Greetings Family, The Children of Empowerment towards Progress And Development, Sierra Leone, West Africa, Welcome Awl to this Grateful site. <3 )

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Relax Children, God knows some people who have way too much of that old, failed, obsolete sh*t termed money or crypto. Love is its replacement & weir Awl JerryJillionnares with that new Now Good sh*t. (to use a technical term. ) Just hold on, we'll be back in just a bit. ) We getting everything exactly perfect on this wayward plant it. Promise. & Awl Will find HER HIS Promises R Good. And So It Is. (the new 'Amen.' )

These Children next door desperately need water & other basic necesities. Can you help out? Bless you if able. ) 

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Calling all human angels w a heart to help if can...

The Children Empowerment towards Progress And Development Sierra Leone ( CEPAD-SL)  Is a non-profit governmental, non- partisan and non-profit- making organization registered with government of Sierra Leone. It was founded in 2018. the orphanage operates in the southern region of Sierra Leone in KAKAMA. VILLAGE. The orphanage currently have 70 orphans, many of whom lost their parents by Ebola and HIV padenmic. the  orphanage center operates without running water and electricity. 

Up  until recently the  children have been drinking water from a polluted stream, resulting in several cases of cholera.we desperately need funding  for purchase of Bibles to propagate the  the word to the kids, in order to bring light to their lives. The orphanage also lacks toilet facilities, so the children are forced to go into the Bush to relieve themselves. In the past years, two of the we're bitten by poisonous snakes. the orphanage is in an inadequate building, construction from mud and cement. We haven't been able to give the building a  facelift since it's opening .

Safiatu Farma. (The Great safious)  (safious means 'Great'' guys, and Yes, she is. )

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Sting - When The Angels Fall

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LLet's see from left: Jerry Paul Jesus & paradise in God. And So It Is. <3 ) ) ) ) 4 smiles 4 the angels. Thank You angels 4 being who you R. IJN. Thank You God 4 being So Good to us awl. TY God 4 Awl our stories, as The album Angel in The House by The Story plays on a cassette in backgrounnd. TY Jonatha & Jennifer <3 ) ) ) )

The Story - The Angel in the House

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Guess what Fam, it's who brings & shares the most love, Gratitude & Hope 4 mankind that we should allow us to follow. We (speaking of humanity as one) totally blew it 2000 years ago when Jesus, now going by His cosmic name, Sananda, was not allowed by 'powers that were' to continue His mission, but even then, of course, we do all of us have taken our parts & lived & experienced all according to God's Ultimate script, even going back to the Lucifer Rebellion. Nobody, my dear friends, has or ever had the ability to 'put one over on God.

We R at a new Now time 4 beginnings, angels of flesh or of spirit. So, who wants to end the political, financial, eye 4 an eye, tooth 4 a tooth, competitive one upmanship folderol & just get back to living simply w no worries, i.e like banks to keep money in, insurance to keep up, or politicians to vote 4. Mooch if... never mind, guys, scribe is done here. Joe & Kamala, you can stay on & be curators of the white house museum and it's time we recognize Hillary as the 45th president.

She won by over 3 million votes. The electoral college is/was a scam dreamed up by the elite at the time so no crazy idealogue or grifter or lunatic could get in there. And look what's happened. 'Nuff said 4 now. Peace Love Joy Harmony & Adventure ~ fellow Immortal Spiritual beings of infinite love & light, graduating class of 2021 of schoolhouse plan it plant it Gaia. See ya's on the flip side, as 'they' say.  <3 )  Rec &  fin  1/14/21  9:33 p.m. 

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We must do Awl we can for the kids and not put them thru the craziness of failed systems, Deal? 

Fact is, guys, the hippies R not done saving the world.  With God's help we can do anything, inc creating 7th Heaven on Earth.  W God, we Got This, in the palms of HerHis Mighty hands. 

And with that, my dear friends, Lo & behold, another door opens & we have yet another place to explore & ponder the never ending wonders of God.   Hope see Ya's over there 4 a real good time.  <3  )  Note:  Now moment  1/15/21  this url was changed at 12:44  p.m.  scribbe had to change the url bc it stopped working w tiny In Gods hands, Now to...     And So It Is.  <<3  ) ) ) ) ) ) )  7 smiles, 7 of course,

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