Greetings & Welcome Vast Eternal Divine Infinite Immortal Spiritual Beings of The ONE. IJN. Congrats on Victory 4 The Light.

Scene from the Joy room for the Now Free multi=dimensional immortal spiritual beings of Team Oneness that Can not Ever be separated from Source God Creator ALL THAT IS. Take it to your nearest coffee shop, human beings bc God says, banks & money does NOT Exist any more in the NOW NOW age. And So It Is. In Jesus Name. Celebrate like it's Nov 19, 2022. God's New Now birthday, pro-claiming eternal life begins at 74, the new 30. ;o )

Now  11/5/22   Home Now Forever, Anyone?   This page may be experienced by clicking on this link:  Hope see Ya's over there for a real good time 4 ever:  ðŸ˜Ž 

Now  11/24/22  Wait, What's that, Jesus?    Indeed.  ðŸ™‚💔 â¤

Thank You Jesus & John Smallman.  

Portrait of Jesus by Akiane.    â¤

Now  11/27/22   Saul, in concurrence      

Thank You Saul & John Smallman.

Now 11/24/22 Happy Thanksgiving Freedom Lovers... You? Hope so. 

Thank You Ronald and Nancy & Awl Fans of a Great Presedential Leader. 

Now 11/25/22 Things have changed.

Greeting Sons & Daughters of Forever.  Hope everybuddy is doing just fine and dandy, despite the ending chaos in the world due to too many people falling for the barely existing political and other crazy systems designed to control We The People.  Well, we're not taking it anymore.  The sane people in the world are showing the tyrants, dictators, bullies and greedy politicians the door.

We are no longer promoting the product we were before at this place,  After a month and a half on it, guess our body had enough and we are extremely ill still at this late hour.  Product came back up twice and we have vertigo and still have diabetic situation we had before starting on the product.  Here'a place to visit for Holiday's and beyond, if led, friends.  Cheers.  <3 ) ) ) 

The previous, now edited, page that wa s here is Now here according to Will of God.💔 â¤   <3

God Has Made A Way w Awl of us, HerHis perfect, infinitely perfect, divine, humble, super gifted, Kind & Grateful Children going Home.

Now 1/11/22 6:55 p.m. Step thru, our dear divine immortal spiritual light body buddy beings. So glad to see ya's. Come, what's your pleasure? Take yer shoes off, you've arrived at a far flung fun place, right on moment Indeed. <3 )

Go there 4 the daily good Now news delivered to You Free..  You're welcome.  This is really a curriculum 4 the enlightenment of you Free

Now  1/13/22  A new Now page has arrived from the high ethers of divine consciousness and here's the url if you would like to take the curriculum here 4 further graduation Free.         

Now  1/23/22 Now this:  ðŸ˜Ž ðŸ’”

Now  1/29/22  11:44 p.m.  Now this:    😎 ðŸ’”

Meme is just below, ya's can't miss it, unless you're a politician and blind to the obvious needs of the people.  We don't need crap just give us what God would give us.  Would Jesus put up w the broken, corrupt, FAILED, system We The People are putting up with under inept leadership, my dear friends?  We doubt it.

Now  2/1/22  Finally here Now.  A page dedicated to the future God The Good has in store 4 our collective intertwined future starting this new moon day.  ðŸ˜Ž  ðŸ’”

Now  2/13/22  Time to let the good times roll, babies.  

Now  2/26/22  When there are no more bends but a straight on ramp to the infinite, this page manifests:    ðŸ˜Ž ðŸ’”

Now  3/21/22  Shane come back for the homecoming:   ðŸ˜Ž  ðŸ’”

Picture:  Shane/ Paul sitting in front of computer where he can communicate to the world w/o opening his mouth.  Praise God 4 this God given technology that is bringing us awl together w ease & comfort.  Alright volunteers 4 the game.  Carry on & don't 4 get to be grateful. TYVM

Now 11/19/21 New Now News 4 The People of the Rising... (Ret)

Just a little reminder esp to you republicans & democrats.  Oh, and BTW  EVERYTHING IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Yesterday.  Ok, kids?  #Nomorewageslaves  #politicsIsDead  #SpiritLivesInUsasus.  Etc etc 

New News Now  for those who want to be in the know: check Spirit's blog...  It only gets better.  Stay tuned, if led...

All the 'Goods' are here, if int: 

Now  11/26/21  The blog remains open for new good stuff 4 those so led... TYVM  ðŸ˜Ž ðŸ’”


Hope see Ya's here. (copy & paste)

Truth, Ultimate Truth Awl~ways Rises to The Top. Awl Praise & Thank You's To You God Who Is Good. Indeed. <3 ) ) ) Nod to Paul Selig. Nice work, Bro. <3 )

Like it Is in Heaven. No middleman currency. From Ggod (good ) The Good to Awl God's Grateful Kids. "Just Try to be Nice to each other." <3 ) ) )

Now 9/13/21 Who needs their luck changed, NOW? 'Done' Says God The Good.

It Is Written:  W Awl Power Of God The Good Who Is Good thru authorized & designated Sole  Scribe to announce via FB:  

Now 9/13/21  Love Is The Only Thing That Exists, Dear Ones.  Film here:   Jerry & Shane steward this Far Flung Site 4 God ~ The Ultimate Good God of Gods.  Hands Down. 

republicans NOT welcome. Everyone else, Come & Have Fun.& 'Turn it uP'  😎 ✌️ 😎

What's wrong w republicans?  Get some clues here.  Ty Jimmy. Nice work.  )  

Now 10/20/21 Breaking New Now News 4 AWAKENING Humanity.

We interrupt this thread to share w you, gentle readers, the Now Breaking New 'Now' News w a grateful 'Nod' to Janet Townsend Msc.D. Metaphysical Minister and Practitioner; who told Paul back in1986 that he would be doing this, i.e. sharing 'New News'  And So It Is.  It Is Very Good News, dear friends, Indeed. just click on the link here and be transported to where a whole lotta good stuff is shared and from where a new page will, Good God willing, be sprung from soon, not like 'they're' 'soon' - our soon is like overnight, tonight, just watch, you'll see, if want. Cheers, Cheerio and Namaste.   TYVM Team Oneness.

God, You've got Good New Now  News, correct?  As shared here, now:   

Now 10/4/21 That page is now the official ext of this page, ok kids? TYVM. <3 )

What part of Free don't you understand, Grace?

Now 9/15/21 1:33 p.m. Christ angel timing 4 God The Good's agenda. Done. TYVM, Grace. <3 ) ) ) (Hug)

Become like a lighthouse...

Summer Bacon, Dr Peebles.

"Become like a lighthouse! Shine your light brightly, and guide others safely to the shore of love!"

—Dr. Peebles

Now 9/14/21 Sharing a important Fb Share on a 4 Ever Tuesday afternoon.

When we got No chance of losing but we gotta STOP following politicians & start following God The Good & Jesus/Sananda. 

As shared on Share Page 4 a lovely Tuesday. Welcome Home.  As shared here first:  😎 And here:  😎

Note :  9/15/21  Guys, it Is Highly Good suggested by the Good Boss of this site that Shane is truly humbled & honoured to steward 4 ALL THAT IS, among other Source Creator God names, that The Best Place to start one's journey thru this site w tributary like branches, is at the bottom & work one's way uP.

However, it's Your trip & we awl have the freedom to do what we want.  Again, it's just a suggestion.  If you like/Love what you experience around here, Please don't keep it to yerself.  Like it Love it - Ripple It out to a desperate world that doesn't even have a clue about how much trouble it's really  in.  The Rock & Roll Cavalry Is here, on time & 'Justin' time,  guys.  This Is A 'Love In Action'  enterprise of the Most dire Urgency.   Dilly dally waiting around, 'bidening' our time HAS to END.  NOW.  Not Next Tuesday.  NOW.  Sing It SHOUT IT - Let Your God Given Voice B Heard.  And So It Is.  What It Is.  Indeed.

Don't say Amen, We Are Now In Galactic Futuristic Energies Now, Guys.  Say 'Indeed' or the 'And So It Is' 'What It Is.'. and be up to the split second and not 2000 years ago, ok?  Just one of our suggestions.  Another is to go on the Free Standard as God has shared here, and we share it again bc the More you see it, the more it will sink in.  Capiche?  Good.  W Sanada/ Jesuus response:   TYVM 

Now 9/14/21 Here is our pinned share on Fb If anyone cares.

Hello fellow beings of infinity going to 'school' down here on planet earth. We were working on this page so Page of Day Share is Now
So, as previewed on previous Share Page re putting Everything in God's Hands.  This was first shared here:
Keep on smiling & shining shiney's ) ) ) ) )   To eternal adventure on the High side.
P.s.  Awl I Am the Light The Love & The Truth invited to 'Partner uP w us. & Have eternal Fun.  That's our agenda, dear ones.  More info shared here, if int.   And at this Shared Page:

Now 9/16/21 As shared on Fb. A Done Deal Is A Done Deal.

Greetings Star beings living our self assigned assignment lives on schoolhouse earth, & esp to the 500 + people asking us how we're doing - saying Hello, basically wanting to engage us in a chat. We Don't chit chat, Ok? Please stop. We, (speaking as the multi-dimensional being we are, like you) can not chat w awl of you. We're one guy, 72, living on soc sec and It comes and goes the same day, lately. We have No money to send to anyone, Ok?
We realize many of you are in a desperate situation w no food or water, kids sleeping on bare ground & governments only caring that they have all the horsecrap (money) they need for whatever they think they need it for. God, Who happens to "OWN" this small blue Pearl in the middle of the Cosmic Sea of Infinity has something to say,
if HeShe can get yer attention. Hello? Yeah, Please shut the boob tube off for a few. You can leave the radio on, low so you can hopefully, get awl this coming from scribes fingers & the infiniteness they are attached to.
God Is Infinite Abundance and that's where the energy to live our lives as children of God comes from, that Source. We need to forget about the horsecrap money and just Help one another the Best we can. governments, financial institutions, irs, insurance companies, we don't need them in the age of the 'Eternal Now' my dear friends. Read The Memo. At least 5 more times 'til it starts to sink in, ok? TYVM
We're More than just 'Jerry Jillionnaires' dear ones, we're God The Good Infinityaires. We Do NOT need money . EVERYTHING IS FREEEEEEEEEEEE, like it Is in Heaven 'Upstairs' OK? Now downstairs in this matrix illusion on the cusp of 5D 4 Awl God's far flung children of The One.
There's a New Now leader in Town (Plan it earth) Call him Proxy Shane, Paul's High self. Go here: and start at the bottom. Blow the whistle on this cat - in the year of the cat. It Is Written.
Let's take back the world from the inept politicians. We The People can do it better than our (In the US) obsolete, corrupt to its core, broken system.
Folks, we gotta STOP 'biden' our precious lives & time w the 'patient' in the oval office who gives 2 craps for the lives of the American people left behind in Afghanistan. Right on Sen Hawley.
Main thing we have to Wake Up to, Folks is that we are not mere puppets, or 'consumers' we love that one, or wage slaves to the 'system' we allow to push us around. We Are INFINITELY POWERFUL IMMORTAL SPIRITUAL (NOT religious) Beings of INFINITE LIGHT & LOVE. We Are The Truth, Ruth, & Everybuddy else.
We Are The Oneness Family, Team. God made us as One w infinite variations that make Us Us. Mirrors of The One Infinite Eternal Good God of Awl. Yes, we're stepping 4 ward at this moment w the Full Force of Heaven at our Good God Almighty designated back and awl we're doing is our job we were born to do.
So, we've been at this a while & we can't get arrested. What Does It Take to wake Up a sleeping humanity and corporate controlled media only interested in the bottom line of Horsecrap (The Now age term for money, which No longer exists in the High vibrational field of infinity that the Now New world has Now Entered.) Again, humans, did you get God's memo -
Urgent Message? w Jesus/ Sananda response:
Dr Peebles won't allow us to forget this: w Jim Law RIP Rockin' In Paradise:
And how can we leave this one out as seen here:

It's Time Light Beings.  You Can't Take the horseshit w you.  sorry to all you money worshippers.  Try to get over it bc you've only Gained.  God's Plan Give Us Infinite Benefits of Love Love &, oh Yes, Love, Correct Jerry?  Jerry Jillionnaires Are Us, peeps.  God says. Take it and Don't look back, kids.  

Above Picture can be seen here: 

Shane's essence says: 

Extended from this: 


Now 8/27/21 Good New News Friends of Everyone.. We can awl go home now. Who's coming? Anyone?

Aug. 27, 2021

Happy Birthday to Marie in Paradise. We Awl Good Now

Happy Birthday in Heaven Marie Mom! Can never 'Thank you' enough, Marie Lucile 4 awl the good things you did 4 this high lonesome dove of a spirit, esp the prayers & w Fidelis & awl Co of Heaven as good. Now that it's awl over, w nothing left to do but smile smile smile,
we can just let the music play as God Who IS Good awl the time. So, everyone who wants to hear the music apropos to this, starting hear /here we far flung Stars can't get lost.   En-Joy & be Glad and above awl... Grateful. Indeed. ❤ ) ) ) (4 the record, 4th take to get this simply right.) Awl invited at the Front Gate  w Greeters ready to Greet awl comers. Are You One?  Hope so. ���� Rec & fin 8/27/21 1:16 p.m. Quincy, Ma. USA ������������ Milky Way Galaxy, Cosmos Gratitude More: Infinity. ) ) ) ������������������������✋������������������������������

Paul & Marie Partners 4 ever. <3 ) )

Now 9/1/21 10:27 p.m. Urgent: Fellow Immortals, Please read all of the following

Urgent: Fellow Immortals, Please read all of the following and take a stand. Whose side are You on? If like/love Please be a Galactic messenger and spread this Good New News Far & wide. It's past time 4 the people of God to take over and kick the clowns out of the swamp who think they run everything esp the incompetent traitor in the oval office, white house museum. It's God's time Now on the 'Plant It' Rock & Roll Keeple. God thru essence scribe Shane. This includes sneak peek at tomorrow's Share Page of Day. Know you'll en Joy. ) ) )

This will not take in text field 4 supernatural reasons. Here in New News only...

Sep. 5, 2021

People putting awl their 'eggs' in One basket in complete confidence...

Any wise person will tell you, don't put awl yer eggs in one basket, but that person never met or hung around w Jerry. Film & More here: As already shared at Front portal to infinity, our collective true home, fellow liveheads. �������������������������������� ����

Now 9/6/21 As we were saying... More Good stuff rains down...

We know it's late, or early but Share Page of Day is up & ready in it's new page w the previous one quite the destination site now. So, here's Page of the Day for Monday 9/6/21 such as it is.

 Seen at this page:

And catch what went down at previous Share Page, if led:

Rumor has it that a slide show featuring Bruce & the E Street band will be added there tomorrow, or actually later today. Stay Calm Jerry Jillionaires When money horseshit doesn't matter, nothing can or will keep us down.

Main Portal to eternal Jubilee:   

Pic:  money is Dead but God provides Her/His kids w what we really need. Film here:  Again:   TYVM & Good Night. 


Now 9/3/21 12:01 a.m. New News You can use, if want: Time 4 Share Page of The Day on a Very Good Friday..

Greetings Starbursts Living & Breathing in the New Now Friendly Field od Infinity.
You're gonna Love today's Share Page of Day, Guys, esp if you like things plain & simple w no doubt whatsoever as to its origin or veracity.  

W/o further ado, here's your link to same, Grace.   As shared here first:  

If like/love Please Do Something along the lines of 'Love In Action' & SHARE.  Good God Knows this shit Has to get out there, to the deep swamp and the clowns who think they're running the show down here, HAVE to be Shown the DOOR.  BYE  BYE Biden.  Flush Moochman  The White House w all due respect, is Wash DC's newest Museum. And So It Is What It Is.  Indeed. 

Film & Platform of eternal stability in Christ ~ God Consciousness;   aka Shane & Jerry's Place aka Jerry & Shane's Bar & Grille ~ 4 a Real good time .  Lol 

 P.s.  We got a table 4 everyone & no one eats by their lonesome, unless want to.  And So It Is.

Now 9.3.21 Breaking Healing New News Just came down Guys...

Yes, Dead & Liveheads and Everyone who Knows the Best Things In Life Are Free.  God Who Is Good says:  EVERYTHING IS FREEEEEEEE!!! (sic)  Ok? That particular Deal went down, ny dear friends.  We got it awl on tape, how it went down.  Don't believe us?  Lookey here & tell us this is awl made up w no divine intervention working the synchros & calling out chords.    😎  ðŸ’”  ðŸ˜Ž As shared in Groups...

Jerry says:. Merry Christmas in September. Teammates ❤  😎 More here at Jerry & Shane's Bar & Grille  weir, like the planet, Everything is Free esp w a 😎 😎 😎 If like, Please Share this & consider yerself a Galactic Messenger sendin ripples of Good Vibrations to infinity. Indeed. Oh, and invite yourself here as good.     TYVM  😎

Now 8/29/21 11:16 p.m. Exactly. Sweet Jerry momenting. my dear friends. Praise a Good God who Is There 4 us Smiling bc we Love Him Her Soo Much.

5 years officially on & it only gets better & better. Thank You Jerry. ) ) ) Awl welcome to the club Jerry, if want.
Pic:  Put a smiling face 4 God & look what we get, dear ones in God The Good.

Now 8/30/21 12:00 a.m. Ty Fb 4 the memories. ' And away we go' Nod to Jackie Gleason. funny man. <3 ) ) )

5 Years Ago
AtuntSepmnonogsuldstn 2oamr9e,iag l20de1o6  · 
Shared with Public
 Hey, Folks The Jubilee is set for 'Official Launch' on September 1, 2016 This guy invites Everyone. See details here:   (ret)  Cheers,  Alive & kicking w @ 75 'babies'  (pages shared.)  Contributions accepted 4 our growing family. 'til the Jerry currency of Love is universally accepted on Earth.  The Deal Is Done, consumers of God's Largesse & generosity of spirit in these last days. TYVM' 
Ty Dr Peebles 4 Your constant support & guidance,  We, 3 Amigos, nod to the other 3 amigos, there are many,  have a new Now Firm, termed 'Dr Jim & Shane.'  First names only nec.  Our 'shingle'  bus card is below.  Ya's can't miss it.  It's part of the red 'Keep Calm and Trust God book. 
Ok, we gotta share a Share Page of Day. now. i Trust us will be, God willing, shared here soon.  Not 'thet're 'soon' guys.  Our 'soon' is minutes to deliver, not like 'they're 'soon that takes eons.  But that's  another whole story,  isn't it.
Here' the link, not missing here at all.   See guys, we don't lie.  We deliver 'the goods' when we say we will as time as we think we know it allows.
Shane Monday time:  Above date  Rec & fin 12:25 a.m.  Christ holding time w Leon Russell's  ' A song for you'  playing on  in background  Ty Leon, right here w every other spirit that wants to be here watching Shane work.  Ok, let's now go see the Share Page God wants.  You coming with?  Fam or you staying here?  We're good w whatever you do.  Everything is okay dear ones.  Be back w the quickness. 
Alright, we're back since we were talking w Ya;s here.  As one page sometimes is obvious from the just shared page, such is the case here, so here's the link and will be hensefoth shared at the Share od Day page & Fb and maybe Twitter, we'll see.  Ty awl very much 
--Maintenance man can not guarantee overnight repairs as not yet at level down here where he can nod or snap his fingers & it's done, but that will come to awl of us as we arrive in the higher heavenl 'Home; realms from where we came.  Indeed.  Cheers Cheerio & Namaste.   12:55 a.m.  Pefect angel timing Fyi. 

And w/o further ado bc Sandman is dragging us off, literally.  W our last stroke of a key is given.   Have Fun over there.  Ty & Good night. 

Pic: Rainbow Taking over./  Jerry's New Now  name 4 eternity.  (one of them) Another is simply Angel.  Call on if need an Angel in your life.  He's on Right side of Michael.  Indeed.  

 RIP Jack. 

Now 8/15/21 As shared from Fb as we can not talk individually w the # of requesta to talk.Ty.

How are you brother?
You sent
Hello, Good to meet, we very busy, we can't chit chat and we have no money but Plenty of love, the New Now currency sweeping the planet. Please check our Fb profile wall. And the humble platform we are priveleged to steward for God Who Is Good.  God Bless & Angels attend You & Yours. (to all our hundreds of friends on social media, esp those in need.
Welcome to the Jerry Shane Paul & You, Yes You, to the
'Let the Good times Roll'  site 😎  Ya can't fool us, your elder brothers & sisters, Kids  We've
been around the block of this illusory dimension and had our fair share of rodeos and shall we say... High Adventures, right Jerry?  ðŸ˜Ž
Jerry smiles.. and we, on bewhole of the Higher beings from God knows weir, all of whom have a stake in what goes down on this 'Ok at the OK Corral'  zoo of a schoolhouse, designated as The Place where we Awl finally get our shit together (using an accepted technical term 4 the Now age)  We say, it's time, young Rock & Rollers. 
Picture:  We Collectively Thank the Ultimate Leader, esp by example, of how to live succssfully on Schoolhouse Gaia, Mother Earth, Urantia, Love, Joy, or whatever name you have 4 her that floats Your particular boat.  4 us it's 'Vivienne,' like our computer, or next car, but, hey whatever works 4 you, ok babies?  God Loves us, each & every one.  
And look at the time, it's time to share the Share Page of the Day 4 Sweet 8/16/21 as Queen starts playing 'Champions' on WZLX Boston's Classic Rock.  TY 4 the Music ZLX. )
Ok, we were off an hour, but you know what, guys, it's perfect.  Instead of waiting 4 the midnight hour every night, we'll unveil it in the cosmic hour of 11:00 p.m. every nighr, better 4  everyone, even  the angels love it.  So, it's set then. Here's the place to be to see it come on:  
Ok, guys, we'll meet Ya's over there.  Jerry close your eyes Bro cuz we got a surprise 4 YA, Big Guy. 

Hey Folks, here's God's cover picture 4 Jerry week 8/1 to 8/9 

Praise God The Good Who lives & breathes in each & every One of Us as You & Me.  We Are Large & as Vast as the infinite Cosmos' my dear friends. Can You 'dig' it beautiful & handsome women & men made in God's perfect image as a human Being?  Let us know if want.  Our contact info is here 4 correspondence, love letters & advice.  F

YI there is allso a cobwebbed Paypal  'Donate'  button there if anyone would like to help us w a little 'bread & egg money,' (and airline fare 4  certain friends of ours.)  That is while that dinosaureal medium of exchange is still in use, as Dr Peebles mentioned in this reading w Jim Law, Intuitive Consultant Extraordinaire.  RIP.  'Rockin' In Paradise  If haven't heard that b4 we won't spoil the surprises when you hear who shows up, ok?  ðŸ™‚💔 TYVM  😎   

What else, what else. You want Docs?  We got Docs:  The Original Jubilee site, if int in history:   Even further back,   The original original, and not even the first one we did which was a Ming site that no longer exists  but can still be forever accessed in The Akashic Records Upstairs where everything of any significance is stored 4 eternity, like the smile you put on the faceof that nice lady you held the door for 7 years ago or the teacher you had in grade school who you brightened her day w a flower on her desk or something like that that is Still creating ripples of Good feelings throughout the universe.  💔

Ok, guys, back to work 4 us.  Carry on, if led but do get Your fair share of Rest, ok?  Like a car needs fuel to operate, so too do we need to heed the call of sleep.  Do Not do what scribe did and fight the sandman & we had  a brief NDE (Near Death Experience"  Basically we stuck our head in Heaven & got a glimpse of Awl the beautiful unearthly Colours & Beauty of Heaven and we heard 'What the F are You doing here Brownie?' You know you're no where near 'done' down there.  Get back there.' like a close buddy would talk to you.  And we were back in our body w the quickness.  It took a month to feel like our old self here, so we plow on like the good farmer we are. 

Like a Peach farmer in Georgia e.g. we can't love just one peach on one tree, what, and ignore all the other peaches on the tree, and the tree beside it and Awl the peaces in the orchard and what about awl the peach orchards on the planet & what about the apple trees, we like apples, they're good 4 us.  Ok, and awl the flowers & daisies & lillies of the field.  So, dear ones, we don't listen to one song our whole lives and someone said 'Variety is the spice of life and that's not  taking anything away from our chosen ones. So the Mormons have a practical healthy position on this particular aspect of  their Faith. e.g. ðŸ’”💔💔

Picture:  Ultimate Talent on loan from Source God Who Is Good Creator Heavenly Infinite Mother Father ALL THAT IS  Great I AM THAT I AM Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine The Infinite The One The Absolute.  Indeed.  ðŸ˜Ž 💔  Hugs & Namaste as 'No Regrets by Tom Rush starts playing on  Carry on Guys.  #TeamOneness #GodIs  #ThankYouJesus  #MaryIsLove  ðŸ’”  

Hey Sister & Brother, if have nothing better to do, we  invite you to a place where Jerry & Co are entertaining a few of His close Friends & Buddies You want the url?   Travel time, about a blink of an eye.  I know, a little slow compared to the angels.  Ok, here you go.  Have Fun over there & everywhere in the time of the eternal Jubilee which is Now. ðŸ’” 💔   ðŸ˜Ž  ðŸ’” 

P.s.  Now   8/4/21 Hey Guys, Jerry invites His Buddies You, You & You, Oh heck, Everybuddy over to  to catch up w H im and His Buddies sharing a lot of info from here. 

Content will stick over here on a simple site page a heck of a lot better. than on Google page. Thank God.  Indeed.

 Now  8/9/21  My oh my did that week or 'strong' a holdover from our sales training days when we consider words as 'things' that van have powerful influence as our subconscious minds are like sponges taking in what they hear and act accordingly which is why affirmations are so effective and the opposite is also. but we digress.  The following song says it awl 4 our Very Dear departed friend. 

This is a day for Celebration of Jerry's Triumphant return to paradise while we, His Friends & Fans are left to mourn His loss..  It's time to turn that thinking around dear ones.  We need to be Happy for their return to God  while weir still stuck down here struggling to make ends meet in a obsolete, archaic, unfair & corrupt to it's core 'economic' sytem that no longer exists according to God.  God says:  EVERYTHING IS FRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (Sic)  Do the people listen?  Hell no bc they, I'm not talking about you, some of us old hippies who are still 'The Resistance' but to awl humanity, basically, who have swallowed the nightmare of 'it's just the way life is, you need money to live. and survive. 

Totally Not true my dear friends & it's time to wake the F up and smell the flowers, the coffee and the music that can very easily move us back in time or propel  us 4 ward like on wings of angels. the soundtracks of our lives. moving us 4 ward at angel speed while the politicians think they run this Rock & Roll planet.  They don't.  Not even close my sisters & brothers in the Light of Awl That Is, when Jerry took Jesus' hand & Jesus & Company of Angels took him to Heaven, and what an Arrival it was to much Fun Fanfare & Celebration in Heaven while our loss down here in this dissolving realm was palpable for us who felt it fully on.  So play it, Jerry & company of angels and let's allow the magic of music to do it's thing. Indeed.   Rec & fin 8/9/21  6:33 p.m.  Quincy, Ma USA, Galaxy Rock & Roll, Cosmos Gratitude. 


Now 8/12/21 10:44 p.m. What's Happening on Twitter...

What's happening Twitter? Did you know a whole new revolution is happenig here  And weir doing a Share page of Day. Today's was  w this song Come 2 Jubilee #JoeBiden#KamalaHarris#60Minutes#LesleyRStahl#CNN #WCVB#WBZ

Picture:  Our Partner in the Ultimate Crime pf Love in the First degree.  Sentence:  God Is Love & Love Is God.  Love God & Love One Another.  Jesus Christ.  Indeed.

Alright Grace / humanity.  Sentence Now served.  You are  Free Beings to go do whatever the heck it is you want to do.  And Godspeed W it.  We got a song to go here, anyone?  Well, how 'bout the one already there,  just below.  Play it Jerry.  And Thank You 4 Being w us, another face in the crowd.  Namaste. ) ) ) 

 Now  8/13/21  Take 2  We had it all  set to go, the announcements of the Share Page of the Day sharings, the 3 already done which are First Share of Day page is: On 8/11/21 

Then, 4 yesterday the 12th was/is  

Okay:  And Now 4 Today Happy Friday is 

Michael says:  Hey Everybody... Congrats 4 being here.  You're gonna love it a lot what God has in store 4 Ya's.  Keep smiling like Jerry & think good things & watch what happens.  Take care, sleep well & Let the good times roll.  Thank You Michael.  Indeed, Guys, so let scribe get this up b4 it disappears and we'll catch Ya's later.  TYVM.

Now 8/9/21 Black Peter, 10/29/77 ☮ Grateful Dead

Thank you The Grateful Dead for best perfomance of this awesome song & chasefukuoka61 for sharing on Yt.

<3 ) ) )

As we just texted to Mary asking what I'm doing...I'm hanging out w a friend baby., & we havinng  a Good time.  Jerry says "Hey"   To Every One.  < 3 ) ) )  & BTW:  EVERYTHING IS FREEEEE (sic)  Your choice Grace... God's new Now name 4 humanity.

Ok and we got a sllide show as parts shared on our Fb 

Let us explain the slides, ok kids?  Ty

Slide 2 ) Virtual money as it should be, recognizing that we are Awl worthy as we are awl immortal spiritual beings and not mere consumers or as cattle taking up space and being a so  called burden to the planet which would be better off w/o them.  This is Kissinger & Gates folderol, mates.  (((

Slide 3 )  Why can't we just get along?  Who do we think we're fighting.  Are we this stupid, how far we've dropped the ball.  OMG.  This schoolhouse Reallly needs help.  Thank  God 4 sending the best of the best to lend a  hand.

Slide 4 )  The view from the other end of the picture.  Yeah, we can do something about that picture.  We can eat it & make it go away, clean up & no one would know the difference but we know & we don't 4 get & it's in the Akashic records recording everything of significance. 

Slide 5 )  And so after many hours on the computer, we took a walk & came home w some fresh captured beauty just outside our door.  And how was Your day Sonny & Daisy?  Good, we hope. 

So, who wants to come to 7th Heaven, my dear friends?  We are at the crossroads, see?  In another slide share.  Stay tuned.  

Okay Now 8/10/21  Angel sweet time 6:16 p.m. 2nd slide share...

Slide # 1 )   Yours Truly, my dear friends.  Can we call you our dear friends, dear friends?  Oh good, we take it.  So, looks like Destiny Celeste /Seal Crystal or Chrystal (either spelling ok & speaks 4 itself.)  Farili Jagio Our cosmic name:  means 'the gifted one'  Farili Triumphio Our self assigned name after having some 'adventures'  so to speak,  Solomon (not as wise as everyone thoght bc he failed to decree "Evreytthing Is Free" while here & in power. 

When he passed to eternity he then knew material shit is just that- material shit. (using a technical term)  as blue flames fly over the keyboard of Vivienne, (ouur pet term 4 this HP computer) Yeah, guys that name just downloaded the other day while we were sitting on the 'throne' in our apt. Thomas Crapper, the inventor of the toilet,  must surely be proud of all the 'stuff' that's been downloaded into people's brains while pausing there for not too long every day.  We salute Johnny Carson 4 making the toilet inventors name know to the masses &  showing also that God has a sense of humor.   & shared on the new Site essentials page.  (link above)  Ok, back to the names

Shane means 'God is gracious. Paul, means 'humble' as in humble servant.  Gooogle this guys, if skeptical, Francis Brown & 'Hey you.'  Okay Guys?  )

Slide 2 )  Part of the Ruby Rogers Team, dissolved bc of budget cuts and now the homeless & hungry in Somerville, Ma have nowhere to go. What  a shame. 

Slide 3 )  Create creative  groups  no matter where they come from or what they look like. 

Slide 4 ) If you know your stuff is good & can help inspire, entertain or can keep others out of trouble, tell others & maybe they can tell others & if lucky, it will go viral.

Slide 5 )  Amazing people should expect to  have amazing days.  And So It Is What It Is.  Indeed.  Cheers, Cheerio & Namaste. 

Now 8/3/21 11:33 a.m. And So It Is What It Is. Indeed. Have Fun Everyone. <3 )

A paved road 4 the team on the High path. Compliments of Source. We coming Home Father Mother TYVM <3 ) ) ) ) ) Yahoo images Grand Teton National Park. Wy.

Humanity, like this picture, somehow, mysteriously, finds it way to it's natural place to be going 4 ward.

Now 7/29/21 12:07 a.m. Cosmic portal time and perfect moment to open the doors to 'The rest of the Story III

To here.  Awl Beings of Light & Love invited. Bring yer pets,

The New Now eternal world Is Now Open 4 business of Love Love & Only Love. right #TheBeatles  #JohnLennon Admission Free as money no longer exists. Rejoice. Thank You God Who Is Good. IJN Thank You Mary & Patricia & Company of Heaven Indeed. '

Note:  This first shared on Fb:  

P.s.  A place of Note to visit w the quickness, if led.  We'll hold the door 4 ya's don't worry.  God Always Had this.   See Ya's there if choosing the lighted path.  Dark choice choosers.  Your eternal loss.  Bye false prophets who don't know an ass from an elbow.  You might not even know who you are you're so blind.  #eternaloblivion 

Now  7/31/21  here's a url for the  slide share w Good New Now News 4 every child of God on the Plant it Rock n Roll, Fyi Ruth.   ðŸ§ðŸ™ƒðŸ˜Ž


Now 7/26/21 7:55 p.m. Galactic Good New Now News Messengers Wanted, Alive.

Who wants to be a Galactic Messenger?  As mentioned here on this reading.  w #LesleeJoKlinsky    as shared here:   Scroll down to the purple water picture where you can commission yourself while listening to the reading. esp w multiple listens. 

And then share this to Your Cosmos, ok fellow infinite immortal spiritual beings?  #DoloresCannon  This also shared here:     😎🧐🦅🤓😊😘🙂🐻💔💔😎

Now  7/28/21  Who can say 'Lo & Behold?' L@@k guys a brand new offspring page is in the house & taking numbers:  You can actually witness it being built, if want...  Hope en-Joy.  ðŸ˜Ž

Now 7/25/21 As shared on Fb And then we smile 4 ever w the angels of the omniverse. <3 ) ) ) )

Happy Sunday & Greetiings fellow star beings of infinite love light knowledge potential & Freedom & a whole lot more. Let's ring in the New Now world, as Doors music w Jim Morrison growling out 'Break on thru to the other side' on #WZLX Boston's Classic Rock station. As Men at work now play  'Down Under.' Then The Stones 'You can't always get what you want.' Good work  ZLX Nod to Kenny   

Shared here on Fb if int: 

If like to see & hopefully share this show, a url is...    TYVM   ðŸ˜Ž

Funny, as we were going to tinyurl to get this link we thought it would be a good idea to do a little magic and allow our spirit to just pick a random tape from our vast collection, and we  dug deep and guess what we dug up and are now listening to 4 the first time in eons?  Yep, it's named 'Smile on a cloudy day.'  Dated 8/26/10  We just heard 'Ocean Laughter'  by Backbone & now 'Dark Star' by some group calling themselves 'The Grateful Dead'  Yeah, we've heard of them.  ðŸ’” ) ) )  

How'd they come up w a name like that, kids?  Well, story is the guys were hanging out at Phil''s place in Palo Alto and Jerry spotted a encyclopedia & opened it up to read the words. 'The Grateful Dead' staring back at him.  Just another example of how any moment in our movie scripted pre-birth w our spirits, which we really are, just ask Sting, and the guides (formerly termed 'Lords' of karma.' now just 'Guides' of potentiality. TYVM   ðŸ™‚

As Cat Stevens/ Yusuf sings 'Into White.'  One of Marie & Shane's favourite songs. As Paul McCartney & Wings play 'Band on the Run.'  4 full disclosure we let Ya's know other groups on this God co - created tape are:  Rainbow, The Police, Charlie Daniels Band, Peter Frampton, Led Zeppelin & Crosby Stills & Nash.  😎  Ok, looks like this particular share is a wrap.  File under Further gifts of the Spirit   Rec & fin.   Above date  8:00 p.m.  Quincy, Ma USA

Paul F Brown
That hammock in background is God's agenda 4 HerHim & us guys. 'Know' it over mere believing, my dear friends. Film w links here, if want the whole enchilada. TYVM 😎

From Fb: Happy Saturday fellow infinite immortal spiritual beings on the way uP. ❤ 😎 Paul F Brown

Comment:  That hammock in background is God's agenda 4 HerHim & us guys. 'Know' it over mere believing, my dear friends. Film w links here, if want the whole enchilada.   TYVM 😎 

Jesus / Sananda not to mention other names, response: 

Picture:  Eternity Beach  Yahoo images 

Now Moment marked at 7/23/21 11:11 p.m.

Moment marked at 7/23/21  11:11 p.m. Cosmic Trigger moment on Cosmic Trigger Day. Praise God The Good. IJN. Thank You Mary & Company of Angels (Higher case, our insistance) Now what, dear ones?  What's that Jerry?  Good idea, Bro... Celebrate People. We can do that, awl in our own special way. Deal?  Oh Good.  Like here: 

And as we finish up this far flung creation of God.  

What do we have in front of us?  How 'bout a clear clean windshield thinking only about the Good things to come, paying little heed to the rear view mirror, as what's done is done, over, in the books.  Now, as the collective we are, we can  Llive Love Laugh in God's Good 'Eternal Now' 4 us awl, w not a single solitary soul left behind as that is quite impossible since the spirit of God is what inhabits us awl.

We awl know this, now.  Well, ok, most of us, there may be some still in swamplands like Wash DC but even there, the awakening ones are influencing their counterparts to wake up and smell the Free coffee, bc God has been saying 4 quite some time now, that EVERYTHING IS FREE.  Hello humanity?  #TruthJustice&TheAmericanUniversalWay.  It Is Written.  And So It Is. 

Rec & fin  7/24/21  12:01 P.M. Quincy, Ma.  USA.  Plant It Rock n Roll  Milky Way Galaxy  Cosmos' Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude..💔 💔 ðŸ’” etc etc etc 

Now 7/17/21 11:11 p.m. As shared on Fb... Just making it easier 4 us in dealing w the many. TYVM

Hello, Greetings to you, our new friend & to the 300 + new Friends we have on Fb and otherwise. This is our new intro. It's not an invitation to chat. Ok, please go very easy on that. TYVM
Hello Thank you for friend. We are always busy when on line. We can't take phone calls or chit chat. And we have no funds to help fund your family or ministry. Good News Is God says:
No matter what anyone tells you or whatever you see on Tv. Go here to God's starsite stewarded by yours truly, Paul, the humble one. aka Shane, our cosmic name which means 'God is gracious' Paul, btw, means 'humble' (Google it if want)   And please check our wall on Fb for latest updates. TYVM.   😎 
While working on this, this was our soundtrack.  Anyone else want to spend 2 1/2 hours hanging w God Jerry & Co of Gods.  Here ya's go Ye Gods & Goddesses One & Awl.  ðŸ˜Ž ðŸ’”Thank You Jerry.  We Awl
Now: P.s.  7/19/21  We invite awl to this page featuring rainbows magical music & unicorns 4 believers & more esp 'knowers' w a new url:  Here ya's go if int.

Now 7/23/21 Strange News from another star on Cosmic Trigger Day # 23, as shared on Fb..

#DoloresCannon Cosmic Wayshower still doing Her Thing from the Other Side, Shared here:
Creating our own Heaven on Earth. No doom & gloom. Love Light Happiness Joy Light & gasp Fun. Anyone? Who wants to 'Graduate' this schoolhouse, starbursts?

Now 7/6/21 10:19 a.m. As shared on Fb just now. Good New News

Greetings Destiny Celeste/ Seal Crystal Jerry Jillionnaires on the way uP.

 Check this message Thru Patricia from 'On High.'   & shared here, if led.

Let's keep on keeping on and educate  the world that the world runs on God's perfect, infinitely perfect, divine Love.  Money & crypto No LONGER EXIST.  Every day Is Satur(n)day when we don't have to go to work. 

'The work is Done, guys.'  God.   

Lo & behold, another of God's w scribe's mind & brain pages (babies ) is born.    

Now 7/9/21 2:22 p.m. The moment has come & we are hanging out our 'shingle.' Our consultation services are Free w a smile. )

 Does anyone remember smiles?  They look like this, ok, guys.    And below our proud but humble ''Shingle'

Now Public 4 the first time, though established since first legal day after Veterans Day 1978, Inc in Miracle City Coral Gables, Fl. USA. Plant it Earth. Milky Way Galaxy, Cosmos Gratitude. 

We now taking names & numbers, correspondence, love letters & advice. here, if led. of only the Good, here.    Okay if you are 'Bad' in a 'Good' way. Just know, God knows far far more about us than we could ever imagine, and don't take that bit of knowledge to yer bank or insurance co or IRS, bc they no longer need to be open in a cashless, bitless society.  Ok coffee /tea drinkers?  See you @ the campus.  Be good now, ok?  Good. 


Now 7/24/21 Shine on Me David Ramirez

Thank You David. Keep Shining, everyone's friend <3 ) ) )

Now 7/15/21 6:22 p.m. Just in as shared on Fb. You're not hearing this anywhere else. 8 years in incubation.

Greetings Guys, we got something to share w y'awl and it's time to be shared is Now. We admit it's magnitude slipped us by first few times we listened to this reading we had w Jim Law RIP Rocking In Paradise, TYVM. & Dr Peebles. Where Is Jesus, we ask?  Listen here esp at 38:44 to 39:00
Hope Ya's en-Joy the Guests who showed up.
He's not putting His Vastness in one basket, so to speak. If like/ love this please share to Your worlds, Ok? Ripples can turn into Waves esp when True Good stuff is shared, e.g. the fact that Love Is Awl there is and money is gone the way of the dinosaur. &. weir awl Jerry Jillionnaires Film here:  (Your're here )  TYVM  😎

Now 7/9/21 After 43 years our 'Shingle' Is uP, humanity aka Grace.

Hanging out our 'Shingle' after 43 years behind the scenes working w God The Good.. Shingle shared here:  & here:  Everything IS FREE. God Who Is Good.  God says, My kids not need 4 anything. appropriate 4 them.  e.g. if want a car, sorry kids you Do need to have a license, assumong you're going to drive it, ok?  Good.

Skateboards, dolls, find the one that has Your name on it.  Pets bring such Joy & happiness to a family, if you don't have one you're missing out.  Visit your local animal shelter soon if you want to experience that.  They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  😎

Pic:  Destiny Shane w the only real toilet paper we need when Everything has No price tag.  That''s So 3D.  Embrace 5D & Above my dear friends.  The Time Is Now.  Somebody tell Joe & Kamala & the other so called leaders.  TYVM. ðŸ˜Ž

Now 6/30/21 5:55 a.m. God Who Is Good Announcing: Everything IS Now FREE. Fiat crypto gold silver etc. Done. Love & only Love is all that exists and is the Only form of exchange 4 goods & or services that exists in the Now eternal now. Any questions ask Your heart. Scribe only knows this Is Good. God's 555 portal Now open to The Infinite. Indeed. Cheers & Cheerio. TYVM. Grateful Nod to The King of Rock n Roll. <3 ) ) )

Thank You Very Much God 4 Creating this Far Flung Production. <3 ) Now: 7/4/21 Happy Independence Day Team Oneness. If want to see Greeting from Jerry 4 this Free Day & Awl to come, kindly scroll down to the very bottom. TYVM <3 ) ) )

Now 4/18/21 3:00 p.m. & 4 ever in the eternal 'Now.' En-Joy it peeps, it's waay better than fiat even tricky crypto & It's NOW. Correct Sananda? )

Now 7/8/21 Sharing an Open Letter, if int. Like it? Share it. Ty.

Open Letter to the 300 + people looking to us to help your toilet paper (money) situation.
Hi, Good thing Everything is Free bc Soc sec says my little money won't be hitting my new bank acct for another 5 days.  And then I have bills, loan payments etc. I know you will keep the faith so we have no choice but to stay Strong. and Trust God's perfect plan. Love is eternal, money is extinct.. Film here, if int:
You sent Today at 10:28 AM
As shared on Fb: 

Now 6/17/21 11:27 a.m. Now New News Flash From Good God w angels aiding & abetting in attending mode:

Now New News Flash From Good God w angels aiding & attending mode.> 'Money no longer exists.' God. Tell the landlord that and send him here.  Latest Updates:   😎

Here's a present 4 you Grace.  Love, perfect infinite divine Love Is the Now age New currency.  Ok?  Deal with it.  TYVM. 

The Jubilee started here a lonng time ago 4 those who missed it... 

Indeed. <3 ) Placed here 7/4/21 Happy Independence Day America. Beacon 4 The World. The tiny blue pearl spinning in infinite space & time, the jewel only Love, divine, perfect & infinite Love as Herself can Win. hands down. And So It Is. <3 )

Now 7/23/21 David Icke - THE AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS - Free Speech (Rreplacement)

Thank You David Icke & Fresh Motivation 4 sharing on Yt.

A picture, they say, tells a thousand words. The Nebula Stone, aka 'the Heaven on Earth' stone lays on this document. Serving as a messenger from Source. If only God would send us a leader 4 these turbulent but Hope FULL times. <3 ) ) ) Right, Jerry. ) ) )

Shane, are you feeling spry and getting re-energized w yer new nutritional supplements? Sananda says, we don't look a day over 72. We r 72. ) Ty Sananda. Fun anyone 4 ever? Gotta end the starving and homelessness before that can fully manifest. Who's Your person, peeps? This servant, companion of God, or some politician or religious leader who worships toilet paper more than spreadinng The New Testament. The only Testament that matters. We are Sananda Team Oneness. And So It went. Rec & fin 4/18/21 5:00 p.m. Quincy, Ma USA, Milky Way galaxy, Grateful Cosmos we can simply call 'Jerry.' #WeRVastness

And So It Is What It Is. This also brought over w the the Jesus Hug pic from that other place. ) 4 the record. Rec & fin 4/8/21 5:44 p.m. Nah, angels had nuttin' to do w it, honey. Lol ) ) ) )

Now 4/8/21 Spiritual Notes from Dr. Greyson, Dr. Alexander, and Suzanne Giesemann.

Thank You IANDS & these wonderful presenters/ Educators for The Front Page New News preparing us all for the 'eternal Now.' Since we can not at present leave comment on Yt, here's our comment: Thank You to the Presenters and IANDSvideos for sharing this wonderful presentation. So more peeps can see this, we have further shared this 'Front Page New News' here at the portal site we are humbled & privileged to steward. <3 )

Now 4/8/21 Guess what guys, this front page is now aka Shane's Shinings V 777 page. )

As first announced here, my dear friends.  Can we call you a friend?  Dear or not?  Oh good for most of you..  Yeah, so the embracing illustration of Jesus welcoming humanity home w a Hug came from here:  (Copy & paste if doesn't work) 

And since this page is already quite sufficiently filled with good stuff, we, at some time in next few days or so, will, Good God willing, be creating a shiny new Shane's Shinings VII Share page, because, you know what?  Right next door is a pretty good shiny page too, ioho.  After awl, God Did it awl.  We are the humble scribe  watching our fingers, often w blue flames shooting out, forming the words. which we are Now at 8:44 a.m dubbing Shane's Shining VI 777 (777 4 luck)  page.

God knows we need a different kind of leadership down here on sandbox earth, dear ones..  Let's face it, guys, political, religious (Jesus Is spiritual, Not religious) corporate or any other non- enlightened leadership is not going to lead us where we need and are destined to end up, In The Light of God's Loving Light, from which we are awl Sourced.

If only God would send us a wizard, and hold the ego.  No one, except for lemmings, wants to follow a egoic idiot.  So, Shane, where is this place where we might find a wizard of Good?  (Yes, scribe thought he typed God, but when a typo isn't a typo, just shows who's really in charge here, correct God?  ) 

Ty 4 asking, Spanky.  Here's the link.  It will take a blink of an eye to get there.  Hope that doesn't inconvenience you that much.  Oh, good, Thank you 4 your patience.  )  Just scroll    down a little bit to see that ladies man, wizard. )  If need contact info it's here: (3rd link down)  We're  taking names & numbers & contributions via Paypal donate tab. (Scroll way down) Specify purpose in memo.  TYVM 

This should also work, now...   

Ok, Who wants to go to the movies?  We hear 'Shane' is the best western ever made.  And like everything else in God's Free Omniverse, it's Free.  No monopoly pieces of paper needed, No More.  It Is Written  Rec & fin  4/8/21  6:11 p.m.  Quincy, Ma  USA Milky Way Galaxy, Gratitude Cosmos. 

Now  4/18/21  We must share some new to this platform, content from Melanie & the Angels (our Capital A, as they are very modest & prefer lower case whenever possible.) which found it's place here...  w Good company:  )   Shine on Shiney's  )


Now 4/11/21 6:16 p.m. A sweet moment in time to say to Sandbox Earth So called leaders & shakers. Your time is Over. Please clock yourself out at the nearest exit gate for awl egoic stupidity, chaos & calamity on the Rock n Roll Plant it Earth. TYVM.

Alright, Greetings Dear Ones, the at least 51% of humans that have made the grade & helped others reach their over 51% potential.  Here we are, alive & whole & speaking on bewhole of Team Oneness.  The winners are in their self made, with angel help 4 sure, in their winners circle.

No, it wasn't pretty, everyone knew it wouldn't be, but the cosmic clock says Now is The time to look up and Give it Awl up to Source God Creator ALL THAT IS (We can go on ) And all that matters, Dear Team, Is Did we get the 'W'?  Does anyone see a W around here, or even a path to see it?  And God says Do this again, Shane,  Show 'em the Plan & confirmation from our Supreme Executive Commander, known in the higher realms w His Cosmic Name, Sananda. w Jesus & Yeshua also recognized, lovingly.  So,  here we go, again...

As we declare Victory and walk away w the W. as the Great victory has been won on this schoolhouse planet, right  St Germain & Ashtar?  )   W surprise, esteemed guests.  Ty to Awl W a (

Ty esp Marie. 

Oops, looks like we confused the Ashtar reading.  And Ty Ashtar & human telephone, Michael Ellegion for this reading. 'Yes, so there are no mistakes, so here's the link to the reading w the esteemed guests, surprises if not heard before.  Repeated listens bring new insights, like w the Ashtar tape playing now it jumped out to us about the 'shift in consciousness'  How that brings about certain things that, at a lower level, would not happen.   Thank You James & James RIP Rockin' In Paradise. ) )   Sananda - Jesus - Yeshua response.. 

Please allow spirit ~ angels to guide you @ this Far Flung God site.  And don't mind a little dizziness, it comes w the altitude.  Almost forgot, picture below, taken today couple of hours ago; our 'Oneness Team' 'best buddies'  featuring Marie (Mom)  Jesus/Sananda on computer, the modern way to reach the masses.  And don't miss Jerry at top right, above the God & Adam picture that hangs over 'Vivienne,' our HP computer.  You're the best, Vivienne.  Also, let Shane, a ladies man who lives like a monk, point out the necklace he's wearing w the tear shaped turquoise in the middle.  That's for Shanes's infinite girlfriends.  You're the best, dear. 

Here, after checking everything out @ here,  even down to the sandy bottom, why don't we meet here at Shiny Shane's Share page VII  Where rainbows & unicorns hang out.  Anyone? 

Tomorrow 4/12/21 is the 2 month anniversary of our fundraiser to raise, not only funds, but awareness on a global level about the absolutely embarrasing <non) treatment of the children, orphans, esp being neglected, unfed, many w untreated medical issues bc they don't have the little green pieces of paper that doesn't make the sandbox earth w its 'sandbox' so called leaders, go 'round.

Yeah, folks, 2 months, not a single even $5. contribution.  Wow, we gotta fire ourself w that performance.  But, God's movie 4 the humans must have a happy ending bc God. i.e. Source wrote our collective movie, guys and if we were writing our script, which we are, w God, we'd write in where bc of the kindness & generosity of one soul, one man, 72 years old w a bleeding foot w 2 toes remaining due to a 11 year battle w neuropathy & diabetes, etc would, hope-fully be recognized, finally byat least one intrepid journalist, cub reporter, Fb or twitter dolphin, not nec a whale and get his simple message across to a flailing humanity. 

He knows what it's like to flail from his NDE when he was 7 years old.  A story shared on these pages.  Yeah, 2 boy angels pulled him out of the pool at the last second w angels closing in.  We want to meet these, now @ 77 year olds but nobody in media is interested, so that's that.  Alright consumers of what 'they' give us.  Carry on, do what you must to keep your head above water and we'll try to keep doing ours.  Maybe, see you @ the campus.  Too bad.  Fun could have been a contender.  Sigh...

Really, though, how can any compassionaate or even tiny empath have fun while children who happen to have no parents are literally starving, and this, in this day & age w the heaven sent technology, is going on Next door, in Africa people.  Make me wanna holler.   as seen here:  and Fb: 

Addendums:  4/13/21  10: 27 p.m.  Fin

Update:  Now  4/29/21 

There's a new site in town to help raise awareness to the plight of orphans starving to death in non supported by govt or doctor or hospitals or local village so called leaders.  It's not their problem if the kids die as long as they have  their large collection of toilet paper. yes, our term for the little itsy bitsy pieces of paper that everyone down here has to have to survive when God says "Everything Is Free' but no one listens to God. Pity.

Here's the start of a sharing site.  It will be slow building as has 'improved' their format, making it many times more difficult to figure out how to do stuff.  We say 'Bring back the old Coke.'  as metaphor.

So here's link   which gre out of...    

Here's to beginnings... 




Here's the link to get us up where we belong to hear this high altitude message w Patricia. 

Thank You God ~ Patricia & Awl Company of Heaven inc The Heaven on Earth Bringers. You're one of us right, Harry & Sally?  Right, thought so.  Good movie, 'I Will have what she's having over there.'  )  Fun.  Yeah, that's the ticket.  If only God would send us a 'Ringmaster of Fun.'  What?  Liveheads?  Yeah, pictures can tell a thousand words. 

And we scrolled down and found the pic. just above a pic of the shrine that's adorned our wall in this Joy room and previous dwellings since the night of His passing to  the Spirit world, Awwlll around us, dear ones.  Rec & fin  Date above.  Fin: 10:33 p.m.  Exact, no waiting 4 this moment.

Picture taken w flash from the Vlog video.  What's on Your shoulder, fellow immortals?   )

Now 4/13/21 11:33 p.m. Exact., Source's Message to humanity...

As we heard the word 'FREE' from the Ashtar tape while we thought of This Particula Picture to Use.  In synch...

Source's Message to Humanity.  Tell 'em Sonny


Ty Sonny.  That's Right, Guys, We call it the New Now 'Smile' economy.  Short 4 the New Now & 4 eternity 'Smile Please & Thank You economy or system. NOT 'Thanks'  WHICH DOES NOT CUT THE MUSTARD AT ALL. (Caps not intended by scribe but we yield to the universe.  ) As this Bold type.

There,  alright. So speak to you's soon.  Here or on Fb where 200 + people are asking how we're doing?  We're doing.  How you doing, gentle reader?  Hope Good & getting 'Gooder' every blessed day we are gifted w from on High.  Shane wednesday time, now  4/14/21  12:54 a.m. ) 

P.s.  W more content as just shared on Fb...

Ty Sonny. That's Right, Guys, We call it the New Now 'Smile' economy. etc as shared here:  Where good Free stuff comes down & is shared as spirit moves the party's taking part. Everybuddy has a part don't they Dad? yes, Sonny, of course, otherwise none of us would be down here on this 'Won' stage termed Plant it Earth named 4 us Rockers who made it Our own.
Sorry politicians & divisive religionists and so termed dark forces. your time is done. Thank you everyone 4 the good you've done. We'll just let the rest go. God, in HisHer infinite mercy love kindness compassion & empathy has a clean slate 4 us awl. Accept? Hope so  😎
Now just a remminder that Shanes Shinings is the current place for latest shinings that may come down and who knows?  God knows, Shane.  Yes.  Of course there may be a new from scratch, Shane page coming soon however for the moment.  good stuff here, if led.  )



Now 4/16/21 An Important Share to Share, Plz Share & Be Rewarded. <3 )

What a nice synchro when this showed up in our mailbox a week ago when God is saying. "Everything Is Free"  thru Shane Shining w Divine Ultimate can also be considered 'Marching Pages.'  Show to your local merchants, doctors, hospitals, government officials, Media (tell them it's Baad News so they'll look at it & it will be esp for the toilet paper worshippers out there.     W Jesus/Sananda response  

THank You Brad & Kimberly for showing the world how to do it.  Just takes Love and a few Willing hands. We Can do this, Everyone. We're Awl Infinityaires in God's eyes.  HeShe wants us to 'Have it Awl'   We're the ones hamstringing our pursuit of happiness & comfort w our ridiculous money - toilet paper is all the shhiit we need b4 we can do anything when God says "It's A Free world.  Everything Is Free." Let's Show  God we Can Do HisHer Will, and Smile )  while we do it.  Who's in?     

Shared here:   & here:   

Film: here: Ty People. 

Ty #BradPaisley & #KimberlyWilliams & #Peoplemagazine

Greetings & Welcome fellow True* blue star beings from Source, to God's 'Hope 4 humanity' starsite II. Grab a cup, take yer shoes off, the work is done & nothing else to do but ) ) ) Shane knows where he's going... <3 ) Pic title: 'High & Lonesome.' Full disclosure * as we were inserting the word 'True' Ashtar was using that word in the reading. Intent & motive He's talking about now. 'Blaze a trail of light...' ) Ty Ashtar. 'Not my will... " )

Don't call Him Jehovah, Garcia, ok, but to Awl who Love Him ~ He's Jerry. Hey Jerry <3 ) ) )

Now 3/18/21 1:11 a.m. Stop, Do Not Pass Go or Collect $200. TP ...

Greetings Spirits in body suits like your faithful far flung fun loving scribe here, Shane.  Yeah Farili & Paul have left it up to his high self portion of his entire being to carry on and out the remains of his far flung fabulous movie as tailored by the guides of karma, formerly termed 'lords' of karma, however among many changes, the L word has fallen into non usage due to egoic ramifications.

We're Awl One, my dear friends in God.  The Christ consciousness has been absorbed, morphed into simple God Consciousness.  It's not complicated, my dear friends, it's just nature at it's best.  Trust in God & Hope 4 the best & Lo & Behold, we in our fleshy 'body suits' can fly like the Free & easy spirit Souls that we were created in the beginning.  Hope that makes sense 4 you peeps on the way up bc this Is the new Now reality we are Awl coming into w nobuddy left behind, even the bastards  made it to some level of Heaven & it starts on Earth.

So to get all the latest, Greatest scoop on everything coming down we rec moseying on over to & see the very latest Good stuff raining, or more accurately, 'sunning' down on our human collective situation.  The humans God designated 4 certain roles R doing their jobs w alacrity & confidence bc we've been thru many 'rodeos' down here in 3-4 & even 5D but there's no limit how high we can ascend, guys, we are infinite Immortal Spiritual Beings & w God Source God, The Good God, to Guide us w HERHIS angels (they insist on lower case) we just have it 'made in the shade.' babies. 

Ashtar loves that one  )  Lol )  Yeah, so guys, seriously.  The Deal  has been struck w our blood our sweat and our tears, collectively and there's nothing left to do but, what's that again Jerry?  yeah, guys.  smile, smile, smile.  We can do that, can't we?  While listening to sweet music music music, or the symphony of silence... we're listening to it now, only hearing the sound of the obedient keys as we stike each one and goes on the screen and out to the world.  What a miracle.  What It Is. ) Indeed.

Picture rep of our agenda.  Just give Everything up to God, guys.  make everything Free as per the Urgent Message and let's just chill out and watch Creation's plan Play out, while enjoying the ride.  Who wants to at least Try?  Besides You Janis.

Yeah, Robert, some of us remember Laughter, even if ir was a eon or 2 ago. It's awl coming back, now, guys. and awl it took was just applying the lessons a simple carpenter laid on us over 2000 years ago.  So Praise God for sending HisHer Beloved Son down here for our salvation, dear ones In God & may the band play  'I Think  I Am A Soul'  & then we'll know 4 sure we're at the end & ready 4 a new beginning.  What It Is.  Rec & fin  3/18/21  2:01 a.m. Quincy, Ma USA, Plant It Urantia, Earth, Gaia, Christa, Terra, Love, Beautiful, Joy, Vivienne & Dolores & Your wonderful name 4 Her.  )

Now 2/21/21 We've said it and meant it, guys from the beginning...

We've said it and meant it, guys from the beginning.  This is God's Site.  From here:               (Copy & paste if page doesn't come up) 

Then here:   And then here: the original paulfb main page   

And   & finally here:  w Marie & Jaws starting 1/22/21  2:44 p.m.   Cheers. & Cheerio 4 now... )

Who is ready for cosmic fun?  Unfinished. ) 

Now  2/23/21  12:16 a.m.  A new sweet shining place to hang out & have fun, here's link...   

Now 2/17/21 11:55 a.m. Revealed to Shane's brain...

This site that we're on now is a portal to God or the Infinite.  What It Is. )  Hey Marie Hey Jawsey 

So, yeah, as we walked home, the reunion celebration was palpable.  Awl our Fam & Friends Buddies and the new arrivals are there Now & everyone is happy. They will be even happier when awl of us are there w them 'in the clubhouse,' and there's not a soul spirit or any part of God's perfect, infinitely perfect, tapestry of souls left behind.  Scribe, will we, as a group of earth 'Survivors' 'Graduates' have trouble finding that very high realm?  We doubt it, Lucky, as scribe drools. ) 

Oh, and did we mention we  will awl of us be very young.  As the picture shows. Paul & Nanci. circa 1975.  Two troublemakers on the loose. ))

Yep, gonna do lunch really soon.  It Is Written, Nanci.  ) 

Marie & Jaws. Circa 1980 Love inc in this pic, friends 4 awl 2 share. <3 ) ) ) ) ) 5 )'s 4 adventure w the angels. Beginnings Now. W Allman Bros playing on CD.'Where It All Begins... ~ ~ ~ ~

Lots of good stuff and music we blindly picked asking God to pick the perfect music 4 the moment last night. 'Where It All Begins.' Ty Allman Brothers. <3 )

Greetings Collective of The One.  You Are Coming w us, Right?  We Hope.  Sananda's Got The Wheel.  Thank You Jesus Mary & Holy Spirit & the angels 4 getting us this far.  What It Is. 

Thank You 4  awl the parts You have entrusted your very fine actors, volunteers, each & every one to come down here, play our parts & then return home from whence we came.  Praise God 4 the most amazing script we could hope 4 4 the quickest return home possible.  What It Is. 

Now 2/17/21 "SHANE " BRANDON DE WILDE Shane Take us to 'Shane' Country. Please, Buddy. )

Thank You God for 'Shane' Thank You Brandon for an Oscar worthy performance. & George Stevens &, of course, Alan Ladd. & Jack Palance. God bless everyone who contributed to the making of this Classic Motion Picture, Awl, of course. guided by God, The Ultimate script conciever writer producer setdesigner Director & Actor of ALL THAT IS. What It Is. <3 )

Now 2/11/21 2:44 p.m. HEAVEN on EARTH - NOW!

Thank you William Tolson and Everyone who contributed their awesome angel like talents to make this video the masterpiece it is. <3 ) ) ) )

Ability to make comments on Yt is currently disabled, so here is our comment from 4 years ago. Ty

Greetings and Welcome to Friends coming over from our Go Fund me campaign.  Here's where to go to find out more. Right at the top & the scroll down over half way.  Thanl you for any kind support.  We made a tinyurl for the link:   

A Paypal Donate button is here.                                          

Anyone just want to have some fun? 

Paul F Brown 4 years ago

Thank you William Tolson for sharing this 'Heaven On Earth' Awesomeness. It is now further shared here: at: All welcome to HerHisOur infinite love jubilee. Cheers, )
Unfoortunately,  William's reply was lost. well it is in the Akashic records where everything of any significance is recorded.  William acknowledged our comment  with appreciation for the  sentiments and thanking us for sharing it.  Here's our updated to today comment...
Now 2/11/21  4:24 p.m. Bookend angel moment. This masterpiece now Leads off our main umbrella page 4 simply sharing 'Good Stuff.' We hope to see Ya's on here: Cheers & Cheerio. Keep smiling.
Hope see Ya's in Heaven.  Oh, silly us, weir already here!  Praise God.  IS  Farili
P.s. Let us know if we can be of further service to y'awl, ok ,humanity?  You know where we live.  Yep, In God. IS.  Rec & fin  2/11/21  5:56 p.m.  Peace Love Joy Harmony Happiness Adventure & GRATITUDE out.

Now 2/14/21 Message from Jerry & Fleet's In... <3 ) ) )

'Jerry says:  'It's a Free Planet from Now on!'  And Every Day Is Valentine's Day.  What It Is. 

Jerry wishes Everybuddy a Happy 'V' day when Love and only Love, the only thing that really exists, spreads awl over the 'Plant it' 'JOY'  Welcome to 7th Heaven quantum surfers of The internet to the Infinite.  We've been expecting you & Thank You to the magical musicians who delivered us here w no one left behind.

What It Is. Praise God IS.  Jerry invites His buddies, everyone, to His club, hear (well)  Weir just getting  started, getting everythinng exactly perfect, so 'bear' with us. )  

A site essential page.  with unicorns way at the bottom. ) Don't believe us?  Click & find out if we tell the truth, Lucky. ) 

We also welcome Ashtar Athena & awl our friendly friends from far flung far away places in the omniverse.  Got a song, folks?  Everyone would just love to hear it. Right, Guys?  We're awl ears, 'go 4 it.'  That's 4 you Ashtar.  )

Have we heard this lately, our dear friends"   W large Ty to Michael Ellegion.  )

Now 2/16/21 6:33 p.m. Guess what Guys, Our #1 Commander, Jerry aka God Good God says. Everyday is Valentines Day. <3 ) ]

That's right Super Hero Gods & Goddesses innate w God given talent that only You posess.  When find Your special something, won't You share it w the world?  You can get a whole lotta smiles & love by sharing Your secret sauce, so to speak.  )

So, Awl invited to come over here to Jerry's Club weir  everone who loves music is guaranteed to  have a real good time just hanging out w our peers, & peaches, and watch the children play.. 

Now 2/20/21 12:48 a.m. As shared on Fb & now here: Praise God Who Is Good, my dear friends.

W Knocking on Heaven''s Door by Guns n Roses playing in background on WZLX,  Boston's Classic Rock. It is our unmitigated pleasure to announce that Every blessed day of God's Creation is now officially recognized as 'V' Day. in other words Every day is Love Day. Unconditional Love day. Here's the portal page. Let Jerry tell us about it. Deal? Awesome.

Hey Shane, our new cosmic name, for those who don't follow us is that, which means 'God is gracious.' Yes, Jasper what you got, Bro?  Shane, how r the stars looking 4 this going forward?  Glad you asked, my dear friend. Let us just share this w you. Sure Tania won't mind this going out to the Omniverse of ONE. After Awl, This Is Large new 'Now Age' News.
We also hope that sharing this planetary shifting to higher & higher vibrations news will loose some of their dinosaur like money & make a contribution to Feed starving children in Africa & other countries like the U.S. Any amount helps until we wake up and heed Good's (God's other name, Good ) No, we don't edit when this happens, all the time.  Link is...
See that Proclamation & Urgent Message from scribe's 'future self' yeah the dude pecking out this sharing as it came down thru Chapel Tibet & on to the pages of the late, great, Connecting Link magazine. (Coppy/paste if doesn't come up.  Ty.
w Sananda response. Jesus' new preferred cosmic name. tyvm. )
Alright, there's so many places we could direct ya's to, however this place, we hope, will bring home the absolutely critical need for food relief for orphanages & ministries in Uganda & other African countries.
In closing, Y'all welcome to the original 'Come to the jubilee' site's
but Google not up to keeping the content, so we made the switch and rec peeps try for the best platform. It's easy & fun. Hey, if this guy can use it you whippersnappers will have no problems. )
So, Gise, are we having fun yet? We know a beautiful spirit who loves fun plus we can learn a lot here at Diane's place.
While there, we took a couple of minutes to take in 'You Shook me awl Night long' By AC-Dc. Same song we just heard on WZLX. Gee what a coincidence, guys. ) 2/19/21 9:04 p.m. for the record. So, 4 those angels out there who want to come along to the next place, here's a link to get there. Take about a blink of an eye while we hear 'where do we go on the radio by Guns N Roses on ZLX.  Be sure to hear reading Paul had w Leslee Jo Klinsky, retired reader of Akashic Records, now Drummer. Ty Leslee Jo. )
We gonna add one more song there, a favourite of Marie & Shane. (>~<) Ty GOd 4 our ears. ) Hint: It's by Lynyrd Skynyrd. We will now hit the 'save' button here on Fb. Do the song insert, as 'Dreams' a amazing song we awl have to love by Van Halen comes on ZLX , and you know grand things come in 3's so what will the 3rd song be? We'll awl see together, but we leaning to a song by ladies. Cheers & Cheerio, Loves.
Praise God IS. ) ) )

"There is no such thing as receiving without giving; those who have life must give life, those who want joy must bring joy to others, those who want peace and harmony must create peace in themselves and in their relationships with others."

Now 4/19/21 3:44 a.m. Meet Daisy the friendly brass duck. <3 )

Excuse us, Wall St Titans  Got your ducks in a row?  We got our rescue* duck all set w a buddy on her back.  Oh, she gets mail, too.  

* Yep, we rescued her from the trash as we walked along a city street and there she was, in a trash bin.  Thank Goodness we came along first and took her home where she will be happy 4 ever. 

Now 2/20/21 2:22 p.m. The Most HATED of All Jesus' Teachings

Thank You A Voice In The Desert Smiles over money. ) One smile + = infinite compensation of <4) Ty angels 4 arriving at God's portal to 'the onfinite.' What It Is. <3 ) ) )

Now 2/22/21 11:00 a.m. A Heap of Shit

Thank you A Voice In The Desert for sharing this on Yt. .Since we are currently unable to comment on Yt, we are sharing our comment here  So more peeps can experience this we have forwarded it on to our God Is Good platform here: (You're here)  Jesus New Now cosmic name is Sananda, like our new Now cosmic name is Shane. Germane docs here:  TyVM )

Most disgusting pos on the planet. withholds relief from the suffering millions. Laughs while his atrocities are itemized by a perfectly respectable alternative. Kentucky people what r you thinking? Big money Is Now Big toilet paper.

Now 2/22/21 11:22 a.m. Sharing a share we shared on Fb yesterday. 2/21/21

By wind in our sails. Sharing open letter to a friend. There's Otis, your worthless money, people. Love is the only currency on the plant it now. Sorry Broke billionnaires, scammers, rotten, mean evil people like moochman trumpy con man of the century. illegitimate pres. Now the letter...
Tomorrow Shane and a few friends, as many as we can get, are going to be calling our local tv stations alerting them to the major news story re what's happening in Africa and this site should be thoroughly investigated for the enlightening content. This Is God's site as made clear on main site.
We The People clean up the swamp while feeding awl the hungry in Africa & other countries w too many hungry & people, Immortal Spiritual Beings living in cardboard boxes, like the U.S. while political hacks like McConnell dilly dally and people can't pay for food. Fuck the bills. Don't pay bills, machines don't mind. Film here:
Money is the new toilet paper, esp if it has mooches face on it. sorry, but this just comes out. trump wasn't even a legit pres. etc etc. Our peeps gonna get yours truly on 60 Minutes. U.S. &/or Aus.
So, that's it for now if you're keeping score. ) We like open letters, so feel free to share to Your world, galaxy, cosmos, if led..
P.s. Shane starting a new blog type sharing page of the main site. Now that it's the love day of the month will start it soon, Good God willing and the Wash Dc swamp don't rise up here. tyvm.

Now 3/15/21 Shared from Fb share here to the toilet paper section. Guess he who gets the most toilet paper wins, is that how it goes earthlings?

Hey Gise, It's 8:00 a.m. and our shift is over. Sorry to the many peeps in chat that want to start a conversation. The sandman is here & he doesnt fool around. Those waiting for funds from our fundraiser, sorry still waiting for stimulus. If anyone wants to be a hero & help out, here's link: Be sure to check out the Share Page of day & other good stuff here, if led: which is pretty much done
Every person on the planet should get hip to the work of #DoloresCannon This stuff would be Front page news on a planet that had it's shhiit together but here, only bad news gets reported. by the controlled media. Such a shame that Shane's message can't find the light of day. Our message? It's Love that matters & Nothing else, kids. It sure ain't the toilet paper (money) the pieces of paper we throw our lives away for. Stop, Shane don't get started.
Alright, but when people see videos online of orphan children starving next door, in Africa, w no media coverage to speak of, orphanages w no food, doctors & hospitals won't treat them bc they Need their toilet paper first. Yeah, they turn the kids and frustrated caretakers away.. Govts only care about their coffers of toilet paper.
And no one lends a hand. Pity bc we're awl gonna have our life reviews Really Soon, folks. Warning: It's the woulda, shoulda, coulda's that's gonna give us the biggest frustrations. Source God doesn't judge, my dear friends, we do. Get hip. Watch the NDE's on You Tube, enjoy the music from our heroes from decades ago,
Relive our youth that way, Have Fun as God wants us to. Make someone smile, be kind. Forget about the money, it No Longer Exists in the 7th Heaven we are co-creating w Source Now. What It Is. Rec & fin 3/15/21 8:16 a.m. Have a sweet love day everyone. The Quest is

Yep, it's clear the asshole who attains the most toilet paper wins... the most toilet paper. Congrats Bill. You win. (

Now 3/15/21 9:;40 p.m. Seems as good a time as ever 4 a flushing party. Awl invited.

Now 2/22/21 4:00 p.m. Strange News from another star being, called to serve, humbly so, The Word of God. <3 ) ) )

Greetings Immortal Spiritual Beings of The Infinite. Announcing a spanking brand new page under God's starsite (no webs 4 us) where there is fresh 'new shit' (to use a now age technical term.) The new page is termed 'Shane's Shinings. 77' Here's url:
If you think this stuff is new news worthy. Call your local & national news, media sources and ask them if they want a shot of Good news of the cosmic type instead of the usual doom & gloom & give God's starsite link above. TYVM & God bless. Nothing left to do Now but Share the Word of God & ) ) )
P.s. To the dozens of peeps 
Listen, Folks: Go to store, that, hopefully still have food & tell the merchants the Good New Now age news of God's liberation of HerHis 'Plant it' Rock n Roll aka Terra Christa Gaia, Mother Earth, Love, Beautiful, Joy etc etc, inc Shane's personal favourite 'Vivienne,' (This will be shared on the site, Good God willing w/i a few moments. Done TY God. )
Thank You Goood* God Who Is Awesome. Gratefully, The Firm. For one's information, You get in 'The Firm' w a smile worth a Jillion Jerry smiles, by 'Not just believing, but by 'Knowing.' Knowers get on the bus. We can celebrate God's sweet Kind Victory over darkness, imbalance & bullshit responsibly. Capiche?
Good. Any questions? Good. We'll be happy to wait 4 60 Minutes. or the 6 o'clock News. David Muir & others, don't you guys see tweets of peeps who have Good news?   Guess not. What It Is.
Rec & fin 2/22/21 2:47 p.m.
* Edit or fix this 'typo?' Scribe wouldn't dare. Lol )
Pic.  Lifesaver, anyone?  Only one in town. What It Is. 

Now 2/14/21 5:59 p.m. Celebrating 'V' day on Plant it Rock n Roll, humans...

To whom it may concern:  We, as a collective, have Now taken over the 'Plan it' Terra Christa Gaia Mother Earth, Beautiful Love Joy & our personal favourite 'Vivienne'  )  Think we're joking, dear ones?  we're not. We are awl gifted beyond infinity in our creative alliance w God  ALL THAT IS. We can name a galaxy what we want it to be named as, and who's to say it's not?.  e.g.  we, Farili, Paul's new, but ancienr name, can have the unmitigated audacity to claim that he is ruler in chief of Awl The World and the ships at sea, and it is done. 

And is it, my dear friends?  It sure is, as God takes note. Ok.

Tweet: Happy Valentines Day from #God ) Have You Heard The Moody Blues Valentines gift to awl humanity, humanity? 

An Open Letter...

Long time Buddy in Nigeria, Sammy, wished us a Happy Valentine's Day.  )

Hey Sammy, what's going on? How's things in Nigeria? Getting any better? I know. Lots going down here Happpy V day. V 4 Victory of Love spreading all over the Planet. Celebrate Everything Is Free as God Wants it. Try and point everyone to this site> I'm gonna share this as an open letter, OK.. Doing it anyway. Keep smiling.

Now 2/12/21 Who would like directions to a really nice fun place to hang out? If maybe, read on...needs directions

Greetings fellow awesome infinite Immortal Spiritual Beings You.  You've stumbled on the right starsite 4 the Joys of finding real Love in the first degree.  I Am Farili, formerly known as Paul, just like our Buddy here, Sananda, formerly known as Jesus Yeshua, Jeshua, Esu, Ben Joseph Emmanuel etc ) lol

Jerry, of course, is here, He's awlways around, He can't help it 4 some reason.  )  He's got  that same smile He had when He was down here, smiling at his bandmates & as below, so above. 

So, God knows, we awl need a break from what we, as a collective, have been going thru, which seems 4 ever to some of us.So, we, w scribe, Farili, pushing the keys here, we want to direct awl of Ya''s to this place weir fun love & joy are there 4 everyone. You guys are hip that we are all connected, all life is connected.  We are all in this thing, whatever one chooses to call it  Together. 

So, that being the case, isn't it time we stopped fighting and being mean to each other, not mentioning worse things.  Alright, ladies & gentlemen, girls & boys (lower case for our casualness, humbleness & humility)  W/o further ado, if int kindly click here and we apologize for the maybe 2 blinks of an eye it takes. We know you're used to instant manifestion of whatever  you want in Heaven  ) 

Pic is our good buddy Raphael Robert Wandera  Hello our donors, friends and well wishers of good hope children's ministry in uganda kamuli nawanyango.

Yeah, we doing a fundraiser only a day old, until old obsolete, corrupt, Failed 'economic' system, the world suffers under w fiat/ crypto still all the shit, (appropriately)  while Love waits in the wings as stated in our 'Urgent Message  In Connecting Link magazine in 1995  are put out of its misery.  It's up to us.  We have the power, God's way of Love, Peace harmony compassion w forgiveness & Gratitude.  Or, we don''t even want to think of it, just more of what we see now and its all so sad.  Enough of all that folderol.

So, Farili,  how much has come in tofeed the starving kids, we know you''ve placethe link in Fb & Twtter hastagging All major media outlets, some celebrities so  how is it going, Bro.  Thank you 4 asking Jasper, we have exactly $7.  The amount Farili contributed to get this thing started.  Farili, it occurs, are you living in a vacuum or what, Bro.  We get what you're saying Jasper, frankly, it feels more like a vault.  We can't get arrested 4 the crime of love and  media is only int in bad news.  We've actually been told this, that nobody want to read this stuff.

Anyway, here we are, not giving up, just letting our spirit guide us as we listen to 'Kilkelly Ireland' by Robby O'Connell. Truly a masterpiece want to hear it?  Here you go, with the quickness just like in Heaven:   This on  a vintage tape named 'Tribute to Jerry Garcia'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Now playing 'Eyes of the world' by The Grateful Dead. 

Ok, 3 shakes, we found one w the guys warming up.  We also landed on the page weir sending everyone to and it makes a perfect last share on that page.  See how God works, Gise?  Perfect, like us.  Who we are, where we are, we are always where we are supposed to be, doing exactly what weir supposed to be doing.  So Take heart, everytjing is alright & okay.  Relax, chill, let's  turn our back on fear, hard feelings. stress and drama.  Deal?  Awesome?  Thank You God IS 

Namaste.  )

Excuse us Farili but may we ask what your agenda is exactly, our brother In God.?  Why yes, my dear friends In God's infinite realm of divine inner & outer light Love & Joy.  Thank you's 4 asking butterfly breaths. and again it comes down to our platform statement.  If you've only read this 100 times, it is recommended to go read it like the first time time & time again. until you really really 'get it.'  Ten times is nowhere near enough.  You'll see when you notice some things you missed b4.  So, here's the link to it, 26 long years in incubation. Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine.  God's 'Got us coming & going & then some'  Sananda's link will be shared.  Good God willing.  So there... TYVM.  ) 

Now in following segments there are many links, however if you'l like to see latest completed page, tho we can never say never bc things are not static and something can always arise and steps may be taken to right any ommission. So, here it is.  4 the ladies & the gents & other lady spirits & angels who love them, if you know what we mean. 

Pic is from a video of Kathleen Edwards Shed audience as she sings 6 O'clock News. Who thinks it's time 4 Farili to get on the 6 O''clock news? See this here Copy & paste & scroll all the way to the bottom. Have fun we suggest. )

Now 2/11/21 5:44 a.m. Announcing: if anyone int, that Paul, the humble host/ scribe of this humble site is, as of Now changing his name to Farili, his God given cosmic first name.w enormous gratitude to his parents Al & Marie 4 choosing 'Paul' as we wished from Heaven. TY Marie & Alva. See Ya's soon, Good God willing. And So It Is. <3 ) )

That's right, dear friends, we came out of a dream @ 11::00 p.m. last night w this action in our head, just like e.g. Jesus now wants to be called, Sananda, His eternal cosmic name, likewise, Paul here, would like to be called, Farili, first name is good. In fact, we signed our first document as Farili over here not too long ago. Feel free to mosey over and check it out, if led. Ok? 

So, here ya go w link that will get ya there.  Oh, its only a smile 4 admission.  Same as buying a car or Your perfect house if it has Your name on it.  Yep, folks 4 Real, as Farili pecks this out on 'Vivienne,' his  computer's name.   

We will place our out of 26 year incubation platform here as it is appropriate to do so.   W Sananda's response...    And just a wonderful place to go to when ready.     So, 'Congrats' Team Oneness & maybe we'll see you 

around the campus 'Joy.'  And So It Is.  Thank You God IS. 

Film here:   TYVM.  )

Now  Update:  2/17/21  2:44 a.m.  We shared a picture  of a shadow coming out of the kitchen heading to thr bathroom that reminded us of this scene from Shane and that instant it hit us like a lightnimg bolt that this is our new Noe eternal Now name.

film here, 

 So, like Jesus is now Sananda. Paul, Farili is now Shane.  TYVM 

Just looked this up... 

Shane Origin and Meaning

The name Shane is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "God is gracious".


Now 2/7/21 1:48 p.m. Announcing: It's More than a Free world, Jerry's Kids, It's a Free 'Fun Zone.' We Awl have entered into Jerry's 'Wheelhouse' Realm of Heaven on Earth & Everyweir. And So It Is. Praise God IS. Celebrate. Responsibly, TYVM. Nod to Elvis. <3 ) ) ) ) ) 5 smiles 4 Adventure. And plz "Try to be nice to everybuddy else." Jerry Garcia. We'll 'try' Jerry, we'll 'Try' God, we'll 'Try' Right, Janis? ) Film awl over this site Fyi. Peace Love Joy Harmony Happiness & Music Music Music. <3 )

Our business is God's business and Everything Is Free the way SheHe wants it. Correct Jerry -  our perfect partner in the crime of Love in the first degree?  Film here Also known as 'Jerry's Place.'  (You're here )

Note:  If clicking doesn't work, just copy & paste to browser. Ty.

Congrats, You R here already, Buddy.  Here's a place you guys may want to visit, if led.   + Jerry's Buddies, here 4  'Everybuddy' 

Pic of Jerry & Co & a few of His & the Band's  Buddies.  If you  have a  smile, you're a Jerry buddy,   Anyone not want to be one of Jerry's buddies?  Nope no one.  Thank God. IS.

Congrats.   Pic is titled:  Jerry & The Masses.  If like/Love Plz Share Share Share.  God  IS GOD GOD IS GOOD,  We Know this God, He's our Good Buddy.  He Lives, He's right beside scribe.  He punches these keys w His obedient buddy, yours truly, babies.  Who wants to hear some Dead?  Oh Good, a few.  So mosey on over here, we working it, getting everything exactly perfect, so please have a little patience.   TYVM  )  

Awl welcome to site where it all started    And then...    And The Road Goes on 4 ever.  ~    ~        ~            ~                ~

Who wants to read about a great man? If so... 

Now  2/9/21  Announcing A New Now place to Praiise & hang out with Good God Jerry.  There Is no one Higher than Our Awesome Original God Who has been w us since the beginning when SheHe breathed smiles into our beingness w our own unique pattern making up the incredibly beautiful tapestry of God's  living beautiful healthy happy created companions to HimHer.  

And on the cosmic day which just happens to be the eve of the 50th Anniversary of the release of the  album 'Tapestry' by Carole King.  Gee, what a coincidence, guys.  So we are now at  11:22 a.m this 9th (a culmination # )  Announcing A New page named, well - here's the tinyurl.  TY Tiny, We 

This is also to be  regarded as 'the clubhouse ' 4 Team Oneness. Yep, God and Glenn, ourTeam Pres invites awl Team Tapestry members to fly over & have a look and stay as long as you want.  No one is gonna tell you it's time to move on or it's time to take the garbage out or anything like that.  You are a beloved, absolutely necessary component of the living & breathing tapestry of God''s infinite Love & Light born to live w HerHim 4 ever. as a divine soul 'spark' of God who can never be separated from the whole and, God forbid, if you were to go missing, every one else would know it & search 4 you 'til we found you.  It just would not be the same as long as you were missing. 

So, don't ever feel that you are not awesome enough to measure up to other shining stars. Thhere Is no one else out there more shinier than You, Yes You Lucky.  Look in the mirror & see Who You Are.  You, in your infiniteness, Are something to Behold.  God broke the mold when SheHe created You, ok Buddy?  Good.  Now go play w the other birds out there and Have Fun.  Deal?  Awesome.  So, weir  waiting 4 You to go there, we can't start The Show w/o Your Presence, and Awl our Friends R there.  Click & see.  The moment 4 You to show up will be perfect 4 you. Is this the moment.*  As we hear that exact word* sang on our listening companion from U of Mass, Boston, Ma usa. Plant it Earth, Milky Way galaxy, Cosmos 'Love & Gratitude. in  Infinity on  Cheers. 

Rec & fin   2/9/21  12:38 p.m.

Now  2/10/21  9: 07 a.m  Congrats Humanity, since most of us are kind, gentle, sweet, loving unassuming  human beings we have made it to this particular plateau place.  

Thank God IS 

Now  12/27/21   

People also ask
What is the name meaning of Jerry?
In American Baby Names the meaning of the name Jerry is: May Jehovah exalt. Exalted of the Lord. Jeremiah was a 7th century prophet and the author of the book of Lamentations in the Old Testament. Used commonly in Ireland.  Bt don't call Jerry Jehovah

What is the spiritual meaning of Jerome?
The male name Jerome is a biblical name with its origins in Old Greek, the meaning 'sacred name' implies the one who bears a holy name. Jerome comes from the biblical word 'hieros' which means holy or sacred and also 'onoma' which means name.

Now 2/6/21 1:44 p.m. Announcing This front page is Done...

Scribe is now being led to work on a new page Called 'Bands &  Their Stories.  Awl God's Gods & Goddesses R invited to mosey on over there.  Sorry 4 travel time.  It may take 1 1/2 blinks of an eye.  And we hope to get a tinyurl for it but they seem to have ruined their site.(Since learned w instruction from owner, Kevin, w suggestion to include directioons, when all else fails. lol)  So, here's the link:  and we hope Y'all have a  real good time over there: 

Note: Pic is a clue of the next group that will, God willing, be featured. Yeah, Jehovah's favourite Band 4 sure.  Plz, if like this material, Please support our cause to feed & help orphanages in Africa and other countries with God's perfect plan, No one on the plant it will go hungry. We pledge in God IS. 

Film  here:  TYVM  ðŸ™‚ ❤ ðŸ’”

Now 2/7/21 3:33 p.m. Officially. Per Good God Creator Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine Source God Creator ALL THAT IS GREAT I AM THAT I AM HIGHER POWER THE INFINITE THE ONE. And So It Is. #LoveinAction 'Thy Will Is Done On God's Good 'Plant it' Rock n Roll.' <3 ) ) ) ) )

Paul F Brown

There is no better compensation plan than Free. This God's plan sets us Free as the birds.. we can be as they are. No boss, no momopoly money paycheck. No spending 40 hours a week to earn pieces of paper. Wise up, humanity. Smell the coffee at Dunkin' or Starbucks & get it free. Bankers billionnaires like Gates R BROKE. THE Govt Is BROKE.

Weir On God's Love & Only Love Pay Plan. guys. Deal W It, humanity. HELLO. Is there anyone out their w ears to hear and eyes to see? Anyone?  Rec & fin 2/8/21 2:01 a.m.  From our Fb share:

Now 2/8/21 4:07 p.m. The Beatles - Free As A Bird ~ ~ v ~ ~ ~

Thank You Beatles & for sharing on Yt. <3 ) ) ) ) ) Plz see on Yt 4 our comment. Ty ) You tube no longer showing any of our comments. (

Now 2/7/21 6:44 p.m. Just further sharing a tweet sent little while ago. Will anyone like or even see it? We R the invisible man, so maybe, maybe not. We put it in God's heart. <3 ) Thank You God. We know You R Good. <33 3 ) ) )

Now 2/8/21 3:44 p.m. Kate Wolf - Close To You.

Thank You Kate. Angelic Talent on loan from God 4 44 years. We Awl Love you Kate. See you soon, we know. <3)))) And Thank you Bob Marshall, you're an angel 4 sharing on Yt. <3 ) YT no longer showing any of our comments. ( see Kate appreciation page, if led Ty )

Now 2/5/21 3:23 p.m. Cosmic Trigger Moment to Blast out 'Tthis Is It!' Ready humanity? 'This Is It!' "Singin' in the Rain" (Title Song) 1952 - Gene Kelly

Now Same blessed day 2/5/21 Excuse us, may we ask a question, Friend?... )

Thank You Gene Kelly & Co of Heaven ~ Awl of Us, Everywhere. 00000 ))))) 5 4 Adventure 4 Every creature, inc the humans who really need help, it seems. Let's awl pray 4 them, hoping one day they will wake up & see w their eyes and hear w their ears & smell w their noses and get their heads out of their behiinds, once anf 4 awl, In Sananda God. I AM.  And So It Is. Thank You Jesus ~ Never to be  forgotten.  Sananda says.  Praise God. IS   ;Name' is dispensed with, so In Sananda, God IS.  Any ?'s?  Good.  )ol   (smile out loud 2 avoid any confusion )  

Hope soon, to see  ya's at the coffee or tea shops or at the Free stores.  Won't be at your j o b or bank. ins  co or bloody  irrs.  They're  awl in history books, dear ones.  God, Good God, has blessed us Yesterday, & set us Awl FREE!  Who's buying?  Hope You R Bunky & Lucy & Every Buddy.  Can we call you Buddy, Buddy?  Oh Good. )

Hey, Peter,  do you have a car so we can go grab a cup?   Hope you have a vehicle bc  e.g. the Dunkin' across the street closes the shop to pedestrians after a certain hour and is only open to people in cars and only serves the 'Luckies' at the drive thru. You  gotta be rich in paper monopoly money these days and we work 4 smiles, not cash.  As William Bendix said in every episode of that classic 50's sitcom 'Life With Riley' 'What a revoling development This is'  )ol  ) 

Physically Paul can't do his old j o b any more, what we used to do, i.e. drive a hundred miles a day picking up donations for Fire & Police in Municipalities in Eastern  Massachusetts.Oh and God reminds, this is after picking up our dear friend in Chelsea & taking her to the clinic in Boston, and back, every morning 4 seventeen years.

Alright, guys we rec every One mosey on over here and see what's cooking   Weir not done over there.  Everything will be exactlly perfect.  Promise, right Bobby?   Lol )

And we expect to begin  a new page  named  'Bands & their Stories'  after midnight tonight   We find the wee small hours of the day productive and we can get stuff done, while the world sleeps.  Ciao 4 Now. )

P.s.  The title of this sharing refers to the poster of this video asking why our comments are not showing up in the comments section?  Ok, we gotta go down to the  corner stores and replenish our 'bus'  cards.  See if anyone has taken any.  One is across  from the Lady of Good Councel Church, and the other is Adams Shore Supermarket, further down  Sea St in beautiful Quincy, where Nick lets us leave them on the front window counter.  Ty Nick, we r on our way.  )   Paul Friday moment  2/5/21  6:11 p.m.   Peace out.  <3's  )

Now  same day  8:16 p.m.  sweet angel time.  Nobody taking cards at either location,  and btw, we also have them at Harry's Pizza  405 Sea St next door.  Rec for cheeseburger fans, like Bob Dylan, theirs.  We have 1/2 for  supper & other 1/2 for lunch the next day.  Much delicious. & friendly prices.  Of course when everything Is Free, & sooner the better, God's plan Is The Only Plan in town that will quickly be the norm 4 awl HerHiis Kids.And With The Quickness.  

So, in the convenience store across from the church.  (we will have the name tomorrow when we go back & leave a little note w them saying 'Take one, you don't know what you R missing  Buddy & Lucky!  And while we were in the store we heard people referring to each other as 'Buddy'  at least 5 times. it was funny as  funny is.  If we were a cllerk we would have ''Buddy' as our nametag.  Everyone would have our name right bc EveryBuddy is our Buddy & we ain't lying.  )

Orphans & people living  on the streets in Africa and other countries, inc the U.S.  need relief yesterday and Politicos, like Mooch, do everything they can to hold relief up.  Disgusting disgusting disgusting.  Seriously, 'We The People. have had quite enough of these clowns.  Not  you Bernie.  We can handle the so called 'leaders' of other nations, correct Ashtar? 

Right Triumphio, It's awl 'Done,' our dear friend.  Thank you Ashtar & Athena, as remember, everyone, we are done w the lord & lady Mr Mrs Ms  Dr  Rev.  We R first name only like Jerry. And please, even tho, we've blown His cover, please don't call Him Jehovah.   He's Jerry and no uncle or other familiar names b4 Jerry, as scribe is guilty of.

And btw, Ashtar,, you & everyone can still call us Paul, however if we can start calling Jesus by His preferred cosmic name ~ Sananda, that is greatly appreciated.  We know, it will take a while but we can do it if we but pause a sec & remember whatever it is we're saying - to Sananda. Remember, like Jesus, Sananda is a High Messenger of God's Truth.  He is not to be worshipped and He as Jesus and Yeshua, & Esu, Ben Joseph, & Emmanuel said that, and His message remains in the Now age.  Accept His humble Holy path to Eternal triumphant Salvation.

Like scribe, don't think of us as God, however my dear friends... Know God lives in each & every one of us. like a drop of ocean water we are all part of the ocean & infinite sea of Gud' infinite sea of divine love. 

Ok, but don't call us 'late for dinner.' Now that's a joke, kids, ok?  Ok, good.  Now where were we?  Ok, and now, very sadly,  4 awl the starving in the world, we will have a slice of Harry's famous cheescake.  So, 4 awl out there  w no food.  Merchants, obsolete  govts Open up everything you got and put the needs of the people First NOW if not yesterday.  GOOOD GOD IS WATCHING (well) .  AND HESHE IS NOT PLEASED.  Except 4 the angels & The Firm.  And So It Is.  Rec & fin.  Same day  9:00 p.m. as' Harvest Moon' by Neil Young  plays on our companion hip radio station out of The  University Of Massachusetts  Boston.  . Paul Friday time in the eternal 'Now.'  Previously stated.    Cheers & Cheerio. 

Ok, Now.  after final edits, addendums and we'll check it again tomorrow.  Time out:  Same day 11: 30 p.m. Later 

Now 1/31/21 1:44 a.m. Sananda says 'Celebrate.'

Just in from John Smallman 

So, let's shall we?  

Here's a page Everyone needs to see. < Period.   

Here's where it awl started, if anyone int.  We started w the Carpenters song & Now we beginning anew.  See below.  )


Now  2/5/21 Thank you  Ben Fuchs on importance of ) smiling.  Can you do this Lucky?  We think you can, even you.  you know who u r..  ) 


Now 1/31/21 5:44 a.m. We've Only Just Begun - Carpenters Know what, Guys. We R starting over Now. w this song, just like back in 2013. It's time.

Thank You Karen & Carpenters <3 )


Thank you Patricia & Company of Heaven. 3 )

Now 1/31/21 An Open Letter. Please Everyone read & Lend a hand, if able. Be Blessed. . God Is.

Hello brother Paul

Raphael sent Today at 9:50 AM
Please i request you to specify and concentrate on a number of orphanages. Not all please because i think now all people will request you. Even scammers
2:40 PM
Raphael sent Today at 2:40 PM
Hello brother paul
You sent Today at 2:42 PM
WE ARE Off the Money standard This is Real. Its a Done Deal. You and I can't keep up w the # of requests. Everyone needs to switch to the Love currency. 
You sent Today at 2:43 PM  Love time.
Indeed, Love Is the only way 4 the planet and its people to thrive into the 'Eternal Now' future.
Raphael sent Today at 2:56 PM
AMEN AND AMEN brother Paul
You sent Today at 3:01 PM
And So It Is.
Raphael sent Today at 3:01 PM
Brother paul so far how many orphanages sent you a friendly request from Uganda
You sent Today at 3:05 PM
I can't tell you exactly bc its out of hand and my main focus is getting the word out about the cashless. We get people to wake up to that Done Deal and no one has any hunger or poverty.
Raphael sent Today at 3:09 PM
How is it going to be done brother Paul
Raphael sent Today at 3:09 PM
Because now Victoria and Sarah and Adam always do contact me.
Raphael sent Today at 3:09 PM
And i had a request bro please
You sent Today at 3:13 PM
I'm not Bill Gates, the poorest person in the world. It's in God's Heart.  Things will be ok, on the 3rd I'll try to send something but the bigger goal is to open peoples eyes to the reality of Heaven on Earth. That is what I promised God I would 'Do' down here and We* keep our promises. We say we bc we* R a multidimensional being, but we don't say that all the time, obviously. )
You sent Today at 3:16 PM
This would be a good open letter to share on the site. I can protect your privacy, ok?  I'm gonna do it anyway. )
Raphael sent Today at 3:18 PM
Ok thanks brother Paul.
Raphael sent Today at 3:18 PM
Be blessed
You sent Today at 3:28 PM
Btw, Love triumphs thumbs up always.
It comes out real good w your name there and you R God's superstar over there, So if it's ok to share your profile lnk so admins of orphanages and shelters can hook up w you directly. That would free me up and be very efficient. Ok? Please, w sugar on it? )
8:32 PM
Raphael sent Today at 8:32 PM
It's ok brother Paul. You can do that
11:02 PM
 You sent Today at 11:02 PM
Great. Got a little nap, so should be good for a few hours. Ty  
You sent Today at 11:04 PM
I will include the last post, it's good and funny, ) But not this one. Just to let you know. )
You sent Today at 11:05 PM
Great. Got a little nap, so should be good for a few hours. Ty Will include this. )
Raphael sent Today at 11:08 PM
Ok brother Paul
You sent Today at 11:08 PM
Raphael sent Today at 11:09 PM
How are you doing brother in Christ
You sent Today at 11:22 PM
Excellent bc yours truly and Buddy Sananda 'R' in God. We have had a shrine 4 Jerry since August 9th, 1995, the night he dropped his physical body.  Does He look familiar?  Don't call Him Jehovah. Please. Just like Sananda says. Ya's awl can call on me by my cosmic name ~ Sananda. And we will try Sananda however, You know, everyone's Dear Friend, and don't call Him Lord, guys. Awl God's Kids R on first name basis, or 'Buddy.  Film on this here.  
Thank You Voice in the desert. )
Raphael sent Today at 11:23 PM
Raphael sent Today at 11:23 PM
You sent Today at 11:24 PM
Indeed, Yes Brother In Good. We Awl got a Raise. And So It Is.  ) ) )
Raphael sent Today at 11:25 PM
I have been checking on some people who are contacting you that they have orphanages too???
You sent Today at 11:26 PM
Lol. we typed God, It came out Good. Our God is So Good and the agenda 4 ever is Let's Awl Have Fun. Indeed. )
Think we''re kidding, kitties?  Check this.  As previously shared in text below w Paul standing outside his abode, ready 4 vacation. )   w Thank You to Gloria Wendroff.  Plz see our comments. Ty. )
Raphael sent Today at 11:27 PM
Great bro our GOD we worship and praise is GOOD
Today at 11:39 PM Raphael sent Today at 11:40 PM el sent Today at 11:40 PM  
You sent Today at 11:44 PM
Yeah, I'll be going thru emails & messages but now will direct them w this open letter riight from the get go. Everyone has The Infinite Blessings of The Best Good God. Starting Yesterday, right, Paul McCartney? Just think, the littlest Waif in whatever struggling country is equal to the Wealth, in Love, of Paul. We Paul's R sticking together. And So It Is. Praise God IS.  ) ) )
'Nothing left to do (Now) but smile, smile smile.'  Jerry Garcia. Founder ~ Leader of The Grateful Dead & The (Eternal ) Grateful Living. Thank You Jerry!  Every Buddy  Love's You Jerry  & Company.     Rec & fin. angel time 1/31/21 11:44 p.m.
Raphael sent Today at 11:49 PM
AMEN AND AMEN brother Paul
 Raphael sent Today at 11:49 PM
Wonderful words Paul
God's Word's my Dear Friend In God. And So It Is. IS. 
Raphael sent Yesterday at 11:55 PM
Raphael sent Today at 12:18 AM
Brother paul schools are re-opening soon here in Uganda. And now friends in Uganda are going to request for scholastic materials for the children for educationa books, pens,uniforms, shoes. .
You sent Today at 12:40 AM
Now 2/1/21 God knows. Now that Everything Is Free, hopefully, as Scorpions are playing on WZLX Boston's Classic Rock. People will step up and do the wonderful thing of caring 4 our most in need. And So It Is. IS.  ) 
 You sent Today at 12:42 AM
Unfortunately the beautiful pictures you sent don't show up in the text section. We will work on a slide show. Where there's a will, there's a way. Indeed. )
Alright, Folks.  If you are a admin 4 a orphanage or shelter or anything along those ines, and you'd like to plug into our network, feel free to connect w Raphael Kyawa Robert, our great Brother, here, has many names and is the man to connect with..  Please send a friend to him  if you want to work w him.  Here is  his Fb profile link.  And please be patient as he is Very busy doing God's kind work.
Of course Y'all can friend us here:  if led.
And see us on Twitter, if want.   Thank You Awl Very Much & see ya's  @ God's Beautiful campus.  Blessings to One & Awl,  IS 
Essential repeated readinng. 'til we 'Get it.'    Jesus response...     A place to go... We Awl Have One.  Indeed. 
Ashtar & Co R 4 us. w TY to Michael Ellegion.  'The human telephone line.'  )    Thank You Ashtar & Athena & Co. always welcome 4 dinner & to hangout.  )
 Guys, visit 4 links inc a donate button to donate while still can.  Our email is our paypal address too.  paulfb777   As of Now 2/1/21  5:16  You can be the 2nd person who has Ever given to our sites. Lol.  Well, we were Never in it for the cash.  )  
Btw, who likes rainbows?  Anybuddy?  If so  mosey on over here.  Sorry 4 the delay.  It mayw take 2 blinks of an eye.  Try it and see.  Think 'Double Rrainbow, ' 
Alright, Guys, we could do thisc suff awl day & night so this section seems to be a wrap, unless something else pops up that would go here.  Rec & fin  2/1/21  6:12 a.m.  See ya's and we hope Y'all hhave  a real good day & Have Fun!.  Be safe, wear your mask, be humble & kind to one & Awl & as Jerry says... Yeah, Everybuddy, Try to be nice to everybuddy else, ok?  L0l ))))   And as we r nudged to share our bus card, we do hope y'all have a pleasant, adventurous, playful & yes, nice forever.  Praise God IS .
Now  2/2/21  

Hi good. I posted an article on Fb which I am putting on paulfb as we speak
Mon 8:35 PM

Sarah sent Yesterday at 8:35 PM
Thanks Brown i read it and shared
2:20 PM

Sarah sent Today at 2:20 PM
Hello brother Brown

Sarah sent Today at 3:11 PM
Our food is finished. Our store is empty now bro at the ministry


Now 2/1/21 7: 11 a.m. God's in HerHis Heaven Everywhere & Awl's well & Good in Awl Creation. And So It Is. Praise God. IS <3 ) ) ) ) )

Look, Guys, God thru yer humble servant, Paul, we awl Now have not just one, but 2 tickets to Paradise. complete w perfect pink pyramidal shaped quartz crystal, a gold pin w red garnet, the Nebula stone from outer space aka 'The 'Heaven on Earth' stone and a sea shell from a local cosmic beach. And this is 4 awl God's Kids. AKA as 'Jerry's Kids.'  Wow, who's feeling 'lucky' today, my dear friends in God. Nothing left to do Now but Shine Shine Shine. And So It Is. Praise God IS.



Now 2/1/21 Another Open Letter Where Is The Outrage, People? Oh Humanity, Where Is Your Humanity? Money Is Dead. Gates Is Broke. White House Is a Museum God Has Taken Back HIS Planet Read about it in The God Blog Right Hear (Well).

Hello brother
You sent Yesterday at 3:16 PM
Namunana sent Yesterday at 3:23 PM
Thanks for your time and support
Sun 5:21 PM
You sent Yesterday at 5:21 PM
You r welcome.
Sun 10:07 PM
Namunana sent Yesterday at 10:07 PM
How are you doing brother Paul, hope you are doing well brother Paul, thanks, am here to let you now that one of these orphans has got malaria disease, so i took him to the nearest hospital for treatment but they need money for the treatment, we are requesting you again kindly for your donations to words Emmanuel's treatment. God bless you brother.
12:27 AM
Namunana sent Today at 12:27 AM
Good morning brother
8:42 AM
You sent Today at 8:42 AM
Good morning. That right there disgusts me. I will share that. I worked all night on the site. We have an open letter w Kyawa and will be sending people to the site to read the letter. It Is Urgent 4 the world to read that Message from God thru scribe's future high self.. If led Please share the site. It's 4 awl of us. In Gratitude... Ty 4 being angelic. Heart 3  )
You sent Today at 8:42 AM

Now 2/1/21 7:44 p.m. Who's ready 4 Peace in the Valley? Let us know, if led. TYVM

Attention my dear friends on Fb & elsewhere. esp those of you From Uganda Sierra Leone & other African Nations. Here's the deal. We are simply swamped with many orphanages, shelters & individuals looking 4 our support. The Thing is. God The Good Has Given Us The New Now Deal i..e How To Fix The World Hunger Crisis.. We have an Open Letter, actually 2 Open Letters on our starsite. (websites r not appealing in name, ok? ty ) If you go here awl can be viewed and pondered over and a plan & course of 'Love in Action' can be embarked on.

Money & crypto R absolutely Dead In The Water. You Must Read The Urgent Message that was channelled thru a very capable Channel named Chapel Tibet. The message came thru from Yours Truly's future divine infinite High self, we recognized our writing style right away, and we were led to that and we are the one keeping it alive all these years trying to blow the whistle on our self. God's plan is 'self evident,' my dear friends. Indeed, the guy pecking this communique this very moment.

'Hallelujah,' a word we are hearing on  Boston's gem of a radio station out of the University of Mass. playing in background. Just another synchro. We have them all day, every day. How are Your synchronicities going, Sisters & Brothers? It's been in incubation for 26 years. Now is The Now moments to Blast it out so every Broke Billionnaire like Gates, who wants to put chips in 'consumers' so they can be controlled. Oh, and he & his pal Kissinger think it's a good idea to cull the population of the spirits in the material world bc, we Guess he thinks he's God? This pos should have been locked up a long time ago.. Anti christ? Take a bow Bill. You've earned it.

Mother Earth has earned Her Freedom the very sick, infected minds who, aided and abetted by big money can come up with shit like these crazy proposals have to be called into serious question by the sane among us. Gaia is doing just fine knowing the dark ones have no chance against the light brigades. So, yes, dear ones, the green mossy rug of money & crypto and whatever else they can dream up has gone the way of dinosaurs, fax machines & weapons of destruction used against our neighbors. Turn them in to the authorities, people. yesterday.

God Is watching, and so are the angels, Folks. Now, w the cashless worldwide Free as a bird society gets the message. everyone will enjoy the parity of no one is richer or poorer, We R Now Awl Jerry Jillionnaires. A smile can buy us anything in the Free stores Now. To take home that Rolls Royce you Must have a valid drivers license. Okay, Bunkie? Cool. Kids , if want, go get your new doll or skateboard, compliments of Good God. Note 'Good' is another Name 4 God. It Is Written.

'Your money's no good here Mr Trump.' Know how many times Donald Trump heard that when he went to restaurants in NYC & other places.. Now tho, the littlest Waif in a far away, in distance only, country, can have a thought in our ear in the blink of an eye. They may as well live next door from us. Ok, this will, Good God willing be placed here and awl welcome to our place, w Marie, our co conspirator, & Jaws Brown, they are our constant companions, along w Jerry, Sananda, Mary & Whole Company of Heaven. Be blessed One & Awl & and, oh yeah... 'Try to be nice to everone else, ok?' Deal? Alright, Now 'Turn It Up.' & let's 'try' to have a little fun. Yes, Janis, we will 'try' that. Praise God. IS

Paul F Brown  tJasSnSuopagroinssy 3uu0gor,ssmd 2n01emd6mm  · 

Excuse us Humanity.
Big news for You, Humanity, you will not see on your TV or newspapers for a while. It's all here: & at: & Are You in His Eagle party yet? it includes "The Cashless Society" If want in say "Yes." and you will have all the credit you need & won't have to concern yourself with having cash. See docs page ) for that Good News announcement Doesn't matter that it was first announced in 2002, it's time is Now, as is the "An Urgent Message" doc
Are You an Eagle with infinite God shared wealth? Say "Yes" w a )
He, God, Spirit, Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Creator Divine Infinite  Source Divine Ultimate Creator ALL THAT IS & Isn't  Great I AM THAT I AM ~  The ONE. : )
All concur that we, with their perfect help (we don't always get what we want but we get what we need, and no, it's never easy. We wouldn't want that anyway, would we? No. Indeed.
So it's done, finished, signed, sealed & delivered in song to us dear beloveds.
Sail away or sail home or whatever you want to do, He says: Go for it, Now.
There's no time like now, and you can take that to The Emperor, Now. IJN.
[Note: This was written as a fb sharing same time the main site updating was happening so written before the L&M song Vahevala was shared there; just fyi]
paul, we smell a song coming up, what you thinkin' Bro?
Indeed, my dear friend, there's a song, and we feel it rather than think it, so give us a few minutes, and this will be shared at His blog. where history, being created right before our eyes and ears, is shared...
Peace out. P
God says:  These I ask of you: Be joy. Give joy. Welcome joy. I could go on and on.

Plz check our comments, if want.  Ty )  And Thank You Gloria Wendroff.

Now 1/28/21 6:44 p.m. Please heed this Announcement. TYVM

Dear Sons & Daughters of the Infinite Light  It's Over.  Lights Out!  The grand experiment is NOW OVER on God's 'Plant it'  'Rock n Roll.'  That's It.  The old ways of experiencing life on the Good Earth are changing and flipping to a Much Higher Frequency & Cosmic Vibration.  It's like, Man this Is Big, beyond anything that's gone down on this planet since God breathed it into being 

The rules laid down by the Only ONE Owner of this much fought over magestic blue pearl in the infinite cosmic sea are simple:  Do No Harm to the planet e.g No Drilling, Fracking, de- Forrestation, Polluting in any way.  This shit (to use a technical term) Must STOP Immediately and all efforts to clean up our way too long suffering Mother Earth Volunteer Host Must be implemented NOW  With The Quickness.  It Is Written. 

If you haven't read  this at least 10 times, Please read it again.  This was written by yours truly's High Divine Infinite future Self in 1995 in the pages of the late Great Connecting Link magazine w Ty to Channel Chapel Tibet.   w Sananda / Jesus response:   

This reading Paul had in 2013 w Intuitive Consultant Extraordinaire James Law RIP Rockin In Paradise.  & Doctor Peebles  (His first name is Doctor, Ok) Is Essential 4 the rather well known guests who came thru.  We will not mention their names so not to spoil a nice surprise if first time hearing this.   (Copy/paste if doesn't work)

AS 'Dark Star'' just started on our home made w God tape titled 'Best of Jerry & The Dead II. 

Alright, guys, listening to Jerry so fluidly playing His guitar thru the cosmos as only Jehovah can, sure makes us want to follow Him anywhere and that is Exactly what we have in mind as we Know Exactly Who Jerry Garcia Really  Was/ Is.  Yep, He played in Jehovah's favourite Band bc He Is That Godhead.  Yes, we Good Gods know who the other good Gods Are, my dear Friends.

Is any God Higher than Jerry, as He prefersto be called?  The answer is No, my dear Friends.  Sananda, as He now prefers to be called over Jesus and I, Paul, w cosmic name Farili Triumphio aka Farili Jagio which translates to 'the gifted one.' But you can call me Paul, not Paulie, plz We r not from Brooklyn, not that there's anything wrong w that. ) The Triumphio is self assigned 4 the many challenges and obstacles and just messed up situations we've overcome, inc our 'off the rails' mental state over the aeons with the Help of God.

So, we will be creating a new sub page from here.  It has been named 'Going Home' bc that's what we want to do and we invite Everyone to join us.  It will be a Fun journey, 4 sure.  Oh, and the price of admission is 1 smile.  Can you handle that humanity?  Ok, Great. Btw, Sananda & Paul try to Worship Jerry.  He's Not having it, guys.  So, let's just Love each other and get along and as The Man says... Just  be Nice to one another.  We can do that, guys, can't we?  Let's 'try' like Janis sings.  Deal?  Oh Good. 

It's Lights Out at momment but no worries We know the guy who can turn on the world. We going home to see Him. You coming humanity? New sub page coming up soon. Our 'soon' Is soon.

Now 1/28/21 9:11 p.m. Revealed: Secrets of a Guy hanging out in a Rock n Roll Band; not to mention His beloved First In Command, who we can just call Bobby.

Thank You Jerry. You knew your secret was safe w us, however Now, Big Bro. Let The Perfect, infinitely Perfect, Exactly Perfect, Divine Plan Play Out. Now. And So It Is. Praise God IS <3 ) ) ) ) ) 5 Adventure )'s Rec & fin w addendums. Now: 2/3/21 11:44 p.m.

Now 1/28/21 12:33 a.m. Just sharing latest good Stuff. If Love Plz share. TYVM )

Greetings my dear friends on Fb  & Plant it  Earth aka Mother Earth Gaia Christa Terra  Love Joy Happiness Vivienne (our personal favourite )  We've seen your messages stacked up, however one thing you must know.  God comes first.  

First:  Essential information:  From scribe's future High self, published in  Connecting Link magazine in 1995  ~ 26 years in incubation, Now Is The Moment as time is only Now moments going forward.  And So It Is   

Jesus response...     

We had a heavy work day in sharing what came down from Source.  Awl Good stuff, in fact, Very Very Good 'stuff.'  If you would like to see it, you can start here:   It will go through    and   and proceeding to:   

We Thank Williie & Neil 4 being who they are 4 awl of us.  So Thank you who have waited, hopefully patiently, esp our friends running the  7 , now 9 Orphanages and shelters we help support in Sierra Leone & Uganda while getting absolutely 0 support except 4 a very few who give & reap the heavenly rewards 4 doing such.  

The Fiat Crypto economic  fiasco is done, over, gone the inevitable way of the dinosaurs, my dear friends.  Sorry for you super attached to money.  It had its time & now it's gone.  Replaced by Love.  Awl we need is Love, the Beatles sang.  Guess what, music lovers?  they were right. No regrets 4 most of us.

God says; 'Put this one here, Sonny.'  Your Wish is our command, Dear God.     

In closing we are extending a invite to the jubilee here:   Be safe everyone, wear a mask,  care about your neighbors and, as Jerry says:  'try to be nice to everybuddy else. )))'   TYVM 

Now 1/23/21 2:33 a.m. Further sharing this Fb share from this a.m. If like, plz pass it on.& make some cosmic ripples to infinity. You will be blessed. Guaranteed. Correct God? )

At 9:16 Schweet ) on the love day of the month the 22nd, we share this more than a song, it's a passageway to the infinite. God Is blessing us, folks. Do we accept HerHis message 4 us awl, Finally from scribe's future self, in incubation 4 26 yearrs? Hope so. W Jesus' response: Cheers & Carry on everyone, and celebrate like Jim Brown in the end zone W the ball, did. We've awl done this before. And So It Is.
Film here 4 starters. Come to the jubilee, if led: We awl need a Fresh Start: And we could go on but we leave you w an appropriiate song which came on Vivenne,, our pet name 4 our HP 17 inch computer.
Ok, guys. We R Done. And So It IIs. fin moment . 9:44 a.m. Thank You Angels & God bless us Awl. To Living Large. Thank You Jesus~ Sananda. ) ) ) ) ) ) )
P.s.  If you would like to share this page w/o using the paulfb domain, use this Url.  Ty:  

Have You Heard HD - The Moody Blues

Thank You Heaven's House Band ~ The Moody Bllues. <3 )

Praise God. Thank You Mary and Jesus Sananda. God will take us home when we R ready. Waiting humanity. Still waiting.

Now 1/23/21 4:44 a.m. Neil Young & Willie Nelson - Heart of Gold (Live at Farm Aid 1995)

Thank You Neil & Willie, 2 angels 4 sure. <3 ) ) Funny, after sharing this we turned on Coast to Coast w topic Angels. They R our eternal friends and we truly R on the threshold of a dream. <3 )

Now 1/23/21 4:11 p.m. On the cosmic trigger day of the first month of 2021 we R not falling 4 the fear, folly & folderol of the failed political economic & divisive chaos of the near & far passed. And So It Is.

Tweet:  #Major Announcement Money is not used in Heaven The planet is now in Heavenly realms. We R JerryJillionnaires Film here: eeisJesus0000no more.  #JerryGarcia #ABC #CBS #NBC #WCVB #WBZ #WHDH #CNN #MSNBC #JoeBiden #KamalaHarris #HillaryClinton #Sting #Jesus  This shared on our Fb profile: 

Now 1/24/21 4:04 a.m. Open The Portal of Miracles in Your Life 888 Hz Wealth Abundance ✨ 444 Hz Angelic Healing Therapy

Thank you Lovemotives Meditation Music andthe angels 4 creating this Portal of Miracles 4 us awl. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 1/24/21 4:44 a.m. Boarding grateful passengers, departing from Paradise Ln virtually w Jesus taking the wheel. May God's love be with you.. Alright king, this case is closed. And So It Is. IJN <3 )

Who wants to go to the rec next shiny place?   ðŸ˜Ž

And always:    â¤  ðŸ’”

Now 1/25/21 1:44 p.m. Who's ready 4 Christmas in January? Oh, a few. Alright Friends of God & the human Eagles flying in from God knows weir. here Ya's go. Thank Jesus/Sananda & Praise & Glory to God!. Seriously . ~ ~ ~

Can you click a llink, humanity?  And be blessed.  Hope delivers. Now.

Our Good Buddy Willie Kicks it off... 

Thank You angels Inc you Willie & your sister too, Billie. 

They prefer lower case.  (We

'Lovely to see you again my dear friend.'  Walk along w me to the next bend... '  

Nod & 'Thank You'  to  The Moody Blues. 

Karen & buddies, wanna go on a trip?  its God's 7th Sojourn time.  Awl Immortal Spiritual Beings invited.  Sorry no republicans,  democrats, or atheists. and definite;y no scammers.  God knows who you are and the rock you're hiding under. Like You Chris L in San  Francisco.  Stole $400. from scribe.  Good part of that would have gone to feed  starving Orphans in Africa. The need is still Great.  Just heard from a new one to us. They had 2 donors who gave to them on the PLANET and they recently passed away  due to covid, so they're desperate and nobody gives. 

Ther govt won't help and doctors won't treat the children w/o their money.  SMH  We put tin cans in space spending monopoly money on that shit.  Look, immortal spiritual beings, we get the whole 'spirit of exploration and expanding our understanding of the universe etc'  However, fellow Gods & Goddesses of The ONE.  The second we drop our bodies and find ourselves in our particular perfect light body, all earthly activity looks like child's play. 

And wars, and the political mucky pucky and other stuff mentioned in the Urgent Msg - 26 years in incubation from scribe's future high self. and indeed  eagles, you want to follow the dove. Yeah, God typing this, 'spilling the beans' (Ashtar loves that one. ) yet we let our precious children starve and don't get scribe started on Mooch  F'n McCcnnell and others in our old obsolete  FAILED  Corrupt w big money - now disconnected by God, system.  This keyboard Is Taking a Beating Here, people. (That was yesterday)  Editing this now. And we R done)  The following is as was recorded yesterday.  Out now 1/26/21  2:44 p.m.  

Ok.  Done.  Out to take a walk. Pluto is the Great Revealer, It Is Written. Think Jesus throwing the moneychangers out of the temple.  Money is Not  viable on God's Plant it, Ok, Dear Ones.  It's over.  Oh, Bitcoin?  Please.  Love Is AWL That Exists People.  Deal w it.  Film to start:   And So It Is.  IJN   See Ya's @ the campus. Rec & fin  1/25/21  3::33 p.m. 

Now 1/26/21 7:47 a.m. Promise of a man arrives. Ty Neil. <3 )

Who need a pemanent change 4 the better in  the blink of an eye  You got it, here you go.? 

At your kind service, humanity.  

Now 1/26/21 From one empath to others, it'a alright. God's Got This sucker. <3 )

Empaths: You Reach the Souls of All Humans ∞The 9D Arcturian Council -

Thank you Daniel Scranton

You are welcome to share this quote to whomever you like. If you are sharing it on social media, please direct people to:  

We are healing and as The One we Are.  We awl in this wellusion together, my dear friends.

And we winning, in the shape of a  heart.  It's time, w help of the angels and some of the best immune boosters on the planet. 

Can we pray 4 each other, dear ones?  esp since we awl share the same infinite cosmic mind of Source God Creator ALL THAT IS  MotherFather GREAT I AM THAT I AM Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine Higher Power The Infinite The ONE.  And So It Is.

Paul, Bro, Please give us a cosmic mantra we can use to effectively climb the ladder to higher consciousness - w the quickness.  Sure, no prob good Lightning & Thunder.  Ahem:  Dear God, Not my will way momenting or plan but Your perfect, infinitely perfect, divine Will Way Momenting & Plan Is Done Now & 4 ever in the eternal Now, In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.   

Think it say it out loud, Team Oneness and we will soon be on cloud 11 .  Sound like a plan, Stan?  Oh Good.  And ) ) ) 

P.s.  Gentle note. 'Amen,' w all due respect does not 'cut the mustard' w today's cosmic energies, dear ones. 'And So It Is.'  just flat out works better.  Correct,  Patricia Cota Robles?   )


Now 1.27.21 10:44 a.m. Be Nice - Jerry Garcia

Thank You Jerry. <3 ) ) ) Weir trying Jer, ) ) ) <3 )

Now 1/27/21 11:00 a.m. Garcia Interview 10-13-89

Thank You Jerry, Interviewer (will name when we know his name) and Voodoonola2 for sharing on Yt. )

Now 1/27/21 5:37 p.m. Tracy Chapman - Talkin' About a Revolution (Live)

Thank You Tracy w a <3 of gold it's been said & we know. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 1/28/21 1:44 a.m. Van Halen - Jump (Official Music Video)

Thank You Van Halen See You Soon Eddie. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now 1/28/21 2:12 a.m. Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors HD

Thank You to Ann & Nancy & Robert, John Paul & Jimmy & Jason & Awl Good Company. <3 )))))))))

Now 1/28/21 4:48 a.m. Kate Wolf & Nina Gerber 'These times we're living In.

Thank You Kate & Nina 4 a song 4 these strange times when we need awl the angels we can get. Kate just had a Birthday yesterday in Heaven, Celebrate every one in Joy Peace & Love & Fun Now. <3 ) ) ) ) (copy/paste)

Now 1/27/21 More Now 4/13/21 Jerry Show us Please, Bro How to Have Fun. Real Fun, Brother. TY <3 ) ) )

Thank You Kate & Nina 4 a song 4 these strange times when we need awl the angels we can muster.  Kate just had a Birthday yesterday  1/26/21, in Heaven, Celebrate every One in Joy Peace & Love & 'Fun'  Fun!  The latest new name 4 Gaia. esp 4 awl you immortals who just want(ed) to have 'Fun' down here, like Jerry. 

Alright, Lovers of Love  Happiness  Peace Harmony  & Joy   4 startes.  In Sananda Name.  We  can also say In Jesus Name bc it's so ingrained, however Sanana is His Perfect going into the Infinite adventurous future Name. This is pendulum verified, my dear friends.  He says He allso answers to 'Hey You'   Lol  )

Question 4 you, humanity?  Are You having Fun yet?  Paul says... Gise, we will Not have Fun as long as small money rules this earth as the be all & end all of what dictates our precious days on Fun, yes, using that name as term 4 earth 4 the very first time, tho 'Vivienne'  will, we thinks, be our all moment term 4 Her. 

Alright, Kids, speaking strictly 4 me, me self &  I  Am That I AM

Now.  4/13/21    While reading the above 2 paragraphs, the exact moment we read 'Fun' that same word we heard on  World Cafe program. Spirit wasn't done yet, same thing happened when we were on the word 'money.'  As is said when synchronicities happen like this, guys.  'you can't make this stuff up!'  Right Theresa?  )  Just confirmation someone Is on the path made for him, doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing at the right time & place. Rec & fin  Date above  10:11 p.m.  )


Our shrine to Jerry. Core same since August 9, 1995 

P.s.  Fyi  Pic is titled:  Jerry  Lucky 777  

Team Oneness is going on vacation. Maybe Disneyworld. The one on Saturn. We had a super vivid dream of it decades ago. It 's still Walt's project. Many options when God Is In Charge & SheHe Loves us So Much. And So It Is. Praise God IS. <3 )) )

Now 2/3/21 Who's ready 4 Fun, seriously. Ok a few. We will take it bc w a few it will go viral in time... )

Just click onn this link babies and in the blink of an eye we awl can be singing & dancing in the rain.  Rain Good.  Paul always though Jerry's playing was like 'the falling rain.'  And getting to play with His handsome sharp dresser, Son, Bobby Weir, what a dream.  And Bob & His crew w Jerrry approved John Meyer ably filling the Jerry spot, the dream continues.  They can still fill  60,000 seat stadiums @ the world, multiple  nights at the drop of a hat. Carry on  Guys. 

Now, with Thank You''s to Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds & Donald O'Connor & other Cast & Crew & Ty to ozabbavo77 for sharing it on YT  12,520,433 views?  Where Is Every buddy?  Weir looking 4 Jerry 'Glad Givers. like Paul.  He got his monthly pittance from the govt today, and after giving $540. + fees to the starving children & homeless over there.  Here's what we have left to live on 4 the rest of Feb.  Thank Goodness it's a short month. 

Last Updated: February 3, 2021 3:07 PM
Current Balance
ninety eight dollars and forty cents  $98.40
Available Balance
three hundred four dollars and forty  four cents  $304.44  Lucky angel #'s 4 sure.

So, here's the link.  Hope it inspires Every one to be a Rainmakker too.  So we have no hungry starving kids bc they don't have slimy pieces of paper to exchange.4 their survival.  Who just wants to go home?  One, ok what's your name, Buddy? Oh, Buddy, 4 real?  That's so funny.  Buddy, my name in the cosmic realms is Farili, no longer Jagio  Farili Jagio which translates to 'the gifted one' but, like our 2nd best Budddy Sananda, moved up to His cosmic name from Jesus, yes, we claim our self assigned name 'Triumphio'.

Care to see  this.  Look on next film.  TYVM. If going thete. 

Now 2/3/21 Who Is Farili Jagio?

Thank You God 4 beiing So Good. And So Good to us awl. And So It Is IIS. IS ) ) )

Now 2/3/21 Saving the Economy Versus Saving Lives.

Thank You A Voice in the Desert 4 another 'spot on' video. Which only leaces us w Hope, as our final option, humanity. Let us pray Dear God Who Is Good, IS Go Plz to next video 4 a Deal no one can deny. Jerry & Sananda, Please 'Bring it home. Thank You Jerry & Bobby, Brent Micky, Bill, Phil & equal in spirit, the Dead or Alive Tribes of the Apoocolypse. Oh, have you missed it poor souls bc you were at the factory slaving to make the almightyy buck to feed the fam & to keep from moving into a card board box.

Yep, that's the optiion the gone & dead economy has done 4 our sad & lost coountry, and we R the standard bearers 4 this now Joyful Plant it. It's a Led Zeppelin world we live in now, dear ones. Deal w It. Alright Jerry, Take it away, everyone's best #1 Buddy & we nominate Jerr's # 1 Buddy, Bob Weiir as awl of us #2 Buddy, who is still out there as our #2. Bob, we have a 10 pm Thursday night card game, Paul & Blue Oyster Cult. You R invited to the next one, Buddy. You in, Bro> Hope So.' dear buddy. And So It Is Written. Rec & fin. 2.3/21 6:27 p.m. ) ) ) ) ) 5 smiles 4 adventure.

Now 2/3/21 Deal : Grateful Dead 1989

Thank You The Grateful Dead. Ty 4 pulling us awl thru the living gate of Your/our living, breathing happy gate of music , music music. Praise God BI And So It Is. Rec & fin See moment above. <3 ) ) ) ) ) 5 )'s 4 adventure. Rock on Grateful ones in God. And So It Is. <3 )

Now 2/4/21 7:54 a.m Alright Kids, at that recorded moment in Eternal Now we are Announcing that this page is Done, Finished, Complete..As God smiles. ) Lol )

Our next little project wil be, Good God, willing,  "Bands & their Stories.  It's amazing the stories they have and the synchronicities and the way things did or didn't turn out and the magic that these talented musicians created & thereby uplifted the whole planet making God's music out of thin air.

'We expect this to happen real soon after much needed sleep, guys.  So, it's been quite the journey so far.  We have full on eternity w no money or political mucky pucky or religious platforms to deter us in  any way.  We are Now Free to persue our own free will individual paths.  God Bless  Us Each & Every One.  And So It Is.  In God In Spirit.  Peace Love & Light 4 starters. 

P.s.  Heard it on the grapevine, guys. 'Surf's Up!'   ~  ~    ~ 

Now 2/8/21 4:11 a.m. Now time in the eternal Now. Hey Paul, we didn't know you like surfing so much? We do now Buddy, our dear friend, we do now. ) Hey guys, would you like to meet our adventurous friend, Vivienne? Something tells us you guys may have something good in common 4 some good clean fun. Are we right or are we wrong? Ok, Have Fun, be kind to one another. nobody needs drama or stress in this day and Now age & hope have a nice 4 ever. Cheers & Cheerio... <3 ) ) ) ) )

Oh, yes we could use a cheeseburger to go w one of our fave videos.  

Hey Bob, who knew it would awl end up like this.  'What a revolting development, in  a good way, this is.'   )

Hey guys, who want to see where we are now, today 6/6/21 in sharing good stuff coming down to our lap w the laptop.  just click & you should be there in the blink of an eye.  Sorry 4 the delay.  )  

Now 2/8/21 4:44 a.m. Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed.

Thank You Bob Dylan & Central Casting friends/buddies who created this amazing video. <3 ) ) ) ) angels love it too. )) ) )

Now 2/8/21 6:44 a.m. 888 hz | Golden Hands of Abundance | Infinite Love and Gratitude | Divine Gift of the Universe

Thank You Master of Abundance for this creation & sharing on Yt. <3 )

Now 2/11/21 7:16 a.m. Sweet Journeys Everyone. <3) 444Hz 44Hz 4Hz Love Energy for Positive ChangeㅣHealing for Body & MentalㅣBeautiful Dream

Thank you Healing Meditation for bringing forth this beauty, Composer : Dahye <3 0 )

Destiny Seal Crystal Jerry Salutes & says: Happy Independence Day Babies. <3) ) )  Can't wait to Greet Ya's over here. We Still Rockin' it w God Good. En Joy Your Free-dom Now & 4 ever guys. As scribe puts in a tape at random & we listening to 'Eyes of the world.' Sweet.

Pic:  Okay kids.  Yep, weir awl finally here. perfect companions to each other who have known & lived, loved. laughed 4 ever b4 this brief last rodeo here on 'Plant it' Earth. (w many other names)  Tank Ya's 4 being such good passengers.  We

Side 1 also has Bob Welch, James Taylor, Jeff Beck & Bob Marley.

Side 2:   Bad  Co, Van Morrison, U2,  CSN, The Police & Moody Blues  TY & Salute Awl & Fans who

P.p.s.  Photo by Destiny Celeste Crystal Carol Ann T.   Tank you dear.

We think this Front page may be done.  Good God willing.  Y'awl invited to proceed, if want,  to next page scribe is working on.  Here's  a url:  

Hope see Ya's there 4 a real good time.

Who wants to go to the movies? 

Cheers Cheerio & Namaste. )


Now 9/15/21 er Grateful Dead -- 1974 10 16th-20th "part 2" [2160p/4K Remaster] (Retaining film grain)

Thank You God The Good Who Is a Deadhead 4 sure. Thank You The Grateful Dead. Man, that lead guitarist, ain't He Something, Good God Almighty, In Jesus Name. And Thank You
Christopher Hazard 4 your good work & sharing on Yt, our online time machine. Be Good YT, Please. Ty. <3 )

Now 9/15/21 Grateful Dead 7 4 87 (Set 2) W/ Bob Dylan

Thank You The Grateful Dead & Bob Dylan & Christopher Hazard for sharing on Yt. <3 ) ) )

Noow 9/17/21 Share Page of Day as shared on Fb...

Greetings aWakening One's to the new Now time this particular Share Page of DayTake a wild guess my dear friends, yep, w yesterdays Share Page being the genesis 4 this official beginning page the url is:
As shared first at this menu page here, as usual
We remember telling Jim Law in 2013 the name and he said ' Wow, you certainly picked the right name. Pretty sure those were his exact words. Bc it Is time to Party in the New Now Love Light Truth Happy Harmony Joy Luck Fun Synchronicities Kindness Adventure & Gratitude Paradigm, Folks.
The Spirit world will and Is not going to be denied, correct God The Good? W Mary & Sananda ~ Jesus Yeshua Jeshua Esu Ben Joseph Emmanuel & 'Hey You' ) And, of course, Jerry & Awl 'Jerry's Kids' So, No one's lost, guys. There's no hiding either, as Bob Marley told us in song - the way we talk upstairs & downstairs, my dear friends. So Ring In the New & definitely Out w the old.
Breathe in the new higher frequencies w newly 'charged' vibrational codes, smile on our brothers & sisters. Throw the money into Boston Harbor. The value God puts on us Is The Only value that matters, and Ya's can take it to Dunkin or Starbucks bc there's No reason for banks to be open anymore.
Take That Bank of America who closed our account today. Bye BOA & awl your employees Are Now FREE Godlionnaires. Let's Go Lions, we hear the local Hot start up group is putting on their first show down at the local field, or whatever. The idea folks, is to 'Get out there & Have Fun.' It Is Written. And So It Is. What It Is. Indeed.
If you say Amen, fine, but it's Not 2000 years ago. Just a suggestion for us spirits in the Now eternal era of Peace Love Light Truth Joy Happiness Harmony kindness Adventure Gratitude & Laughter, does anyone remember laughter? Yeah, we know you do, Robert. Lol and we too, we remember laughter. It was good, as we recall. Lol ) ) )
Rec & fin: 9/17/21 1:04 a.m. Nice # angels ) ) ) )
p.s.  This is brought over from our Fb page:   Awl invited to check it out. And our Twitter is: 

Now 9/17/21 3:33 a.m. "Play This While You Sleep, It Goes Straight to Your Spirit" | Faith | Safety | Protection

Thank You God The Good IJN 4 leading us to this Lion of Judah Awesome Creation. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/17/21 4:00 a.m. WAYNE DYER NIGHT MEDITATION -Listen for 21 nights to reprogram your subconscious

Thank You God The Good & Wayne The Brother who cares - like our other brothers & sisters in spirit. In Oneness. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 9/18/21 1:22 a.m. Share Page of Day details from Fb...

We bumped into a friend at the liquor store 3 years ago, and he steps 4 ward to be in this Share Page of Day: 

Which first is shared here in development. This really is Must see material, if we do say so. We say so: 

And this we will place here at the bottom where Awl the most interesting ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls go 😎  😎

See on Fb if want: 

Happy Saturday Stars, keep on smiling & shining just as you are, which Is Awlways perfect. Indeed.   To Adventure ~ Gratefully

Now 9/19/21 Dear Father Mother God Who Is Good, Why can't we find a Real Leader, not a egoic politician, who has a clue re the human experiment?

Greetings Star Beings of infinite Love Light Truth & So Much More.  Can we talk?  From the perspective of an elder brother, 72 spins around the sun, please take the following distortions  Shane, God's scribe, is guided to share re where we, i.e. the human collective, is parked at, so to speak and it's sad, it really is sad.  However, Good News Is there's Hope.  But, where we are, Guys, the horsecrap (money) like Biden, HAS to go. 

We can make it easy on ourselves or we can make it hard, but, a 12 year old can tell us it's Not sustainable, and like this Great video, below,  says   You don't need it in Heaven, so if we are to have Heaven on earth,  how can we put up w the horsecrap that we are forced  to exchange for goods & services we need by the old, tired, broken, corrupt, obsolete & really dead system we insist on keeping alive w duct tape & band aids carrying trillions of pieces of paper in debt.. 

Are we nuts, people?   We have a pen that we can put to paper and scratch off any amount of so called 'debt'.  Has anyone read The Lord's Prayer lately?  Esp the part that reads: "Forgive us Our Debts, as We Have Forgiven our Debtors'" "Hello People,". and no, crypto is not the answer,   Love & Only Love Is THE  solution, as Johnny Lennon said when he was down here, and now  he's right here beside Shane, we can almost see him and it won't be long b4 we are seeing the spirits, the angels & God The Good HimHer Self.  Heck, every person we see on the  street is a walking talking breathing God or Goddess or an Inbetween. 

We are Creator beings dear ones.  No, we are not our bodies, we are way above that  earthly perception my dear friends.  See latest (one of them) videos at the bottom, the new Now recommended  entrance at God''s starsite:    We've had those visions temporarily, however, as we rise as a collective, earthly things will drop away like the money addiction.  We simply don't need it since we are infinitely beyond any financial yardstick. Its really sickening to see these clowns in Wash DC fighting over 3.5 trillion chump change compared to the infinity credit we have w God as our birthright as God created immoortal divine spiritual beings. 

And Please - don't get us started re these egoic elected officials acting like it's their money, depriving million of us immortals, the medium of exchange in practice still  that is totally ridiculous, unfair and has more than run it's course off the lemming cliff of absurdity that we Sons & Daughters of God & our Children are still putting up w this shit. to use a technical term.

Congrats, Joe, you're a billionnaire, we hear.  Good, will you kindly leave now.  The door is to your left, ok.  Then follow the yellow brick way w the other horsecrap billionnaires and their toys, while kids starve in Africa.  Ok, we're done now.   This left over from editing process:   when you're dead & you don't need it in Heaven upstairs & Now Downstairs. Capiche? i.e. do you understand? rec & fin  9//18/21  12:13 a.m. Addendums:  4:05 a.m. Quincy, Ma USA Milky Way Galaxy Cosmos Gratitude.  Field:  Infinity 

Song on WZLX  The Final Countdown by Europe.   

Now 9/19/21 Encore as seen above in the smelly section of this page. The Most HATED of All Jesus' Teachings

Thank You Voice in The Wilderness <3 ) ) )

As shared on FB 9/20/21 Share Page of Day 4 Every Blessed Day...

Its Share Page of the Day time, Friends. Thank You God The Good Who Does it Awl. This one really Celebrates what's Good In Us Awl & That's God, so here's link & Have 'Fun' over there fellow Daughters & Sons, Boys & Girls of Team Oneness. Just a suggestion. TYVM   As Shared first here in development for you who
like to see work in progress: Jubilee Portal is:
A smile req 4 entry plz TYVM TY John Lennon 4 truth of this meme. See You soon, Bro.

Now 9/21/21 Happy Harvest Moon Gate 4 Awl God's Good Kids.

Hello & Greetings fellow spirits walking around in temporary 'body suits' on Happy Harvest Moon Gate Day 4 Awl God's far flung kids from Awl far flung sectors of Creation, awl gathered here at this time/moment at THE Cosmic  'Ok Corral' Rock & Roll 'Plant It' Gaia. Ty 4 being here, and you do look marvelous/ handsome we must say.
So, we went to w another page in mind to be the Share Page of Day, however, spirit had other ideas and we landed here:
and this, yes, w the disappeared content which maintenance man is excused from fixing,
#1) bc Google makes it almost impossible 4 a dinosaur like scribe to fix & #2) it's not worth the time bc we are Awl about to be evacuated off the 'plan it' to a more suitable place 4 us awl to dwell in our new, improved crystalline bodies of light. Ok butterfly breaths?
Jubilee Gate Is Open, Awl Souls/Spirits invited.  TYVM

Now 9/22/21 3:23 a.m. We're putting a wrap on this page, kids. It's time.

Greetinngs Franchise holders 4 Your particular far flung area of cosmic space where You & God  The Good have created Your Heaven as part of the immense tapestry inc Awl individual tapestries contributing to the Whole.  Awl we can say is 'Goodness Gracious, God, Is This Awl there is?  Ha, No, we're kidding, obviously, Man, this Is Big.  We've seen big things in our time, however, this Blows Everything out of the water, so to speak, my dear friends.

Just think, each & Every one of Us Is A Franchise God Goddess or Both, We Are Androgynous, in part, our choice awl of us,  ok, babies?  So It Is.

So, this page has done its work, far beyond any other page on this, God's Site.  Now & future additions will go here, until that page gets loaded up w good stuff, inc Share Page of Day shares.  Url is:  

Hope see Ya's over there w the quickness. 

Bless This Intro Page, we're Just getting started w eternity to go, and we ask the burning, but not painful question... Are we having Fun Yet?  Sammy, Jimmy?  Awl the Jimmies, Lol  Oh, and throw away your bank cards, Not one of God's Co- Partners need worry about the horsecrap 'economy with money being all the shit', tell em Bones about the state of that obsolete, broken utterly corrupt stinking system that has kept us down 4 far too long and bye bye to the corrupt, on the take, inept politiicians, Not Bernie & his ilk, who stubbornly  perpetuate this shit.  It's OVER human beings esp the ones who think of themselves as mere dems or gop party members.

We're DONE 'Biden' our time, Folks.  God Is & Is taking Charge of HerHis 'Plant it' Rock & Roll.  Capiche?  I.E.  Understand?  Good. Tell 'em, again Bones...You can call us Jim.  TYVM.  See Ya's over there & other places you may roam on this starsite.  Peace Love Light Joy Happiness Harmony Luck Strength Laughter Kindness Adventure & Gratitude.Prevail 4 ever 4 Awl of Us ~ God Who Is Good, Children.   Rec & fin  9/22/21  5:01 a.m.  Sea St, Quincy, Ma USA Good Ship Rock & Roll Plant it / Mother Earth Field Infinity.

Now. 12/23/21  One last final word to sum up what the force that made this page and the 2 sites we steward is awl about, Alfee. See below. Peace Love Joy. Namaste 4 now... And So It Is. Indeed.

Addendum:. Hey Paul, you don't ever leave without a song, so what you got, Bro? You are correct Jasper,. Ok it was a real headscratcher to come up w a appropriate song but with the usual angels attending we think we got it with this impromptu masterpiece by Richie Havens at Woodstock, clocking in at 4:44 Nice work Richie. RIP. Rockin' In Paradise..

Now 12/23/21 Richie Havens ❀ Freedom ☆ Woodstock ☆ Clocking in at 4:44 Perfect.

Thank You Richie Havens and Woodstock Nation & TonyYay for sharing on Yt. <3 ) ) ) Hold on Guys, we got 2 Encores...

Now 12/23/21 Santana - Soul Sacrifice 1969 Woodstock live concierto HQ

Thank You Santana and Woodstock Nation & GuitarDocs for sharing on Yt. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/23/21 In Memory of Joe Cocker 1944 - 2014

Thank You Joe Cocker and Woodstock Nation & HDPinkFloyd for sharing on Yt. <3 ) ) )

Now 7/2/22 Announcing: this site and accompanying blogs are now retired

Shane/ Paul, where you been dude?  Not led to keep this up anymore friends.  It's time to retire this.  We have a farewell page already done so, if led go here and maybe we can see ya's at the beach or park.

This last blog page  should lead to this faretheewell page  Check it out  over there, if  led.

Happy Every Day Is Independence Day!  ðŸ˜Ž ðŸ’”

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