Now, 7/24/19 Going Towards 'The One' The Infinite Light & Love~ as One Team... Are You In? Jesus Welcomes Us <83 )

Terms and conditions of Paradise... )

Greetings All Who Want to  Fly on their own terms within agreed Company of One policy. )

Now, 7/26/19

If you have arrived here from being referred from the 'Bullet' page: 

'Congrats,'  you're right where you should be.  latest updates are at the bottom, Hope Y'all have a real good time here & everywhere on these 'happy jubilee' pages. Correct Elvis?  One of this site's gatekeeper guides.  He )'s & says TYVM.  )  Thank You Elvis.  Now, 'Carry on... )'

Update:  7/24/19  So, here's the link 2 what we are Now calling 'Heartstock'. 4 it is w the opening of the <3 that the ascension process 2 higher consciousness can begin w no cap or restriction of any kind in sight ~ ever... Hope 2 see ya's here... )  (Don't worry the maintenance man will be doing his thing there real soon. Ty)

New Now update:  7/28/19  It's not Heart - Stock anymore, Babe's.  It's Heart - Heaven Now.  Look around, friends.  This is what this part of Heaven looks like.  Read your pink slips, grads & try to be Grateful 2 a living, loving, Great Good God of & e4 us awl.  We are So Loved, only in spirit can we begin to comprehend the scope of this divine attribute of Source God Creator ~ ALL THAT IS.  Maintenance man did his thing there,  check it out 4 now, as God knows, things change. TYVM.  ) 

All we ask is 2 treat each w respect, use these songs as a healing balm to our souls.  This is God conceived, produced, directed, and given to a, in many ways, lost, searching, tragically deprived of enlightened leadership humanity. Know, don't just believe, my dear friends, that the music here is healthy, healing and in many cases, can bring happiness, starting by putting a smile on our faces. Correct Sananda ~ Jesus?   )

So, we do appreciate your giving us a chance to serve ya's all.  Indeed, we are all in this thing we  call 'life' together; so might as  well  dance, sing, skip, jump, work and play nice together.  When we all lend a hand to a common cause, such as creating Heaven on Earth ~ miracles can and will happen.  Let's try something completely different on this 'plan it,' my dear friends, at this moment and going forward. 

'We can do it if we  really try.'  Jimmy Cliff sang that inspiring, uplifting song. Creator has given us so many 'tools a plenty' for our upliftment, guys.  Let's be smart and not stupid anymore.  We have the Master example in how to live, in Jesus. Jesus The One, The Only, Light - Love - Truth - High~way to Divine Harmonious, Wealth in Spirit Vastness ~ way  Way beyond any earthly wealth could buy, & Happiness and Adventure for All eternity w our beautiful loved ones.

Jesus really laid out the framework or path of how we, as aspirants to our full divine potential as sons and daughters, sisters and brothers in league with The Infinite; can solve our petty differences. The Golden rule applies here, dear ones.   Can we get an 'And So It Is' (The 'Now' age Amen.)  TYVM.  ) 

Awesome... 'Team Oneness,'.. We are The Cosmic "A" Team.  We Are 'Team Awesome.'  as  well  as the names of our other teams.  And, of course, their is no 'I' in team, however, we are responsible for our upholding our individual "I Am" for the Team.. We are each and every one ~ our own God  gifted  'I AM THAT I AM'  We are each, powerful beyond belief into the 'Knowing' that God created us to be God's and Goddesses ~ Companions in The Divine Infinite Vastness that Is God.

Jesus ~ Sananda... care to add anything?  'Be in peace love & Joy and obey the 11 th commandment. Dear Ones.'  Thank You Jesus Sananda.  There we have it, friends. scroll down over half way on the front page and you'll see it there, right from 'Heaven Letters'  i.e. 'Thou Shalt Have Fun.'  Sounds like a plan, Jesus Sananda ~ Everyone's Very Dear Friend. <83 Jesus says Ya's can just call me 'Sananda' from now on. Ty.  As You wish, Sananda however, like scribe calling Mom - Marie, it may take a while.  No problem Sananda says w a ).  A ) says soo much, doesn't it, guys... )  Indeed.  That puts a certain song in queu.  Who can take a wild guess what it is?  Alright - lots & lots of winners.  Paul's mouth fills w drool.  Funny how that works, but we like it.  lol (laugh out low)  )

And So It Is. 

We all can talk to God ~ that still, quiet voice deep inside us.  Talk to God and Jesus ~ our departed loved ones and pets.  They hear us,  they are with us- cheering us on. And OMG are they proud of us my dear friends, right Dr Peebles?  GOD BLESS EACH & EVERY  ONE OF YOU Graduates of the hardest school in the cosmic ocean.  We bow down to Ya's as we are shedding many tears of joy here on this side of the ever thinning veil. 

Carry on, Champions,  hold your heads high.  Jesus is in each one of us, as is God ~ HerHis Self.  It's time my fellow infinite, immortal spiritual beings of light, love, mercy, compassion, harmony, happiness and Fun. for rest, relaxation, retirement with nothing but Free time to play with our kids and loved ones.  So, guys, If you have a valid driver's license,  park that old clunker and go get a new land merkabah, aka a car, or scooter, bike, skateboard.  etc  Just go get it, God says "Here." We're waiting 4 a tsunami of acceptance of God's perfect, infinitely perfect divine plan 2 sweep the Rock & roll 'Plant-it'  How do you get a name like Robert Plant, anyway?  The original 'Wild Man' from the 'wild' higher realms where we can't imagine in our wildest dreams, guys how wild it is ~ awl in a Good 'Wild' way.  )

As far as that long drawn out complicated RV with thousands of people, supposedly working on it and resistance and time lines and  physical banks and bankers, excuse us but wtf; God and scribe can only look, shake our heads and say HERE. Done, Over.  We're all Multi - Ka Jillionaires w the new Now Love currency & frequency we Are living in now. It's so simple, want something?  Go into a store, pick it out w a smile and a 'Please'. Like this, which, in synchro showed up on our FB as a memory. This is labeled as 'Your Pink Slip' - Humanity, Signed God.                              Have a nice forever. )

We can't share this enough.  Read it as many times as you can guys, til it really starts 2 sink in.  Man, This Is Big.  Super Super Seriously. 

Jesus' response...   'To Adventure...'                            

Humble scribe recommends... say 'Thank you Good God,' and go on with your beautiful life in peace love & Joy of The Creator. We don't do red tape.  We don't need to stock gold to back up the new Now currency of love, pure and simple.  Ok, enough of that, fellow Gods and  Goddesses.  Get used to that fact, Jack & Jills, Creator's dear fellow simple creator companions of infinite love, power and grace.  

So, guys, like the Moodies song... 'So many friends to meet...' Everyone Is Everyone's good friend in Heaven, my dear friends. Getting it?  Awesome.  )

Dear ones, we can't even imagine what awaits us once we allow the infinite frontier of our awesome divine destinies to unfold according to God's best, loving intentions for us. HisHer plan is far better than our plan could be with our limited human faculties. So, who's ready to meet Your cosmic twin flame?  Just ASK, politely and sincerely with God and Cosmic agent volunteer 2 expedite this, Everyone's good buddy - Erik, the one & only.  )

As we just confirmed w the pendulum and it was quite definitely Strong that this is something  Erik can do w God, of course. We can trust the cosmic roamer extraordinaire Erik, esp if Good God does, & He does, my dear friends.  Check out our Super friend's place here.  These 2 paragraphs will, Good God willing, be placed over there, simply & easily in moments.  TYVM And 'Good Luck 2 Every-one.'  )

Wow, Paul, even You might get lucky, huh?  Lol  ) Omg, Ya think?  )  Ok, done, placed over there. )

Oh Good God Almighty do we Love our job.  'TY God... )' IJN.  )

You're Welcome.  Now, back to our agenda, oh, Yes - Fun.  Jerry got  a song you can play for us,  Bro.  Here, take yer pick everyone 

Namaste for now.   )


Now... Secrets of an Ascension Room... ) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank You Dear God ~ Who conceived, produced, engineered, and did the voice for this Far Flung Production Ltd. Now in Grateful Association with Grateful Living Productions UnLtd. TYG, IJN <3

Styx ~ Grand Illusion (Live)

Thank You Styx and Fans & Friends i.e. Everyone. ) ) ) <3

Boston - peace/piece of mind (WITH LYRICS)

Thank You Boston. We had to choose this one bc of peace/piece ) Perfect studio recording, Funny comments - people nor recognizing guitar ufo's when they see them? lol ) R.I.P. Brad ~ Rockin' In Paradise.

Now, 7/24/19 Crosby, Stills & Nash (Live) - Wooden Ships

Thank You Good God of ALL THAT IS 4 Your Divine Perfect plan which Now includes this masterpiece by Crosby Stills & Nash. TYVM CSN Everybody Loves You Guys, & 'Shout out' 2 Neil )

Now, 7/26/19 Allman Brothers Band - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band.

Then 7/27/19 You can't make this stuff up, guys...

Ok, little story of why we placed this song here. Yesterday, w internet down, and not being able to pursue the fun of uploading the fun content that the fun page: Heart-Stock II needs 4 it's fullfillment (w) we, out loud, asked God - the universe, 2 lead us 2 music that we need 2 hear then. Paul did the arm - hand waving thing magnetizing the perfect answer to his request.

We were led to the rack of cassettes and our hand blindly picked out the cassette that this song is on. W/o looking at the title or seeing what cassette it was, we put it in the BB and this is what we hear. Now, tell me peeps, does a 'Fun' universe 'listen' when one of it's high, naturally, on the beam, 'customers.' asks 4 something good? ) Thank You Good God 4 yet another example of Your synchronistic 'showing' of what living in the 'spirit of divine infinite endless love Is like.  Y'ou can't make this stuff up, guys.' Right Theresa C ?  )

P.s. Did we mention IMOER is our very favourite instrumental song ever?  Indeed, God knows that -  my dear friends.  TY Dickie 4 writing it down and performing it.  4 Ever live The Allman Brothers Band. on bewhole of Your brother and sister friends ~ fans... i.e.  Everyone.                      --- Rock on Bro's... )

Now 2/10/20 Theresa Communicates With Spirits During Supermarket Shopping Trip | Long Island Medium

Thank You Theresa & all who made this episode so real, like You God, The Ultimate Director. <3 )
God bless this lady & awl who get it or are starting to. God's Hope Is our Hope.

Now 2/10/20 Wow, what a coincidence, guys. This perfect pic came down on our Fb as a memory, from February 10, 2018. As Led Zep's Stairway comes on in background. Can we all join w Jesus in spreading & sharing the seeds of hope? Hope so. <3 ) Play it Paul, You got it Sam. Our pleasure. ) Btw, does anyone else remember laughter? We do. Hope you do too. )

Now 2/10/20 Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven LIVE

Thank You God 4 Led Zeppelin & Thank You Jimmy Robert John Paul & John 4 the Hope we can live on. IJN And So It Is. )

Look, guys same day another memory: Paul F Brown
February 10, 2018 at 8:49 PM Is God trying 2 tell us something? We can tell Everyone this: God did Not create us to be no fun 2 be around bc of all our distractions, like money, power, oneupmanship, uncivility, partisinship, cruelty, callouness. HeShe created us to be partners & companions 2 Source that is within us having no real separation, ever, which is impossible. Isn't Now a good time 2 get hip, spirits in carbon based body suits on the way up 2 our chrystalline shimmering light bodies? May 2020 be the year we see clearly our inheritance, our destiny as true gifted 2 the max Sons & Daughters of The Light. The Infinite The One. IJN And So It Is.