From Creator w Love... A Place 4 Hope...

  Welcome One & All to 'A Place of Hope'  formerly '7 bridges 'n song & vids.'  ) 

P pic. Nantasket Point, Hull, Ma. July, 2017. The Flower of Hope. Fyi: This picture is multitasking here: Check it out if led. )

Now 11/8/18 Alright, First things first...

It's all about love. There is no-thing that is Not about love. Confucious, Paul? Sure, why not )

Excuse me friend, can we talk for a sec?

Yes. Now 9/9/18

Greetings fellow immortal spiritual beings of infinite light and love.  Congratulations Humanity, look where  we are now ~ collectively.  We are the certified BADASSES WHO VOLUNTEERED TO COME DOWN HERE AND 'fIX' THIS PLANET (Caps not intended but will not edit as we <3 how Creator works.) The long run script has, on this magical date, delivered us to where we are now.  Look down at your feet if you're lucky enough to have feet.  Yep, we are EXACTLY where we are supposed to be doing exactly what we came here to do; Be that good, bad or ugly.  

May the following content where we let the music do the talking and the NDE videos explain our stations here and hereafter.  It's All Good, as God Creator Is Good.  Let's live, love, laugh and have fun now and  forever.  Deal?  )

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Now. 9/10/19

Alright, Dear Ones, we have completed this page and we truly hope Ya's like it and if led share the main point of this activity which is that we are Not born e.g. Republicans or Democrats or Independents.  We're not one color or race better than another.  We're all  'the colors of the rainbow and we are all equal in God's eyes, and Christians are not the 'chosen ones' over the Jews or the Hindus or the Buddhists, Muslims or Mormons or Protestants, not to mention Atheists. etc. with all due respect to Everyone.

Christ did not come here to start a religion.  He came to teach God's children how to love.  Religions have had their time and function however, we are now in the process of entering a whole new paradigm of Joy, Love and Divine Understanding Conciousness  When we see ourselves as fellow amazing infinite immortal spiritual beings unfettered by religious, political, nationality or gender bias - whatever, then we can truly set ourselves free and live as the Free beings we were created to be; and as worthy companions to God. 

So, it is hoped that the material on this page will do it's job and help to enlighten one and all of us. We Are One. < Period.  Rejoice!  

NDE's i.e. glimpses of the afterlife, hopefuly heaven but even a place on the way there show us what we truly are ~ i.e. we Are created Immortal, infinite, eternal spiritual beings of light and love who have been around forever and will continue to live and love and thrive through all eternity as loving companions to God in the bounty of Source Creator's Infinite, Divine love and light. So, it is our distinct and humble pleasure to serve all peeps on this tiny blue marble of a planet in infinite space. This living loving sentient being known as Christa Gaia, Terra, Mother Earth. serving voluntarally as a garden schoolhouse.

This place has become the the cosmic OK Corral of the cosmos.'  All eyes are on this planet and the forces of light are uniting and aligning along with Creator's will which is always for our greater good. So called 'forces' of darkness and imbalance don't stand a chance and never have, really.  God allows, we know now that Love is the only answer ~ The Ultimate  Solution of all solutions.

Our gift of free will allows us to create our own life's journey ~ always to return to God* for that is who we really are as sparks of God holding the infinite in our trembling hands. And if we  embrace the Christ consciousness as manifested by Jesus aka Yeshua aka Sananda in the higher realms our beloved Wayshower, Lord and Saviour.  Thank You God and Thank You Jesus and Thank You Universal Mother Mary and All of Us, ~ Infinite sparks of Source God Creator  ALL THAT IS  ~ GREAT I AM THAT I AM ~ Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine ~ Higher Power ~ The INFINITE  ~ The ONE.

In closing, dear friends, trust us, if led, don't keep this gamechanging information, or this entire site, to yourself.  It's meant to be shared.  If you concur, esp in these halcyon times,  just see what happens in Your life when you share good stuff like this.  What could be more vital or informative for the world than to get a cosmic wake up call to their true immortal self being.  This news triumphs anything out there in the papers, TV or most places on the internet.  We truly Salute Everyone who is actively seeking to get the Fantastic news of who and what we truly are out there to the masses 

Have you seen this This Urgent Message from 1995.  It still rings true today, with even more urgency.  Yeah, folks this stuff here is not just yesterday's or today's new news.  Lookey here, if led... 

Jesus, did the deal go down? 

Obviously Spirit is putting major revealing 'stuff'  here so here's the reading mentioned on the business card shown in the above document, that we got from Ashtar thru Michael Ellegion in 1993.  Just click on the box lower left. Hope enjoy.  )  

And so it is.

* Who wants to hear  Jerry Garcia's testimony of 'going back to God?'  If so - check out this 2013 reading we had with Intuitive Consultant Extraordinaire  James Madison  Law with the Grand Spirit  James Martin Peebles M.D. if led...   

Big Thank You's to the other contributors to this reading ~ in order of appearance: Dr 9Considered His 1st name, really.Peebles as 'gatekeeper,'  Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry, John Lennon and Jesus.  Thank You All.  <3  )

Here's our first reading with Jim,    also featuring Jerry, and a hug   (   )  for Everyone, as well as Paul, - from Jesus. We All need this healing hug, so do get in on it You, if led.  ) 

Hugs R Us: 

Have a nice day and a nicer forever, or eternaal Now..  )

Love, In humble service to The ONE. 

Paul and Company.

Rec & fin:  3:33 a.m.


9/12/18 ~ 9/16/18       1/27/21                                                                                                                            **************************************************************************************************


Coda                                                                                                                                     9/11/18

Dear Friends, you know we're all friends on the other side so why not try to get to be friends on this side of the veil, irregardless of the things that divide us here like politics, religion, nationalties etc.  Dr Peebles says it so well. Be sure to see, listen to Dr Peebles Special message for humanity ~ thru Summer Bacon, below. 

Indeed, dear friiends it Is our destiny to live happily ever after in the infinity of Divine love, so who else wants to start now?  Claim it, stand up and be counted.  'carpe  diem.'  There's no better time or moment than this one right here..'To Beginnings.'

And so it is.  )

More Dr Peebles:

Our contact information etc: 

Jackson Browne - Sing My Songs To Me / For Everyman (Everyman, 1973)

Thank you Brother Jackson Browne and Company for the perfect song to kick off this thread of bread in song. )

We are all connected. We are all God. We are all one.

Thank you Nicole Swann, beautifully said indeed. )

JB Encore goes here: Jackson Browne - Before The Deluge ( + lyrics 1974)

Thank you Mr Jackson Browne & Co. )

The Profound Death Experience of Dr Anthony Cicoria l Anthony Cicoria and Lynn Fishman RN.

Thank you Dr Anthony Cicoria l Anthony Cicoria and Lynn Fishman RN. )

Jim Croce : Photographs And Memories

Thank you Jim Croce and Maury Muehleisen. )
A good read about Jim...

NDE Research Proves Afterlife Exists l Dr Jeff Long & Lynn Fishman SSF-IIIHS

Thank you Dr Jeff Long & Lynn Fishman. )

Kate Wolf - Across the Great Divide (1981)

Thank You Kate Wolf and Company for helping to close the great divide in song... <3 )

What Near-Death Experiences Teach Us - v1.1

Thank you God, David Sunfellow, NewHeaven NewEarth and all who contributed to this awesome video. )

Dan Fogelberg - Part of the Plan (from Live: Greetings from the West)

Thank you Dan Fogelberg and Band for being a Big part of The Plan. <3 )

Our Immortal Spiritual Anthem Pat Benatar & Band - We Live For Love (Live)

Thank you Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo & Band. Rock on forever 8... <3 )

Near Death Experience - John Barnicoat

Thank you Jesus and the Angels and John Barnicoat for sharing .. )

Speaking of Angels...Loreena Mckennitt - The mummers dance LIVE

Thank you Loreena McKennitt and Company Just angelically beautiful... <3 )

OMG Encore The Bonny Swans Loreena McKennitt

Thank you again Loreena McKennett & Crew. <3 8 )

Your Soul's Gift To You: Understanding The Life Your Soul Planned For You with Robert Schwartz

Thank you Bob Olson and Robert Schwartz for your awesome service to human knowledge and upliftment. )

Jesus, Near-Death Experiences & Religion - v1.1

Thank you Jesus, David Sunfellow, NewHeaven NewEarth and Everyone touched by this and other like videos. <3 )

Hey Sisters & Brothers - Jerry Garcia Band - 11-9-1991 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Va. set1-07

Thank You Jerry & Jerry Garcia Band for the great help in taking us to The Promised Land. <3 ) ) )

Near-Death Experiencer Anita Moorjani in Sedona

Thank you Anita Moorjani for sharing your healing miracle story. <3 )

Jimi Hendrix - The Star Spangled Banner [ National Anthem ] ( Live at Woodstock 1969 )

Thank You Jimi Hendrix, Bro 4 a beautiful, gutsy version of our National Anthem. Shout out to Little Richard, Dick Cavett and all the hearty souls who were there, like Nanci. <3 )

A Word from one of Heaven's newest Angels.. Aretha Franklin (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Kennedy Center Honors 2015

Thank You Good God for sending Aretha, One of Your Awesome Angels on loan from Your infinite
loving <3 ) ) ) Shout out to Carole King, The Obama's and the awesome audience inc all watching this beautiful video.

Rep shimmering 'Star Peeps' everywhere... (It doesn't have to be hard.) The Commodores - Easy 1977

Thank You The Commodores featuring Lionel Richie ~ making it easy like Suday Morning... <3 )

Alright Friends Here's The Deal...) Grateful Dead - Deal

Thank You The Grateful Dead aka Now in Heaven ~ The Grateful Living forever )

Thank You One and All for your kind attention to this sharing. We sincerely hope this has added positively to your llfe's journey. Feel free to share it on. Sharing is caring so Thank Ya's for sharing, if led. Cheers and Cheerio )

On 9/11/18 A Special message from Dr Peebles <3

Thank You Dr Peebles and Summer Bacon. <3 )

ESSENTIAL* Saul via John Smallman, September 12th, 2018

*In deciding to use the word 'Essential' that this Saul transmission demands, we were precisely at 2:30 and heard that exact word. We love synchronicities, don't you? ) Thank you! Saul, John Smallman, Galaxyman and the Cat and All who see this. <3 ) p.s. As one can see above, we decided to change the name of this page to 'A Place of Hope' While typing in the change at the top we were on a conference call where the speaker, Ash M., was speaking about 'Hope.' There You go again, spirit. ) 9/13/18

'Honey, the illusion is talking to me again.' )


9/11/18  A contemplative day to remember - always.

At the beach today and receiving good stuff, in stereo for crying out loud.  )  Look and listen for yourself, friends.  God's plan has a happy ending.  We concur Dr Peebles.  Look on here and tell Paul we weren't visited by Spirit, Spirits.  It started with this song as we parked and chilled at beautiful Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Ma.  

Then we took the rocky beach path.  (Nod to Joe Walsh.  )

Pictures not showing due to Simple site not now allowing pictures in the text field.  Use yer imagination.  )

 ---And we share some of the tunes that followed...

So, before going for a walk on the beach. These songs came on the radio. Indeed, apparently we're not done here on this page and we usually do sign off with song so we have a few here to say hello and cheerio with. Hope enjoy and remember spirits in the material world, we've only just begun~ IF We Accept Creator's Divine Plan for Us. It's the best, right Jesus?... )

FROM THE BEGINNING - Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) (With Lyrics on screen)

Thank You Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer. Well done Bro's )

Now, Todd Rundgren - Hello It's Me, Can We Still Be Friends...

Thank You Todd Rundgren and Crew. The answer is Yes w <3 )

Next up ~ Look, it's Eric 'God' Clapton w a song title that doesn't even need to be asked, does it folks? (We hope not, )

Please Be With Me by Eric Clapton

Thank You God ~ Eric Clapton. We're All God You guys know that for real, right? Good. )

And then...Kenny Loggins - This Is It

Thank You Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald & Band. A perfect song. Indeed. )

Eagles Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1974

Thank You Eagles & Linda Rondstadt & Jackson Browne. RIP Glenn ~ Rockin' In Paradise 8 <3 )

Now 9/13/18 Not so fast Mr Brown. L@@k, Mom's here w Jaws and a Peace Train...right on time. All aboard? We sincerely 'Hope' so <3 )

Mom & Paul.  On way to Friends Billy & Karen's wedding. 

Mom & Jaws on a Mother's Day ~ All Day's ) 1980's

This and the following pictures taken on 9/12/18 in sequence.

Peace Train (live) - Cat Stevens

Thank You Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf & Company. We love you too & trains & Alfred Hitchcock! <3 )

What's that God? )

Doobie Brothers - You Belong To Me (1982)

Thank You Doobie Brothers. Funny how things sometimes just fall into place. e.g. check this short length documentary. And they're Still out there doing it. )

Steve Winwood - Back In The High Life Again

Thank You Steve Winwood & Company. ~ Speaking in song (the best way. ) for All of Us. <3 )

CSN 2012 Carry On/Questions

'Love Is Coming to Us All.' Rejoice Rejoice ~ we have no choice...' Thank you David, Graham & Stephen. Shout out to Neil - 4 prophets. <3 )

Happens to all of us. Paul Davis- I go crazy

Thank You Paul Davis and Company. Only a song can say it like this. Well done, Bro. <3 )

All actions big and small create a universal ^~^~^~... Right, Bro Jerry? ) ) )

Grateful Dead - Ripple

Thank You God for The Grateful Dead and Jerry's New Universal Band ~ The Grateful Living. Congratulations Peeps, if You have a <3 and like music, guess what? You're In The Band! Cheers & Salute! <3 )

Hey Peeps, don't we all want to just be this 'kind' of person? If we were all 'rainy day' people, as Bro Gordon tells us in song... Creator God would be so proud and joyful. Why don't we try and see what happens. You in? )

"Rainy Day People" w/Lyrics

Thank You Mr Gordon Lightfoot and Company ~ Saying it all in a heaven sent song. <3 )

Alright, one more NDE sharing and then it's a wrap. )

Thank you Karla Kineman and James Whatley NDEaccounts for sharing this awesome NDE. Be sure to check their websites and the sites of all who shared on this thread. We will be sharing this page w places that provide services to those who may be struggling, going thru hard times and may be even contemplating suicide. If led, Please follow suit and know your good deed will ripple on back to you in a limitless good way, as God's love Is limitless which goes WAY beyond unconditional, which we should be doing anyway.. Take care beautiful people, all 'star being' volunteers, in the Infinite's divine plan. Carry on... <3 )

If anyone is wondering, we have it on Good Authority, that we are gifted and we should surely be Grateful in receiving same. Thank You God & jesus. <3 )

What's in your wrapping paper? )

Alright friends ~ each one of us awesome 'difference makers,' steering our own ships. This is a wrap.  What would be the perfect gift to give to Creator and 'we the people' to receive from God at this particular junction of our troubled evolution?  This picture of a cosmic hammock, symbolizing peace, rest, recreation, harmony, journey's end and love's fulfillment, works for us and Source Infinite Creator ALL THAT IS with no separation.  Now, we gotta say goodnight and maybe soon, we'll have a  further page to share.  Meanwhile, if you like this, feel free to share it and see what happens.  ) 

Love, light, adventure and everything good to you and yours forever. )                                      Namaste,  Paul & Company   Rec & fin: 9/14/18  3: 33 a.m.                                                                                                  


This goes here...On bewhole of Team Oneness "Thank You God" IJN <3 )

3 more awesome songs for the road... What would God want now & forever for HisHer children? Hmmm ok, a wild guess...Boston? Brad Delp Tribute (Peace of Mind )

Thank You Boston Shout out to Brad, Jerry, Aretha, Burt and All the rockers who lifted us up down here with their God given talent. We Hope to see Ya's All soon - on the flip side. <3 )

More Boston ~ Brad and tons of good stuff  here:  or click 'Cosmic Fun Now 4 All' at above menu.  🙂

Who's got a plan? Commodores Sail On... )

Thank You Commodores for inviting us all along... <3 )

Alright Dear Friends, Spirit certainly has filled this particular page to the brim and overflowing. We leave Ya's with this Moody Blues masterpiece ~ When You're A Free Man. How 'bout Now? )

Thank You The Moody Blues and Moody Jill for the awesome graphics. Here's hoping we can All follow the advice in this masterpiece of a song - penned by Mike Pinder. Ty Mike. ) Okay, guys, can we 'Carry On'? Awesome. See Ya's around... Cheerio. )

Now 10/9/18

P.s  Hey Y'all are invited to the newly created and building followup to this page featuring many NDE's and some select music for that place.  Click on 'Further Hope Shared' from menu above or simply click here. 

See Ya's in the light.  We certainly hope Ya's en-joy.  <3 )

Now 5/31/19 and forever Tell us again Uncle Jerry <3 )

God give us a sign... )

See You  and The Biggest, Baddest Band ever assembled, HOPE ~ FULLY  S@@N  Capt Jerry!  <3


Now, 9/13/19  Thank you Jerry.  (Just)  'Jerry'  )  as per.   TYJ  )

Shared here... At the 'Bullet' page 

Now 2/23/20 Cosmic Trigger Day in the neighborhood & we got a song 2 sing w the angels...Til Tuesday - Coming Up Close

Thank You Aimee & 'Til Tuesday <3 ) ) ) )