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When enough is enough. No more sympathy for scammers : (

Now 4/12/22 Hello Friends, How's your movie going? Good, we hope. )

Hey peeps. beware of the Inheritance & other scammers.  Do a google image search of anyone friending you up and falling madly in love with you after 5 minutes with baby this and baby that.  They are Fake. : (  😎

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Now 4/12/22 Shared from our Fb: Is My Wife Real or a Nigerian Love Scam ᴴᴰ - Dr. Phil Documentary

Thank You to Steve and Dr Phil.

Now 4/12/22 Paul reveals what we're living in... July 3, 2017

Thank You Paul aka Shane, these days. <3 )

Now 4/12/22 Charlie Meets His “Fiancée” Face-to-Face

Thank You Charley, Brittany Izu, Angie & Dr Phil for this enlightening show esp for all us in the Charley club.

Now 4/12/22 Using Google Image Search to catch scammers on social media

Thank you Chris Walker.

Now 4/12/22 420 Singles Sarah Vandella “Linda Sproul” not a real person. August 7, 2020 3:40:10 AM #CATFISHED

Thank You The BlockTV. Sarah V is not the scammer, it's the lowlife's using her pictures.

Now 2/12/22 Shortly about fake accounts

Thank You Abigaile Johnson.

Now 4/13/22 Full Episode: How I Was Catfished And Lost $1,000,000 | The Mel Robbins Show

Thank You to the courageous guests and Mel Robbins Show.

Now 4/13/22 Romance Scams

Thank You Dr Oz & Company.

Now 4/14/22 Dating Scams: 7 Warning Signs and How to Protect Yourself!

Thank You Coffee with Carey for sharing.

Now 4/15/22 Cash Mule Discovers She’s A Scammer

Thank You Trilogy Media.


Thank You Andrew NARCDAILY -You Are Not Alone. <3 ) ) )