New Now Share Page of Day Page starting with 4 9/6/21 From Dakarra W Love 777

Alright, friends & family of the infinite.  We'll awl be hearing and seeing that word everywhere as that is THE  word of the times which are a changing like never before, and it Is So Good to be here at this time & place on our collective journey to the higher realms of All THAT IS  ~  Awl we can say, really is, Hold 4 the best, most exhilirating ride of awl our existences, dear ones.

We welcome everyone coming from the preevious Share Page of Day  

which is now definitely a 'Destination' page 4 awl who want to witness what came down there & is alive & well like awl these pages.  They're alive as you and me fellow, child of 'The Infinite' and a dozen other names we can just as well call God.  God Is Good.  Good Is God. 

Music Is Good, Therefore Music Is God.  God Is Awl Good Everywhere ergo Everywhere Is God.  God Is Everything & we Are Everything So We Are God as us and We Are Good.  So How you doing today, good buddy?  Good?  Good.   Awl Is Good & Awl Is Good w this schoolhouse Earth, Gaia, Terra Christa and many other names inc Mother Earth, Love Joy , not to mention our personal favourie Vivienne. )

And we haven't even started yet, relative to where weir going as friends, partners, teams & fellow adventurers.   So here's link to the Page of The Day chosen by God, as it showed up unexpectedly but Scribe knew:  This Is It.  Let's face it, kids, the Cat is good at his job.  We blush, as we obediently record this.  So Have Fun here, kids.   

Note:  It needs maintenance that may or may not be done anytime soon bc it's really not necessary w enough good stuff and we could use an intern if anyone wants to volunteer, you can do from home.  As always, our contact info is here: 

Also a 'Donate" link if anyone feels led to, as Dr Peebles says:  'Tip The Waiter,'   Alright Kids, fellow star beings of the Infinite.  This Is a wrap.  Stay Good, Stay strong, help whenever & wherever you can and Love everyone as your self. This is God's good a starsite & no web is involved.  Feel Free to stop by anytime, take your shoes off, grab a cup, let the angels guide you somewhere.  You'll always be where you're supposed to be at any given moment. Trust God's plan for awl of us as one larfe family of light.  We've been around each other forever & we have forever to go, so let's dump the hotsecrap, let's look eaxh other in the eye and recognize who we really are.  We are Brothers & Sisters, Sons & Daughters of God Who Is Good.. Godspeed. <3 )

If anyone would like to share this or any other page on this site, thus making yourself a Galactic Messenger angel creator of ripples of Good to infinity, the Url 4 this page is: 

TYVM.  <3 ) ) ) )

Now 9/7/21 Sharing Share Page of Day 4 a Tuesday...

Greetings Beings of light & Love in pre launch, so to speak, mode.  Today's hand picked 'baby'  our term for the pages spirit has created w our fingers doing the tap dance that shows up on the screen & goes out to the world, or at least the world who have somehow found their way to  this humble but dynamic address on the inter- net.  Here's  link to get ya's there with the blinking:   Hope Everyone has a real good time over there.

On a sad note:  We have no money to pay for our site the subscription of which went expired on 9/1/21 and we have a $150. loan  payment coming due today that our $12.55 in the bank will not cover.  If you can help w any amount, our Paypal addy is as shared w contact info here:  TYVM 

Now 9/8/21 Sharing Share Page of Day

Greetings Rockers of Awl ages. We got a great one 4 Ya's & still not done w it.  So, here's link & we'll see Ya's ther we hope, esp if you love good Rock & Roll  

Max Thank You's to Awl the musicians who conquer all doubt & hesitation w their Awesomely amazing talents.  See Ya's Awl in 7th Heaven.  Oh, look around, Folks;  we're already here.  To Adventuure <3 ) ) ) ) )   

Now 9/9/21 1:22 a.m. ' Wow' is the word 4 this day, Shiney's God's been working behind the scenes, so to speak Goos stuff on the way...

Hello &  Greetings Star Beings from Awl over the Omniverse, Ya's came here 4 a  reason and it wasn't to be a wage slave or a raging lunatic for some cause or candidate or religion or political catastrophe,  Party is too good a word to use for the shenanigans that go on in our archaic, broken beyond repair system of We The People being 'governed' by clowns who don't know if they're coming or going.  We Got God's stimulus that we can start using as soon as we wake up and put it in play.  Details here:                                      

So, as previewed on yesterday's Share Page re putting Everything in God's Mighty Hands, That's the Page 4 today.  Make sense, buddies & buddettes?  So here's a link that should get us awl there in a blink or 2.  Hope Y'awl have Fun over there, or at least as much fun as we had making it with God  

Keep on smiling & shining shiney's  <3 ) ) ) ) )  To eternal adventure on the High side.  💔 😎

Now 9/10/21 Happy Friday Partners w God The Good. <3 ) ) )

Greetings  fellow humble partners w God.  Here's the Share Page of Day.  Hope Ya's Have Fun here:  

Now Share Page of Day for 8/11/21

Greetings fellow beings of light & love on schoolhouse Mother Earth among many other names. Here's the Share Page of Day 4  Ya's to go to 4 a little Cosmic Fun as suggested by Shane, new job title 'Compliance Officer' making sure Everyone gets their fair share of Fun, ok?  TYVM. <3 ) 


Now Share Page of Day for 9/12/21

Greetings fellow Gods & Goddesses, Companions Of Source God The Good The Absolute.

Here's the link to the page It's Awl God:  

Now 9/13/21 Sharing Share Page of Day 4 the luckiest day of the month by numbers.

So, you feelinngl Lucky  Lucky & Lucile?   As in Marie Lucile Brown Wyatt, our Mom in her last incarnation and we do mean last.  For our info:  

Lucile is a ♀ female name.

Origin of Lucile
Lucile is a French and English name and goes back to the name Lucia.

Meaning of Lucile
Lucile means “light” 

So here's the Page of Day.  En-Joy we hope:    

The page is Free, of course, like awl the pages of God's sites we steward.  Just a smile is awl that's asked.  Grumpies will be turned away.  Republicans not welcome or certain democrats.or money, the new 'horseshit' worshippers.  Not welcome til you scrape that crap off your shoes.

Thank you, Shane/ Paul  who has Had it w the present system of total insanity where a few  idiots get to deciide what happens to the millions.  Total insanity.  Jesus, Thank You 4 helping us to get God Who Is Good  & Good 4 us  'Word' out to the masses, if we awl help spread the word. 'FREE'  Everything Is FREE.  It won't happen w Shane sharing on FB w its silly algorithm of, ok, we have 1800 + FB 'friends' & maybe 23 people actually see our shares.  Ok so lets go share w those 23 souls on Fb   &  If led, Share Light beings & Shine 4 God The Good.  And So It Is What It Is.  Indeed.  Rec & fin  9/13/21  2:02 a.m.  Quincy, Ma USA.

Restored: Share Page of Day for 9/14/21

Sorry, this disappeared from here:  Follows is FB sharing.  Ty

Happy Tuesday Starbursts of God Here is Share Page of Day, Awl prepared just 4 us beings of light right here on earth Welcome Home. shared here first: If you like/love this sharing won't you be an angel and further share it so it doesn't stop w you but gets further momentum to the entire planet. Deal? Make it so, if led. TYVM

Now 9/15/21 Share Page of Day 4 hump day/...

This is still a work in progress, folks.  If like/Love please share, you will reap rewards to last 4 eternity. 


Now 9/16/21 12:44 a.m. Sweet angel moment in the eternal Now to mark Share Page of Day w a smile 4 awl...

We're going back to the beginning of The Earth Party Now.  Here's link:

We have given maintenance man off from trying to maintain this overall site, as it's quite an impossible task.  Take what remains & speaks to you and let the rest go. esp since when we're 'Upstairs' we can simply think it to it's perfect state, we don't even have to snap our fingers or twitch our noses Gods & Goddesses on the way uP or Home.  So this takes us back to as early as 2013,startinf at the bottom. It was a very good year.  Like awl years gifted to us, fellow apprentices experiencing our collective awakening to Who & what we really are.  We've only just begun...

Praise & Thank You God Who Loves us Awl  & Is Good & Loves Us more than we have the capability w our human brain equipment at this stage to fully comprehend, but wait, it gets better & better and... Stay tuned, Not to the TV, turn that shit off.  Listen to John Prine, go outside and see nature. 

Follow  from the bottom up.  Call your local boring same old same old 'news' station & tell them they need to wake up to the real New News  & that is that GOD IS Taking back HISHER Plant It Rock & Roll. And that it's a DONE DEAL.  Money Has NO value and crypto, forgettaboutit. God doesn't need the money, nor do HerHis children.  TYVM  💔 😎

Now 9/16/21 11:44 p.m. Angel on duty moment to announce Share Page 4 9/17/21 & It Is...

Take a wild guess my dear friends, yep, w yesterdays being the genesis if this official beginning page the url is   

We remember tellling Jim Law the name and he said ' Wow, you certainlly picked the right name.  Pretty sure those were his exact words.  

We trust it's in pristine condition in the Akashiic Records as to fix all the disappeared content is just way too much work esp w Googles new format w no option to retain the classic look it had before. Hope Ya's en-Joy.  <3 ) 

P.s.  See how this turned out on our Fb thread, if led: 

and added here, scroll to bottom.   TYVM   😎

Now 9/18/21 12:12 a.m. Share Page of Day from the Heart...

Ready, guys?  Here's Share Page of Day 4 Satur(N)day  w a Nod to God The Good Who Lives in us and experiences what we experience bc that was the deal, way baaack (sic) in the beginning, my dear friends.  God, being curious, and thinking.., Gee, what would it be like if we created a form, that would Bee (Good)  like US, but Not 'exactly' like us.  Of course since God would be the Source Creator of HerHis new creations, a part of them would always be as to me.  God didn't choose the liver or the pancreas, or God knows - the big toe, e.g. to be the part that He (4 grammatical economy only) chose to be the most relatable part of us, no. 

He chose the heart, dear ones.  The central engine,  if you will, of the entire machine, so to speak, and thus it remains so to this very  day, as recorded here in this sharing w this volunteer scribe who we are referring to by his preferred name going 4 ward thru awl eternity, as 'Shane.  In a similar note the One Known as Jesus asks to be referred to as Sananda, tho, He and awl of us will still respond, to our previous bames as they will always be good & we awl also can respond to 'Hey you' bc not everyone knows our name once we leave our own friendly neighborhood hang out.

Jerry, btw, guys, is just fine w 'Jerry' as He is known EVERYWHERE. aka 'Santa' Jerry  Lol.  Alright, w awl that said, here's the link to this, 'from the heart'  Page dedicated to the one I Love. i.e. You, schweetheart.  Your name is on my lips and your number is infinite 4 how can God ever put a limit on his loves and how could He ever expect His friends ~ Everyone to do same.  Does this make sense, my dear friends in God Who Is Good?  Which btw, is awl God asks of HisHer far flung creations, just to be good, or live trying, for death, like money does not exist, esp in the high life realms we are ascending to Now, w No one left behind, even the sandbox politicians just 'biden' their time; catch what God is saying here, Johnnie & Jackie?

Of course, these days w the twists & turns of human evolution & language variances, 'bad' is now 'good,' right Michael Jackson?  Yep. )  So, quick, b4 scribe gets carried away bc there's a whole lotta material stacked up wanting to come out of his 2 index fingers, however here's the link & we Hope Everyone Has a above average Saturday in your neighborhood.  <3 ) 

P.s.  Dr Peebles says we're Allowed to "TIP THE WAITER"  on these last days B4 the money (which has No clothes) is useless & the cashless, Thank God The Good, Society is recognized Worldwide but esp Starting in Africa where the need for relief, esp the orphanages, is Overwhelmingly Desperate & the corrupt govts sit on money that could feed the starving children.  SHAME ON THOSE AHOLES>  

Our email & Paypal address is:  We Are going uPSTAIRS Soon guys, the planet needs her long deserved respite from human insanity, and our bodies are moving from carbon to crystalline w the quickness.  So, Carry on w preferably & recommended, a smile on our faces & a song in our hearts.  It Is Written.  Rec & fin  9/18/21  12:50 a.m.  Quincy, Ma USA

P.s.  For the record, we just did a pendulum session w Dr Peebles, Jimmy Law, Sananda Marie (Mom) & Jimi Hendrix and the penduum went absolutely Crazy in the affirmative & Fast w about a 16 inch arc, 4 real.  <3 ) ) )

Now 9/19/21 Share Page of Day ~ Good News...

Greetings Gods & Goddesses

Who wants some Good New Now News?  God gives it to us here:  If like/love ~ Share & Bless Yerself, not to mention - others.  TYVM  😎 

Go here and scroll to bottom if want to see what we tried to share on the Page of Day but it wouldn't load there.

TThat's ok, that whole archived  site Is retired 4 good. We Thank it for being what it was/is.  Thank You God The Good.  IIn Jesus Name.  Indeed.  <3 )


Now 9/20/21 Happy Monday Freebirds of Infinity Share Page of Day is...

So, Guys, the calendar says Monday but since we are free beings of God's Love & Light the truth  is - everyday should start to feel like Saturday.  It already is for a lot of us who have stepped aside and out of the river of madness that so many souls are caught up in.  Esp if you got no j o b to clock in on, as 'Dreams' by Van Halen plays on  in background & Now Jimi  w 'Purple Haze' - reminds us that it's consciousness that brings us together, and tore us apart in the past & separates us today w silly man made divisions like politics & religions.

Consciousness.  God consciousness is where Christ consciousness delivered us, dear ones.  Thank You Jesus 4 showing us that love is really the only thing that exists  the only way to FatherMotherGod Who Is Good is Love.  So what does Good* want from HerHis good children awl grown up, even tho we're just babies to God & will always be, just as our grown children will always be our babies, right parents?  Indeed.

So what do we do now that we're Free to be you and me?  What about Fun?  Isn't that better than the 9 to 5 rat race.  Imagine, guys, no more commute.  What for?  A paycheck to earn horsecrap pieces of paper that used to define our status in a 'days gone by'  society.  The future is Now, my dear friends. We Are Awl in this experiment together, so it really is time that we Awl get along in this ongoing 'movie' of God that we each have our own starring roles to play.

No soul's part is more important or more significant than anyone else's, ok?  Jesus will tell us that.  Jesus Sananda is that correct, Bro?  'Yes Shane, that Is correct, Bro. ) '  He said w a 🙂 smile. So, Embrace it & Your New Freedom Rocky & Daisy, It's Free, compliments of God The Good Who Loves us more than we can fathom w our human brains at this juncture.

Thank You God The Good on Bewhole of Grace, Humanity's New Now Collective Name 4 Now & 4 eternity which is like forever but has a more permanent vibe to it, at least 4 the guy pecking out God's message here 4 the whole world to 'chew' on.  So, Share Page of Day today really Celebrates awl this.  Here's link & Have Fun over there fellow Daughters & Sons, Boys & Girls of Team Oneness.  Just a suggestion.  TYVM 

P.s. 'Cheers, Cheerio & Namaste Every buddy & Here's A Big Salute to Awl the Brave First Responders:  Police & Fire & Medical & Hospital Workers, Doctors & Nurses 4 Awl the Good work they've done during this most pivotal time in human history <3 ) ) ) 

Rec & fin  9/20/21  2:16 a.m.  Quincy, Ma USA  Field Infinity 

* Scribe meant God but Good showed up:  no need to edit.  )

Now 9/21/21 Share Page of Day 4 A Happy Harvest Moon Gate...

Hello & Greetings fellow spirits walking around in temporary 'body suits'  So, we went to w another page in mind to be the Share Page of Day, however, spirit had other ideas and we landed here and this, yes, w the disappeared content which maintenance man is excused from fixing, #1 bc Google makes it almost impossible 4 a dinosaur like scribe to fix & its not worth the time bc we are Awl about to be evacuated off the 'plan it' to a more suitable place 4 us awl to dwell in our new improved crystalline bodies of light.  Ok butterfly breaths?  

Thank ya's for Your divine presence and service to the cause of bringing God's perfect, infinitely perfect divine loving plan to fruition and w the quickness.  Meanwhile, hope to see Ya's @ the campus and 'Toin It up.'  Nod to Lynyrd Skynyrd & Sammy Hagar.  Let's hope Sammy can come out of his shell one of these days.  Sammy,  Lunch, Bro? Have your people call my people. This goes 4 everyone, 'Upstairs' ok ?  Good.  <3 ) ) ) ) )   To The  eternal Pursuit of Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness, not to mention Fun - Adventuure & Most & Best of Awl LOVE The Very Essence of EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE W/o Exception, my dear friends.  Ok?  Capiche?  Good. )

And So It Is. What It Is.  Indeed.  Rec & fin  9/21/21  2:00 a.m.  Sea Street, Quincy, Ma  USA. Field Infinity. Song 4 the occasion. 'Right Here, Right Now.'  By Van Halen  RIP Eddie.  Rockin' In Paradise.  Jerry, we just gotta say, Bro, Your 'Grateful Living' Band gets More & More  Awesome Awl the time, Man. ) ) )   Cheers, Cheerio & Namaste. my dear friends in God The Good.  <3 ) ) )  fin: 2:44 a.m  Nod to Jimmy Buffett  King of Fun.  Let The Fun & Good Times Roll babies.  Deal?   Awesome. <3 ) ) ) ) One more: ) ) ) 

Now 9/22/21 It's the Love Day of the month & Share Page of Day is...

Greetings Star Beings of The Infinite, Awl of us, as One Team, we call Team Oneness.  You can't read this & not be in the team, ok peeps, it doesn't work any other way.  So, here's a url to get to the page we had in mind yesterday b4 spirit intervened w a more apropro choice for that moment.

For  a Real Good time mosey on over here, and sorry 4 the delay of 2 or 3 blinks to get there.  We know we're more used to simply thinking something, i.e.  when we're uPSTAIRS & there it is, in exquisite detail, taylor made 4 us.whatever it is we wished for.  But, we're getting there. God Knows & there's No denying the Source Creator of Awl Creation, my dear friends.                                                                                                           

If like/ love Share it & be a Galactic Messenger yerself, Sonny & Daisy, You'll love the ripples of goodness coming back to you from others who your action  lifted uP w this simple 'Love In Action' action.

TYVM & Keep on Truckin'  Friends/ Lovers of The One.  Yet another name 4 God Who Is Good.  Want  to know other names 4 God the Good who resides in awl of HisHer kids, kids?  From Abe & Adam to Zelda & Zyabcdefgh, ok?  Did God leave anyone out?  No, kids, no one left out.  <3 )

Cheers, Cheerio & Namaste 4 now.  

P.s.  This now shared here:

This the official new Now ext page for   TYVM  😎

Now 9/23/21 Cosmic Trigger Day Share Page 4 God's Kids

Greetings Fellow Kids of awl ages who just want to have Fun.  Here;s link to Share Page of Day:   

Now 9/24/21 happy Friday & its Share Page of Day time...

Hello Starbursts.  It's Friday already, believe it or not, and here's spirit's pic:

Try to en Joy this one guys.  We know it's hard 4 some of you to have a good time, but just think, guys.  We have awl eternity to work on it.  Isn't that good new news?  Advice for a smile.  Ready?  Keep smiling, like Willie, he's pointing at You Grace. The human race.  <3 ) ) ) 

Nnw It's time to Share Share Page of Christ Day 9/25/21

Greetings & Welcome Soul Survivors w no one not surviving?  It's simple, spirits.  God The Good picked up the tab so to speak on awl our foolhardiness down here in the lower physical area.  Gods Sent HisHer Only Son, Jesus to Do what Jesus did.  Thank God that whole Book is in the books, so we can now move on in knowledge gained & let the eternal celebration begin 4 the Time 4 that is Now 

God has chosen this particular page out of the vastness of pages on the 2 sites that scribe has been led to create and steward as best he can, since 2013 when he started this work. So, w/o further ado here's link to the page.  Est travel time 2 shakes of a lambs tail or 2 blinks of an eye.  Sorry 4 the delay.  <3 ) ) )  Celebrate responsibly dear ones, you know, like it's not yer first time.  Oh it is your first time?  Then Really Celebrate responsibly & Be Xtra Grateful to God Who Is Really Really Good, Guys.  Indeed.  <3 ) ) )   TYVM  😎  💔

Now 9/26/21 Share Page of Day - A Homecoming...TYJ

Greetings & Welcome Home Star Light Beings. As the previous Share page invited us, here we are & here's link to get us awl to Share Page of Day, brought to us Awl by God Who Is Good.  💔 

Let the music take us wherever it may; we stand on firm ground in our Knowing we awl have it made in the shade of Jesus' Love 4 us which is God The Good Love & Light w no limits, barriers, expiration date or cost.  It's Free like each & every one of us, dear ones. Effective when we wake up and realize political, religious or nationalistic bias is Not the way we can pay God back 4 Awl She He has done 4 Her His Children, inc our very existence.

We only need the teachings of Jesus Sananda.  Paul will do too, this Shane Paul scribe lets the music do the talking.  Yes, music, the language of the angels serves us good, and then some.  Click on the link, my dear friends, you've come this far, you'll see.  TYVM  😎  💔

Yay, Its Monday, 9/27/21 Share Page of Day is...

Here's Share Page of Day, kids.  As we just lost a whole paragraph of lovely 'stuff' Fa real.

Say 'Hey' to Blue Oyster Cult, Guys  & be nourished w 'State of The Art'  BOC Music. 

Pic is one we had in mind to share on this thread, so, we knew it was on the BOC page, so God, in us, like everyone els, makes this  a No brainer.  And that paragraph went straight to our 'Akosh' so its not lost 4 ever, on contrary, it lives 4 ever now.  Nice move God,  You're So Good.  So, how's Your movie going everyone?  Good, we trust.  Ty 4 asking, Spanky, ours is going swimmingly.  Ty 4 asking.  Oh, you have plans 4 me?  Hmm.  Ok, have Your people get in touch w my people & God Thhe Good willing God's Will Is Done.  Now.  And So It Is What It Is.  Indeed. 

Share Page of Day for 9/29/21 Who'sready 4 liftoff?

Greetings Grace The Human Race, How Y'awl doing tonight?  Good, glad to hear that.  Ok, here's link to the Share Page of Day on the launch pad, actually, already lifted off.  If Like/Love Be Sure to Share so Your franchiise area of the infinite lights up and is not a dark place in the cosmic sea.   Hope Ya's Have Fun over there.  <3 ) ) ) 

Pic:  The Good Ship Infinity leaving the building.  <3 )