Now 9/1/21 Welcome Companions of God Who Is Good, to Your Surf from here launching place on the inter-net . Good Safe & Sound Journey to our eternal adventure w Awl Friends as One exactly where we're supposed to be - doing exactly what we're supposed to be doing. And So It Is. ..

Surfs Up 4 God's Kids, finally. P pic Nantasket Beach, Hull, Ma USA 2017

Greetings Gods & Goddesses, Cherished beloved Companions of God Who Is Good (Full accepted title)  Thank Ya's 4 being here and hopefully, benefiting from this and the other pages on this God Is Goos *Sic)  (need we mention God Has a sense of humor, my dear friends?  Scribe, Shane, you want the key a little to the right, sonny.  Lol.   Starsite url: 

This starpage url, if you would like to share, thus making yerself a Galactic Messenger creating ripples to infinity is: 

Nicely done,  Destiny Celeste / Seal Crystal (Your Chosen High self name) (Birth First Middle Last Name)  God Knows what it is.  We'll say 'Hey You.'  & Congrats on being You, You - Good In God.

Shared:  Satur(n)day  9/4/21  2:44 p.m.  angel moment in time & space.

Greeting Marie Lucile and Fidelis C.P. our family Priest's Priest for your industrial strength Love & Prayers and guidance from on High. Thank You Mom & Fidelis 4 Blessing this Page & God's Ultimat Best plan 4 Awl Her His Children. What It Is. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/1/21 Jesus - John Smallman

Thank You Jesus, John Smallman & New Earth for sharing on Yt. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

When people start looking to God and not politicians, religionists or nationalists then we will have a small world permanent Holiday season that lasts 4 ever. God Who Is Good. <3 ) ) ) Our team is already celebrating, responsibly, You ready 4 Fun, ISB' of God? You're at the right place to start. (one of them)

Now 9//1 21 5:44 p.m. Happy Holiday Month Earth Stars Celebrating Barry's Birthday. Bee Gees - Holiday (1967) [High Quality Stereo Sound, Subtitled]

Thank You The Bee Gees. <3 ) ) ) ) )

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And we awl make our 'Buddy God' 

#Divineultimateperfectinfinitelypefectdivineplan  not dream, plan dear ones. 

As this meme comes to mind as shared w Large Thank You's at Michael & The angels* place on this platfoem:  * honouring their preference 4 lower case 4 their modesty, humility & reverence 4 us, even though they are completely & totally Awesome in their own magnificent right. Indeed.  


A Plan has a beginning, a mid part and a destination. Welcome to our collective destination, Teammates In Oneness. <3 )

Now 9/4/21 You are Alive and Conscious of being Alive, Jesus via John Smallman

 Jesus thru John Smallman  Via Mario Gattoaladino's page.

John himself version: 

Pic:  Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Ma  at sunset 2018

We have to Declare, Decree & Invoke, Team Oneness. The politicians ain't gonna do it bc it's Free. TY Wayne Dyer, <3 )

Thank Yu Doug Powell.

Now 9/6/21 So Guys. Y'awl seen what went down at Share Page Ii?

It's Now a 'Destination' Page as many of these pages should be in our humble opinion.  After Awl God Did/ Does awl the work & Shane Scribe only takes blame for things like typos, though some typos are not really typos but 'edits' and we decide if  it 's really one or a improvement.  They're running about 50 50 at this point, my dear friends.

So, Check this Page Now a Place to go & Drink in the Good stuffd hanging out over there.  

Pic:  Anoother Messenger of Good God News Who We Are Awl A Big Part of.  Stake Your Claim, Sonny & Daisy.  Would Your life be easier w this concept in place or do you like nickel & diming fellow immortal spiritual beings for horsecrap.  (the latest designer term 4 money.)


Thank You Patricia & Company of Heaven 4 Sharing Good God's latest Good New News. <3 ) ) )
If YT would allow us to post in comments, we would have left this:. Thank You PatriciaCotaRobles for passing along this massively good news. So more humans can benefit from this, we have further shared it here; Of God's Jubilee Portal 4 Every spirit. Cheers <3 ) ) )

Now 9/7/21 Separation from the Divine Presence is Impossible! Saul via John Smallman

Mario Gattoaladino Videos posted a video to playlist Mario Gattoaladino English.

Separation from the Divine Presence is Impossible! Saul via John Smallman

New post on Johnsmallman's Blog

Separation from the divine Presence is impossible!  Saul. 

Good says: Share this right here, Paul Brown. Of course Good Father Mother God. Letter From a Dove Typing it up now, Folks.

Now 9/7/21 Letter From a Dove. 9/10/2010

Dear Humanity,                                                                                              9/10/2010

A fly on the wall once told God that, you know what - I could be a hell of a man.

A mountain goat said to God - build me goat tough & I will be a hell of a man.

A dove flying around Heaven told God - Excuse me Father, You Know I would be a Heaven of a man.  I promise I would find a way to to  Unite  All people and nature. 

I would be simple & with Your Help, of course, God we would simply call it Rock & Roll.

God pondered & granted all 3 wishes.  All 3 wishes with Heavenly Father's Help came true.

Most haven't heard the Good News because the media is not focused on Good News - only the mundane day in day out same old same old .

Ready for Real Change?  Join The  Firm at:  (Replacing obsolete url)

"Thank You Heavenly Father Mother! (God is androgynous)

Jesus, Paul & The Firm     Recorded: September 10, 2010   Fin: 10:58 a.m.

Pic:  We remember how easily this flowed out of us and onto the paper that morning, and Lo & behold shortly after, doing our rounds in Hull, Ma we snap this pic of a guy wearing a T shirt saying:  'Built Goat Tough.'  You gotta just smile when this stuff happens, folks.  <3 ) ) ) 

Have a nice 4 ever in Paradise, Folks.  We're In It Now, 4 sure.  )  Here, take God's Word 4 it... Thru Doug Powell.  Ty Doug... <3 )

Thank Yu Doug Powell.

Now 9/8/21 Escaping the consciousness of fear

Thank You Brian & Jay for this incredible sharing. <3 ) ) ) Ty John Smallman for sharing this. )

Now 9/8/21 Brian Longhurst - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Thank You Brian & Rick. Really good stuff. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/8/21 What a coincidence. Jerry stopping by as a Fb memory showing the Real Wealth Is Love.

Paul F Brown

September 8, 2018

Shared with Public

Who Wants to be a Jerry Jillionnaire?  We Awl can be as One.  Awl we Need Is Love, as  some Group sang a while back.  It can be as easy as, maybe reading the following  words & then the words of the Lord's Prayer, you know - forgiving debt and awl that good solutions suggested by God. It goes... 'Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors...'  Hello human beings.  It Can be this easy.  What Jesus/ Sananda response is:  Since weir Awl Jerry Jillionnaires, we're recognized as 'One of the Jerry Jill Fam, so we don't have to go into a store w horsecrap, (the Now age term for money)  Heavens No, people, God's 'Keeple'  Enter the store w a Smile πŸ™‚ find what you need that has Your name on it, so to speak, say 'Please' & 'Thank You' and go on your merry way w Gratitude & maybe a song in your πŸ’”  This is the new now way 4 God's human angels to get what we need.

God knows, Shane needs a vehicle, he's an excellent driver w a valid drivers license.  Come on society, let the guy go pick out a car, the one that already has his name on it & it doesn't have to be fancy.  If it can get him from point A to point B safely, we'll be happy. There are thousands of orphan cars, just sitting on lots when an ISB (Immortal Spiritual Being) could be using same. In Quincy alone, there''s tons of cars needing an owner. And we won't snicker at some 'lesser' being's vehicle; for one thing no one is 'lesser' than anyone else in God's eyes. or trash it as a model T compared to our wonderful amazing ship w all the bells & whistles..

We're not proud like that, falling into the trap of spiritual pride. Yes, we have heard the phrase:  'The last shall be first, and the first shall be last.'  We're just saying to awl, take heed.  'Nuff said.

T'hat's the name of that tune, so people, learners, we're  awl 'works in progress'  here in this schoolhouse earth.  Large lesson to learn is Be humble, everyone knows, we're awl amazing, after awl, we;;re awl Gods &  Goddesses w God's  essence acting in us as us.  We awl have that secret sauce, dear ones.  You don't have to tell us you're Great, Everyone knows. Okay. πŸ™‚ 

Yes, this Is revolutionary, my dear friends,  remember, our long and vast history, not just on earth,  we're no strangers to revolutions and evolutions & fresh starts, which is what Source God Creator (Etc) is giving us here.   Awl we have to do is say, as a collective:  'Yes' to the new Now paradigm where we put everything behind us and focus on the One & only thing we need to do & that is to put God first & foremost in Everything we think, say and do, my dear friends. 

Is your daily activity putting a smile on God's proverbial face or must SheHe look away.  It's really simple, folks, we live in Joy, God lives in Joy, we stop the madness, the chaos, the mucky f'n puck political & religious folderol and  have our 'Come to Jesus' moments of Love, Joy, Happiness & eternal adventure w our new & ancient friends, ok Daisy & Rocky?  Good.

You know what, guys. There oughta be a Rock Group w that 'Yes' name.  Oh, there is Jasper, ok Ty 4 enlightenning us.  )  And the pen Is mightier than any sword 'cept Michael The Archangel & The angels attending to us as assigned by God Who Is Good.  Any questions, my dear friends in God?  Good. So what should be #1 on Everyone's agenda?  God & scribe's is Have Fun, seriously, folks, like here, ok?  And Celebrate, responsibly, like it's the Best part of 2021. Can someone say Rejoicce, Rejoice, in 4 part harmony?  Nod to CSNY.  πŸ’”   πŸ™‚ 😎 πŸ’” πŸ™‚

Now we got a 'Share Page of Day' to release & It's a Doozie.  It's what happens when one puts  Everything in God's Mighty hands & you 'Do' Your self volunteered to do 'Work.'  Film here, if led to see what & where the page can be found.                        

If love is the new now currency, what better person to have on our million dollar bills 'play money' than Jerry? As inspired from a dream; shared here:

Now 9.9/21 CSN&Y - Carry on 1969

Thank You David, Stephen, Graham & Neil. Rock on 4 ever <3 ) ) ) )

Now 9/12/21 Mary Trump’s Warning to America: Donald Trump Isn’t Gone Yet | FULL Interview

Thank You Mary Trump & Jill & Victor of iGen Politics Podcast <3 ) ) )

Now 9/13/21 BEST OF FEDERATION OF LIGHT VOL 2 - Love Is Everything

Thank You Federation of Light. <3 )


Thank You God The Good - Patricia & Company of Heaven <3 ) ) )

Now 9/16/21 Jesus Through John Being at One with Source.


Thank You God The Good - Patricia & Company of Heaven <3 ) ) )