Welcome to Crazy People Unite page. )

If led, send this to yer friends, they'll love you for it... <3 )

 Smile Bobby  )  btw, that's quite the gaze, there my friend, Powerful.  Indeed. 

We didn't actually mean for you, our dear friend, to be the poster man for this rodeoic page.  However, you were right there and you refused to go away.  You knew your place and you fought for it. so here you still are and we love it, and you.  You've taught the world So much.  Non deadheads hopefully, will soon catch up.-For the new arrivers, Bobby, Bobby to his friends, thats everyone... ) Was and IS the 'glue' that held and holds the current version of Jerry's legacy.

Paul, try not to get yer tears on the  keyboard,   Time out, guys...                                         We press on...  God loves you and All the Grateful Living, right Jerry?  )  Indeed, What else to say besides THANK YOU GOD < Divine Universal Mother Mary and Jesus Yeshua Sananda and Associates 3  maybe "TOIN IT UP!"  From Sweet Home *Alabama* by Lynyrd Skynyrd  A *state* of grace, love and mercy that needs a cosmic hug right now.  (  ) And, actually like all the states, if not all the countries of a crazy 'mixed up' world.  'Plant it'  Earth, Mother Christa Gaia Terra Beautiful for spacious skies, One World, UNDER GOD. Indivisible, W Liberty And Justice 4 All. In Jesus Name. And So It Is.  <3  )

God and God, Sweet, loving, merciful God, Divine Ultimate, SOURCE God Creator  ALL THAT IS.  OWNS The World and ALL the Worlds of Creation, Creation Itself, Dear Beloveds.  We are all HIS HER Infinitely Loving Created W and By LOVE.  The Only Thing That Exists, As Sananda, God's Infinitely Loving Divine Son, Who symbolically sits at the right of God's Throne, The Masculine does the necessary work, The Divine feminine the 'nicer' work. Jesus Sananda Yeshua, like God is a working man, so if you're looking for God, you won't find Him sitting on a throne.  He~ She God is our friends, our neighbors, our family our world, our life and lives, all lived simultaneously and in a blink of God's eye, like right now, my dear friends as...Wait a minute, guys.

DR Peebles 'The Grand Spirit' can't hold HimSelf back another split second.  'Whatta You got Good Dr?' >~~~  


Dear ones, The * means that scribe typed 'World' however 'WORD' is what showed up.  We, as all should know if you've been around here for a while.  We do not 'fix,' censor or change what Holy Spirit lays down here.  It Is Written.  Thank You Dear Dr Peebles.  Everyone Loves You!  <3  )

Alright, that's enough for now, our very dear friends.  Put some soothing, calm music on,  ) Mom recommends some Cat Stevens.  <3 you Mommy.  <3  )  Dad recommmends, after Cat, maybe  Some Gordon Lightfoot. or whatever floats your particular boat. Gordon is all over the sites but his singular appreciation page is here.  Hope ya's hear and listen well. www.tinyurl.com/GordonLightfoot777 

Cat/ Yusuf's is here'...  https://tinyurl.com/CatYusuf77881111

Here's to Carefree Highways 4 ever 4 All God's awesomely amazing, kind children.  Cheers One and All and ALL Glory To God.  IJN  )  

Note:  Since scribe, Paul, aka as 'the maintenance man' @ here has gotten his strength back ~ like a freight train, (he's actually reborn0*  same spirit only expanded using the same body but that's a story for down the road a bit. hint tho:  Have you seen the movie 'It's A Wonderful Life?' <3  )  *See that symbol at the reborn word, guys?  * That alerts readers of the gentle sort, we hope, that that '0' was not intentionally typed there but scribe saw it when he looked up. 

That says to the discerning mind of Paul that that is not something to be 'corrected' bc it's perfect the way the 'Holy Spirit' in him , who Is doing all the work thru his cleared mind and brain translates it.  It's a zero, a circle,  no ending, no beginning.  It inplies a coming around and completing something full circle.  Ok, guys, are we getting it.  Good.

Paul is joyfully tasked with the labor of love of fixing, restoring, editing, eliminating and making these 2 God platforms exactly perfect, as much as possible.  It's a huge challenge but we are up for it. We could use some help.

Paul is taking applications for an assistant or 2 or 4 or 77, 88 - magic numbers  no limit, really.  Spirits int in helping, simply ask God what to do, if anything, and let HimHer and the silent, strong voice within may come thru w the infinite Power of the Holy Spirit in You, fellow God or Goddess. who dwells in and IS You. If int our contact info and other good stuff inc a 'donate' button is here...  www.tinyurl.com/Siteessentials777    Thank You 4 any support for 'bread and egg' money as Dr Peebles described it. ) 

We Love you, each and every one INFINITELY  & A Trillion Jillion zillion  times more.  Actually, dear friends of the infiniite, #'s can't tell the whole story, you know?

The word infinite leaves any number in the dust. Love, infinite and divine will leave a multi millionnaire in money standard feeling like a pauper.  God wants us to wake up and accept the good news that we can leave all that old, obsolete, worn out, proven failure of a financial system behind as we move, on to the new, Now, standard of love being the new medium of exchange.  The littlest waif in a starving country, and there's plenty of them, folks, has more spiritual cashe than any big money hotshot.  Sorry, but that's just the way it is, as scribe watches his fingers fly on the keyboard, it flows, guys like a river, Way better, faster and surer than ever.Thank God.

We feel, right now about 34.  Think we'll park it here bc 30 needs to grow up a little.  33 is the hallowed Christ # and we leave that honorary #  4 Jesus ~ Yeshua.  Sananda, their cosmic name ~ Vibration can have, of course, whatever # that He would want to identify with.  And, really, we created by God creator Gods and Goddesses can choose a # to live 4 ever with that we resonate with, right Jack Benny?  )  Indeed, folks.  Because, you know what, guys?

It just doesn't matter, anymore, no way, no how.  The only thing that matters is L O V E. Who's got a song about that?  Oh, practically every song written from the dawn of time.  )

We, like our dog in heaven and in our <3 Jaws.  Her spirit is actually living in us now.  This was revealed joyfully 2 us tonight, (now yesterday) we were feeling and downloading incredible Love for Jaws.  We can't give her anynore love, we give her it All we have and it hardly penetrates bc that love is as vast as the omniverse.  Jaws gives it to us and we drown it and come back up and it sustains and floats our boat to the max, and did we mention it's the same thing w our cosmic kitty cat Tinker.  )

So, are You lucky enought to have that kind of love in Your life?  If want to see, maybe  check out your local animal shelter.   Who know?  (God knows)  it could happen to you ~ love at first sight and give your existence so much more meaning.  Obviously, All This Love originates from Source.  If you love yer pets, nature mountains, rivers forrests, oceans etc You Love God. God, We worship and Praise You.  Paul is not a shouter, my friends.  God hears and loves whispers and thoughts as well.  

More updates, we know weir getting very long here but may edit later but 4 now we're getting down what spirit is bringing out, like the Nile River. )

All is happening as God's perfect script is written.  We get to live our scrpts to the best we can do and help others grow by our actions.  It's all about growing, folks We grow in spirit as we learn to love. Love also brings change and evolution.  E.G.  Dead & Company featuring 'Uncle John' Mayer. together.  Yep, lt's ok, guys.  The cosmic nod from above is strong and obvious and Jerry does love it.  It's no accident, like that song 'Uncle John's Band' positioned itself at the top of The Gazers page... www.tinyurl.com/Gazers777    and the lyrics w credit 2 Hunter/Garcia It's good, in fact, it's Awesome. and the lyrics tell the tale.

Ok, now, think on this, without John Mayer, guys, they'd be no traveling Woodstock' type of events of this magnitude this summer, these guys, a mixed bag of different generations are out there playing and having the time of their lives for these times bc one Guy,  We can call him 'Uncle. ' It's a term of endearment.  Yeah, he's young but an old soul.  He loves the music and it shows.  No, he's not Jerry, there will nevr be another Jerry, like there will never be another one of us.  We are all originals, my dear friend, we know this. 

He's uncle John and as far as God and Jerry, in spirit , himself and sitting beside scribe can't be happier.  He actually endorse a name change to bring even new, fresher life to the group.  We've shared that Jerry's Vast band upstairs is 'the Grateful Living.'  It is ironic but when we die, of course, we are only dropping the'body suit' we wore down here in 3D and when we rise in the higher dimensions, wherever that may be according to what vibrational level of Heaven our lives, well lived, hopefully, have earned us. 

We could live a life, guys that gets us an eternal seat at God's supper table or somewhere in darkness.  We are God gifted, free will,sovereign decision makers, guys. E.G. ... sell drugs and make a lot of money, or get a job at McDonalds and make your family proud and gain respect and build your own self esteem and self worth.  There are many roads,so many paths.  which path will you choose, friend.  Our team of teams ~  'Whatever It Takes' is the team that follows the Ultimate Master, Jesus Christ. 

Follow The Master and we will Rock for eternity in the highest realms of infinity. Collectively we can create, All together Now ~ Heaven on Earth.  The fiat crypto crazy obsolete system is outta here, sorry money lovers.  Question was it the money that you loved,  the feeling of it?  Or, was it the things you could honestly buy wiith it?  Ok, we now, by the grace of Creator Source Divine Ultimte God ALL THAT IS declare that the greenbacks  can be used in the new mono poly game but you want something to buy you get it with Love.  Love buys you that house, that automobile, that skateboard, or guitar

Will The John Mayer Band keep playing 4 free or will they pack it up and go fishing for the rest of his life.  We KNOW what Jerry would do, guys.  Heck, how many free shows did they do in Golden Gate Park and elseweir.  Bobby you got more money than God you gonna not play for your friends, that Phil (sic) stadiums, anymore?  Bill and Mickey, want 2 get paid in Love rather than monopoly paper?  If say YES to this offer, humanity, we are instantly Infinite Infinityears.  No number, no price tag can be put on it. It's an out of this world solution, dear friends of God

So, in closing, and 4 the record,  God says Read the memo and give us your answer humanity  W Dr Peebles proclamation we have 6 more days to come to a unanimous verdict.  thumbs up or thumbs dow.*  The old way, which we know doesn't work and is a complete disaster that will never work, or we accept the Jesus Christ LoveIn Action solution of eternal, infinite love and All Glory and Kind GRATITUDE @ God.  We, Paul and team oneness, sincerely hope and pray that humanity will give its joyful answer by oh, say wthe angels... Til Tuesday.I hop

* lol yeah this showed up w a missing 'n.' Sorry Dow Jones Industrial Averages.  Hope You Titans of Wall Stree get yer 'ducks in a row' at a park or a zoo.  It may be 'fun' to not have all that pressure out of your life, maybe spend more time w the wife or husband and kids.  God bless. )

Peace, love, joy, happiness, harmony, compassion, adventure and GRATITUDE. 888.

Paul & Company Of God ~ i.e.  Everyone.

P.s.  Woodstock nation has a possible date with Diamonstock nation June 22, at Gillette.  Paul had a vision a few years ago of giving a Cosmic HUG to ^0, 000* peeps or whatever that stadium holds.  It was so strong  that Paul contacted Mr Kraft, the stadiums owner to see about making it happen, (nothing happened, not perfect time) This Paul will be  doing same soon, or within a few days.

*  See that asterk, folks  Scribe looked up and saw that.  Think he'd 'fix' tha?  God, Holy Spirit Jesus says we'll be giving, All of us now, in one body, with all other professionalhuggers and Gazers to that many peeps, aka spirits on either side of the veil.

if reading this, Mr Kraft,  please consider this an official request for permission for this loving event 2 happen in Your stadium, Sir.  We Thank  you in advance 4 your kind consideration.  It would only involve a few minutes the hug itself from P and other volunteer huggers would take 22 seconds,  22, of course, everyone knows is the Love # and it's also on the 22nd day of the tulip month. on Satur(n) day.  Looka and feels like Everything is aligning and ready to bloom. 

We will gather our troops and see what kind of support we can get.We hope our friends at WZLX,  Boston's Classic Rock, can get on board esp since the morning team helped give us a little notoriety in the past.  Now is the time though, dear friends, Everything good, not so good or otherwise happens in it's own perfect moments, so take heart, take heed, God is in control, read His Urgent Message and follow what your heart tells you.  Thank Ya's All Very Much, Indeed.  Beautiful  And have a Lovely day and future in eternal bliss.  )

Here's the memo's from front page and other places like Site Essential

www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777  And Jesus/ Yeshua's response...



To Love in Action.

Paul & / Company of humble angelic likeservants 444 and With God In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.

Rec & fin May 30, 6:22  a.m.

 P..S.  New things are and will be com ing down at the resurrecting original page site, if int.

--- We hope 2 have 2nd day of Dr Peobles recognition Love Is All sharing soon, this a,m  


---W addendums  9:44 a.m.

Now  7/10/21  If you would like to share this page, a url is:

https://tinyurl.com/Destinyscrazykidsunite777   TYVM.  <3 )

God knows, we all need someone to be  crazy about...

 Because, my dear friends, aren't we all a little crazy, hope-fully in a good way, weir talking here, folks.  Crazy is good.  Maybe crazy is the new normal, who knows?  Ha ha... God knows. ) Just ask.  )  Alright, who has something to say?  (10 jillion hands go up.)  Ok, someone w a sweet, simple and heart-felt message for your fellow brothers and sisters, sisters and brothers i.e. The Sons and Daughters, Daughters and Sons of An Infinite Mind. 

Spirit has made a selection, holy spirits, Please, let's calm our chatter for a few, and listen, using the ears God gave us or the eyes we have if we are lucky enough to have these gifts in our present situation. ok.  No talking now. someone has the talking stick...

Alright, we have John here to start off this page, John...


John gives us 2 fingers, the peace and love sign, right Ringo? 

Alright, John Lennon is here as the universe and omniverse Spirit God Is doing the arranging as we invite, request, step aside for a large part and let God and HisHer Angels do the 'heavy lifting.  )  Be on the lookout here guys for angel numbers like 44 and Christ #'s like 33 and love #'s like 22 and God #'s like 11 to show up. (Even better when they show up in 3 or even 4 like 11:11  Ok, let the FUN begin.  ) ) ) 


Watching The Wheels - John Lennon

Thank You John Lennon, Yoko and Fam. Everyone <3's you guys... ) and we all know you <3 us back so is that a merry go - round? Hmmm )

Ok it's Mon am 5:15 and we gotta a job to do, so catch ya's later on. Hope all have an amazing day. )

Humanity Is knocking, God. Will YOU Please let us in? We are Crazy in Love w You God


 5/29'19 Maintenance man editing.  So please hang tight.   Weir gonna get everything absoutely perfect, but we do have other gigs.  Weir gonna take a short break but we'll be back when we''re back. So hang loose, everybody Ty.  )

10/14/18  Chelsea, Ma  Another pic of this song serves at A Place of Hope page.  No pic of the following song so this goes here.  Nice work, God.  Jesus, Thank You for being here.  As always. 

Who wants to go and hang out w Jesus?  Weir all invited, Friends  


If weir Really good, we can treat  ouselves to a cheeseburger in paradise.  Vegans can have a tofu (whatever that is ) Just kidding ) type.  En-joy.   God, we want our cheeseburger and we want it yesterday.  Alriight, kids, let's see if our good buddy, Jimmy B can arrange that 4 us. Let us get him on the coconut telegraph, hold on.  

Now, May 29 2019 Celebration time W Jimmy Buffett "Cheeseburger In Paradise/He Went To Paris" Live/

Thank You Mr Jimmy Buffett God Bless You and the permanent merger of the Parrotheads and the Deadheads and Now The Liveheads i.e Everyone!   Let's Party forever, fellow children, Deal? Awesome. )  God, don't we need a hip gathering place to go and get fed?  We got ya's covered, dear ones, in blood, Sweat and tears, if we do say so. Indeed, we offer All God's kids a place to mingle is here www.EarthPartynow.com or hear (sic) too and subsidiary pages www.paulfb.com 

Remember, team, Jesus taught that we should be as little children, so let's play nice and good in this gift 'sandbox sanctuary' place that we esp the grown ups, have been given sovereignty over.  It's now or never.  Ty Elvis. )  Cheers and Cheerio, in perpetual love and Gratitude to Good Good *  *  ) IJN  GOD  In Jesus Name IJN  Thank You Mother Mary! 

Tell us about it, Bob...)

Thank You Mr Bob Dylan and Company... <3 )

'Til Tuesday - Coming Up Close

Thank You Aimee Mann and Til Tuesday for helping us (AWL) have one of the best Tuesday's of our life esp Tuesday Afternoon 8 Forever Afternoon (Great song titles, if anyone can snatch it out of the cosmic ethers and do justice 2  it. it would be nice.)  Ahh, Paul, excuse me.  Yes, my dear friend? ~ Have you heard, my friend, there's a group called The Moody Blues from across the pond, and they already did incredible justice 2 those 2 terms, you should check it out, Bro.  Wow, Ty Chuck, We''ll be sure 2 do that. )  Btw, team, Have you heard anything remotely as unique as this song from this amazing, 'under the radar,' group? We think not. )  Actually, that is a good thing bc,  God knows, one can build a house in the wilderness, as an example, and no one else can see it bc it's in its own divinely protected neighborhood...

However, when the timing is right, there does, come a time, folks, when it must shine in all it's Godly Glory bc that was how God and Associates planned it from the beginning.  Reminds us of a song - for another moment and place.  So, hope ya's have seen or noticed the exact running time of this masterpiece, angel breaths?. Yep, the master angel # of 444.  Indeed.  Can't keep shiny stars in the shade forever, friends.  Our light shines our own light and the vastness of spirit can not be limited in any way, Jose.  Ok?  Awesome. Carry on, guys.  We can all be sheepherders, like Jesus, if we care to.  And you know we Can reward ourselves w a job well done.  To Be Continued...

As a matter of fact, We think we will have that cheeseburger as well.  )

Alright Guys, we got a fast & crazy train here, who wants on? ) Crazy Train LIVE Randy Rhoads. RIP Rockin' In Paradise.. <3 )

Thank You Bro's ~ Awesome work. ) Vocals: Ozzy Osbourne
Drummer: Tommy Aldridge
Lead/Rhythm Guitar: Randy Rhodes (Former Quiet Riot)
Bass Guitar: Rudy Sarzo (Former Quiet Riot)
Ozzy Osbourne Lyrics
"Crazy Train"

[Daisley - Osbourne - Rhoads]

All aboard! Hahaha
========================= ~ ~ ~ ~
Crazy, but that's how it goes
Millions of people living as foes
Maybe it's not too late
To learn how to love
And forget how to hate
Mental wounds not healing
Driving me insane
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I've listened to preachers
I've listened to fools
I've watched all the dropouts
Who make their own rules
One person conditioned to rule and control
The media sells it and you lead the role
Mental wounds not healing
Driving me insane
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I know that things are going wrong for me
You gotta listen to my words
Heirs of a cold war
That's what we've become
Inheriting troubles I'm mentally numb
Crazy, what do I care?
I'm living with something' I know what is fair???
Mental wounds not healing
Who and what's to blame
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train. 11:11 <3 )

Heart crazy on you

Thank You Heart. We're all crazy on you too, Nancy & Ann & Crew. <3 )

More Aerosmith here...

Music with meaning. Is there a better way to communicate? We doubt it. One thing we know 4 sure, it wouldn't be this much Fun. <3 )





Kenny Loggins & Michael Mcdonald-Heart to Heart-live

Thank You Kenny Loggins & Michael McDonald & Band <3 <3 )

Michael Martin Murphey - What's Forever For...

Thank You Michael Martin Murphey for a loving <3 song... )

Paul Davis- I go crazy

Truly a masterpiece of a song. Thank You Paul Davis and Company. <3 )

And finally at least for now... Crazy Love - Ray Charles & Van Morrison

Thank You Van Morrison, Ray Charles and Company. <3 )

We'll be back... )

10/16/18 1: 33 a.m.

Hey fellow immortal spiritual beings, in the material world, on the way up,                 

Do you know a good song that has 'crazy' in it that you think would be good here?  Our contact info is here... www.tinyurl.com/Siteessentials777    We should mention, given our current financial situation, that there is a 'donate' button over there and any amount freely given will be gratefully accepted and put to good use. 

Let us know your address and we'll be happy to send you a blessed business card or 2.   Dr Peebles will definitely give you a HUGE Blessing as well.  Like this "GOD BLESS YOU!!!"   )

Thank You Very Much.  <3  )

P.s.  Next thread will be all about Freedom, liberty, and, why not?   The pursuit of happiness, for ALL God's Children.  Cheers, Everyone.  We've made it, despite what we see on TV or the headlines on the failing or thriving newspapers.  It's all relative, right?  Godspeed All  ~ Sons and Daughters, Daughters and Sons of The Infinite.  'Infinite' ~ The Keyword of the future which starts Now.  Ok, later ... lol  Bye, and if you're like this Paul dude ~ 'try to get some sleep.'  Sleep...Good.  )

Peace out for now... zzzz  (tried, didn't work, then the adjustment or more acurately 'correction' happened this morning.  It's been a 'crazy' day.  )  However we know  the angels are around... We see their signs everywhere, like a  'wink' from the omniverse, just letting us know, we're ok,  no one is ever alone, God Is  completely, totally, amazingly, 'Crazy'  in love with HISHER kids and is Very Proud of our accomplishments.

Furthermore, it's really a friendly universe, friends,  that we're in, and the only thing that keeps us from fully embracing our collective unity in God's Infinite field of divine love  is fear.  the baddest 'f' word there is.  Later, guys...

10/16/18 Update: Paul's land merkabah checks out for repairs for a bit...


Alright, friends and  allies, due to something unforseen we have to make some adjustments in our collaborative outplay.  It's Ok, and we're Ok as we went slightly too much to the right after coming off a ramp in Chelsea, before dawn this morning, on way to do a kind deed for a friend.  Soon as it happened, like in the blink of an eye, we knew it was part of the plan as sure as the music playing now on a cassette in the boombox is part of the plan for  this moment.

Our scripts are exact, precise and, know it or not, dear ones, every moment of our lives, is waiting for us to experience that, from the beginning.  Sure as Twist of fate, Wharf Rat and now into Black Peter is filling the room with music.  Music as medicine, works for us.  Silence works too.  )  We love sharing good stuff.  It's what we do.  Ok, appreciiate your interest. We'll place it next vid below, but first...



Yep, we''re already naviigating around the so called 'trouble' bc of this...




We Thank Chelsea's Finest, esp Officer Flaherty for the kind assistance at the scene.   

Alright, no worries, guys, we are ok.  God's plan and script are rightly aligned with we players of HISHER wishes and intentions for the Heaven and Earth merger, happening now, as we type and declare, decree and invoke forever Further that All is well, everything  is as it should be and gaining momentum as more and more of Infinite Creator's children are  waking up to the 'energizing' reality that 'as above and ever increasing here below,' in the physical dimension, that there are only 3 things in life that truly matter. 

Three things, Paul, that's all???  Yes, indeed, my dear friends.  Take to heart these 3 things and we will all live in everlasting bliss, peace and abundant, overflowing happiness for the rest of eternity, which, of course, we're all living in now.  When we move 'upstairs,' as One, it will be much, much, much better.  Did we mention 'Much'?  )  So, dude, Paul, what are they, these 3 things? 

Thank you for asking dear Daisy and Lucky.  <3  )

The 3 things are the 3 L's.  What pray tell, Bro, are the 3 L's?   Thank you for asking, guys, we're getting there... The 3 things as we KNOW it to be, on Earth and the higher interdimensional realms of ALL THAT IS, IS, Ready?  Ok,  Trumpets sound... LOVE, LOVE and, oh Yes... LOVE.  Jerry, Bro, do You want to add something to the conversation, as leader of the Grateful Living?   Maybe just give us a sign?

Awesome, Bro. TY... w a nod to Coach Vince Lombardi.  <3  )

Thank You Brother Jerry.  Everyone <3's you to death, Bro.  and we  can't wait to catch up with You and Yer New, awesomely Amazing Supergroup, ~ The Grateful Living which includes  us All. 

All THANK YOU's, First And Foremost to GOD>  In Praise and Max Thanksgiving, GOD.  On our knees, We Love You, So Very Much.  What's that Bro Jesus?  Yes, Mom, of  course, P's #1 loving guide, we can't <3 you more Mom, however, we will Try lol <3 ) ) ) 

This is for  All Mom's  <3  )                                                                                                    Speaking of divine, infinite, perfect eternal love, Mom  <3  )

Speaking of divine, infinite, perfect eternal love, Mom  <3  )

And  Thank You Mom & Dad and George and Diane also for taking such awesome care of Jaws and Tinker,  and  All God's pets...All animal's  God?  )  Alright,  We need a song here.  

Indeed, it's already placed below.  Simple Twist of Fate.  (As Dr My Eyes by Jackson Browne plays on a  cassette randomly picked from our vast collection, as this minute, the tape  ended.  We'll flip it (The tape is  titled 'Dead Ahead'  Fyi  Ok, we flipped the tape and took this picture to mark the moment.  The first song on the other side?  'Help on the way' with the first lyric 'Paradise waits'  As Theresa would say/// 'Ya  can't make this stuff up, folks'  lol  )

Now, Roll away the dew'  aka 'Franklins Tower'  <3  If you get confused listen to the music play. Indeed.  )

Ahhh, Yes 5, the # of adventure. X 3 + Jesus + Team Oneness === limitless adventure forever.  555 ~ Sweet.  )  Thank You, all of you, God Created ~ infinite, immortal, spiritual beings who are 'up' for a great, eternal adventure from this moment going forward.  We  have the music, the best bridge, other than Jesus,  God could ever send us to bring we wayward daughters and sons home, as One infinitely loving familly, (as Samson & Delilah plays.  'If I had my way'  we  would change the lyrics to 'we would Love this place back ~ to its original pristine perfection.'  Remember, dear friends, W God 'All things ARE possible.'  And So It Is.  <3  )

As promised from above... Jerry Garcia Band ~ Simple Twist Of Fate - 3/1/1980 - Capitol Theatre (Official)

Thank You Jerry Garcia Band <3 )

Grateful Dead - Wharf Rat (4/26/71)

Thank You The Grateful Dead. <3 )

Black Peter, 10/29/77 ☮ Grateful Dead

Thank You The Grateful Dead. <3 )

Grateful Dead 8-18-89 Crazy Fingers

Thank You The Grateful Dead. <3 )

Crazy - Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow

Thank You Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow <3 ) <3 )

10/17/18 All things must pass, so we'll leave Ya's w this not crazy song, from the heart <3 Jim Croce - I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song (1973)

Thank You Jim Croce and Maury M. and Company. We'll see Ya's on the bus, or the train, or hitchhiking... Oh, you're already there. Awesome! <3 ) ) ) ~ ~ ~

More Jim here...   http://www.tinyurl.com/JimCroce777   )

Now 3/3/20 Dead & Company - Sugar Magnolia 4K (Boulder, CO 7/14/18)

Thank You Dead & Company. Here's 2 never ending joy in the music & Light of ALL THAT IS 4 ever. Deal, guys? )

Dead & Company - Sugaree (Eugene 6/30/18)

Thank You Dead & Company. <3 )

Dead & Company - All Along the Watchtower - Nationwide Arena - Columbus, OH - November 25, 2017 LIVE

Thank You Dead & Company. Carry on feeding the flock, Guys ~ ~ ~ <3 )