Greetings & Welcome Far Flung Mystic Beings of the infinite love & light of Creator. How you doing? <3 )

Further Mystic Sunset scene. January 2022 Quincy, Ma

Now 1/25/22 4:44 a.m. We Welcome awl our good buddies to The Show...

 Long have we waited and worked 4 this day.  long will we look back & Thank & Praise God The Good 4 the beautiful days ahead w the angels by our side.  And So It Is.  What It Is.  Indeed.  TYJ & Mary & awl us happy healthy harmonious kids.  What to do now?  Turn It uP! & Celebrate.  Ladies choice.  <3 ) ) 

We welcome awl our buddies coming over from just completed page:   😎

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Picture:  May be temporary, of Shane & a friend/ buddy.  Yeah, his name is Buddy.  Lol  <3 ))

Now 1/25/22 Happy Christ Day in January dear beloved giftees. To start this blog off we give you a blessed friend singing our song. Take it away Joni...

Thank You God 4 Joni & Thank You Joni dearest. <3 )

Now 1/25/22 Happy Christ Day in January dear beloved giftees. To start this blog off we give you a blessed friend singing our song. Take it away not so little Tommy Rush from New Hampshire <3 )

Thank You God 4 Tom & Thank You Tom Brother <3 ) Joni & Tom Lunch? Nobody has to buy, like everything on God's green Grateful earth, it's Free. <3 ) ) )

Results when One lives their passion w love & nothing else. And So It Is. What It Is. Indeed. <3 ) ) ) Thank You Flourney Holmes 4 this truly inspired work of art.

Now 1/25/22 The Allman Brothers Band - Statesboro Blues

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band. RIP Roockin' In Paradise. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) 4 the 12 TribesstartingwAries0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Pisces <3 ) ) )

Now 1/25/22 This is a song about Freedom. Bob Seger - Roll Me Away From the album "The Distance" 1982

Thank You God ~ Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band & fandust1 4 sharing on You Tube. <3 ) ) )

So Guys, seriously, when are we really gonna get serious about our God given lives down here in bootstrap schoolhouse earth aka 'Plant it' Rock 'n Roll Graduate school?   Let's get hip, like Jerry Garcia hip.  Are You there yet Lucky, how 'bout you Daisy?  Oh, Thank you I'd love to 'Do' lunch w you 'Free.' (Humanity's New Now name ) 

I'll have my people contact your people, ok babe.  Cool. Ciao. Lol.  Nod to Garry Shandling.,Darlene%2C%20Hank%20Kingsley's%20doting%20assistant

Kind regards

Paul Brown

Now 1/25/22 Fred Neil - Faretheewell {1966}

Thank You God & Fred Neil & the dove. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/25/22 A gift as Fb memory. Staying right there or turning around is also an option, right kids? Yep. )

Same day. Fb memory. Dan Fogelberg. Wherever you are Dan, that's where scribe wants to go, as in song...

Same night Nether Lands ~ Dan Fogelberg [CC]

Thank You Creator God Absolute Mother Earth & Dan Fogelberg. <3 ) ) )

Share & be a Galactic messenger. Pays no money which no longer exists anyway, but rewards plan is out of this world. <3 )

Now 1/26/22 7:22 p..m. Allman Brothers - Good Clean Fun - Tonight Show 1990

Thank You Allman Brothers Band 4 All of us. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Aries to Pisces, Rock on fellow kids, in Fun & humbleness & Gratitude. And So It Is. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/26/22 7:33 p.m. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird - 7/2/1977 - Oakland Coliseum Stadium (Official)

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd A song written 4 Duane. Pretty soon Awl God's Rockin' Kids will be same as this Masterpiece of a song, deliverered Masterfully. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Now 1/26/22 8:05 p.m. Encore: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd on bewhole of awl us simple, in a profound way, beings of iinfiniite Love & Light. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/27/22 9:33 a.m. Happy Birthday Eddie (26th) When It's Love by Van Halen (Unseen Ver. on UTube) - HQ

Thank You God 4 Van Halen Eddie Alex Sammy & Michael. Large Shout Out to Diamond Dave. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 1/27/22 9:44 a.m. Van Halen - Jump (Official Music Video)

Thank You Van Halen Eddie Alex David & Michael. Large Shout Out to Sammy (Love your show on WZLX Bro, Saturday nights at 7) <3 ) ) ) ) )

Noow 1/27/22 10:44 a.m. 5:13 / 31:59 David Letterman - June 27 1985 feat Eddie Van Halen

Thank You David Letterman & Paul & Crew & Valeriie & Eddy & appreciative audience awl of us humble in Victtory giving Awl Praiise & Gllory to God Who Is Good. In Jesus Name. And So It Is What It Is. Indeed. With the song playing on the radio WZLX at this synchro moment. (below) 11:07 a.m. et al <3 ) ) )

Now 1/27/22 11:16 a.m. (Sweet) Van Halen Dreams Original Blue Angels Video

Thank You Van Halen & Blue Angels <3 ) ) )

Now 1/27 11q:33 a..m. In synch w the song on the radioBlue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper (Single Version) (1976) (HD) Now:

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. Hey guys let's resume our 10 O'clock card* game on Thursfday nights. Deal? Oh Good.. Girlfriends welcome. <3 ) ) ) *not stricly card games. )

Now 1/27/22 Pink Floyd - Time (PULSE Restored & Re-Edited)

Thank You Pink Floyd for Your Time. Appreciiate It. Also Ty for the concert back in the day at Wang Center, Boston. Out of this world time Nanci & Paul had. OMG <3 ) )

Now 1//27/22 12:48 p.m. (Just heard on ZLX) Cream - White Room (Royal Albert Hall 2005) (17 of 22)

Thank You Cream Eric Jack & Ginger. Eric isn't the only 'God' in the group, guys. They all are and so is each & every One of us. Can you dig it Lucky & Daisy? Hope so, bc it's the truth, Ruth Ask anyOne who's passed on. (thru a real medium) there or the many who have come back to tell us about it. Like the following... <3 ) ) ) P.s. However first, anothe Awesome song played on ZLX this morning. Thank you Carter You're the best.* Bro. * Not to be confused w everybuddy else who happens to be the best as good. ) Togethermy* dear friends, we are Team Oneness & we Rock, hold the roll unless you love that too, we do. Roller Rock too. It Is Written. <3 ) *As it came out and will remain like this as there is no separation, we awl know this, right kids? Indeed. <3 )

Now 1/27/22 1:11 p.m. Metallica - Nothing Else Matters 2007 Live Video Full HD

Thank You Metallica, you guys are the best, and your 'Black' album ~ Out of this world. Cheers on bewhole of us awl. <3 ) ) ) P.s. Wow guys: 169,331,604 views. Where Is everybody? <3 )

Now 1/27/22 1:44 p.m. Woman Is Shown a Glimpse of the Future During Near Death Experience (NDE)

Thank You Janet & The Other Side NDE <3 ) ) )

Now 1/28/22 2:44 a.m. Pink Floyd - Us And Them (PULSE Restored & Re-Edited)

Thank You Pink Floyd.  Welcome Awl to the end of time as we know it.  <3 ) ) )

This song disappeared from this great page: 

And was replaced w this amazing version.  

Picture:  God's agenda as a gift 4 the Free.  Is that you Lucky & Daisy?  Hope so.  <3 ) ) ) 

Following is it time to 'Raise the roof' guys?  Hope so.  Show us how, Lionel & if we're really good, maybe Robert & Allison can show us how It's  awesomely done.  Cheers, friends.  <3 ) ) ) 

However, God Says:  We're not done w Pink Floyd, so here it is.  (along w the sandman and we don't fight w him so after this share scribe will finish when he gets back here in th morning, ok guys?  TyVM.  <3 )

Now:  1/28/22  10:11 a.m.  Update, alright scribe put the following up to the Robert & Alison material.  Good stuff Indeed.

And Lo & behold came across this page of good stuff, and led to place here if one should care to partake.   And with this we must go back to bed.  So, we're off on our 3 step commute, my dear friends and catch Ya's laters, Good God willing & creek don't rise, as they say.  <3 )

Now 1/28/22 3:50 a.m. Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5 & 7) [PULSE Restored & Re-Edited]

Thank You Pink Floyd. May we awl shine on 4 ever. And So It Is. What It Is. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/28/22 8:44 a.m. Lionel Richie - All Night Long (All Night)

Thank you Lionel & Friends ~ EveryOne. Coming to the party, Free? It's already started. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/28.22 8:55 a.m. Robert Plant Alison Krauss Raise The Roof (full album)

Thank You God 4 Robert & Alison & Company ~ Awl of us humble Vast Grateful Ones. <<3 ) ) )

Now 1/28/22 1:55 p.m. Aquarius Gate ~ 144,000 LIGHT WARRIORS ~ Stargate Grid System ~ Rainbow Country

Thank You Paul White Gold Eagle 4 the comprehensive information. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/29/22 4:33 p.m. Jesus through John Intend to be fully integrated within the field of Love. by John Smallman

 Greetings Team, you are on the team, aren't you Lucky & Daisy?  Good. bc who wants to be on a losing team?  No one we know.  So Our 'upstairs' buddy, Jesus, coming thru channel extraordinaire John Smallman; take it away Please, Jesus and John... 

Thank You Jesus & John & awl us priveleged to hear these words of divine wisdom.  And So It Is.  Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Following is a song we just heard for the first rtime on   people's music from The U of Mass, Boston, Ma.  Keep up the good work, WUMB.  <3 )

Now 1/29/22 4:55 p.m. Mindy Smith - Come To Jesus

Thank You God Jesus & Mindy (Now with Jesus) 4 this song & everything else which Is Free. And So It Is. What it Is. Indeed. ,3 ) ) )

Now 1/29/22 As written on Fb for here. And So It Is. Now. <3 )

In closing this page: 5 Things that no longer exist for Free. (humanity's new Now name, if you haven't heard, Bunky, w all due respect.)

1) fear
2) money, also crypto
3) doubt
4) worry
5) anxiety

Remidy for any of above is Jesus & God's Perfect, infinitely Perfect, Divine plan. And So It Is. What It Is. Indeed.
Rec & fin 8:444 p.m. --As it came out. Scribe 'fix' it?  Are you crazy, babies?  It's Perfect as is.  Thank You Angels.  Scribe's Caps as they always prefer lower case 4 their modesty, humbleness & humility.  Alright angels... carry on...  We awl Love ya's.  <3 ) ) ) ) 

Now this:  Being Saturday night, it's time 4 Sammy Hager's Countdown Show heard in Boston area at    Boston's Classic Rock  w Sammy delivering another great show which he ended w this awesome song.  (below)  Keep up the great work, Brother.  Lunch?  Anytime you can make it. <<3 ) 

Now 1/29/22 9:44 p.m. Van Halen - Right Now live (92)

Thank You God The Good 4 Van Halen Ty Eddy RIP Rockin' In Paradise. Alex Sammy & Michael <3 ) ) ) )

Now 1/30/22 6:55 a.m. Tom Rush at Symphony Hall - "A New Year" 1983

Thank You Tom Rush & Special Guests & Friends ~ Lunch? Everybuddy?. <3 ) ) )

Read it and do what You are led to... warrior? What are You made of? What would Jesus do? There's your answer, Free. <3 )

Now 1/31/22 This blog is in the books my dear friends...

And Lo & Behold a new far flung feature blog of Fun is around the next bend.  All prepoared & ready 4 the official time to start and that is tonight at midnight and the short month of February comes marching in like a breath of fresh air. 

All we gotta do is click this link and we are there in like a blink of an eye.  The party officially starts with the dropping of the song on the site.  What will it be.  Scribe & God, being on the same page, literally, as Partners know, and You guys will awl know if you're there, right?

So this is your kind invitation Free to take in the show that never has to end as far as the fun & good times go as God Does make our lives what they are in the final analysis if HeShe can only get our atttention, fellow star beings on missions of bringing a little love mercy understanding compassion harmony civility, taking one for the team, losing to rise again stronger. It's awl what we ter Rock & Roll my dear brothers & sisters of the light.  

No one said life is a sprint, it's best to take it slow, set a pace, there's no hurry and no worry either if you know you're on the Jesus  team of oneness of spirit.  No, we weren't told what's around the corner or the next bend or even the next split second we get to live in this schoolhouse illusion passion play coming to a close in the Now time w no more incarnations to plan.  It's over my dear buddies friends, countrymen & women. 

The Schoolhouse is empty bc it's the new season, the necessary lessons learned, hopefully and it's just time 4 the new beginnings to begin in awl our collective adventures 'Upstairs' where awl our departed loved ones are simply and beautifull waiting on our collective arrival.  And So It Is.  What It Is.  Indeed.   Rec & fin  above date:  2:00 p.m.  Quincy,  Ma USA  Gaia The Good Plant it RRock 'n Roll.  Peace. Love Joy harmony and awl that good stuff there.  Now let's play.  outdoors.