Congrats to Paul, celebrating 44 years, steward of Far Flung Productions Ltd. Inc in Miracle City, Coral Gables, Fl first legal day after Veteran's Day, 1978. Never a fee, always free, est for Consultations = Personal & Professional according to will of God. Clients inc every person on the 'Plant It' w no one left out or behind. And So It Is (ASII) 4 ever. <3 ) ) ) ) Big Nod w Max Gratitude to The angels. (lower case their pref) Cheers, Folks. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 11/5/22 Welcome Home Now / Forever 777 Cosmic partners of The Infinite...

Come as won Team Oneness The Now infinite found future Is F R E E. 4 Awl God's survivors. We Awl survive death, there's No end of the line, sorry. <3 )

Now 11/5/22 We start our collective journey home w a song that fits... Joachim Cooder - Over That Road I'm Bound to Go

Thank You Joachim and Company. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/5/22 Going home the final adventure. Thank God IJN


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Pic: Professional deliverer Shane / Paul, makes his final delivery, on time.  777

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P.p.s.  Relevant flashback page, if led... 

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Now 11/6/22 Happy Sunday Everybuddy Check a video or few, if led...

Thank You Source God Creator ALL THAT IS Shane/Paul 4 these videos IJN. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/6/22 While Wall St Titans greedily set their 'ducks in a row' the Rock World's Eagles simply line up and deliver the musical gifts feeding the hungry, appreciative masses Top 10 Eagles Songs.

Thank You The Eagles. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

L@@k Guys, the Good Ship Hope is in town. 2022/23 & beyond model. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/6/22 Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand (Live Knebworth 1979)

Thank You Led Zeppelin Robert Jimmy John Paul & John 'Bonzo" RIP Rockin' In Paradise. 'SHOUT OUT' TO Jason! & Sammy! <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Now 11/7/22 Joni Mitchell (Crosby, Stills, Nash) - Get Together (Live 1969)

Thank You Joni & Happy Birthday ~ surrounded by friends ~ Everybuddy. More here, if led: (copy & paste) <3 ) ) ) ) ) )

Now 11/7/22 Grateful Dead : Uncle John's Band @ Radio City 10-31-80

Thank You The Grateful Dead. <3 ) ) ) Hey everybuddy, You coming with us?

Now 11/8/22 Awl Days R Joy Days Friends. Concur or no? Find Jesus and experience it. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/8/22 An Open Letter to The Fam of One. <3

Hi Maureen, Change of plans. I had a situation with my bank not having sufficient funds in it causing a payment arrangement with T mobile to default, thus causing my acct to be closed pending payment and $20. restore fee.  I did not realize why my activities online were not working properly like why are my messages not reaching the people on Google chat not seeing them, only messages I sent on the computer went thru amd my fb was disabled.

Anyway, while this is going on I'm trying to do the God directed blog page as led to from here:  That page could be considered Done as conveying God's message to humanity. thru our channel.  So all this took way too manyitting on the multi- cushioned compoter chair.  We felt ok til we finally stood up off it and felt very bad pain esp from our lower hip side area and we couldn't even walk - the pain was so bad.  Next many hours were sheer agony like worst pain in our life.  So we still can't put any weight on our left leg and can only like hobble with the cane even to get to the bathroom.
So we must cancel the ride to the voting place, Maureen. There was an unauthorized charge attempt from the UK to my new bank thru paypal for $119. that was flagged and didn't go thru but there's not enough money to cover it anyway.  The bank says I need to wait 2 weeks to get a new card in the mail or go into the bank today at 1 Chestnut St. Quincy.   It's right across from the Court House.  Since I can't walk, this is gonna take a few weeks, I think, I'm gonna call them now and see if it's ok for you to go there and get it for me.
Ok, Here's where a whole perfect paragraph disappeared, so we do it again...
It's a Miracle.  On way back from slowly hobbling to the bathroom we stopped in the kitchen and took our supplements and our Against All Odds  Activ Greens product )  Lo and behold, almost immediately we felt better and could actually walk, w the cane helping, but we could walk.  Amazing..  It's 30 days we've been taking it in the morning and we just have our coffee & toast or muffins later.  
So, call me when on the way, Maureen, and I'll be waiting downstairs with our new assist 'buddy' - which Diane used before her too soon (In our eyes but not God's ) departure in May 2003.  Ty Diane 4 being a wonderful guide & angel 4 us and Team Oneness.  IJN  And So It Is.  <3 ) ) )  
Love & blessings,
Paul  / Shane
cc  Richard Brown  😎
Ccc:  To Whom it may interest... 😎
 Picture:  At the crossroads, babies. 🙂🤩 💔
A Fun place to visit anytime: Say 'Hey' to Diane...😉

On the balcony, 2002. Forever buddies: Carol, Diane & Richard, Dick to his buddies. <3 ) ) )

Indeed. Shared from here: <3 ) ) ) )

Your card Grace. EveryOne's ticket to eternal infinite love & joy In God w Grateful THANK YOU To Jesus / Sananda w acknowledgement to All other names associated w Jesus starting w Emmanuel. <3 ) ) ) Following Carol & Paul, best friends thru the years... <3

Sons & Daughters of Light R us. TY God 4 looking out 4 us as One. ASII. IJN Indeed. <3

Now 11/10/22 Joachim Cooder - Everyone Sleeps in the Light - Live at McCabe's

Thank You Joachim Cooder Live at McCabe's 1-21-2018. Juliette Commagere: keyboard, vocal. Sam Gendel: sax. Ry Cooder: bass. video by Wayne Griffith. audio mix by Martin Pradler <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 11/11/22 1:11 a.m.The near death experience of Penny Wittbrodt

Thank You Penny and Anthony Chene Production. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/11/22 Boy Crosses Over; Remembers Who He Was In Past Lives (NDE)

Thank You Jacob and The Other Side for sharing your wondrous story. <3 ) )

Now 11/12/22 We've Only Just Begun - Carpenters

Thank You Karen & Richard & Carpenters <3 ) ) ) ) ) TY Ruth 4 sharing on Yt. Great work. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/12/22 Jackson Browne with David Lindley - 06 Before The Deluge, June 26, 2010

Thank You Jackson & David & Crew. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/12/22 Grateful Dead ☮ Brokedown Palace, 6/8/77 - HD/HQ

Thank You Awl Incarnations of The Grateful Dead Inc Awl main & side projects to 'present' day & forever & lovewise same 4 et al. ASII IJN. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/12/22 Bonnie Raitt - Thing Called Love (Official Music Video)

Thank You Bonnie Raitt & Crew. & Happy Birthday 11/8/ <3 ) ) )

Now 11/12/22 Happy Birthday Neil... Neil Young & Willie Nelson - Heart of Gold (Live at Farm Aid 1995) For You Marie <3 )m ) )

Thank You Neil & Willie & Crew. <3 ) ) )

Shared from Front Main page: <3

Now 11/15/22 L@@k Loves, Planet Love aka the cosmic wash place: To Be Continued...

Yes, Earth, a beautiful God gifted living breathing entity in Her own right, a volunteer being place serving as a platorm for the sparks of God termed humans can live out their scripted pre- birth movies of 0ver 7 billion volunteer souls and awl from the beginning of this experiment to see what we're really made of when love is left to God's offspring and we are left on our own and we forget that we came from Source w our essence divinity, which Is what we are made of.  Good news is We The People for the most part are good, God respecting, loving & caring, empathic souls.  Here's a page to take in, if led, and the following slide shares as well, if want..Hope EnJoy.  <3 ) 


# 1)  Otis the dinosaur portends the inevitable failure of the long broken, unfair, obsolete system where human beings of infinite power and Glory  ~ Creators ourselves of our own movies according to the will of God knowing that not everyone gets to play the hero.  Light overcomes the dark  as Light souls can not flourish among those who chose the shadow, as heavy, thick green moss covers the keyboard on scribe's computer.  We know we must wrap this up w the quickness.  The other slides won't take long...

# 2)  Imagine guys, with the whole expance of time and space, we awl chose to incarnate in this end time the time when Jerry, don't call him Jehovah, came down here and showed millions of people the power of love thru his art mostly of music.  Yeah, he and his mates could take us way out to the infinite cosmos' and bring us baqck smiling.  And of course, a song can do that for any of us and it doesn't have to take us to the asreal and higher planes.  This Terra Christa Gaia platform spinning here in infinite space is pretty high.  The moss is like a jungle now.  Wrap it up Paul/

# 3)  Grace did you get the memo?  In incubation since 1995. 

# 4)  Self explainable.

# 5)  God's Bill.  It's Free like EVERYTHING In God's Free Omniverse LovingHeirs of The One.

You coming with us Grace?  Hope so...  Where good stuff like the following is shared:  (scroll down to the pic of the purple sea.) 

Thank You God and Leslee Jo Klinsky and The Akashic Record Keepers for this awesome reading.❤

from January 7, 2009.    💔 ❤ 😎

Now 11/15/22 Three Dog Night - Joy To The World (1971)

Thank You Three Dog Night. Excellent suggestion. Can We The People Concur? Don't look to the politicians, Please People Stop giving our Power up to that built in divisive system. It's time for a whole New paradigm to take over that will make God proud of us and Show SheHe made the right choice in endowing us with our God given franchise positions, each & every One of us. We simply follow Jesus and we Know we're on the Right path, Brothers and Sisters. Peace and Love and music w a song in our hearts. And So It Is. IJN. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/15/22 the police - spirits in the material world (live)

Thank You The Police. Sting Andy & Stewart, You R now under a-rest <3 ) ) )

Now 11/15/22 Loreena McKennitt - The Mummer's Dance (live)

Thank You Loreena & Crew. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 11/15/22 An urgent appeal to help a friend///

Hey Guys, Hope everyone is having a ok day down here at the cosmic OK corral where we, the selected volunteers to come down here in this 3D realm moving thru 4th and into 5th D density..

The journey is a homecoming bc that's where we came from, kids, the higher dimensional frequencies and we're all in this together, like it or not.  Good news is we don't die, our physical body passes but we, our soul spirit consciousness doesn't and can't as we are all connected with our Source God Creator.  Like a drop of water makes up the whole ocean, we are awl like drops of water, or sparks of the Great Central Sun.  The whole Omniverse is alive and vibrates to the love of God or ALL THAT IS and Love is it's name my dear friends in God.  Ok, we digressed.  )

So our frind , Amelia, daughter of a friend is a practicing doctor in Africa and she's taking courses and needs $500. to be able to pay for it bc, as we know, nothing is free down here, except God's love and devotion to HerHis kids, as scribe can barely see the keyboard as it's covered in heavy, thick green moss.  We must wrap this.  So, if anyone would like to kick in anything or if prayers is all you can do.  Our business Paypal address is same as our primary address:  We both have the same birthday coming up, Nov 19, Paul will be 74.  Gee, what a coincidence.  God Bless Us Each & EveryOne.  See You later when we see Ya's Champions.  Peace Love Joy & Namaste.  Rec & fin  Above date.  150 p.m. 

Nice pic Amelia, keep smiling.   🙂

Now 11/15/22 Queen - We Are The Champions (Live Aid 1985)

Thank You Queen & Awesome Audience of Awl of us. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 11/15/22 Kilkelly, Ireland by Robbie O'Connell.

Thank You Robbie O'Connell & the letter writers & Awl who resonate with this song masterpiece. Blessings to One & Awl. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/15/22 Robbie O'Connell & Finbar Clancy - Kilkelly Ireland Song (1995)

Thank You Robbie & Finbar. There are no words. <3 ) ) ) )

Npw 11/15/22 Phil Collins - Turn It On Again - Genesis

Thanl You Genesis Your friends R our friends <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 11/16/22 Happy sweetest day of the month, Champions. <3

Happy Wednsday weary but hopeful pilgrims slogging thru the muck & maya of failed political & economic atrociousness. Who wants Free money to play with? Shared here w other good stuff.  #60minutes #WRKO #WCVB #WHDH #WBZ #WZLX   #TrevorNoah #Nightline

Now 11/16/22 You Can Do Magic - America (Lyrics) HQ

Thank You America & Verysweetify for sharing this sweet song on Youtube. <3 ) ) ) ) If watch on Yt, see our comment, shared below. now with 21M views. Still... where Is everybuddy? )

Thank you Verysweetify for sharing this America awesomeness. Only 15,838,283 views , people? Where Is everbody? To help this masterpiece get more views we have now shared it on God's '7th Heaven on Earth' platform, here.  All welcome 2 the jubilee.   Cheers & Cheerio... ) 888 ( Needless 2 say, however, if like... Plz pass it on... The Universe is watching. ; )

Photo taken by Carol T.  Circa 2000's  Chelsea, Ma.

Now 11/19/22 Happy 74 th Birthday scribe. Simply sharing good stuff like this since 2011 online 4 free. Man Crosses Over; Travels to the Afterlife and Experiences the Wonders of Home (Beautiful NDE)

Thank You Jeff Olson & Dorothy Shelton & Esp God & the angels & Awl who will benefit from this sharing. Blessings in infinite abundance. And So It Is. IJN. <3 ) ) ) ) )

As shared on Fb: Anybuddy looking 4 us, we're out. Just ran into an old buddy. We call him Jerry. 💞

Now 11/20/22 Shared from Front Main Page. Hey Jerry. <3 ) ) )

Yes, Dead & Liveheads and Everyone who Knows the Best Things In Life Are Free.  God Who Is Good says:  EVERYTHING IS FREEEEEEEE!!! (sic)  Ok? That particular Deal went down, ny dear friends.  We got it awl on tape, how it went down.  Don't believe us?  Lookey here & tell us this is awl made up w no divine intervention working the synchros & calling out chords.  

Jerry says:. Merry Christmas in September. Teammates ❤  😎 More here at Jerry & Shane's Bar & Grille  weir, like the planet, Everything is Free esp w a 😎 😎 😎 If like, Please Share this & consider yerself a Galactic Messenger sending ripples of Good Vibrations to infinity. Indeed. Oh, and invite yourself here as good.     TYVM  😎

FYI anyone:  Jerry as Santa comes up in this reading from 2012 with Intuitive Consulatant Extraordinaire James 'Jim' Law.  RIP  Rockin' In Paradise.  "Hey Jim!"  <3 )   Shared from here: 

Jerry part at 39:00.  <3 ) ) ) 

Now 11/20/22 Happy Magical Sunday, Folks. Nice Victory Patriots! Speaking of magic & timing... Led Zeppelin When the Levee Breaks (music video)

Thank You Led Zeppelin & EveryOne who loves them. Who does that leave out, anyone? Right, No One. Thank you Matthew Fuggi for the Awesome video on Yt. <3 ) ) ) ) )


Thank You Patricia & Awl The Company of Heaven. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 11/22/22

Thank You Nanci & Next Level Soul. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/23/22 Woman Dies; Learns Our Connection To Frequencies And Vibrations (NDE)

Thank You Amber & The Other Side NDE. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/23/22 Man Turns Life Around After Shocking NDE; Shown Truth About Opportunities

Thank You Rob & The Other Side NDE. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/24/22 Happy Thanksgiving EveryBuddy...

Hey Guys, No, you can't make this stuff up.  See, as we put up with this troubled, sluggish computer requiring frequent reboots and lots of patience, on last reboot a certain page showed up out of the blue w no rhyme or reason except it has at the top the Exact song we had in mind to put here for this Thanksgiving.  What's better than Peace of Mind?  Not much IOHO.  So click the link if want to experience that w other good stuff.  Thank You God bc You Know we

ve been up all night and need to get some much needed sleep as here comes the thick green moss covering the keyboard.  We are Not making this up, guys.  Ok, time to exit tje computer.  Hey Sandman.  Ok, Guys, Later.  Have A Great Time Today, just a friendly suggestion.  )  zzzzzzz

Paul/ Shane wearing Marie's Holiday Jersey.  Hey Mom!  <3 ) ) ) )

 So, while we look for that elusive page, we can't help coming across other good stuff pages like this.  Who could use a good new fresh start? 

 So as we search for the page, that got away, we are led to go thru other germane pages like this one w Elvis as Gatekeeper.  TY Elvis.  Everybuddy Loves You, Brother:   😎