Now 2/2/20 Welcome Plant it Earth angels to a time 4 miracles on this cosmic gateway day...

Where there's God there's hope Shine, Ask and invite HimHer in. We All need a helping hand at times.  Ask for a no limitations life and we can have that, esp when we all get on the same page.  Right, Team Have It All?  God loves to show up, so don't be shy to ask, my dear friends, in the field of opportunity.  )  Speaking of opportunity, do yourself a Huge favor and check latest good stuff coming down from God here:     <3 ) ) ) 

Divine Ultimate Hand.

Greetings Winners, One and All. Welcome to a Further Jubilee page to higher vibrations...

Now.  11/15/18 Further on down the long and winding road...  )

We are, at this moment, led by spirit, to share ~ right here and right now the same Smilebox project we shared yesterday, over here:  the Freedom Forever page.    This will serve as a sort of an introduction from us to you 'Shine'  A name God gave to Humanity, and the planet Herself as One, for expedience the other day. 

It fits our collective evolutionistic standing like a glove, or better yet a song.  Gosh darn it, Father Mother, their oughta be a group w a name, something like that, that would create a song, maybe even a video that You, God, would bless, since Everything Is in Your mighty hands anyway, Dear God.  Wait a minute, God, I think we saw something like that and had to resurrect that song, since it did go down.  Yeah, think it can be experienced here.. In God's Hands 

And, also, my dear friends, since we're collectively, in a restart w the 11:11 merciful God's Gateway dispensation, we really should get re-acquainted with each other, as the good friends we are on the other side. So, that said, we invite Ya's to see this slide show,  Creator and apprentice P did a few years ago.  We Hope Ya's like it and, if led, share it with yer friends, Everyone.  Here's URL...  Praise God from Whom  All blessings flow.

Just think, boys and girls, you could easily start Your ripple of love and joy out to infinity, simpy by sharing God's starsite and all the good stuff, herein. Yep, Daisy and Lucky, you guys could be the first on Your block - to share this site to the sleeping world out there. So, Hope, if led, Ya's take action knowing HeShe is smiling on you and blessing your work.  

So, Pleasure to get to get to know you, friends.  Hope this is the beginning of beautiful friendships ~ without end.  Btw, you have a beautiful smile.  Paul have you ever seen a ) that wasn't beautiful?  No, Dear God, Thank You to You, we have not, not from the beginning  ) 

Speaking of beginnings, we are led to share this page, which started it all, after our '7th heaven on earth' Ning page expired. If like, Feel free to go anywhere and share anything on this, The Infinite's starsite, dear ones.  ) 

Let's Carry on, guys, after all we got no choice and no chance of losing.  Why?  Hey, even the grasshoppers know, We have God inside, so, We are BIG, as Big as the infinite cosmos' if we want.  We are fellow cosmic creator's in loving apprenticeship W God, HimHerSelf, Who live and breathe and move in us~ as 'Us,' my dear friends, so what else matters?  Nothing, except to be kind, loving, compassionate stewards of Creator's love on the Rock n Roll 'Plant it' Earth. <3 )

Who knows, well, God knows ) there could be another 'jubilee' site coming down the pike. Hey, what's to stop you from setting up your own site? The only limitations we have, dear ones, are the one's we put on ourselves. We immortal, spiritual, multi-dimensional beings of light and love don't have to settle for anything less than what Infinite Creator's divine, perfect, infinitely perfect, designed with God, and therefore perfect, plan moving forward in the eternal future of forever. is for us, HIsHer forever Grateful Far Flung Flock moving together as One in the eternal, etheric, angelic field of Now.

Wow, that's probably the longest and most profound sentence these fingers have ever pecked out. TYG <3 )

So, yes Indeed, dear brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of The Infinite, Family of One, whatever comes our way, let's just take it slow. and let the music flow. Correct Dear God? Sounds like a plan, God.  ) OMG, fellow Gods and Goddesses.  Are we in God's Graduation class, now, or what?  We are not worthy, God.  )  I'll be the judge of that Paul Brown. <3  )

Now 8/23/21 Cosmic Trigger Day of the month 12:08 a.m. Here is a url if you would like to earn points w God & share this to the infinite. God only knows the affect of this simple action. You couls change the course of nations w that simple action. Indeed. 😎  You Are here: Good job Sister & Bro  ther <3 ) ) )                                                                                                                                        

-- Continuing original thread... Tyvm. <3 )

Hey Guys. Who needs a lift to paradise?  We've done this B4, Shine.  Trust God,  Want to see HimHer?  Got a mirror?  Time for All God's kids to get hip in the now age, in the High frequencies, and wait til the 11:22 18 Gateway.  Love comes to the local cosmos.  Get ready, guys.  God's infinite Love Triumphs any political, religious or any dark, reptilian agenda's on this planet of divine Love.  And So It Is.  G & J & M & J & M & P  & Co of Heaven Team Oneness.

And one more thing here, my dear friends... we are hereby announcing that starting later today we will be sending out the 'Page of the day'  to Twitter and Fb if we are availabe.  We will try to do it sometime after 11 but before 1 every day, pending our availability.

Please don't be alarmed if it doesn't show up some day(s)  We reserve the right to be lazy or just not inspired. It can be any page, random or specifically chosen from this jubilee site or the original 'jubilee' site. It could also come out at other times, moments, than just stated.  It's teally up to Spirit.  We will Now recognize that the first page to start this off is this one.  Ready, One and All?  Got yer seatbelts on? Here we go...   Hope All en-joy that and we'll catch Ya's in the morninng.  

Rec & fin  11/16/16   2:44 a.m. On angel time/ moments. Sweet. 


Now 2/2/20 Why I Threw "A Course in Miracles" Into the Garbage: Exposing ACIM Dangerous Heresy and Blasphemy

Thank you Doreen 4 your commitment 4 the truth. You'd be an excellent lawyer. You do your diligence, collect the most thoroughly researched data and present it from the heart. This has changed this page w the action that a couple of other videos have been removed. Funny thing is the actual video for acim disappeared from here many months ago and only today. 2/2/20 Cosmic gateway day did we return here to replace it with another link. Then we saw your video and you know what? It makes sense what you say. We've also done our pendulum test and it confirms what you say and that we are doing the right thing by taking action here. We awl like when we clear out the stuff in our lives that are not exactly 4 our best interests. If it feels good Do it. It feels good 2 let go of this & the real Jesus is the farthest thing from a deceiver. Thank You Jesus. <3 ) We have said in a slide show that we have everyone's copy. We hereby rescind that and we will toss it in the trash 4 everyone. We r letting go & letting God. In Jesus Name. And So It Is.

Handle with Care... God.

Embrace the inevitable dear ones, Now or forever. We are all in the Divine Tsunami of Love. If one fights this - you've already lost. And So It Is. <3

Now 10/22/18 Louise Hay - Receiving Prosperity

Thank You Dear Louise L Hay <3 ) On this beautiful day, the love number 22 nd day of this perfect #10 month of October, year of our Lord 2018 ~ Spirit gives us the wonderful teachings of Louise L Hay. Plus a lovely 'gaze' to go with this. Yesterday, we did a blind pick of some music to listen to. We affirmed it would be the exact tape the Universe (God) wants us to listen to.
So, imagine our surprise and delight when we pulled this particular tape out. ) Honestly, we did not even know we possessed this. So we're doing what we do here, we share Good stuff from Creator, from Whom All Blessings (EVERYTHING) Flows. Ok, off to a job, Later, Guys... <3 ) Moment marked 11:22 a.m. God and love numbers Cheerio Friends <3 )

Now 11/14/18 Music In Heaven - Multiple Near Death Experiences of Judith White

Thank you Angel Judith White, Lee Witting and NDE Radio... <3 )

NDE Music - Iasos - The Angels Of Comfort

Thank You Angels, Lasos and Jamie6737 for sharing on Yt. <3 )

Where there's God there's hope Shine, Ask and invite HimHer in. We All need a helping hand at times. Ask for a no limitations life and we can have that, esp when we all get on the same page. Right, Team Have It All? God loves to show up, so don't be shy to ask, my dear friends, in the field of opportunity. ) Speaking of opportunity, do yourself a Huge favor and check latest good stuff coming down from God here: )

Now 11/15/18 Joy and love break ~ Near-Death Experience; God Grants Favor

Thank you to this lovely soul for raising vibrations even more here on Creator's starsite.and to billsvideos123 for sharing on Yt. <3 )

Now 11/15/18 Kryon 2018 - God 1:11:17 of pure 'know' ~ ledge. )

Thank You Kryon and Lee Carroll. A Wondrous Team for us doing our due diligence research on the biggest questions of life; e.g. as the beautiful lady in the prior video. Speak w those who have 'been there and done that.' We hope Ya's see these 2 'jubilee' sites as places where God inside of all of us finds common ground places to reflect HisHer 'Good Stuff' that we all contribute to. So, beyond mere 'believing,' my dear friends, it's time, esp after the Grand 11:11:11 gateway to 'Know' God on a personal level and that is learning to Know and love ourselves, in 'oneness' with Creator. And So It Is. <3 )

Moment 4 a song or 3 ~ David Gates - Make It With You (Rare Live Acoustic)

Thank You David Gates of Bread, and Company. Did our sweet research on which version of this masterpiece song to place here, and this 'Sweet Surrender' is, clearly, The One. <3 )

Player - Baby Come Back

Thank You Player. Only music can say it this good. <3 )

Now. We've Only Just Begun - Carpenters

Thank You Carpenters Truer words were never spoken. 'We've only just begun.' Indeed <3 )

Alright Dear Friends, as the angels chime in at 4:44 p.m on this beauteous, wondrous, glorious, sweet, loving, kind, harmonious, happy, healthy, and endlessly adventurous day in God's infinite neighborhood, this same grateful day, W This friendly, awesome and loving suggestion for a 4th song oncore. We concur...As One, Here we go, guys... Spanky and Our Gang... Like To Get To Know You... <3 ) ) )

Thank You Spanky and Our Gang. ~~ More true words, Y'all <3 )
To Be Continued, Good God willing...)
Rec and fin 4 now 11/15/19 7:22 p.m.

11/18/18 God presents: Songs and sharing of the eternal 'now.'

🙂  Greetings smiley's,  how ya all doing?  Hey, Have Ya's heard the Very Exciting  'New News?' The word on the cosmic street is that The Rolling Stones, at 3 p.m. New York time, tomorrow, are going to be making a MAJOR Announcement. I, for one, can't wait.  Talk about a sweet birthday gift for Paul, the dude sitting here on the HP 17 laptop, known as 'Vivienne,'  <3  )

A gift from God, as replacement for our gateway computer which served us well for many years, since 2012 Thank You God 4 that workhorse of a computer which just expired on us.  We still love you Gateway.  Your work will live on forever. as 'Jump' by Van Halen just rocked* (*edit) rocks on Boston's classic rock station, WZLX

So, as our friends, Huey and Co help us deliver the 'good new news'  & jump for joy along with all of 'Team Oneness,' that's us, guys, w no one left out. Right, Mom?  <3  )

Now. Sharing the best of the best of the best of 8 ) Franklin's Tower ☮ Grateful Dead, 5/9/77 <3 )

Thank You God, Ty Jesus, Ty Uncle Jerry, Ty The band and the audience of live and dead heads 8 <3 ) Hey, that's us ~ team oneness. We love you guys <3 )


Thank you Rachel Reyes, Everybody <3's you )

Now 11/21/18 Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Carry On / Questions

Thank You David, Stephen, Graham and Neil. God Bless You's yer angels and Yer loving audience of everyone, and their angels. <3 ) p.s. whisper out to angel Neil Young. Neil, come to Boston and we can take a road trip 2 the cape. Have your people call my people to arrange. Ty if int. )

Now 12/15/18 Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven Live...

Thank You God for Led Zeppelin and TY Led Zep for showing up W The Hammer, and delivering. <3 )

Now 12/16/18 This page is 'Not' (2.2.20 ) done, guys check this page, if led...

Here we go, if want to find out about the Bigger Big picture of ALL THAT IS.

Coming home to God

Coming Home to God.  Url to share... 

See Ya's there... )

-- Pic (yahoo images) of the milky way.  Our local neighborhood.  See ya's around... )


Now 8/23/21 4:44 a.m. Grateful Dead - Crimson White & Indigo (Philadelphia, PA 7/7/89) [Full Concert]

Thank You Jerry & Friends inc The Grateful Dead, Buddies Awl,w Audience there & those of us scoring at home. Lol <3 ) ) ) Hey its better than a baseball game, guys & not as long. 2:58:17 of the best moments life can bring. Indeed. <3 ) ) ) Yes Sammy Hagar We & You, Bro Are Having Fun Now & 4 Ever. Cheers Cheerio & Namaste, on bewhole of the Group. TYJ <3 Mary <3