Now 7/12/21 11:55 a.m. Births this David Icke page, guys, so we can Wake Up w the quickness. Ty David. <3 )

The One, the only David Icke. Keep smiling, Bro. <3 )

Now 7/12/21 It's Hidden in Plain Sight | David Icke

Thank You David Icke Keep doing your job, Bro. <3 )

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Now 7/12/21 They're Doing Everything To Hide This From You | David Icke

Thank You David 4 telling us who we are? We love you, Man. <3 )

Now 7/16/21 David Icke - My Awakening

Thank You David Icke & James English. Good stuff. <3 )

Now 7/20/21 This Is Their Biggest Fear | David Icke

Thank You David. <3 )