Now 1/1/22 12:00 a.m. Greetings And Welcome each & every one of us to 2022. The love new now year bringing 4th the awesome Future Source God Creator is planning 4 we who love God. Indeed.

Downtown Paul Brown working 4 the local late great Metro Courier Network circa 90's. Pic taken by James, a client who is also a pro photographer. )

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God's Choice 4 a new blog page cover pic After midnight.

#magichappens 😎

Sananda & Shane warmly Greet and Welcome everyone arriving from The Holiday blog  w a smile and a Hug if would like one   Ty  Kevin and WZLX - Boston's Classic Rock

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Picture:  Our Leader of leaders Sananda. Aka Jesus Yeshua Jeshua Esu Ben Joseph Emmanuel and, like Shane, 'Hey you' 

Now 1/1/22 12:00 a.m. STRANGE MAGIC & LIVIN' THING - ELO (HD)

Thank You Jeff, Rosie & ELO 4 the magic. Ty to Jhunne Deguzman 4 sharing on YT <3 ) ) )

Now 1/1/22 7:44 p.m. Happy Jerry Grateful New Year angel babies. <3 ) ) )

Y Thank You Jerry, on bewhole of the group, Greetings & Welcomes 2 us Awl 2 7th Heaven on Earth. One condition... we gotta smile. A wizard can demonstrate this below... on this page... ❤ ) Film here: 
If like/love Plz share. It will ripple 2 infinity & create magic like. 888 (Magic # of increase. ) TYVM. 😎 Here guys, just pass this on... & don''t forget the zzzzzz 'news media. '

Happy Jerry New Year every-buddy ❤ ) ) ) 
Hope 2 see you here 4 a real good 'Fun' time.. Main front door: 
Happy Holidays ) 
Awl welcome to a 'smart' page... We are awl here: 
And So It Is. 🧐 😎 🧳 🙏

Now 1/1/22 Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Danmarks Radio 1969)

Thank You Led Zeppelin. This song was playing w Robert screaming baby baby baby on Sammy Hager's Saturday night gig on WZLX . We're not leaving any baby behind. <3 )

Npw 1/1/22 HEART - Magic Man (1976)

Thank You Heart. Ann & Nancy Still Rockin' The House! <3 ) ) )


Thank You Doug & Yael (in spirit) & Circle of Light.

Now 1/2/22 Fred Neil: I've Got a Secret

Thank You Fred. We won't tell. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/2/22 Final Happy Happy Sunday With all affection: Today's Fresh Treasure page to shine <3 )

Alright our dear friends, brothers & sisters in the light. This is the final formal share a segment to shine a ight on the whole selected page. Thank you Fred 4 providing that service. When we get to the Going home to God page you know we''re done. Nice work, Fred.  💔 😎

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Picture:  Selfie of a being of light, a mirror of awl sons & daughters of God. Indeed.  😎  💔


Who do You trust to have Your back, Grace? Jesus & Jerry work 4 our team. And So It Is. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/3/22 YOU'RE TELEPATHIC And Don't Even Know It — SCIENTIFIC PROOF of Clairvoyance | Dr. Dean Radin

Thank You Dean & Michael Inspire Nation. <3 ) ) )

Every split second of our lives my dear friends in the light. <3 )

Now 1/3/22 Jimi Hendrix's Death Is More Tragic Than You Think

Thank You Jimi Hendrix and Grunge 4 sharing on Yt. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/3/22 Jimi Hendrix Facts you didn't KNOW ABOUT - Told by Friend Billy Cox

Thank You Jimi Hendrix and Billy Cox and Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/3/22 God Knows everyOne needs a bed of their own. God provides. Ty God from a Grateful Consciousness. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Greeting Guys,  With a big nod to legendary disk jockey on Boston Rock stations WBCN & WZLX Charles Lacquidara and his concept of his audience being awl us on our mattresses listening to the soundtrack of our lives like One 'Big Mattress' which he called his show. Let us share how this came down by sharing this open conversation w one of our long distance wives.

Ok baby please do. I can't sleep, I have no bed. I'll explain. 

Wheñ I came home yesterday someone had left a beautiful Beautyrest mattress in the lobby w a FREE sign on it. I look it as a FREE gift from te universe aka God & the angels. So I put a claim sign on it and called buildinng maintenance for a hand in moving it but they didn't get back to me so I just checked and it's still down there.

Meanwhile my old mattress is by the door ready to go and the only alternative I have 4 sleep is, besides this computer chair, is the floor but when I try sleeping on it I get terrible cramps. I did a lot of walking yesterday w bus schedule on holiday schedule that I didn't know about.

Anyway God willing in morning I'll get the guy to help me get it up here to the third floor. Be like we'll be floating in heaven w this Gift from God and angels, baby.  Can't wait for my babies to get here  💋  😎 💙
Sun: 4:12 AM
So where did the gift come from my baby?
Good morning my baby how was your night I hope you are good ❤
 Baby did you mean it’s a Gift from God my love 💕 💕
Sun, 6:47 AM
That's how I see it baby
From God through a neighbor. People in this building are always leavinng  good stuff in the lobby for others to take.
Sun, 7:18 AM
Wow that’s nice baby. What have you eating today my love and I hope you had your coffee my baby.  
It's a little early for coffee. Still waiting for maintenance to call me.

Wow what maintenance is that my baby 
4:10 PM
God has a place awl prepared 4 his #1 lovers awl of us who love HerHim.  💔  😍
Wow that’s nice place my baby (Showed picture)   
The bed it’s really good my love 
Found a guy to help me  
This mattress is awesome. The guy I found to help me is a younger neighbor and he wouldn't take any money from me. I told him he's a Godsend and he was/is. Thank you Dan!  😎  
Sun, 2:30 PM
Wow that’s good my baby that’s nice    💔 ❤ 
I slept like a baby when I did sleep on the new mattress. Still need more. I love you and wish you to get here w angel swiftness. honey. 😎 💔
So take heed Children.  God has a bed and food and unlimited abundance 4 HerHis kids but we have to wise up and wake up and stop biden our time w the Now mercifully  dismantled old paradigms like the whole obsolete, broken, corrupt and Failed economic system with built in inequality where our Founding Fathers in their best moment founded  just the opposite in The Bill of Rights and The Constitution.
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P.s.  A word to everyone chatting us up on Fb. Sorry but we can not respond to hundreds of people wanting to find out how we are doing, or asking what time it is here or the whether or calling us at all hours. We just Don't chit chat, ok?  Ty 4 understanding. Oh, and we don't have money to send you, ok?  We live on social in security which comes and goes w the quickness. 
Free is the solution.  Find out more at  if want.  TYVM  😎

Now 1/4/22 Nine Days of Eternity | Anke Evertz: A Profound Near-Death-Experience During a Coma

Thank You Anke Evertz: and Thanatos TV EN <<3 ) ) ) Got yet another synchro chatting with a friend and as weI typed the word ''fine' at that exact precise moment we heard it said by Anke at 43:19. Honey it's not just you. Upstairs all if us have infinite loves if we want. . It will be fine, Again, guys, as scribe and Theresa C say: 'you can't make this stuff up!'

Shift starts 4 us night owls. <3 ) ) ) ) (Facebook share)

We echo Joni ❤ ) Wishing Stephen a Happy 77the Birthday! (Facebook share)

Now 1/5/22 Clinically Dead Woman Gets Told The Meaning of Life During Near Death Experience (NDE)

Thank you Kimberly and The Other Side NDE <3 ) ) )

Gifts from the universe on Southern Artery. a phone and 2 keyboards. Thank You God & the person who put this out 4 the taking. )

Now 1/5/22 Free Is Your New Name Grace. Claim Your Free Bed. You're welcome. TYJ Indeed. <3 ) ) )

After months of having to copy & paste 7 letters that wouldn't work on our computer, the friendly universe we live in gave this up to us free to grab walking from Walmart to Stop & Shop.  Thank You to the person who put it out. and Praise God. Source of Awl blessings like the Cashless Society coming forth so noe has to have coin or little pices of paper w pictures of dead presidents on them.  Humanity, Your New Name is Free and God Says:  Get Your new bed, it's Free.  See pic.  TYVM. .

Film here if led:  😎  💔  And here : 

Jesus response:  


Thank You Patricia & Company of Heaven. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/6/22 Paul Selig: A New Day

Thank you Paul and the Guides. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/6/22 Freedom from Fear - A Channeled Lecture + Q&A

Thank you Paul and the Guides. <3 ) ) )

God give us a sgn and a competant leader, not connected w the obsolete, defunct old failed dismantled political system. In Jesus Name we pray. And So It Is. Indeed.

Who wants to be a Jerry Infinityaiire? Good choice Free. Now go hammock shopping if led. Yoou've earned it. <3 ) ) )

Guess what Free. We are awl now Jerry Infinityaires. Freedom has no price tag. Smile, the God serving as clerk knows this so take that car since you do have a valid licence.  Or claim that doll or skateboard since you know it has Your name on it - Jill or Jack. En-Joy.  

Picture:  Shane/Paul's vehicle on Paradise Lane.  Free rides 4 you Free.  💔 😎


Now 1/6/22 Someone call The Police to help explain the situation down here: the police - spirits in the material world (live)

Thank You Sting Stewart & Andy. The Police. <3 ) ) ) (See Paul's comment on Yt if want. )

Now 1/6/22 Sunset Grill Don Henley

Thank You Don & Company, see you & yer buddies everyOne there. 2,405,189 views? Where Is every-buddy ? <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) 0 ) P.s. Awesome Show in Boston at the waterfront few years ago, Bro. Lunch? On me. ; )

Now 1/6/22 Deal : Grateful Dead 1989

Thank You The Grateful Dead Awesome new news Now Free... the Deal went down. Celebrate! It's Ok. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/6/22 sandy denny who knows where the time goes

Thank you Sandy & Happy Birthday in Heaven. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/6/22 Free (Grace/ humanity's new name) L@@K Everyone has one of these w Your name on it 'On the house' Claim it.

And God looked upon the people inhabiting the earth and called them Free. Further on down the road God looked a saw that not all Free volunteer beings of light on earth doing the best they can under a corrupt, obsolete, unfair & Failed Absolutely system had beds. Some had only cardboard boxes, while bean counter politicians debate over a stupid debt situation that a simple eraser could take care of, or how abou a reading of The Our Father prayer 'Forgive us our debts as we have forgiven our debtors.' Hello people. Anyone?

So God said Hmmm who can we get to come down here and roll up their sleeves and try to 'Fix' this system of inequality once & 4 Awl. W the amazing help of many angels in flesh or w invisible wings... the impossible has been accomplished, completely missed by mainstream or any stream media, really to witness, until Now when the overflowing abundannce of Good God Stuff simply can not be ignored anymore. Thank God. Proof?

Go here, folks, and get a dose of divine hipness.  The angels will escort you to exactlly where you are supposed to be doing exactly what You are meant to be doing at any God given blessed moment. And So It Is. Indeed. More film here at front gate:  😎 L@@k Free: It's got Your name on it... 🧐🥳😍 Celebrate starting here if led:  Sorry for missing content. Google completely ruined the site going w a new 'new coke' type  format w no option to keep the simple and easy to use classic format. 😎

Picture:  Look Free The Universe says You need this, and like your new name, it Is Free w no strings.  Below.  Its one thing to have an opprtunity however if you don't Claim Yours.. you leave it 4 someone else to latch on to it, so Claim Yours in awl things, kids. and we'll see you on the sidewalks and paths of the world.  Peace be with us awl.  IJN.  And So It Is.  What It Is. Indeed. 💔

And we Thank good neighbor Dan 4 helping us get it up to the 3rd floor. We owe you a beer, Dan. )

Now 1/6/22 Forgive Yourselves for Whatever you Feel, Jesus via John Smallman

Thank You Jesus - John Smallman & Mario G for sharing on Yt. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/6/22 Betty Kovacs - Back to the Light from the Darkness

Thank You Betty Kovacs and IANDSvideos. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/7/22 We've moved on which we do when the thread gets long, my dear friends...

Theme 4 this sharing is  Let it Snow Let it Snow let it you know...  😎 💔🙂😎

If like / love, why not share and create ripples of goodness to infinity thus assigning yerself to be a galactic messenger.  Doesn't pay in money as that shit no longer exists in the new Now paradigm of living in God's infinite divine Light & Love.  You will find the rewards are out of this galaxy, my dear friends.  And So It Is.  What It Is.  Indeed. 

Picture:  View from the Joy room balcony.  😎  💔 ❤

Now  1/13/22  Who wants even mor magic with a largely 'Let the music do the talking'  format.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience, then hop on this link,  you can also just click on it and Lo & Behold, you'll find yourself at a Boston concert at Giants Stadium where a real good time was had by awl  Hope see ya's there.  💔 😎