Who wants to Celebrate Forever?

Welcome Home weary travelers. Creator will help you find your perfect place in the realm where you belong. Kindly A.S.K. and be open to receive.the absolute best place for you and yours. And So It Is. )

Madonna - Holiday [Blonde Ambition Tour]

Thank You Blessed Madonna of Rock & Roll! Message received, heard & implemented. Everyone <3's You schweetheart <3 ) See Ya and all yer friends ~ Everyone, down eternity road... )

Starting fresh

Greetings fellow Star Beings on the way up.  Hope all is well and getting weller in Your universe. and as Kashmir just started playing on ZLX, the humble instrument, Paul, will commence with moving on with adding any content that spirit wants to bring forth to humanity on these pages on this simple site platform.  We will endeavor to keep the content at the original site alive  but it's a losing battle with pictures and videos constantly disappearing.  It's much better here.

Paul is a simple man of simple tastes, so this direction appears to be a match made in heaven.  Thank You God!  ) We're so happy to have found this place to serve Your kind wishes, Dear  God.  IJN

Alright   here we go, friends, Here's the  link for this page if you'd like to share... Ty.  )                                                                                                                                                                                                   https://tinyurl.com/Celebrate4ever111 

Ed note:  2/17/18

This was written on Valentines Day / Ash Wednesday, a day that turned out to be a pivotal crossroads for humanity as we know it.  Let's just hope and pray that we will learn enough from what happened in Parkland, Fl so that we never have to have any more of these things occur in our destiny patterns as a collective.  When one or many hurt - we all hurt.  Now, let us return to the original sharing.

 Ok,  Greetings dear ones, beloved warriors of the light.  Dr Peebles here, one  of Paul's many spirit guides.   I want to invite all Paul's friends, i.e.Everyone, everywhere, to come over to the page Paul created to share some of my 'good stuff'  and esp to check out the six pack of essential revelatory sharings that basically 'blow the whistle' on this quiet, reserved, unassuming, modest fellow. To go straight to that area of the six pack, just scroll down to where you see a picture of Jerry that Paul snapped in 2016. 

Those essential things have now been loaded below.

You'll hear why Paul is uniquely qualified  for this mission he volunteered for and was chosen with total confidence of God Creator ALL THAT IS.  Above all Mr Paul is one serious dude, my dear friends.  Make no mistake about that, whiich we can't - even if we wanted to. I, Dr Peebles, told Paul, thru the wonderful intuitive consultant Jim Law, in 2013, (That reading is one of the featured sharings of the 6 pack. 

It was life changing for Paul and for many people who have heard it.  We must say the highlight of it was  the Spirit of Jesus coming thru.  Just ..there are no words, my dear friends.) that his site was a masterpiece then.  It's only grown better over the last few years, my dear friends, as one can see.

God knows that at that time, we really hadn't seen anything yet, esp in comparison to now.  In fact, just over the last few days there has been a quantum jump in terms of quality sharing going down at the simple site beginning with Paul's new domain:   http://paulfb.com 

Now, esp with the  new site  extension Creator is taking this to new levels of Infinity & Infinity  beyond.  There's No end, my dear friends, how could there ever be in an infiniite mind w absolutely no boundaries, no barriers,  no thing to worry or fret about. #LoveInAction        Thank You Jesus ~ Sananda.    ❤ 

Now:  for One and for All ... "GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!"   ❤  🙂  

So, here''s  the link  (copy and paste if doesm't come up)


look for Jerry  here's a preview

Now, 11/16/18  The above had light editing on this day.  )

Waving right back at You, Jerry, our beautiful eternal & infinite friend.  <3  )

 See  You on The Other Side.  😎


11/16/18 Update, as Kashmir just finished playing on ZLX.  We just want to invite Everyone to the 3rd essential sharing page of our 'Page of the day'  series, is 'here  www.tinyurl.com/GodsHappilyeverafter777   

Nanci is waiting in Union Sq, Somerville, Ma to welcome us awl.   )


Waving right back at You, Jerry, our beautiful eternal & infinite friend. Coming out of a real <3 cloud.  Wave back, Guys.  ) ) )  So much more Fun 2 be had in Heaven.  No wonder no one wants 2 come back here.

 See  You on The Other Side;  sooner or later, everyone.  😎


11/16/18 Update, as Kashmir just finished playing on ZLX.  We just want to invite Everyone to the 3rd essential sharing page of our 'Page of the day'  series, is 'here  www.tinyurl.com/GodsHappilyeverafter777   

Nanci is waiting in Union Sq, Somerville, Ma to welcome Y'all   )


A divine couple ~ The young laughing lady & the luckiest guy on earth ))) <3

Still crazy after all these years... In a good way. ) <3 )

Nanci and Kimba ~ Super buddies forever <3 )

Mom & Jaws ~ Buddies for eternity w Team Oneness. <3 ) Update: it has been revealed, yesterday (cosmic trigger day in the neighborhood )) ) to Paul that Jaws and Tinker, a package deal, ) are Mom's pets. Ergo, all the love P has sent to them every minute, has, by reciprocity, gone to Mom. )

So we are blown away. We have a Niagara Falls and all the falls on earth as metaphor for Infinite God's pure and everlasting love pouring thru. There are no numbers, my dear friends, this is what the term infinite is really all about. God's love can not be held to any boundaries whatsoever. Hope Ya's understand. ) TY. ;o)

God's Rock Way Is The Right Way... )

Here we Go Class... on "Thank You Jesus" Click away...Well done, Beloveds. We are so proud of this Top of The Line ~ Class of 2018.  )


This one was missing a whole bunch of slides, now thwy are restored.  It's a Miracle.  Thank You God from All Your children.  We All <3 You God, Indeed. Now and forever and all eternity.          And So It Is. )


God, we need signs along the way.  Please God?  ThankYou God.  )


Wait, guys, there's yet more...


 Thank You God Who 'did' the above w Paul the button pusher.

For Full diisclosure, we might as well share this revealing reading with Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command thru Michael Ellegion, from 1993.  Thank You Ashtar and Michael.  )


 Here's the first reading Paul had with Intuitive Consultant extraordinaire Mr Jim Law...

September, 2012   :tinyurl.com/RememberNow777 

Then from July, 2013   tinyurl.com/MrToadsWildRide777

Please note that a companion page to this page


is here with vital information.


Such as this message.


Jesus, did the deal go down?


Farili Triumphio' and Paul's vids. 


Thank God for You Tube.  Right, guys?  A virtual time machine. 4 us kids 4 ever.  Thank U angels 444 4 ever.  amd a day 4 good luck  7 2 11.  Life can be a drag, however, who has something 2 l@@k 4 ward 2, like maybe a duck boat parade thru the infinite cosmos, or just, as in Paul Brown's vision... beautiful Quincy thru beautiful Weymouth and arriving in beautiful Hull, Match ahh choo settts. 

God Bless You Lucky and Daisy! Just sneezed as one. 4 4 ever & a day and won't all God' s happy, humble, wise, smart, gifted. sweet, playful, kind and most of all GRATEFUL Companion Goddesses and Gods with Big Time nod 2 the angels, who just do their God appointed jobs and don't need or have any desire to be singled out w praise.  Their joy is our joy and that's what they live for.  And So It Is.

Alright,Thank You Everyone.  Now, who's got a  'Hallelujah?'  Oh, awesome, Mr Leonard Cohen and Company steps  forward.  God bless Ya's.  Now ~ sing. <3  )  )  )


Leonard Cohen & Company - Hallelujah

Delivered. <3 Thank You Mr Leonard Cohen & Company )

The old laughing lady_Neil young Unplugged

Thank you Brother Old Soul Mr Neil Young...)
Encore... Hear the haunting recorded version... <3

neil young - "the old laughing lady"

Thank You Neil Deep end Brother of Light & Love. <3 )

'Hope Y'all have a Grand, Grateful and nice forever... )
Oh, and don't forget to have F.U.N. Starting Yesterday. See this...

The Loner - Neil Young

Thank You God for allowing this loner (loaner ) to push the buttons and ol' Neil for channeling the Infinite. IJN. And So It Is. )

Now 2/16/18 We are serious about our fun, dear ones, see document below transcribed shortly after we woke up today. Date reflects 'our' time zone. lol )

It Is Written. Yes, folks we and the boys and girls mean business. We came down here w an agenda. 'Fun,' or else. Had enough of their ''or else' bullcrap. Join 'Team Oneness' The 'Fun' Team ~ The only one in town. 'One team for all and All team for One.' And So It Is. <3 ) Hey Paul, don't you have a 'Rock way' slide show 4 us? Thank you for asking, my dear friend. Here Ya's go..Simply click..(See above, next to Jesus.)

Metallica: Nothing Else Matters (Live - Global Citizen - New York, NY - 2016)

Thank You Metallica. <3 ) Team Oneness ~ The Ka Jillion Family Concurs. IJN <3 )

Scorpions - Humanity - live

Thank You Scorpions.... Rock On Forever...)

Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper

God's Rock Solution delivered. Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. And Thank you wearyoldman for sharing on Yt. <3 ) ) )

Who's ready to hit the infinite cosmic highway? The next song can be our vehicle. Let me take you there...

Blue Oyster Cult: Shooting Shark

Thank You God for the vehicle of music. <3 ) This adventurous journey will go on forever Gods and Goddesses. You IN? angels are waiting on us, fellow rockers Thank You BOC. )

John Lennon Famous Words Of Wisdom

Thank You John & Yoko. Your words and actions certainly contributed largely for this world being a better place. ) This was shared earlier here: tinyurl.com/VII-13777

Mom & Paul read each other's mind 345 ~ 777

Thank You God, Jesus, Mom. Everybody love everybody and we can make this place Heaven on Earth. And So It Is. )

You Are Loved

Remember those words,, dear ones, they are nothing but truth. And with this we move on to the next page. Have a nice night / day & forever dear amazing, awesome children of God. <3 always and forever. )

Now 9.2.21 Jimmy Buffett Tribute to Glenn Frey in Nashville on Opening Night of the "I Don't Know" tour (Replacement)

Thank You Jimmy Buffett & Company in remembering Glenn, just down the road a bit. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/26/18 The Traveling Will ~Risers- Beginning Of The Line If we all lend a Hand. Pray, Invoke Decree Dear Strong Spirits. Jesus moved Mountains, So Can WE

Thank You The Traveling Will Risers. We'll be thinking of You and praying You Will Rise to The Joyous, wondrous and Glorious Jubilee of Forgiveness of debt, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry and going home w Jesus Christ in a new, Far Flung Manifestation of Him. Solo, or w our buddies, we can do it, dear ones, but we do have to TRY, W all our MIGHT, sometimes.

Eagles 2004 Farewell 1 Tour 20 Sunset Grill

Thank You God.. Thank You Don Henley and Company of angels & Gods & Goddesses and Large Audience of same. Carry on, God's Far Flung Cars are coming, we hear, but first. What You got, Joe... )

In Memory of Joe Cocker 1944 - 2014 JOE COCKER With A Little Help From My Friends 1969 Woodstock

Thank You God. Thank You God Joe Cocker and Bless All yer friends ~ Everyone. So, how does the music move you, Lucky and Daisy? See great commments on Yt. Good stuff 4 sure. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Farili Triumphio, your 'Done Deal' 46 th president. Everyone, I know likes, if not loves slide shows.  So, over the years, we've made a few.  This particular one takes on large significance bc it was revealed to us, in quite an amazing way, that our twin flame, who Paul met on the day, or the day after the Twin Tower burned. Yeah right @ 9:11 

God works in mysterios ways, my dear friends.  FYI, Paul was given the name of his twin flame, way back a while, and the whole thing is chronicled here.  Check it out, if int.

www.tinyurl.com/Twinflameproject777 ; And here's the slide show... Hope en Joy  )


Now 11/26/18 and always Blossom Goodchild. WE ARE THE GAME CHANGERS! An Invocation from THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT

Thank You Beloved Blossom Goodchild <3 )

Now 11/27/18 'An Open Letter' Re: Our Event A 'Must' Read.

Beginning of placing 'An Open Letter...

Greetings fellow infinite travelers of both time and space. from an exhausted time traveler.  Guys, guess what?  I Quit'  lo  No, seriously, Guys we can not go one more day, moment or minute under the old, tired, truly obsolete way of doing things w the sliding, unfair money standard, not to mention the failing, unstable bitcoin. Sorry guys, but is living on a high wire- any way to live?  What we need for our currency, my dear friends, is something we all love and will not lettuce down, ever.

OMG,  PEEEEPSS WAKE UP.  THE NEW STANDARD OF X CHANGE is in the House.  Your House, Me and Dakarra's house and the future Is not waitiing 4 this to be implemented any more.  Done.  Some team of 4 go pick Paul off the cosmic dance floor. lThe poor guy spent all his energy on this paragraph.

So, Please Dudes and Dudettes, take it from Paul, His High Self Source Energy, and His prior Same Source Energy, who became the first and now about to be the last physical President of these United States, ok?  Here, we give Ya's a united pulpit...w a picture.  Pictures don't lie and, obviously, these are not photo shopped.

 2 handsome devils if we do say so ourselves.  lol  ) ) 

Now 11/27/18 Let;s get to the meat and potatoes 'Open Letter'

Greetings and Hello Mr Quirk and Company, As you may or may not know, Paul's car, which he has affectionately dubbed Quicksilver III  He had a 2013 boo Dubbed Quicksilver I from Quirk too, just for the record. Xcuse me Paul, b4 you go on, but If this is III and the previous vehicle was I... then how did you get to 3 ? ) 

 Ok, We don't mind being interrupted with a germane question like that in these early stages, dear sweet Daisy  So we will answer and just know there will, Good God willing and creek don't rise, be a Q and A at the end of this.  

Btw, peeps, Dr Peebles here.  The instrument is currently operating with exactly 2 and 3 quarters brain cells left..  I am stopping this right now and saying.  Hang loose, guys.  The man needs to function and to do that he needs sleep.  As Dr Peebles fingers fly over the keyboard.  Indeed,  Ty Dr and catch ya's in a few,,,

 ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  Time 4 the record is 9:28 a.m  sweet Daisy ,

Ed Note Now 12/2/18  5:00 a.m.

 The thread and editing will now commence using 'Ralph,'  our new HP computer purchased thru HSN.  which we recommend for an easy, hassle free, way of purchasing a computer or whatever you want.  Easy financing as well.   

We're correcting this open letter, editing, improving for max benefit of all. 

So, picking up the story and editing same....

Ok, Quicksilver III, following our 'incident' has been in the shop for over a month. I told the Manager, over there, Brian, that I hope to be able to pay the bill and pick it up with a target date of Tuesday afternoon, at 2 p.m.
Tomorrow. oh oh.

I did start a Crowdfunding campaign.It's been a few days running. Here's today's sharing to all contacts on Facebook and Twitter I can think of to see if they can help out. I am a public person, however, the mission I am trusted with by Creator, by definition makes me a target for opposition from forces that don't want the light to dawn on this planet.

The Team Oneness we are enjoying stewarding for God is one of spirituality, not religion, has nothing to do with politics or anything like that. We are just led to share uplifting content and nothing is more uplifting than music, for us anyway., so that's what really floats our, and the site's boat, so to speak.

I invite you to check out the site. I remember we did give you one of our cards to...                   --- www.EarthPartyforever.com   when Paul saw you at the Quincy ave Chevy dealership there. It was a pleasure to run into you, Sir. Of course, there are never any accidents. So, I feel led to share w you these 2 sharings out to social media from today, just so you can see how hard I'm trying. It'sa very dark, unkind, sleepy world out there. My job as a lightworker is to help 'lighten up' the world. Like this...

Paul F Brown
2 hrs ·
Here's our 'Share of the day' page, God wants us 2 Celebrate http://paulfb.com/438645131 We're still working on this. Please support HIS Crowdfund 2 free Martha Washings vehicle. She already has the keys, George/Paul Brown gave, actually tossed them to her w a room full of witnesses, at The late, great Ruby Rogers Center in beautiful Union Sq section of beautiful Somerville, Ma.

Paul, aka Farili Triumphio, (cosmic name) deserves a 2019 'boo' w all the toys and bells and whistles, Then, if God has HisHer way,.. EVERY Child of God, w a Drivers license, can have a car. See our videos there All details here http://paulfb.com

Did you see our share of the day, yesterday?  Came in, just under the midnight wire at 11:59 p.m. )   

Want to go to a Duckboat parade tomorrow afternoon? We gotta hustle to make it but we can, if we really want 'Heaven on Earth.' Trump has been invited. ) #KarlsonandMcKenzie #LaurenandWally #JoanBaez #NeilYoung #Scorpions #RollingStones #BlueOysterCult #Boston #GlennFrey #Eagles #DonHenley #MoodyBlues #BobDylan #GratefulDead #DeadandCo Hope to see You at the jubilee... ) ) )

image.png 'Jesus holding The Light.'
Yahoo images.

And on Twitter...

Divine Ultimate hand.

Paul F. Brown
3h3 hours ago
Here's our 'Share of the day' page, God wants us 2 Celebrate http://paulfb.com/438645131 We are still working on this. Please support HIS CrowdfundAll details here http://paulfb.com #WZLX @WZLX#WCVB @WCVB @WBZ #WBZ #WHDH @WHDH #angels @realDonaldTru_m #DonaldTrump #GodIsLove #RT

I did have an amazing vivid vision of a parade happening w the people going crazy, jumping for joy, with the changes brought about by freeing everyone by Presidential proclamation. I f you go to the site you'll see this all over, yet the people sleep. Isn't it a pity.

www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777  w Jesus response,
www.tinyurl.com/Jesusdealgoesdown777   Oh, and one other essential one is... www.tinyurl.com/Mrtoadswildride777 ' Anyway, Our practice is to put everything in God's  hands and that's what we're doing here, my dear friend.

I know this turned out to be a little long but spirit, at least in my case, is very thorough. Likewise I do want to mention to you that when I got out of that vision, I was 'on fire' The people I spoke with may have, probably told you there's a maniac on the phone, and they'd be right.

You may or not know, Mr Quirk, but on the other side, you think of something and it's right there, perfect, just the way it should be. So, when I came to, out of that vision, I knew, I had to make this happen in the physical. It's my God appointed job to follow my heart and do HisHer Will, no matter what. Well down here in the physical dimension, things, obviously happen a lot slower.

However, this is changing and as more and more people wake up to their limitless, infinite potential, they do tend to become zealots and that brings us right to this moment. We do all live in a spiritual universe. Money is the dinosaur failed currency, bc too many people can't deal w the rat race to keep it flowing; while love, God's 'there for the using,' currency, sadly, goes unused.

Pity, ioho. The world truly, esp in these chaotic days, where people kill each other to get those George Washington's. Ironic bc I, Paul, don;t believe I'm the reincarnation of George W, I 'know' beyond any shadow of doubt., but that's another story, shared on the pages coming down on this starsite created by Creator.

Paul, here, is just pushing the buttons, making sure, it all makes sense. What it really all boils down to, my dear friend, is love. The alpha and omega to life's situations, From a heavenly perspective.it is not only the answer to all problems.but that;s how God pays the angels,

They do something good, stop a fight, stop something disharmonious from happening.etc But they do need our permission to aid in something truly major. I, myself, want to be paid like the angels. ) Any way, that's enough, I can run on like a spigot when I get started, dometimes.

I am inviting you to lunch, if want to meet, there's a cool place just down the street from me. I've never been there, they tell me it's nice. I'ts 'Happy White's' place for me. Watch for him to change it when I explain to him that peeps would much rather go to a 'Happy' place, rather than a grumpy one. Just writing this w that word has lowered my vibrations.

Ok, pleasdure allowing all this flow out to you, Sir,Let's see what tomorrow brings and I will always remain a happy happy Quirk customer. I made the switch from Bock and I;m lovin' Quirk. God bless you Mr Quirk and all your many interest. Have a nice day and a better forever. And So It Is. )

Respectfully,and sincerely,
Paul Brown
Cell: 781-267-4282
p.s. When I want to share something good, I do 'An Open Letter' You have my permission to share this if you' like. I may want to share this, but I would, of course, edit it so no one would know who the party was I was communicating with.. Cheers and Cheerio, )

Now 11/27/18 Don't worry Guys, P will never deliver Ya's You're too much fun. lol )

Thank You God for all the immense gifts of love and support You have given us, Your beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, sweet, kind, adventurous, and ever Grateful Chill~ dren. Thank You Mr Paul & Spirit guide #2 Triumphio Farili Zagio... <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) 8 Film now...

June 11, 2017 Our 15 minutes

Thank You God, Who Conceived, Produced, Directed, and Acted in this Limitless Far Flung Production, on bewhole of Team Oneness. Thank You God for sending Your infinite, eternal, loving Son, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour You sent to Lead and Guide us, the worthy and unworthy, the saints and the sinners, the humble and the arrogant, back to Source, God, Creator, ALL THAT IS. In Jesus Name. And So It Is. <3 )

Now 12~2/18 Who wants Paradise Now? Oh, nobody. Ok, your choice humanity.

If anyone might possibly be curious, you're invited to look here.  Paradise Now ) ) )TG

Re picture.  'Nuff said w you people.  X'cept the kids.

Now 12/28/19 Who Wants to Live Forever?

Thank You John Martin Fischer, UC Riverside philosopher. Very nice job. <3 )