Urgent help is needed now. 4 6 Orphanages in Africa. & counting...

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Greetings Awl kind hearted fellow immortal spiritual beings of divine Light & Love.
Can we share w you that We support 4 orphanages in Africa, One in Sierra Leone and 2 in Uganda. We will now share info on the friends who run these - their  Fb or site place pages if you would like to make a donation while money. as we know it, is still in play.  The inevitable transition 2 Love & only lovv, as the earth's currncy is in the immediate wings w momentum that can't be stopped & will sweep over the planet like a tsunami of relief  & end to suffering on many levels esp w the end of starving children in countries where the government cares only about money. 

Big money is about to make an earth calming fall from grace, if it ever had that in the first place. sorry billionnaires, sorry fat cats, sorry mooch mc, all you big bad, in a bad way, greedy f'n bastards have quite the reckoning when you see your life review & we promise you - You will be the guy who gives You the biggest boot in the arse.

That's just how it is, friends.  God doesn't judge but boy oh boy do we. as soon Everything will be free as per God's Urgent memo or the world finds its heart. don't look 4 it in political bs. Most politicians fail in that dept.  Are you listening mooch? and don't get scribe started on trump, just plz see the proclamation here, the previous start page titled 'Jesus Is The Jubilee:'  https://tinyurl.com/JesusIsJubilee000  

We can't share this enough.  If you already read it, Plz read it again as repeated exposures only reinforce its importance & the urgency of what is going down on the plan it these days of NOW.  And So It Is.  

Our platform message www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777 

Jesus' response www.tinyurl.com/JesusDealGoesdown777 

And So It Is.

So, if anyone would like to exercise your empathic ~ compassionate giving spirit, you can start here or give to your own cause if you have one. e.g.  St Jude Children's Research Hospiital  



'Great Thank you's go to our Almighty God for aiding our donors to help And support '  Kyawa Robert. 

Note: The following Cause:  'Raise Hope for Orphan Ministry'  is partnered up w 'Good Hope Children's Ministry'  both in Uganda kamuli nawanyango. May God bless you all   who can help out with any contribution.  You will be bllessed.  )  So, to make a contribution to both or either charity, get with Kyawa.  TYVM.


Sarah Namwase  Raise Hope for Orphan Ministry  Uganda   


Emmanuel Jongo  Hope get well w the quickness, Bro 🙏  


This is the PayPal link

Donate to Red Gone White Global Ministries LLC 


Thank you David for your relentless kind  service to God's Happy - Holy  Heavenly plan on Earth.  <3  ) ) )  And So It Is.  ~      ~           ~              ~                  ~                  ~                              ~

God bless & TYVM to awl the above kind hearted Giving souls.  May your work continue w Godspeed & willing assistance from awl the awakening masses who r finding out the spiritual benefits off giving w/o measure.  The returns of same are out of this world.  Praise & ALL Glory to God, In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.

Rec & Fin 1/6/21  12:54 p.m.  Quincy, Ma, USA, Earth 'Plant it'  Rock & Roll AKA Gaia Love, Christa Vivienne & Your favorite name 4 her. <3 ) ) )  Peace Love Joy Harmony Adventure & Good stuff like that there 4 us awl God's Grateful living 4 ever companions in the infinite light & love of ALL THAT IS. IJN.  Addendums fin 1:22 p.m.  )  22 ~ the love #.  Go figure. ) Lol TY God.  <3 ) ) ) )   Thank you Awwwl loving Angels of divine infinite love mercy & compassion. 

Now 1/8/21 2:16 p.m. Sweet <3 ) verification of raise hope for orphans ministry Uganda

Thank you Sarah & Kyawa 2 angels doing God's work. and awl the earth angels who r about to help b4 the plan disallows money in any way. It's coming, dear ones, it's almoshere. Waiting on so called 'powers that be.' What's that Sting? 'What a joke.' Indeed, my friend, it's been a long long dark night however as George sai in song 'Here comes the sun do dodo do' Alright angels on the loose, what part ryou gonna give yourself to play today? God gave you/us a life, that we R the superstars of. What r you gonna do, everyman-woman. The movie of this epic journey is wrapping as scribe types this. Hope you awl make a choice that makes a difference. God bless. IJN And So It Is. Rec & fin 1/11/21 7:67 p.m. <3 ) ) ) )

Save an Orphan From Suffering On the Streets

They need your donations for them to get food, clothes, bells, suger, shoes, toys and other basic needs for them.
Any amount can put them to another level €10, €20, €30 and above can help in buying some thing for them.
For any donations use;
Western Union
Country; Uganda
City. ;Jinja
Phonr; +256751089060
Note; inform me for any donations by privete massage me

The sign is not lying, peeps. Plz help if you can Any amount is truly blessed, while cash is still current. The new Now currency of Love, Love & only Love is in affect & active Now 4 participating merchants. Walmart, Costco, Nieman Marcus, Target - R you guys in yet? What R U waiting 4??? Signed Good God of AWL Gods. The Infinite ~ The ONE. And So It Is. IJN. Rec & fin 1/13/21 12:44 p.m. <3 ) ) ) ) #LoveinAction #WeRourSisters&Brotherskeeper Remember guys, the tiniest kindness like a smile ripples to the infinite. Indeed. )

Now 1/11/21 10:22 p.m. Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven LIVE

Thank You Led Zeppelin 4 delivering a song of Hope where it's most needed. God bless, IJN And So It Is..

Now 1/12/21 11:16 p.m. Sweet ) Rush - Subdivisions (Official Music Video)

Thank You Neil ~ Alex & Geddy ~ RUSH <3 ) ) )

1/13/21 1:18 a.m.Van Halen - Right Now live (92)

Thank You Van Halen Shout out to Eddie RIP 'Rockin' In Paradise,' <3 )

Now 1/15/21 11:44 a.m. Do You want/ need a Fresh start? God provides...1


Since we hope you have shown you care, here's another place to show it,if led


W David & The Empowered children of Now & tomorrow.  <3  ) ) ) ) 

                                                                                                                                         Everyone needs a fresh start, even, esp the children.  https://tinyurl.com/Freshstar t4usawl0000     👍👍👍 🙂🙂  ❤💔💔