Now 9/13/22 Greetings & Welcome to awl of us letting the good times roll 4 ever at A wizard's page. 4 What it's worth...

Jerry Jesus and our Fun restfull (well) collective eternal agenda. (Left to right ) <3

Greetings and Welcome Star people on the way uP.  So nice to see you've made it here to this humble page at this humble site.  We let the music do the talking around here as much as possible so treat your ears heart and brain to this sharing of germane music on one of the tapes, (now labeled Wizard's Tape) humble scribe servant, Paul, aka these days as Shane, our accepted everyday hi self name, created with Source back in the 2000 somethings.  We have a vast collection of music we are organizing now and listening to tapes and cd's many of which we have not heard in eons.  ðŸ˜Ž

Special Greetings and a helping hand to all weary travelers and pilgrims arriving from previous completed blog page:   

Hope Y'as had a real good time over there and, like awl these pages, they do like visitors, so Y'all come back now, if led, hear?  <3 )

When the music is the wizard...!AqEU0fqXNDnGl3o0--PseyQ6K1kp   or   <3 ) ) ) 

Thank You to the Amazing musician artists who created this music w Source.  Well done everybuddy.  <3 ) ) ) 

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Now 9/13/22 How to Do What Your SOUL Wants You TO DO | Michael Beckwith

Thank You Michael & Michael. Inspire Nation. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/15/22 BB King - Let The Good Times Roll (From "Legends of Rock 'n' Roll" DVD)

Thank You B.B. King & Company. As we turned on  this morning in perfect timing to hear it's  B.B. King Day there celebrating his 97th Birthday Sept 16th. What a coincidence bc we were planning on featuring this song on Fb to share the previous blog page to, so might as well put it here too right Guides? <3 ) ) )


Thank You Patricia & The Company of Heaven. May THE VIOLET FLAME OF A THOUSAND SUNS Bless all who experience this here. And So It Is. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/15/22 Eliza Gilkyson - "Peace in Our Hearts" (Official Music Video)

Thank You Eliza & Company. of New Earthers singing 4 us aul. <3 ) ) )

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Now 9/18/22 Neuro Surgeon Dies; Gets Shown Truth about Re-incarnation and Quantum World (NDE)

Thank You Eben for sharing what should be Front page - 6 O'clock News. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/19/22 Afterlife (2011) | Full Documentary | Paul Perry | Jeff Long | Raymond Moody

Thank You Paul Perry | Jeff Long | Raymond Moody. Great work. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/1/22 Dr. Wayne Dyer - This Will Align You With Your Source! | Powerful Subconscious State

Thank You Wayne Dyer <3 ) ) )

Now 10/1/22 He Died And Saw Many Souls In Heaven | Near Death Experience | NDE

Thank You Heaven Awaits. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/1/22 Jesus Through John: You Are Divine.

You are Divine. | Jesus through John (

 09/28/2 022   Joy, Bliss, and Love is your true and unchangeable nature.

 Johnsmallman's Blog (                                                                                 Saul through  John Smallman

10/16/22  Your awakening is divinely assured and guaranteed.                                           Jesus through John (


Thank You Jesus & John  <3 ) ) ) 

Picture:  Portrait of Jesus by Akiane Kromarik

Official Akiane Gallery | View Original Artwork





Thank You Patricia and Company of Heaven. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/2/22 'I Died:' Women Share What Their Near-Death Experiences Were Like

Thank You Jessie and Betty & Jeffrey & Inside Edition. <3 ) ) ) )


Thank You Patricia and Company of Heaven. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/4/22 Kryon 2022 Your Immensity of Your Soul

Thank You Kryon and Lee & Company. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/5/22 Done with gift cards when we're awl multi - trillionaires in God's eyes....

Thank You God for this Far Flung production limitless. <3 ) Now shared hereL

Now 10/5/22 Near Death Experience: I Died And Was Shown Things To Come | NDE

Thank You Beyond Death for sharing this awesome account of an NDE. <3 )

Now 10/9/22 Happy Sunday Star Beings of Infinite Light & Love... Beautiful 4th of July Ronald Reagan Speech (1986)

Thank You Ronald Reagan, A President's President, and First Lady Nancy  <3 ) ) ) 

As a certain blogger has been saying for A GOOD WHILE NOW (Caps automatic)  aS shared over here: mesroll444   Read on...

Fun The 11 th suggestion. What a concept. Fun, anyone? No little pieces of paper w portraits of dead presidents & Statesmen necessary.. Thank God. IJN. And So It Is. <83 ) ) )

Alright awl us multi-trillionaires in God's sight, You like bills in your wallet? Ok try this. You can stack them in a pile to Saturn, forget the moon, and it would be small change 4 what we're really worth to God. Starting to get it, peeps? Anyone? Oh good, Jesus says 'Deal' on bewhole of the faithful. Time to cash in our chips babies. A brave new Now world is in the house. Thank You & Praise to You God Who Is simply Good. We'll see ya's @ everyone, maybe at Dunkin or Starbuck's bc the banks are not needed anymore and while we're at it Good Bye IR F'n S. Nobody needs you anymore. Sayonara. No regrets, no tears goodbye. Okay folks. this is a wrap for this transmission. Take care & Ciao 4 now. <3 )

Now 10/9/22 Atheist Asks God “Why Are Humans So Dark and Doomed?" He Was Amazed By The Answers He Received

Thank You Mellen - Thomas and Dorothy Shelton. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/9/22 Clinically Dead Man Travels to the Afterlife and Back With a Message From God (NDE)

Thank You Dean and The Other Side NDE. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/11/22 This goes against Fb's communiity standards sharing here...

Greetings and Welcome to our new Fb page, created bc our long time other one:  is currently hacked. Some of our content there has been removed and if you chat with someone there, like we have, know it's not us. You're actually talking to the hacker and not Paul/ Shane. We're trying to fix this and trying to work w Fb re this. We will continue here w new stuff and keep the other as a museum place and a gateway to our long running blog. (semi - retired)  TYVM. 😎

P.s. Please, we can't respond to everyone chatting us up and we also can't take phone calls. We have no money or bank account at the moment. Everyone has our prayers and good vibes which in the new Now earth is far better than the o[d, archaic, broken, sick, obsolete, economic and esp political systems. It's God's world we live in Folks by HerHis Divine Grace & Compassion for our self made plight. Embrace the Collective Love & Hope 4 humanity and put it in Your heart Lucky & Daisy and You. Deal Guys? Hope so. Go In Peace Love & Joy and we'll see Ya's @ the campus. And So It Is. ❤ 🧐 — feeling grateful.

Now 10/11/22 Meet Bob - Everyone's Good Luck Charm. <3 )

Handsome devil Bob. <3 )

Now 10/14/22 Woman Dies and Meets God; Gets Told The Only Thing That Matters In Life (NDE)

Thank You Susan and The Other Side NDE <3 ) ) )

Now 10/14/22 Woman Dies and is Shown the Truth about Why We're on Earth (Near Death Experience)

Thank You Tricia and The Other Side NDE <3 ) ) ) What a coincidence, we have the same job. <3 )

Now 10/14/22 Shine on Me David Ramirez

Thank You David & Keep Shining. <3 ) ) )

As shared on Fb: Hi Marie (Mom) & Jaws! Mothers Day Circa 1986 Always around. 😍 Also Tinker, our cosmic kitty cat. <3 }

Now 10/17/22 Tyler Henry Connects Bobby Brown to Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina | Hollywood Medium | E!

Thank You Tyler and Bobby & Dad & Whitney & Bobbi Kristina & E! Entertainment. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 10/20.22 Woman Gets Told the Truth about Energy and Emotions During NDE

Thank You Jan Christenson and The Other Side NDE. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/23/22 Happy Sunday & Cosmic Trigger Day of the month "There's Something Much Bigger On The Other Side" - Car Salesman Has Shocking NDE

Thank You Darrin & The Other Side NDE. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/23/22 Stop Looking For Happiness In the Wrong Places

Thank You Walk By Faith. <3 ) ) )

From our Fb page: <3

Now 10/24/22 Woman Dies; Is Shown The Purpose of Choices And Prayers During NDE

Thank You Janet & The Other Side NDE. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/27/22 They Kept it Secret From You, The Infinite Potential Within You - Wayne Dyer

Thank You Wayne and Vision Clarity <3 ) ) )

Now 10/30/22 Woman Dies; Shown The Magnitude And Impact Of Thoughts and Behavior (NDE)

Thank You Karen and The Other Side. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/30/22 Happy Sunday Everybuddy. Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station 12-31-78

Thank You The Grateful Dead. for this Awesomeness. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 10/31/22 Happy Halloween Everybuddy Grateful Dead - Ripple (New York, NY 10/31/80) (Official Live Video)

Thank You The Grateful Dead 4 a 'spooky' Good performance. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Now 10/31/22 Jerry Garcia's funny acid story / Grateful Dead LSD story (WAY DEEPER MEANING)

Thank You Jerry and Christopher. (Check his channel folks ) <3 ) ) )


Thank You Patricia and Company of Heaven. <3 ) ) )