Love Love Love... nothing else exists. Praise God The Good. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Timeless.. Want Light? Be Light, It's what we are...

3 years ago
January 14, 2019
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'Be Like a lighthouse.'
Summer Baon, Dr Peebles
We welcome awl our buddies from here:  https: 
Welcome to this side of the veil dear friends.
If you would like to  share this page, a url is: 
Shine on Shiney's. 


Now 1/21/22 1:44 a.m. ACCESS a HIGHER Dimension! Your Guides NEED You to HEAR This! Paul Selig and the Guides

Thank You The Guides and Paul & Miichael. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/21/22 Kryon Feb 2022 - No More Frustation & Sadness for Old Souls, Kryon is Here!

Thank You kryon & Lee & Company 4 the awesome wisdom. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/21/22 Paul reveals what we're living in... July 3, 2017

Thank You God for conceiving writing producing directing & acting in the Far Flung Productio limitlless. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/21/22 Help On The Way - Slipknot - Franklin's Tower 08/13/75

Thank You God The Good 4 The Grateful Dead & Now The Grateful 4 Ever Living In God. EveryOne have a simple good time 4 your happy hip joyfull eternal adventure. Deal? Hope so. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/21/22 Grateful Dead [1080p60 Remaster] October 8, 1989 - Hampton Coliseum - VA - Multi-Cam UltraSBD:Miller

Thank You God The Good 4 The Grateful Dead & Now The Grateful 4 Ever Living In God. EveryOne have a simple good time 4 your happy hip joyfull eternal adventure. Deal? Hope so. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/21/22 The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash (Official Documentary)

Thank You God for The Gift of Johnny Cash. The only cash we need, going 4 ward. And So It Is. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/21/22 Betty White & Johnny Carson in Funny Skit as Adam and Eve - Carson Tonight Show

Thank You God for Betty & Johnny, Now age proxy 4 Adam & Eve. Here's to starting over & fresh new Now start. Sound good, my dear friends? Great, we'll propose it to the One. Alright, Good New Now news kids. Good says ''Go 4 it" Thank You Goood Good God. (Scribe did not intend how this came out) Perfect. Thank You God. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) 12 smiles 4 the 12 tribes starting w Aries ending in Pisces. Nice work buddies. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/22/22 A simple man at work. Our work 4 this phase is Done, if anyone cares to inspect. Anyone?

We love Ya Johnny... 

You too Betty... 

Ok, Talking about the slide showw...

#1 Shane/ Paul [Shane means God is gracious.  Paul means humble.  search it up: ) 2001 Fb memory pic)

#2  On screen Marie & Jaws w Tinker (not shown) W God and angels,  our constant fun guides.

#3   God Please give us awl hope and good woork to do. i.e. 'Love In Action' work.  Done.

#4  Which guy are you Lucky & Daisy?  Be honest, now.  You can change lanes, you know, guys.

# 5   'The light comes in where the wound is.'  Rumi  ours in the shape of a heart.

The show carries on... FREE.  Or do you 'consumers' want to keep playing the old, obsolete, corrupt to itt's core Failed syysttem thhat 'stinkks' like a sewer?   

Good new Now news. If you are reading this, ongrats <3 You've made it to exactly where you''re supposed to be at this exact moment in time & space. Rec & fin: 1/22/22 10:11 a.m. And So It Is. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/22/22 Neil Young & Willie Nelson - Heart of Gold (Live at Farm Aid 1995)

Thank You Neil & Willie & Company & your admirers ~ EveryOne. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Paul F Brown
Update Now 1/22/22 We are Jerry 'Infinityaires' totally beyond any measure of measuring spiritual wealth, the only wealth that matters. Indeed. 🧐 😎 🌺 (in comments)

Our team lets a simple picture do the talking. Any questions, kids? Ok Good. Now get out there & play & have Fun. Your joy is God's Joy. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/22/22 Now This...

Greeting spirits in the material new Now world. Can you say 'Divine Intervention'? Oh Good.

See  awl  good stuff here, kids.  Ok?  Good.  <3 ) 

It's Party Time.  The Original Jubilee place. 

Sorry, Google totally butchered this site with their 'new coke' design w no option to keep the original perfect Classic format.  Thanks a lot Google. (


Elvis, King of Rock n Roll, whattaya got?



Now 1/22/22/ Elvis Presley - Green Green Grass Of Home (best video)

Thank You God The Good 4 Elvis & Company ~ Awl of us humble ones. <3 ) )) )

now 1/22/22 Will People Ever See It? - George Harrison On The True Experience

Thank You George & Friends ~ EveryOne. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/23/22 Happy Sunday Folks An open letter. Shared from Fb

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Paul F Brown

Happy Sunday 'Free' aka humanity: An Open Letter.
If like Please share esp to snews (snoooze) media and politicians, governments and greedy hospitals where patients don't get treated unless they have shit. (Now age tech term 4 money which no longer exists. Source: God }
Omwoyo Vinny
11:32 AM
You sent
Hi, I have no active bank account right now I'm broke except for 50 cents. Money tho is obsolete. God says so. but who listens to God? No one it seems. Film here, if led:   
Understand Good Is the giver. He gave us a Free planet. Man has criminally disrespected Her & Her vast resources with man's bs.
I'm scribe for Source simply passing on God's wishes. HerHis wishes are our command as we are multidimensional in humble service to same.
Note: We intended God at top. Came out Good. No mistake, my friend, God Is Good. And So It Is. The Now age Amen. What It Is. Indeed.   
Hallelujah  He is the only way to do everything in this life brother

Thumbs up not intended by scribe however spirit is our co-partner. (this part will be included at blog) 😍

Omwoyo Vinny
Yeah that's true

Picture:  Shane/Paul at Nantasket Point, Hull, Ma.  Circa 2016

P.s.  Who wants to see 'My mix'  You Tube made 4 us?  Ty You Tube aka a time machine 4 the good times.  <3 ) ) )   


Writing on T shirt says 'He is the keeper of eternity.' <3 ) ) )

Now 1/23/22 STEELY DAN * Chain Lightning 1975 HQ

Thank You STEELY DAN. <3 )) ) ) Indeed. )

Now 1/23/22 8:11 p.m. Your divine and holy purpose – Being You Now! by John Smallman

Greetings Team, you are on the team, aren't you Lucky & Daisy?  Good. bc who wants to be on a losing team?  No one we know.  So Our 'upstairs' buddy, Saul, coming thru channel extraordinaire John Smallman; take it away Please Saul and John... 

Thank You Saul & John & awl us priveleged to hear these words of divine wisdom.  And So It Is.  Indeed. <3 ) ) 

Now 1/23/22 9:55 p.m. During Her Near Death Experience She Remember Planning This Life - Kristin Butler 374

Thank You Kristin & Jeff. Good stuff. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/23/22 10:33 p.m. Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin

Who wants a meditation? Thank You Shawn My Self Reliance
33,999,921 views? Where is everyone? (Though we just came upon this.) And btw, he wasn't alone, he had his trusty 4 legged doggie best friend companion. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/24/22 1:00 a.m. INTUITIVE UPDATE January 2022 - Matt Kahn/

Thank You Matt & Company. Awesome stuff, Bro. <3 ) ) ,)

Now 1/24/22 1:55 a.m. A shared walk on the mystic side of life...

Hey Buddies, let us share with ya's these pics from our walk yesterday.

# 1  The sign was obviously pushed back by some unknown force, not completely however it's obvious it was hit by some unknown force.  

# 2  Shane was there after the fact to recoord this.

# 3  We continue our peaceful walk alone (as Green Day 'I walk Alone' just played on WZLX.  Ty Green Day, Nice work Aldo w the video.  Ty ZLX , it was cold, January is like that.  <3 )

# 4  Sunset scene over beautiful Quincy, Ma.  A great place to live.  20 years 4 us so far now.

# 5  Sign says Stop.  We could apply this too so many things but the most urgent is to Stop awl the bs economic inequality based on how much shit one happens to have in their Now obsolete bank accounts.  Billionaires no longer exist in the new Now Love paradigm, the only paradigm on the 'Plant it'  Rock 'n Roll. 

Concur fellow infinityaire Robert 4 starters?  Lunch w you and Allison?  Hope so soon.  Have your people contact our people, Ok, Bro?  Oh, and Jimmy, you're invited as good too. And John Paul & Jason & Sammy Hager & Wolfie & Van Halen gang & Kevin & WZLX fun lovers as good.   <3 ) ) )   

Signing off as this music is playing 4 us on Yt now.  Thank You Jerry & Company The Grateful Dead.  <3 ) ) ) 

Picture:  Robert Plant  There are no words. <3 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Good news:  There are words here, Thank God. 

Wait, there's more, if led: 

Alright, guys.  Let's Awl Thank God The Good 4 Everything SheHe Has Done on  This HerHis site, as well as here:  Thy eternal party is On 4 the ever Grateful children of God that we awl humbly, are.  And So It Is. What It Is. Indeed. <3 ) ) ) 

Now  1/24/22  Ah yes, Star beings, we getting near to the infinite w every passing mega- second.  Have Ya's seen this one?  Hope so.  😎 💔

Now 1/24/22 4:00 a.m. Billy Graham Sits Down With Johnny on Carson Tonight Show - 06/13/1973

Thank You Billy & Johnny, Ed, Doc & Appreciative audience ~ Awl of us. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/24/22 Dolores Cannon – The 5D Earth Is Here 🌎 Will YOU Be There? | Preparing For The New Earth

Thank You Dolores & Dorothy & & Awl Company of Gods That we humbly are. In Jesus Name. And So It Is. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/24/22 Hospice Nurse Julie Has Shared Death Experience - 377

Thank You Julie & Jeff JeffMara Podcast <3 ) ) )


Thank You iPatricia & Company of Heaven. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/24/22 SURF'S UP - CHRISTIAN VARONA (Original song) w/Angie Varona

Thank You Christian & Angie Varona Surf's uP! Indeed Dear Sons & Daughters of God Who Is Good. <3 ) ) ) See Ya's on the beaches parks & Your own lovely homes Good Has 4 each & everyOne of us Vast Gods & Goddesses. 4 Schoolroom Earth... Class Dismissed. Alice, you got a song, Bro? Oh Good. <<3 ) We attempted to place this on You Tube but we are unable to do so for some reason. Thank You varona Family Christian & Angie for this wonderful video showing life can be Good. So moore peeps can experience this we have further shared it here: A blog of Awl welcome to the jubilee. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/24/22 Alice Cooper - School's Out (from Alice Cooper: Trashes The World)

Thank You Alice Cooper & Crew & Crazed, in a Good way, Audience. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/24/22 Your Angels have a GIFT for YOU! Secret Gifts from Your Angels! Michael Sandler

Thank You GodGod Miichael and the angels. <3 ) ) )

Coming 1/25/22 Why You Incarnated Now (Yes, You Chose This!) Kryon, Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyika

Thank You God Kryon Lee Monika & Michael. Awesome stuff. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/25/22 12:03 a.m. Angel Sends Dead Woman Back With Shocking Message (Near Death Experience)

Thank you God Grandpa Michaela & The Other Side NDE <3 ) ) )

Copy & Share if want to be a Galactic messenger Lucky & Daisy. Rewards plan is out of this world. <3 ) ) )

Thank You Angie. Everybuddy loves you sweetheart <3 ) ) )

Now 1/25/22 Man Meets Woman He Believed Was His Online Fiancée

Thank You Dr Phil , Charlie, Brittany, Angie & Esa (not sure of spelling) So, Shane/Paul is in the Charlie club having spent @ 8 months and @ 1K in money sent. Be careful men & women. Require a selfie w your name on piece of paper & picture cf drivers license. Keep on brightening the world with your light Angie & Esa. <3 )

Now 1/25/22 5:44 a.m. A New Now page is riight around the bend babies...

Greetings Spirits Thank Ya's for hanging out at this page.  Hope it was en-Joy-able 4 you & feel Free to come back anytime if led & share w your Buddies/ Friends ~ EveryOne. Here's link 4 new Now page.  Juust created overnight by elves & Shane & of course God Who Does it Awl.   ) 

Here's another page we esp like:  Bc EveryOne needs a hammock in their life, ioho...    💔  🙂 

See Ya's on the mystic walk if coming...  😎 💔 💔 💔 💔 4 💔''s 4 the angel # 4 angels.  <3 ) ) )