Now 2/6/21 Greetings Rock Stars ~ Each & Every One, to 'Bands & Their Stories I' Thank You's 4 showing up. )

Eternal Led Zeppelin 4 Now Age. Ty Jimmy ~ Robert ~ John Paul ~ John & Jason. Rock On, if led, Bros. <3 )

You R precisely on time 4 'the show.' Relax & have a real good time, we hope. Or it's your trip. If you choose to have a miserable time, it's your choice, my dear friend, we, the collective, will still love you bc that is what we do. Have you paid your ) admission yet? Hope so, otherwise there's the door, ably attended to by Jim, yep, just Jim, Buddy of Ray, still working together making magic. And So It Is. TYVM ) Speaking of a God still makig Magic over there..

Who wants to listen to Jerry? Us too, including other esteemed guests, will be a surprise if haven't heard this before: Roll tape, Scribe. Here ya go, humanity... with James Law Intuitive Consultant Extraordinaire & Peebles, Dr Peebles The Grand Spirit. So ingrained w 'Dr' it can be considered His first name. Want a powerful friend in Spirit? A S K Him to be a Guide 4 you. Done.<3 )  

And our first share of Bands. We gotta start w our home town heroes. That's right, my dear friends, have y'all heard of a band named after a great city? We Now give You BOSTON! W Large Thank You's to Awl the Members on both sides of the veil like Brad RIP Bro. 'Rockin' In Paradise'

It's only frequency and vibration that separate us, guys. but we're never separated in the heart & soul.  It is God what we R made of.  We are One mind, just awl different franchises.  Does this make sense, dear ones in God?

We have the technology. Maybe, just maybe, if we awl stop killing each other and robbing & looting &  being mean to one another, then, Lo & Behold we may be able to collectively create a whole new spectrum of wonder & amazement of what we, born co- creators w God, can do with God, Mary and Sananda+Jesus, our amgels & Guides & Friends in High places  on our side & actively praying that some way, some how, we finally 'get it together' down here in this material world sandbox, we've created. So, who's In?? Ok, guess we'll find out. Too bad scribe can't get arrested. (

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Now 2/6/21 2:11 a.m. Boston The Tragic History Of the Band, Death of Brad Delp & Tom Scholz Perfectionism

Thank You Booston & Ty Rock N' Roll True Stories for sharing on Yt. <3 )

Now 2/7/21 8:22 p.m. Boston - Peace of Mind

Thank You Boston. & classicrockonly for sharing on Yt.

Now 2/6/21 2:40 a.m. more film coming up featuring a little band from England who back in the day and Now, call themselves... The Moody Blues. <3 )

Now 2/6/21 3:07 a.m. A History of The Moody Blues.

Thank You The Moody Blues & everyone who contributed to this awesome documentary.

Thank You The Moody Blues & everyone who contributed to this awesome documentary.  And Ty ScienceFindsGod for sharing this masterwork on Yt. 

More Moodies here:   And here:


Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused ( Song Remains the Same )

Thank You Led Zeppelin <3 ) ) )

Who can take a wild guess on what the next group is/ Hint they make every Buddy smile & they R Very Grateful & Jerry Is An Awesome God, fellow Gods & Goddesses In God. <3 ) ) )

Now 2/7/21 Vince Welnick & Friends (Terrapin Flyer) "Golden Days"

Thank You Vince & Terrapin Flyer. Jerry & Vince playing together in Heaven again along w the Grateful Living Band up there. Everyonee's in the band andeverybuddy is ) ) )

Now 2/7/21 1:11 a.m. Grateful Dead at The Family Dog - 1970-02-04 - San Francisco, CA

Thank You Grateful Dead <3 ) ) )

If every one on the Plant it could just be grateful 4 what we have, we would have "Heaven on Earth' my dear friends. <3 )

Now 2/7/21 LONG STRANGE TRIP - 3 Movie Clips + Trailer (2017) Grateful Dead Documentary HD

Thank you Awl who were involved w this inc the band & fans and JoBlo Movie Clips for sharing on Yt.

Now 2/7/21 3:00 a.m. Grateful Dead NBC Time and Again (Documentary) circa 2000

Thank You Jane Pauly & NBC News and The Grateful Dead & the deadheads and Ihejedaba Nivotoc for sharing this on Yt.

Now 3/11/21 3:22 p.m. Van Halen Story: The Early Years (2003) | Full Movie | John Lennon | George Harrison

Thank You Van Halen & everyone who contributed to this movie. <3 )

Noow 3/12/21 BOSTON: Tom Scholz / Brad Delp “More Than A Feeling” Story | #1 In Our Hearts | Professor of Rock

Thank You Boston & Professor of Rock for the excellent analysis. RIP Brad. Rockin' In Paradise. <3 )