly efficiency. Correct God Who Is Good?  (AWESOME)  IT IS WRITTEN.  What It Is.  For the record.  Rec & fin  2/23/21  Cosmic Trigger Day 4:41 p.m. To Beginnings  <3 ))) ) )  5 smiles 4 adventure.    Some think it's all fake.  Fa real. 


Now 2/23/21 A Cosmic Trigger Day 4 The Ages. Who cares? eh... (

As of today 2/23/21  And sharings on Fb,  Twitter w hash tags to media, local & national , politicians like Pres & V.P  not to mention a Fiverr guy adv that he send to 150 K real people.After starting campaign on Feb 12, 2021  here's what we got for the starving & dying innocent children. $12 raised of $10,000 goal  $12, Shane/Paul put in to get it started. 

No more nice guy here, people.  Your lousy stinking money is no fucking Good No fucking more. No future, it's D E A D. Good God saying.  Take the love and come home, Shane.  Most of those 'things' ain't worth the blood, sweat & tears you've given them. What It Is.  #Lostemptyshells  #Done #Over  However for the majority of humans out there we will continue this blog like place.

Tomorrow, Good God willing & the swamp not rising from wash Dc  we will share another germane page of day.  W today's its obvious spirit means business.  Cosmic fun is on the agenda but how do we do that when kids next door are neglected, unfed, not treated bc they have no toilet paper w mooch's face on it to pay the fucking bill.  Shake our head.  And the angels weep.  ; (

Thank You God & Circle of Light. <3 ) )

Now 2/22/21 12:27 p.m. Grand Teton National Park Wyoming Tour

Thank You to the Tour operator & passenger & WorldTravelerMan for sharing on Yt. )

Are you feeling it? Thank you Melanie Beckler Occupation: Earth angel. <3 ) ) ) )

 The change of seasons is happening!

Yesterday I went for a wander through the woods to collect some evergreen branches to refill a little vase I have.

We have a few inches of snow on the ground here still and more on the way, but being outside, I could feel it so clearly:

The Earth waking up...

The force of change...

New life being formed on the material plane...

The energy of Spring.

Are you feeling it?

This is an exciting time, and I love observing the pulling energy of the change of seasons unfolding.

But there's also a potential pitfall this time of year can bring that I want to alert you to.

It's this:

As new forces of growth and life are focused towards the material plane now... There's a perceptible pull towards the material we as souls can get caught up in too.

Don't lose your balance and deep connection with Spirit!

Ultimately a balance between Spiritual and Material focus is key, but in our materially focused world its already all to easy to get swayed more towards the material.

So knowing this...

Care to join me in a short Archangel Michael clearing meditation?

Archangel Michael connects to assist you in clearing your energy and releasing, illusion, distortion and dense energy from your mind, body, and spirit so you can more effortlessly shine and embody your highest light.

Listen Free Here >> 

With love and bright blessings,


Now 2/23/21 2:44 a.m. Cosmic Trigger Day Archangel Michael Meditation for Clearing Your Energy!

Thank You Michael AA and Awl the wonderful sweet loving kind beautful harmonious shining shimmering radiating angels of The Infinite. In infinite love & light & Gratitude to You Dear Good God of AWL THAT IS In The ONE. What It Is. <3 ) ) ) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now 2/23/21 11:44 a.m. Infinity's Doorway. 4 The Masses. What It Is. <3 )

Announcing First Share page of  the day & spirit is Not fooling around, my dear friends.  Drink deep from the cup of this page.  Be Glad It's over.  The long nightmare of less than the best leadership on the Plant it is over.  It's not scribe.  It's Thru scribe, ladies & gents, girls & boys.

Film here:  

Now 2/23/21 2:05 Shared on Fb

To the 30 people messaging me inc admins of orphanages & ministries in Africa. Here's what's happpening, or not happening. We live on Hope. God knows that but when everybody on the plan it has their heads up their ass over that shit what does a person have to do. But Say it over & Over 7 Sananda response:  We gotta tell the moochheads in wash Dc & everywhere they're worshipping money. It's toilet paper now. Love Is THE NEW NOW Currency. Ask God. Ok? Tell your merchants. Tell your bankers. It's OVER. IT's Done. Wake UP people Smell the Flowers, Roses, Coffee. Celebrate!!!  Here, Good says, Ask the wizard... (Yes, we typed God & Good shows up. scribe may not even point this out anymore, guys.  When you see 'Good' like this, know scribe always types 'God.'  ) 

Film here: plz remain calm, as things can only get better when EVERYTHING IS FREE, As GOD Wants It On HERHIS Plant it Rock n Roll. What It Is. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Remember, everybuddy;  every day is Love day, not necessarally Valentines day.  This is just  a temporary situation.  The eternal fun will begin when we get the small minds out of office who think they are 'governing  'We The People' and go run in the fields, free as birds.  What It Is. 

Now 2/23/21 6:33 p.m. An Open Letter to anyone who has a <3 )

Now in the eternal Now: 'An Open Letter'. Please share if resonates w Your world. Ty
Sorry to break the new Now news to you Kathy, but money, crypto, as we know it, no longer exists. It's gone the way of the dinosaur & the fax machine, not to mention the hacks in wash dc who think they are running this nation/world. The entire paradigm Has already shifted to Love, Love & only Love, Divine & Infinite ruling the world. It Is Written.
Film here, if led  And many other pages on that site but esp here, our new Now blog like place but that word is so tired. we call it Our new cosmic name is Shane. means 'God Is Gracious' So, you can be sad about Onpassive (we dropped out after a year of waiting.). We sent our refund to feed the hungry children in an orphanage in Sierra Leone. W Africa. We now support over 20 Orphanages/ Ministries.
We have a great partner over in Uganda named Raphael, among other names he has.
He's our angel coordinator, Verifier & Disburser.. He keeps the many scammers at bay. So, if you check out the vast material at the site, anyone can see that we are beyond serious about our mission Is Possible bc w God, awl things are possible.
We will use this as 'An Open Letter' while protecting your identity, if want.. Well, there's a lot of Kathy's so not to be a concern. You can do same if want to help the cause.
And we have a song 4 this non revolting development. Here's url if want to hear it.
Take care, Kathy, Awl the best of God's blessings to you & yours.
Shane.      )


Thank You Patricia & The Company of Heaven. In Oneness. <3 )

Now 2/24/21 2:22 a.m. A time to love. < period.

  Storms come storms go. Come spiritual warriors.  The planet knows when it's moments to live, love laugh & be glad that the angels have the world in like a giant safety net. Thank you angels.  <3 ) ) ) )  

Copied from our Fb share: 

And Glenda, our angel (one of many) says, hey humanity, here's new 'Fresh garbage' Ref song by 'Spirit' 4 ya from Shane.'
Steaming pile of shit 4 the day. Hold your noses now. At here:  News media covers only bad shit so you may or may not want to 4 ward to media. After all only one spark can start a forest fire and only one article or inteview could get Shane arrested. Paul RIP is gone with the wind, Does anyone know that the human term for Paul is 'humble'  we just googled it last evening. 72 trips around the sun & never knew. So everything gets left to Shane, & God bless Farili Triiumphio, he did his best. Played his short lived part but he's toast now.

But Shane is The Essence Source Immortal Spiritual Being destined to deliver awl the laggards like King Shit moochman. to Heaven's door. Actually, that's already done, yet people still have their heads up their asses like said here. Oh, excuse us, arses, guess that's more polite  w Sananda response  What It Is. ๐Ÿคจ

And the drumbeat goes on.  Still $12. iin the Fundraiser.  Shane is broke. and all the orphanages are out of food.  Here's another one just came in.

Hope sent Today at 6:31 AM

Hi brother Paul, good morning. We need your help urgently please. We are starving


Now 2/24/21 Arrived 4:00 P.M. Fresh Garbage - Spirit

Thank You Spirit. 4 yer ear delicious Fresh Garbabe. <3 )

Now 2/24/21 8:13 p.m. Sugaree, 5/5/77 โ˜ฎ Grateful Dead - HD/HQ

Thank You The Grateful Dead & Producers of this great video & chasefukuoka61 for sharing on Yt. This is Shane's / Farili's & Paul's official 15 minutes. Nod to Andy W. What It Is. <3 ) ) )

Now 2/25/21 7:11 a.m. Announcing the next steamy pile...

Here you go consumers of bad shit.  Throw down this page, if led.  Traveling time.  One sec, sorry 4 the delay.  If you're disgusted w this page, call the cops so they can arrest Shane & he can have his day in court.  K?  Thank you.  

Thank You Wayne 4 the warning, Bro.  )

Shared on Fb...

Good Morning Sunshines. As you begin your beautiiful day, your humble servant of God & Y'awl. Shane, has been trying to get everything exactly perfect at the Share Good shit page of the day. Alert the authorities, if led, bc this is really bad shit, ok in a good way. But we Must give the media really bad news or they don't cover it, as we know.
Whistleblowers wanted to draw attention to the overlooked totally crisis in African orphanages & ministries catering to the poorest of the poor while their govt's are only concerned about their stinking rotten obsolete dinosaur money which HAS BEEN REPLACED By Love.
Meanwhile the innocents starve, LITERALLY!!!!!!!!!! Help! How much we got today to buy food? Total raised: $12 that Paul put in. This after 12 days, people. Everyone's life review is coming soon w the mass ascension to our spiritual, crystalline light bodies.
We Guarantee if you saw this and other things you could have done, You will give yerself the BIGGEST kick in the ass, we R warning you, folks. The time to cash in your shit (money) was yesterday and use it to help others while it's still being used by the asleep. 98% of humanity. The link to the big pile is as usual, shared at: And Thank You Wayne 4 being an angel Loveworker. )

Now 2/25/21 8:44 a.m. Echoing the words of Chip Monck at Woodstock... 'It's A Free World From Now On!' What It Is. IS. <3 ) ) )

Now 2/26/21 1:33 a.m. The Winner Is Clear. money lost. Can't buy shit w it. Can't even use it as donation. God Has Spoken. See Film where the angels may lead on God's pages HisHer dispaches, not innocent scribe. .

So, my dear friends, star beings of infinite Love & Light,on the way uP.  What's in Your rear view mirror?  Is it moment yet 4 Us awl, bc we Are awl One, to pack up and leave this schoolhouse veil of tears, where we could never get our proverbial shit together?  One thing is 4 certain & that is that Gaia has earned Her relief from the human creatures who have come almost to the brink of destroying Her over stupid, crazy, petty shit. 

Is one word to blame, children of God?  Profits.  Can anyone once they have passed to the other side believe how blind they were to the almighty shit of money being the almost entire focus of a life, no matter how much damage it did/does on a daily basis and they get away w it bc they can buy their way out w money.  We have a pos on  the planet who's vaccines & experiments have cost the lives of over half a million children in Africa. He wants to put chips in our bodies 4 some ungodly reason.  Has he shed one tear over the loss of life w his decisions?  We doubt it.  Just cost of doing business when you're the anti-Christ.

No biggie to him, he's on record as one who thinks culling the population of the Earth is, along w his pal Kissinger, anothe pos, is a good idea.  Search it online Folks, if you don't believe scribe.  And Gates can just go on CNN and be treated as just another respected guest bc he has more money  than God, oh, and a 'foundation.'  Give God a Break, humans. __________________________________________________________________________________

Ok, Here's Our Next Stop on the never ending Jerry & Janis Tour 4 Eternal Fun 4 the living.  Of course, we know the dead are not dead but more alive than we in the physical body, vibrating and having Fun living at higher frequencies than we are here.  Good news is, we have technology that can bridge that chasm,  beloveds.  Want to know more?  Stick to this place where Good Shhit Is raining down.  What It Is. Oh, So Gratefully.  What It Is. <3 ) ) ) 

Now 2/26/21 2:33 a.m. 'Closing Time.' Lights out on fiat/ crypto. God's currency Is Far Superior. Nothing beats Free. We R Now Free.

Dear humanity  (lower case 4 our humbleness, humility & modesty)  Y'awl know we are awl in this together, correct?  Indeed, such is true and the reason we must awl look out for each other & have one another's back.  God loves us so Much; each & everyone.  It's been aeons HeShe has been watching us, sisters & brothers kill each other and other terriible things. 

That shit is over, Now & 4 eternity fellow Immortal Spiritual Beings of Love & Light. It's time/ moment to rise up into our collective Oneness w Source Good God  Creator ALL THAT IS ~  Heavenly Infinite FatherMother MotherFather Great I AM THAT I AM. Higher Power Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine The Infinite The One.  What It Is.   <3 ) ) ) ) )  5 adventure smiles 4 the road going 4 ward 4 awl eternity.  Praise & Thank You God. IS.   Rec & fin  2/25/21  9:25 a.m.

Pic:  We have friends ready to Greet us on the other side, my dear friends. )

P.s.  The following is our 'Pink Slip' humanity.  Make of it what you will.  Here's some words of wisdom    to go with it.  As Cream's  'White Room'  just magically came on WZLX,  Boston's Classic Rock as synchro soundtrack.  Now, we go back to work in silence as we do 4 a large part of our days.  What It Is.  <3 ) ) ) 

What It Is. <3 )

Now 2/26/21 Alright, Folks ISB's of The Infinite. We are Realy Farili In Deep space cosmic consciousness speaking Now. We Are as One, as Creator wants us to be. No one has been left behind and special teams of angelic loveworkers have been dispatched to lower realms of creation to help the souls/spirits stuck there to rise to the level of their best potential by the infinite kind loving Grace of Creator Source God. we could go on... )

It's a brand new Now day in the neighborhood so, as promised, we have a  new piece of garbage for ya's  Again, we describe it as this bc we want to get the Good God 'Word' out to the world so everyone experiences that Love & not money makes the world go 'round.This one really Farili stinks out the joint.  So there's the link.  Click it & yoou'll be at your destin   nation w the quickness of a blink of an eye. 

God takes note of the arrivals and their followers.  The one's who are Least pleased w themselves are the ones less encumbered w ego baggage.  Sometimes it's better to be dumb & a little stupid than to be a smartypants w all the knowings but not the answers to humanity's plight. 

Ok, we gonna share this shhiit (our new spelling of it)  Ed note:  Ok, scribe meant 4 it to have 2 h's and that showe up, however so did 2 i;s.  Do we 'fix' that?  Heaven's no class, that's the Universe, or God chimming in, so the new spelling for that word, which, btw, scribe was never a fan of, like he never in his life said... I don't give a sh*t.  It's like speach has imagery attatched to it, my dear  friends, so only these last few days has it enterred his vocabulary as a technical term.  One word In never in our vocabulary and that is the H word. 

Even if like we say,  Oh, I H the Yankees.  Our subconscious minds are so powerful, my dear friends you do Not want to feed it any kind of negatiivity.  Capiche?  Btw, 4 the record, scribe loves the Yankees..  Awesome.  Now who wants to go out for a stroll in the park or walk on the beach?  You do everyperson?  Wow, Ok let's 'Do thiis.'  The kids are already out there having  fun just being kids.  And So It Is ~ What It Is.)